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The Christian and the Vampire: A Short Story

by Vikki Kestell

What happens one sultry summer night when a Christian and a vampire meet on a fire escape and agree to engage in a cordial conversation? A touch of hilarity, plus eye-poppingâ??and Undead heart-startingâ??revelation, as vampire myth and legend give way to greater Truth!

Think Anne Rice meets Frank Peretti!

“Oh, I’m just in the mood for some good conversation. Cordial conversation, I assure you.” The shadows twisted and I thought he turned toward me. “What do you say, Taz?”

“I can always agree to a cordial conversation.”

“Ah. Good.” I saw that flash of white again and the faint outline of a sharp jaw. His voice was young and cultured, and I guessed his age at about thirty, but . . . but his elegant manner belied that relatively youthful age. Something distinctly mature emanated from him, and I warned myself not to base my estimation of his age on his appearance.

“I watched you work down in the Glades tonight,” he murmured, “and I confess I am somewhat curious . . . about you. . . Taz.”

He paused before adding, casually, “Dear me. This rusty old fire escape doesn’t lend itself much to comfort or civility, does it? Might we be more at our ease inside?”

“You want me to invite a vampire into my home.” I waggled my eyebrows and just looked at him. Like, really?

He giggled low in his throat, tickled that I’d found him out so quickly. “But surely you’re not afraid?”

I shrugged. “Not afraid. Just not stupid.”

He spread his hands again, a self-deprecating gesture. “It was just a . . . cordial suggestion, Taz.”

“Well, could I offer you something to drink?” I smiled this time. “In the spirit of cordiality, of course.”

It was quite interesting how his eyes flared red. I hadn’t been 100 percent certain where they were until they did.

Annnnnd apparently I’d ticked him off.


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“Vikki writes the kind of faith-filled fiction that hooks you within the first few pages, will not let you go until you have finished, and leaves you wishing for more.”
â??Janis Braun, Seattle, Washington

“Her books are not just for ‘chicks’! I was amazed how engrossed I became in the lives of Vikki’s characters, and how much I could relate to their situations.”
â??Ed Dunne, Los Angeles

“Be prepared to put life on hold. That’s all I have to say!”
â??Rebecca H., New Jersey

“You will laugh, you will cry but, most of all, you will be uplifted.”
â??LaTisha Holland, St. Augustine, FL

Bucky and the Lukefahr Ladies: Walking the Labyrinth

by Shirley Gilmore

When a mystery writer and his ten-year-old daughter move to the small town of Turn Back, Missouri, strange things begin to happen.

Simon Carter moved from New York City to sleepy Turn Back, a town in the rugged hills of southeast Missouri on the road to nowhere, to find some peace and solitude. He thought it would be the perfect place to protect his daughter, Bucky, and her secret and to shield her from the world. Little did he realize that when Bucky befriended the elderly women of the Lukefahr Ladies Bible Class, it would set in motion events which would transform the town and lead to discoveries that would attract world-wide attention. What or who was behind the events that unfolded that summer and why was everyone dreaming the same dreams?

Juarez Liberty (Zeb Dalton Thrillers Book 4)

by Wayne C Stewart

Can a long-dormant conscience wake in time to matter for the sake of innocents?
Let’s hope so.
Ciudad Juarez, MX. Time is of the essence for six young girls. The next few hours will determine their futures.

That is, if they’re to have much of a future at all.

New Army recruit Zeb Dalton sees it in their eyes. He’s not sure he’d trust himself for their rescue either. But there’s no time for that. In the infamous city for his first off-base weekend, the young soldier lays slumped over the sticky bartop of Cantina Rosa. He’s here on a dare and barely conscious when a flash of light and tiny hand pass by his blurring vision.

No. It can’t be. 
But if it is, he can’t stand by and do nothing. Even if he can’t stand at the moment.

Dalton had better get his act together… now.

Juarez Liberty–Volume 4 of the Zeb Dalton Thrillers moves you forward in the unlikely hero’s story by taking you back in time, to one very hot summer of basic training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Backstory. Motives. More of why Zeb does what he does. And more of what you’ve come to expect from the series that is as entertaining as it is thought-provoking.

Readers rave: “Fast and unpredictable… an outstanding conclusion”and “… so good and on so many levels of richness…”

Don’t wait. Download your copy and get started with Juarez Liberty today.

The Mansions of Idumea (Forest at the Edge Book 3)

by Trish Mercer

Lieutenant Colonel Perrin Shin is not happy.
Not happy about the changes he’s seen in Edge since he arrived sixteen years ago. Not about his daughter and son turning into teenagers. And certainly not about the Guarders turning the village teens into thieves, or the world not noticing anything but the latest entertainment.
Which also means no one’s noticing the ever-tightening control of Chairman Mal and the Administrators.
While Perrin and Mahrree notice, as does their claimed brother Shem Zenos, there’s nothing that two soldiers and a school teacher can do about those who rule the world.
So when a disaster hits Edge and half of the world, then Perrin receives an urgent message demanding that he return immediately to Idumea–Well, he’s not sure what’s worse: the fact that he has to leave his village that desperately needs him in order to face the government he hates, or that his wife and children are going with him.

Part fantasy, part adventure, part humor, part romance, part mystery all equates to a wholly entertaining and unique family saga.
Forest at the Edge Series–you’ve never read anything like this before.

