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The Unnamed Girl: The Woodard Chronicles

by Mike H. Mizrahi

When Confederate Private Jonathan “Woody” Woodard scours the battlefield of Port Republic, Virginia, an innocent voice beckons him. He picks up a gold-cased ambrotype and gazes at the image of a little girl. Over time, the photograph becomes Woody’s only respite from the nighttime demons of war that torture him. His permanent renewal is somehow dependent upon returning the gold case to the family of the dead bluecoat, whose haversack yields its treasure when he hits the ground.

Woody is captured, and months later a prison escape during a North Ohio blizzard claims his foot. The quest to find the girl begins. Woody enlists the help of the widow Rebecca Johnston in exchange for free labor around her Southern Ohio farm. He soon learns she is an abolitionist and conductor on the Underground Railroad. Complications arise: love enters the equation, but an unforgivable lie stands between them. Does Woody come clean with his secret? Will he put his search on hold to help Rebecca rescue a freedman and his son, sent to Lumpkin’s notorious slave jail in Richmond through the Reverse Underground Railroad?

The Unnamed Girl is about the power of love to rescue: the unlikely love of a woman whose world is far removed from one man’s crumbling reality; and the mysterious connection with an object that exudes an innocence and love that preserves his emotional being. This is a story of renewal and transformation that transcends the pages of a novel to bring hope to the reader…hope that a new day is on the horizon in their lives, and that God can make all things new for those who trust him.

A Poor Wise Man

by Mary Rinehart

A Poor Wise Man mixes romantic fiction with political analysis. This engrossing story begins, “The city turned its dreariest aspect toward the railway on blackened walls, irregular and ill-paved streets, gloomy warehouses, and over all a gray, smoke-laden atmosphere which gave it mystery and often beauty. Sometimes the softened towers of the great steel bridges rose above the river mist like fairy towers suspended between Heaven and earth. And again the sun tipped the surrounding hills with gold, while the city lay buried in its smoke shroud, and white ghosts of river boats moved spectrally along.

The Dove in the Eagle’s Nest

by Charlotte Yonge

A neglectful father appears one day and demands his daughter’s services. He takes his daughter, Christina, by force from her adoptive parents in order to take care of an ailing lord’s daughter. Christina displays unparalleled bravery by settling in the prison like castle, facing vulgar customs, and being a nurse to girl her own age.

A Nobleman’s Nest

by Ivan Turgenev

A nobleman and landowner named Ivan Lavretsky returns to Russia after leaving his faithless wife in France, only to fall in love with a beautiful and pious cousin, Elizaveta Kalitin.

When Ivan learns by a newspaper article that his wife is suspected to have died, the way seems clear for him to find happiness with Liza. But her mother, Marya, is much taken with her daughter’s other suitor, the cultured Panshin.

This is a remarkably thoughtful and unassuming story, but it weaves a wonderful spell. The characters are undemonstrative, very little happens, yet by some quiet magic it manages to be very touching.

Ivan and Liza both suffer unconventional, though different, upbringings and educations, neither of which seem to have prepared them for the world very well, dignified as they are.

A sad and understated tale.

The Story of Atlantis and the Lost Lemuria

by W. Scott

William Scott-Elliot (sometimes incorrectly spelled Scott-Elliott) (1849-1919) was a theosophist who elaborated Helena Blavatsky’s concept of root races in several publications, most notably The Story of Atlantis (1896) and The Lost Lemuria (1904), later combined in 1925 into a single volume called The Story of Atlantis and the Lost Lemuria. In 1893 he married Matilda (Maude) Louise Travers (1859-1929), daughter of Dr Robert Boyle Travers F.R.C.S., of Farsid Lodge, Rostellan, County Cork, Ireland. The general scope of the subject before us will best be realized by considering the amount of information that is obtainable about the various nations who compose our great Fifth or Aryan Race. From the time of the Greeks and the Romans onwards volumes have been written about every people who in their turn have filled the stage of history. The political institutions, the religious beliefs, the social and domestic manners and customs have all been analyzed and catalogued, and countless works in many tongues record for our benefit the march of progress. Further, it must be remembered that of the history of this Fifth Race we possess but a fragment-the record merely of the last family races of the Keltic sub-race, and the first family races of our own Teutonic stock.