Shadow of the Storm

by Candle Sutton

Call me Stormy. For today, anyway. Because tomorrow I might be someone else.

I can’t tell you my real name, because I don’t know what it is. The truth of the matter is that I don’t know who I am.

You might be wondering how that can be. Join the club.

My memories begin with overhearing two men planning my murder. You heard me, my murder. I get away from them, but just barely. The only things in my possession are a duffel bag with obscene amounts of cash and a wallet with four driver’s licenses. All with my picture. Don’t ask me how or why I have them – or even if any of them are real – because I don’t know.

I don’t know much of anything.

All I know is those men want me dead. For reasons still unknown to me. So I’ll run. And I’ll keep running until I can piece my fractured mind back together.

But how do you go about remembering the things that most people already know?

The Good Samaritan (Amish Romance) (Maggy & Aaron Book 1)

by Esther Weaver

Levi Miller had thought that he would never feel again after the day that his wife Maggie left him, for the Englisch world. He turned inwards, and to Gott, and then turned his attentions to his farm. Suddenly his life is turned upside down when he receives news that Sarah has died, and that since his soh is a minor he’ll be coming to live with Levi.

His soh – he never even knew Maggie was pregnant when she left…..

Sherdan’s Prophecy (Sherdan Series Book 1)

by Jess Mountifield

The first book in the Sherdan series

Sherdan has spent many years planning for the future of the superhuman race he’s created. Now he’s in control of their land and he is expected to forge a fresh start and provide somewhere safe for them all to live, but Britain’s PM has other ideas. On top of this he has to face the one thing he never expected to; love.

Anya is on a mission from God; to find out why she has been sent to the heart of Bristol, and what she can do to stop the world being plunged into war. When she finds herself forced to choose between Sherdan with his enzyme fuelled followers and her own country, only her faith can see her through.

Sherdan’s Prophecy is a tale of high stakes and political intrigue. A science fiction novel where faith and technology come together to take the human race another step closer to the final showdown. A gritty account of power that shows both the best and the worst of humanity.

Books in the Sherdan series (in order):
Sherdan’s Prophecy
Sherdan’s Legacy
Sherdan’s Country

When An Amish Heart Breaks: A Collection of Amish Stories of Love and Life

by Marisa Meyer

An anthology of Amish short stories…The only thing more painful than death is losing a parent and if that parent is the only person you have left in your life, it’s a tragic event that could plot your way through life. Rachel never thought she would have to face the day when she had to attend her mamm’s funeral. The sudden and tragic loss had rocked her foundations. Unable to bare the fact that her mamm was gone, Rachel goes on a Rumspringa with no intentions of returning home. Ready to tur her back on the only life she knew, she flees to an old ex-Amish friend in Muncie, to start her new life.
Michael was not willing to let her go, and despised the fact that his daett had been unable to show the poor girl some compassion. Refusing to heed his daett’s warning, Michael sets off to go find Rachel. But convincing her that her place is back home with the people she know, and getting her to realize only Gott can heal a broken heart, would be one challenge he wasn’t quite ready for. Would he be able to convince Rachel to give up this foolish game and help her find her way back home?

Ryan’s Ruin (Clear Creek Series Book 1)

by T. E. Killian


Ryan’s Ruin — First in the Clear Creek Series by T. E. Killian

To say that Ryan Maxwell has woman troubles is an understatement. He has women ruining his life at every turn. His two older sisters are trying to control his life. His energetic niece is too much for him to handle. A local woman wants to marry him. And yet another woman is trying to destroy his business. And all Ryan wants to do is to be left alone, run his café, fish, hunt, and play poker with his bachelor buddies one night a week. Is that too much to ask?

Candy O’Reilly just wants to start a new life away from relatives who are interfering and controlling her whole life. Will a move 350 miles away be the right thing? Will her children be able to adjust from city life to small town life? Will Candy be able to realize her dream of owning a pastry and specialty coffee shop? Will the house she bought be the right one instead of a nightmare?

Two men just released from prison want the money they say is hidden in Candy’s house. A spurned woman starts rumors that cause Candy to lose business and even think about moving back to the city.

If these two who are so drastically different come together, can they help each other through a tragedy which threatens them from an unexpected source? How will God work in the lives of these two and their families in Clear Creek?

– Look for all the books in the Clear Creek Series:
1. Ryan’s Ruin
2. Chase’s Return
3. Hunter’s Revenge

– Look for all the books in the Sycamore P.D. Series:
1. Lost Memories
2. Accepted Memories
3. Resolved Memories

– Look for all the books in the Crowley County Series:
1. No Easy Solution
2. A Better Solution
3. The Only Solution
4. Another Solution

– Look for all the books in the Walking Together Series:
1. Walking Straight
2. Walking Away
3. Walking the Line

– Look for all the books in the Rookies Series:
1. Looking Up
2. Looking Good
3. Looking Out

Camael’s Gift (Angelic Hosts Series Book 1)

by Michele E. Gwynn

“This is a great story and I cant wait to read more!” ~ Ashley Hedden

“Ms. Gwynn has created an intriguing premise for what looks to be an epic series…It will be interesting to see what happens next.” ~ JH

“I simply loved this book. New idea, great job! ” ~ Tcarle

In the heavenly realms, conflict and war are as routine as escorting souls to the other side. For Camael, his routine has just been disrupted as he finds himself irresistibly drawn to a human woman he encounters while comforting her dying child. To give in to the temptation could damn him to the fallen forever.

Hannah Adams’ heart is broken. Her grief drives her to desperate actions that bring Cam into her life. Her attraction is immediate, but dark forces arise drawn to her for reasons unknown. Her very soul is in danger.

Camael finds himself torn between his loyalty to the Almighty, and his love for a human woman, and with the stakes climbing higher, must choose a side, and play his part as the battle for power between heaven and hell begins.

Naked Sunset (Naked Nights Book 1)

by Sailor Stone

Hot, married, honeymoon sex!
But first, they must find one anotherâ?¦

Kinsey is a young artist with a romantic heart and a big dream. She dreams of finding her soul mate, a man to whom she can give her art and her body – forever.
Tanner is a man of undiscovered talents. He’s the dream of every girl he meets – but he dreams of the girl he can love back -the girl that he can love, honor and cherish – forever.
After years of each searching – they meet and fall in love on a beautiful white beach as the sun sets behind them. They plan to spend the coming night and every day and every night that follows – together. But before the night is over and the sun has risen from the sea they will have lost one another – perhaps forever.
The Naked Sunset is a love story where hearts must wait and souls must search – always hoping – but never knowing, if fate will provide another chance to come together and stay together – this time, perhaps, forever.

The Ship to Look for God: Book 1 of the Ship Trilogy

by D. Krauss

Otto Boteman suffers a massive heart attack and wakes up in a strange, jeweled city filled with beautiful people, a mesmerizing sky defying all physics, and what looks suspiciously like his first car. Seeking answers, Otto has a disturbing encounter with a murdered childhood friend and is assured by some kind of angel bureaucrat that this is Heaven, but God is not here so don’t bother looking. No God? Can’t be Heaven, then, despite the best danishes he’s ever eaten and residence in a pretty nice condo (replete with tailored suits and HBO). Maybe he’s not even dead, just comatose. But then he meets Claudia, a 5th Century beauty running an Irish pub, who tells him about a group of malcontents building a rocket ship in the far desert. Their mission? Find God.

So begins Otto’s journey across a fabulous world peopled with the likes of Doc Holliday, Prester John, and a Mongol horde led by an accountant from West Kankakee, Illinois. Drawing the wrath of a frenzied, suit-wearing army of angels (or demons, can’t tell), Otto discovers that launching the ship just might end the eternal struggle between good and evil.

Jesus Returns to Earth (After Judgement Book 3)

by Denise Jenkins

The end of days on this earth will come. Jesus will return! First for all believers who are His at the rapture. He will meet us in the air and take us to heaven. 1 Thessalonians chapter 4 verses -18. ” But I would not have you be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope 14 For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him. 15 For we say this unto you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord, shall not prevent them which are asleep. 16 For the Lord, Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and the trump of God: and the dead in Christ will rise first: 17 Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Then He will come back at the end of 7 years. It will be 7 years of wrath that you do not want to be here for. There are so many things already foretold in the bible. God’s word also tells us that love will grow cold. Mathew 24 vs 10-12. ” And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another. 11 And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many, 12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.” No one can imagine how it’s going to be. I like to think about the rapture and the return of Jesus to earth 7 years later. I like to imagine how this earth will be when Jesus comes back and makes it like the garden of Eden. Most people don’t realize that there will be a heaven on this earth, but there will be. The millennium will be mostly Jewish people at first, but some others will live through the tribulation. If these Gentiles are believers, then they will be here too. Having babies with no pain and families growing as fast as they can. No more hard times and no more sickness and pain. That is all history. Until the end of the 1000 years of course. Then Satan will have to be set free so that the people being born into this heaven on earth will have a chance to decide to believe and follow Jesus. It’s hard to believe that a lot of them will not. Even having no Satan to test them until then. Growing up in a world where all is good and wonderful. Revelation chapter 20 verse 7 ” And when the thousand years are expired, Satan will be loosed out of prison, 8 and shall go out and deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth” It will happen. Just like it says it will. So many prophecies have been fulfilled already. The Jews back in their land after it laying desolate for so long. All told about before it happened. This is the end of a three-part series just to give some food for thought. Again no one knows exactly how or when any of these events will take place, but God. We do know they will take place. Just like everything else in the bible that has already been fulfilled. Just do a search of fulfilled prophecy and see all the things that have already happened. Jesus own crucifixion, death, burial and resurrection were all predicted in the Bible. Isaiah 52 and 53. King Cyrus was named before he was even born. So many prophecies already fulfilled. There is no doubt what so ever that the rest of them will be too. Knowing that God is in control gives me peace beyond measure. I can’t go to hell because I know He died to pay my sin debt personally. I know He was buried and resurrected by God our Father. That is what it takes to be saved. Believe God and spend eternity in Glory. 1 Corinthians chapter 15 verses 1-4 says that so clearly. Many other places say the same thing. Read Romans through Philemon. That is written to us gentiles and everyone else after the cross. That is Paul writing to us in this age. The rest of the Bible is still very important, but it was written to the Jew in the time of the law. Romans 15 vs 8. Not to us.

Riding Out The Devil (The Jack Harper Trilogy Book 1)

by Hilary Walker

Jack is only interested in helping horses. Period. Human owners irritate him.

He’s working with an anxious gelding when a mystery woman calls his cell phone. As she does once each year, she makes the same short statement before hanging up.

Already rattled, that evening he receives bad news which sends him back to his native England for the first time in 17 years.

The evil secrets he’s had under tight control for nearly two decades quickly begin to unravel, and on returning to his Maryland farm he is forced to share an embarrassing truth with total strangers.

A wounded Jack opens his reluctant heart to a boy in dire need of what only the trainer can offer, and discovers a talent for healing more than horses.

Tribulation: After Judgement Book 2

by Denise Jenkins

Tribulation. This is a continuing novel of people left behind after the rapture. All believers will go with Jesus in the rapture when He comes. Might be in our lifetime and it might not be. It will happen. Only God in heaven knows when. When I say all believers, I mean everyone who has faith in Jesus suffering so horribly to pay our sin debt, when He had no sin at all in Him at all. Faith in His blood that He shed there for us as He died on that cross, and faith in His resurrection by God our Father. Every single believer. The ones left behind will be left to face the wrath of God. They will be unbelievers and be going their own way. They will be living for themselves and not allowing Jesus to lead them into a good and happy life. The people left behind in this series knew God’s word or at least some of it. But they were still trusting on themselves and not on Jesus finished work of the cross, plus nothing else to save them. Only Jesus, who paid the price for ALL of our sins can save us. And He has! So few people are willing to just believe it. Once the tribulation starts it will be so hard to live. There will be so many deaths and so much natural disaster and man-made disaster. So much evil! The characters in this series are believers but it took seeing the rapture and all believers gone to make them realize that they had not believed. What were they waiting for? All we have to do is trust and believe the maker of all this earth and everything and everyone in it. It took me until I was 49 years old to see it. All that matters is that you do see it while you are still here on this earth and still alive. Seek Him while He can still be found. The characters in the book will still be saved and be in heaven if they die here, but they will have so much hardship and evil to face. The Antichrist is in control of the earth once the tribulation begins. There will be a one world fake religion that everyone is forced to follow. They who follow him and take the mark of the beast will be on their way to hell. They will think he is God, but they don’t know God, and this person in control in the tribulation is not Him. If the believers that believed after the rapture happen to live until Jesus return, 7 years later, they will go into the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God that will be here on earth. They will go in their human bodies to an earth that Jesus will make like the Garden of Eden. The people who have died before Jesus return will be in their resurrected bodies. A body that can travel at the speed of light, and walk through walls and eat! It will be better then we could ever imagine! But they have to get through this 7 years or die trying to get through it. It will be worse then it had ever been on earth. This is all right here in your bible as it is in mine. You can find me on Facebook and question me if you like. I live in Benton City, WA. It’s all right here in our Bibles if we take the time to study it. Jesus was the word and the word became flesh. Jesus is His word. You can trust Him. Don’t let anything keep you from Him. Eternity is a very long time. It will be in heaven with Jesus who saved us and all other believer’s, or it will be in a dark and painful lonely hell. There are only two choices and we are making our choice right here on earth. If we realize it or not. This is the time to seek Him and Know Him. Know what He has done to save you and me and every other soul here on this earth. Every soul who ever was here. Don’t try to save yourself. Following laws and trying to do good will not save you. So many people think they can do it themselves. Only faith in the finished work of Jesus on that cross, His death, His blood, His burial and His resurrection will save you. 1 Corinthians chapter 15 verses 1-4 is the clearest place in the bible that explains salvation so simply. Yet it is all supernatural. Once you truly believe Him, He does all the rest. Just believe God and what His Son has done to get us to heaven with Him.

Virtually Eliminated (The Ethan Hamilton Cyberthrillers Book 1)

by Jeff Gerke

He had a theory that the “accidental” electrocutions killing people online weren’t accidents at allâ?¦

but the work of a high tech serial killer.

He called the FBI with his theory, but they blew him off.

Until someone they cared about was “accidentally” electrocuted.

Now the government wants Ethan Hamiltonâ??a regular family guy and virtual reality programmer struggling with his beliefâ??to go after a murderer who kills on principle.

But Ethan’s addiction to online gaming threatens to destroy his family and his faith long before he can track down the assassin.

Virtually Eliminated is a near-future technothriller in the tradition of In the Line of Fire and Snowcrash. A maniac bent on killing in the name of patriotism, a civilian expert with the only chance of stopping him, and the mind-stretching cat and mouse chase that takes them to the depths of the sea, to the craters of the moon, and to the very edge of the online universe.

Virtually Eliminated is book 1 in the Ethan Hamilton series of near future cyberthrillers.

  1. Virtually Eliminated
  2. Terminal Logic
  3. Fatal Defect

** These novels were originally published in 1996-8. **

Excerpt from Virtually Eliminated

Once he decided to kill himself, the rest was easy.

He took a last look at the candle burning on the bedside table, then willed the interface open.

The world he saw through the goggles was dark, as it always was at the beginning. But with a nudge of thought, a portal of light opened and he flew through, leaving his body far behind.

Back there, his name was Louis Parks. Here, he was Sentinel.

In a few moments, he would be neither.

This local net no longer satisfied him. He knew every node, every subdirectoryâ??even every userâ??all too well.

He hurried to the GlobeNet interface. There was the usual long queue. Sentinel wrinkled his forehead, and a collection of small three-dimensional objects appeared in the “air” before him. A computer-generated hand reached out from his invisible body to grasp something out of his inventory. It looked like a bullhorn. He activated it.

Sheep, he thought, moving through the now-unpopulated net. He closed his bullhorn subroutine and sped invisibly through the interface.

He had existed as Sentinel for two years, now: watching, listening, piecing things together. The inescapable conclusion grieved him, turned to stone what was left of his heart. It became clear that the time for sentinelsâ??always so passive, quiet, and immobileâ??was past.

The turning point had been Senator Griffith’s rebuttal. The lesser officials to whom Sentinel had divulged his findings had turned him away, but that had neither surprised nor discouraged him. But if a full Senator would turn a blind eye to the indisputable facts, however, America was in worse trouble than Sentinel had first imagined.

That was when Sentinel had left the beaten path. If the United States government was not going to combat America’s invaders, then he was going to have to defend her himself.

Sentinel breathed more easily once inside GlobeNet proper. He lived for the freedoms offered here. Freedom of expression, of presence, of information. Freedom from all restraint too: physical, monetary, legal, racial.


Broken Vows: Obedience, Chastity, a runaway teen (Broken Vows Trilogy Book 1)

by Marty Langenberg

How can a priest be â??unchaste’? How can he love a married woman?
Imagine a priest who has his own interpretation of his Vow of Chastity, and holds to it, even after it forces his Bishop to relocate him to a new parish. Imagine further that this man unexpectedly meets an ex-parishioner, who tells him she is separated, but still married. Will he provide intimate comfort and support to her, just because she confesses that she plans to divorce her husband?
When ten-year-old Alan Whittenby commits suicide, his older brother Desmond is wracked by guilt. His parents’ unwillingness to accept the truth drives Desmond away. He disappears from his boarding school but, when his father calls in favours from friends in the media as well as the police, Desmond’s whereabouts remain a mystery. When he meets backpacker Pennie Irvine and they decide to team up, she reluctantly shares stories of her own difficult childhood and they grow close. An act of heroism leaves Pennie in a quandary and she decides she must go on alone.
And, when Fr. Jack McCaffrey’s pneumonia attracts help from an unlikely source, nothing will stop him from breaking his Vow of Obedience to his Bishop and his Church. Because nothing can stop Jack acting on the greatest commandment Jesus gave his followers: Love one another.


by E.L. Middleton

Two college students, outcast by those that surround them, find each other as an unspeakable horror descends upon their university.

At its core, a story of two young people attending a major Christian University who, through their differing approaches to faith are outcast by the others that attend. Dejected and feeling alone fate brings them together on the very night that supernatural attacks on the college campus threaten to tear it apart.

Renaissance (The Holy One’s Book 6)

by Scott F Neve

Renaissance is a great American mystery that features Scotty and Verily Fisher at the beginning of their endless honeymoon. The Holy One’s travel to the Mediterranean to search for a missing missionary girlfriend. The lovers clash against ancient Babylonian strongholds of the mafia, the pornography industry and a sex trafficking ring. They suffer many hardships such as the Apostle Paul did on his voyages. They finally free the missing missionary girl and themselves with the help of their new powerful friends.

Inferno – Prolog und Kapitel 1: Thriller (German Edition)

by Dan Brown

Robert Langdon, der Symbolforscher aus Harvard, wird in Italien mit Geheimnissen, Rätseln und einer Verschwörung konfrontiert, die ihre Wurzeln in einem der berühmtesten und dunkelsten Meisterwerke der Literatur haben: Dantes “Göttlicher Komödie”. Je intensiver Robert Langdon die immer gefährlicher werdende Spur verfolgt, umso deutlicher zeichnet sich ab, welche furchterregende Bedrohung Dantes Werk für die Gegenwart und Zukunft bereithält.

Lesen Sie den Anfang des vierten Dan Brown-Romans um den Symbolforscher Robert Langdon!

Bakersfield: Americana Series Book 1

by Steve Stroble

Wayne Sundowner’s life unravels after his mother abandons him at the police station and only his Grandma Cathy agrees to take custody of him. Stuck in Bakersfield, Wayne learns details of his past that enrage him even more.
An acquaintance, Rex Lafyte, tries to mentor Wayne by offering him work and a lot of advice. But Rex has problems of his own, including trying to help his dying mother and as a result, owing a lot of money to unseemly characters.
And why is a federal agent after Rex?

Bakersfield is Book 1 in the Americana Series, which takes a look at America during different phases of its history. Each book in the series can be read as a stand alone.
Book 2 in the series is, “ME.”

The Lucid Series: Android Uprising

by Den Warren

Awarded Badge for Redemptive Fiction by Reality Calling.
Suitable for Young Adult.

. . . In a dystopian cyberpunk 2215, the former US was fragmented into multiple small countries.
. . . People in the UN proxy state of Homeland are controlled by psychotropic drugs, corrupted education, propaganda and oppressive laws.
In this story . . .
. . . Computer hacking clones are trying to get rich no matter what they have to do.
. . . A garbage collector hates everything about his life and goes rogue.
. . . An entire strain of genetically-engineered children is to be culled because of an imperfection.
. . . A tyrannical government robot unit is led by a ruthless being hiding behind a synthetic presence.
. . . A clone couple is living off of the grid and expecting an illegal child.
. . . A series of androids vow to fight for the truth even to the point of war.
. . . And a boy asks, “Is God real?”
The Lucid series is a unique clean-language novel that has heavy hitting, brutally honest edgy Christian themes and some graphic action.

Cyberpunk is the science fiction world of androids, clones, cyborgs, synthetic presences, nanites, virtual reality simulations, or any other such high tech thing that affects Man’s reality.

I contend that cyberpunk is the perfect vehicle to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our world where the populace spends its time consuming the far-out products of pop culture.

1. Cyberpunk is the most relatable speculative fiction sub-genre. It is more relatable and realistic than space travel or any fantasy. Unlike Amish romances, It is something men may read.

2. It is easy to believe that a cyberpunk setting, in its high tech attempts to make a perfect world, will have severe problems resulting in dystopia. We know from our current situation (sexual identity, same-sex marriage, abortion, etc.) that Man typically messes things up.

I have spent a lifetime reading Christian Apologetics, and I believe that I have written a compelling case for the Gospel in my novel: The Lucid Series: Android Uprising. My goal is to win souls with it.
So I prayerfully request the help of Christians with:

1. Please pray for my work like you would any other missionary.

2. Please get my book and do a review on it. Reviews are what keeps the book in the front of the lists. My book is competing against many books in the “Christian Fiction” category that never even mention Jesus. My e-book is priced as low as is allowable on Kindle. But to show you my sincerity, I will gift you a copy if you will review it.

3. Consider giving paperback copies as gifts, especially to young adult readers.

4. Consider writing your own Christian cyberpunk novel. Please give me lots of “competition” for winning souls.

5. Join the Goodreads Christian Cyberpunk Books Club in Goodreads for information on more titles in this sub-genre.

Amish Girl Missing: An Anthology of Amish Life Stories

by Samantha Collier

Ada and Noah are an Amish couple on the verge of doing the unthinkable…They are thinking about getting a divorce. But one night their daughter goes missing and the entire town searches the hills for her whereabouts. A day goes by and no one can find her…But the husband and wife never give up hope trying to find her and find renewed strength in each other as they continue the search…Will they find their baby girl?
Elizabeth is struggling with her Amish faith. She fell in love while on her Rumspringa and left the community to marry. Now her husband is dead and she is pregnant. She has no choice but return to the community and live out the rest of her days as a lonely widow…But Wayne has other ideas. He has always loved Elizabeth but never verbalized his feelings. Can he heal her heart and bring her back to the faith?
Linda’s pride is preventing Vernon from getting close to her. She is the best singer the Amish community has ever produced and she knows it. Her voice sounds like an angel but Vernon’s father doesn’t like the fact that Linda has started to brag about how gifted she is. She loves Vernon to death but cannot seem to get his father’s approval. Will the two be allowed to marry or will Vernon’s father intervene and arrange a marriage for his son?
Samuel comes from a family of troublemakers. Feeling guilty over the loss of his brother, Samuel begins to push everyone in the community away…even Sarah…the woman he loves so much…She reaches out to Samuel but he furthers the separation between them as a form of punishment for the guilt he feels over his brother’s death. Can Sarah help Samuel heal or will he spiral further into his depression?
Courting was always something Mary put on the back burner. While that was the primary thing her Amish sisters talked about, Mary always avoided the subject. But her parents think it is high time she find a suitable mate and have their sights set on Amos….Amos is the town dreamer, always thinking outside the box and getting in trouble when he does so. She sees this first hand when they go out on a date and they get lost out on the trail. Is Amos the right man for Mary or is there someone else out there on the horizon that she’s missing out on?

FEMA Camp Parent Trap

by Ilyan Lavanway

As a nation, we have ignored almost two centuries of prophetic warnings. The stage has already been set by those we have allowed to hold sway in our country. Do we recognize what’s coming? Will we merely react to the crisis after it happens, or will we act in time to change the course of our nation and prevent the crisis? Can we take a lesson from 1940s Austrian history and prevent a repeat? As though ripped from today’s headlines, Christian author Ilyan Kei Lavanway explores what might happen to American families if parents fail to recognize how government alphabet agencies might legally – yes legally, lawfully – use school children as bait during false flag exercises or feigned emergencies to lure parents into internment camps under the guise of public safety. Do you own a gun? Is it registered? Are you loyal to the United States Constitution? If you answered yes to all three of these questions, you are probably on somebody’s list of potential enemies of the state. FEMA Camp Parent Trap is a wake up call. For those who think it’s implausible, ask a 90-year-old Austrian. If you can find one.

Sandwich Shop Miracle (Inspirational Stories of Faith – Book 1)

by H.B. Barstrum

Sandwich Shop Miracle (Inspirational Stories of Faith Book 1)

Imagine being on the brink of losing everything near and dear to youâ?¦

Would you be able to handle the possibility of having nothing left? What would you do?

There are times when it is incredibly hard to keep your faith in tact when everything you love is slipping away.

This is exactly what Loretta Jenkins is going through in this powerful and inspiring Christian fiction tale in of the Inspirational Stories of Faith short story trilogy.

Loretta is at her breaking point, dealing with mounting debt and the tragic death of her husband Jack. With her Christian faith tested by the events that have unfolded in her life and the internal struggle to keep her hope alive, the big question is: will she find the secret to hold on to the one thing that she has left?

This magical inspirational religious fiction story explores the proven and simple solution to conquering the negative forces that challenge to destroy faith at its very core.

Sandwich Shop Miracle is a must read for readers of inspirational books and faith-based books alike.

P.S. Before you buy, read the free sample of the first chapter of this Christian book

I Witch: The Powers of the Blood and the Heart

by Erin Munday

Meagan Wallace is hallucinating a drop-dead gorgeous guy in her shower, and at inconvenient moments at work. This might possibly be entertaining for her, except that she can’t control it, the images and sensations she is getting are far more vivid than she is accustomed to her brain constructing for her, and the scary part is that if he’s not just some random daydream, but is in fact a real person sending her visions; then who is he? And why is he doing this? And how does he know her name?

When she finally discovers who he is; she still has to figure out what he is, whether or not she’ll find herself on the menu next to the stir-fry, and then decide if she can handle the consequences of being a witch serving a powerful goddess, who’s agenda may not coincide with Meagan’sâ?¦

Remember Love (The Women of Manatee Bay, Book 1)

by Jessica Nelson

Ten years ago, timid Katrina Ross left her hometown’s temperamental bad boy at the altar. After years away, Alec Munroe has returned, a successful businessman who is snooping around her bookstore with an avaricious gleam in his eye. She’d like to tell him to leave, despite still being in love with him, but the secret she’s kept all these years demands to be told.
Alec Munroe has been successful in all ways but one: he has never been able to escape his memories of Katrina Ross. When he discovers the secret she’s kept from him, he’s faced with hard decisions. Justice or the forgiveness God calls him to offer…
Can Alec and Katrina leave the past behind to embrace the promise of a love they have never forgotten?

Mail Order Bride of Oregon: The Orphanage Brides: Book 2, Moira – Clean and Wholesome Historical Romance (Mail Order Bride of Oregon: The Orphanage Brides)

by Debra Samms

Book 2 of the Mail Order Bride Orphanage series is the story of Moira and Henry.

After months of exchanging letters, Moira finally receives the letter from Henry that she has both prayed for and dreaded. On her way to the train station, she is given a letter that she is told to open on the day she turns 21. What she learns that day, changes everything about who she is and where she came from. She must come to terms with these truths before she can agree to marry.

Henry is a younger brother to Raymond. Together, they are ranchers in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Henry wants what Raymond hasâ??a wife who loves him. He has big plans, but not the substantial means that it will take to realize his dreams for his own ranch. He feels unworthy and is reluctant to tell Moira his truth.

Miscommunications abound in this story between the timid and agoraphobic Moira and Henry, the dreamer.

This is a clean western romance story set in Oregon in the late 1880’s. It is the story of two unlikely people brought together by the mutual desire for marriage, and little else.

Will Moira be able to accept her truth and share it with Henry? Will Henry overcome his own doubts and open his heart to Moira?

The story of Moira is a short story Book 2 is a short story of about 10,000 words.

Satanâ??s Hoax: End-Times Prophecies Through the Eyes of a Modern-Day Paul

by Brad L. Burge

Has God hidden some critically important aspects of the interpretation of Christian end-times prophecies within the depths of Judaism, until this generation? Seth Cohen spent the first several decades of his life as an extremely zealous Hasidic Jew in Jerusalem. His days were filled with studies of Torah and Kabbalah. Now, several tragic and life changing events have opened his eyes to the truth of the Christian gospel and prophecies. His unique insights are no less world changing than those of the Apostle Paul. Join Jerusalem’s followers of Y’shua (Jesus) as they receive Seth’s startling insights into Christian prophecies and biblical truths.

The Nephilim Tree (Part 1)

by C. A. Smith

Part 1 of a 3 part series…

An ancient secret has been hidden from you. Knowing this secret will open your eyes, but once open they will never close again.

A priest who, already suffering at the tendrils of his own doubts, gets drawn into a world of mystery and a covert darkness that permeates our society after discovering a hidden letter in the depths of an old church.

A successful trader who works for a city bank seems to have it all, but if you were to scratch beneath the surface, a secret burden tearing at him, becoming too much for him to bear would emerge. Finding himself at the point of despair he asks for answers. Unusual doors begin to open revealing truths that make him wonder if his burden has just increased. Every door opened slams tightly shut as he walks to the next. Once making the decision to open the first, he rapidly realises that there is no going back. Maybe the decision had already been made for him.

Like many others, one man is struggling to see the purpose of life in the rat race. Trying to find a better way is consuming his daily thoughts, but why does the system seem so geared up to stop it?

Could the appearance of a mysterious stranger link the lives of these seemingly unrelated individuals?

The world is changing faster now than ever before. While we marvel at almost daily technological breakthroughs and bask in the copious amounts of readily available information, most of us are oblivious to these signs and to an ancient force that gradually increases its control over us. A dark storm is coming.

Are you ready?

He’s With the Band

by J.M. Hardin

Al Simmons is the soundman for the Boston-based Christian band Omega Glory. Some of the band’s fans know he’s written one of the band’s more popular songs as some even know that he’s written a number of other songs. What Al doesn’t know is that his music is about to get a well-deserved spotlight all its own.

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Invasion of the Ninja (The Adventure Chronicles Book 1)

by Jeffrey Allen Davis

Jamie and Yoshi are late twentieth century members of the Funakoshi ninja clan who were trained by Yoshi’s uncle, Tanemura Funakoshi. When the Waruiyatsu, a sinister clan with an ancient grudge, attack Jamie’s high school and hold his classmates hostage in an effort to bring Tanemura and his two students into the open, Jamie and his clan sister are forced to attempt a rescue.

Going along are a close group of friends, each with his own interest in the fighting arts. From Dave, whose muscle-bound frame and love of a good scuffle are overshadowed by his cheerful personality and kind heart, to Buster, whose Bible is his greatest weapon, each of their friends has a loyalty to them and each other that is stronger than the Waruiyatsu can ever fathom.

This is a story of courage, friendship, and faith ….

The Rogue Trust (Ordinary Days in Myrtle Hill Book 1)

by Deanne Durrett

Widowed and dedicated to raising her twelve-year-old daughter, Becca McGee’s faith is strong and life is goodâ?¦ But then, the arrival of fourteen yellow roses threatens her with change as potential wealth comes wrapped in mystery and accompanied by romance.
Is the Rogue Trust a hoax, a test of her faith, or a blessing? And why is she so attracted to the lawyer who proved himself to be a jerk, might be a stalker, and probably an impostor?

The Amish Question: A Collection of Amish Romance

by Terri Downes

An anthology of Amish romance featuring “The Amish Question”…She’s hurt. He has something to prove. Can they be the answer to each other’s needs?

Ten years earlier, Hannah fled home without looking back. After her father’s death, she reluctantly returns to her Amish town to help her mom and sister. Painful memories haunt her, and Hannah finds herself opening up to the person she’d least expect. The feisty and quick-tempered Solomon.

Solomon is trying desperately to get his family business back on track after failing to find romance. After a string of bad relationships with the uptight Amish women, he finds Hannah to be different from the rest. Or is she? Just as he begins daydreaming about romantic possibilities, he discovers Hannah’s family was partly responsible for his own family farming business going south. Will he let his temper once again get the best of him?

The Amish Prayer Box

by Terri Downes

An anthology of sentimental Amish romance stories to warm the heart
When the elderly Irene passes away, Abby finds herself with the job of cleaning out her house. As she struggles with her own marriage, she comes across a box of “love notes” written by Irene over the course of her lifetime. With her curiosity getting the best of her, Abigail sits and reads every one, transporting herself into Irene’s past life where she struggled with fear, faith and romance.
Anna is a young Amish woman was left at the altar by Amos. Humiliated, she vows to never let another man hurt her again, yet alone into her life.

Meanwhile, Ben struggles to keep his own emotions in check as his wife has runaway to the Englisch world, leaving him behind as well as their young daughter.

The two meet at a church service and immediately see the hurt in one another…which leads to attraction. But will the baggage they bring into their budding romance be too much to overcome?
Hannah is engaged to the man of her dreams and they look to wed after Christmas. Tragedy strikes, however, as her father goes into town and is hit by a drunk driver. Her heart is further broken when she finds out who the person responsible for hitting her father is. Can Hannah find it in her heart to forgive the man who has placed her father in a near death situation?
Sarah is an Amish young woman who toils away at her overbearing father’s general store. The only thing that gets her through the day are her dreams of becoming a singer, an endeavor that is frowned upon by her Amish community. Despite her communities adherence to not performing for personal glory, she meets a young Englisch teacher who hears her voice and wants to help support her artistic gift. Will she override her Amish belief system and pursue a career in music? And will she entertain her growing infatuation with her young teacher?
Samuel thought he was doing the right thing by leaving his wife Sara behind in their Amish community as he pursued his career in the NFL. Sara would have other ideas, however, as she joins her husband in the big city for the next football season. His football team is followed by a television network and a feature on the couple makes Sara the star of the show. Unbeknownst to her, she gains a following of her own because of her beauty and Amish beliefs. But the stress of being in the public eye begins to strain their marriage. Can they keep their vows and make room for faith, fame and family?
Marta is a young Amish woman who is dealing with a family that is slowly unraveling…her brother has left the community and rejected the Amish lifestyle…her mother and father are fighting and her world is starting to come apart at the seams. To add more conflict, she has two men that are seeking her hand in marriage. One wants to stay in the Amish community, the other wants to take her to California for a new life…Which road will she choose?

The Ark of Humanity

by Scott Toney

God flooded the earth to annihilate humanity’s sins. What if that sinful race didn’t die when floodwaters covered them but instead adapted to breathe water?

Under the depths of the ocean one boy has raised himself, until the day when he meets a dark-skinned man with news that will change the lives of his civilization forever.

Now he must save his people from another empire of water dwellers bent on enslaving the oceans and torturing his peaceful realm.

Yet another question is posed as he learns that his people are descended from humans that lived on the land above the ocean; a people that were destroyed by floods made by the rage of God.

If they have to, in order to escape, will they be able to breathe air and join whatever is left of the world above the waters?

What would they find there? Is the mythological Noah still alive?

The Reluctant Bride

by Lori Stallings

Emma wants to get away from her past. Her only shot is to answer an advertisement for a mail order bride but she really doesn’t want a husband. Her plan is to steal Joel’s money but after a few outings to his church her conscience gets to her and she wants to repay him for the costs of her train ticket. His charm sneaks up on her and she begins to fall for him, taken in by his strong determination to win his heart. But then her past catches up to her she struggles desperately to hang on the one thing she thought she didn’t want…a husband.

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