Strings of Subversion (Rhineland Musik Underground Book 1)

by K. Victoria Chase

Based on true events.

October 1935, Berlin: Nazis ban jazz.

Winter 1935, Berlin: The Jazz Underground is created.

Banning jazz was not the beginning of the Nazi quest to suffocate black influence in Germany. Those vocal against the regime began disappearing years before.

Musician Willie Cooper has a choice: flee back to America and fight for a chance to perform in a saturated space, or risk her life to provide for her German relations and discover the truth about friends who have gone missing.

Her choice puts her on a collision course with a group of ambitious Nazi soldiers looking for a vulnerable population to exploit, and a handsome Nazi sympathizer, who isn’t all that he appears to be.

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Rhineland Musik Underground

Strings of Subversion
Corners of Convergence (Coming Soon)

The Enchanting Legends of Shiloh Mansion: The Big Catch!

by D.K. Ogans

This is the second book in “The Enchanting Legends of Shiloh Mansion” series. Eliza, Faith, and Daniel, the time traveling smart teens are off on another adventure to the Enchanting Legends. In Book 1 they visited “The Young King”. This time they visit a runaway prophet who decided to disobey God’s direction and plans for his life. He soon realizes there is no place you can go to hide or getaway from God. The earth is the LORD’s, and the fullness thereof; the world, and them that dwell therein. God will use whomever and whatever he wants to accomplish His plan.

Here in The Big Catch! Cousin Eva also goes on an adventure. Little did Eva know that once she passed the safari park and entered the woods she would be in much danger. She was totally unaware the imps were all about, just waiting for the chance to release their autobats. They would capture her or anyone else that they could and take them deeper into the dense woods. They knew that Eliza, Faith & Daniel were time travelers. They did not like it at all.

The imps knew that they were different than most people. They knew that they could soar fast. This made them hard to catch. So, they waited hoping that one day they could somehow capture them. They did not like the fact that they were faster and smarter than they were. They also did not like all the good things they did, because they were children of the Light and the imps were of darkness. But Eva was not aware of the imps. All she knew that she was not to ever go into or even near the forest.

The smart teens continue to witness the truths and principles from the Book of I AM as they unfold before their very eyes.

Barbarossa: A Historical Novel of the XII Century

by Conrad von Bolanden

Towards the middle of the 12th century, Milan had conquered for herself a powerful supremacy throughout all of Upper Italy, and with the exception of the proud Genoa and the maritime Venetian republic, all the cities of Lombardy acknowledged her sovereignty. Lodi, Pavia, and some few of the neighboring towns, had made bold attempts to assert their rights, but all their efforts were unsuccessful; and had only resulted in riveting more tightly their fetters, while the pride of the Milanese, and a desire for more extended power, increased in proportion to the failing strength of their adversaries. The majority bore in silence the yoke which they could not shake off preferring the advantages secured to them by prompt submission to the danger of losing in the unequal struggle every vestige of their former independence.
Lombardy, it is true, was an appanage of the Germanic empire, but the sovereignty of the Emperor was almost nominal, and only acknowledged by the turbulent Lombards, when forced so to do by his victorious arms; and whenever a war broke out between the Monarch, his great feudatories, or the Church, the smouldering embers of rebellion at once burst forth into open insurrection.
Scarcely had Frederic the First, of Hohenstauffen, mounted the throne, when his attention was attracted to Italy by an event of grave and unusual importance.
In 1158, whilst Barbarossa, as the Emperor was usually surnamed by the Italians, was presiding over a High Court of Justice at Kossnitz, and listening to the various cases submitted for his decision, two men, wearing upon their backs a wooden cross as a symbol of their misfortune, presented themselves before the throne with a long list of grievances against the Milanese, by whom, they alleged, the city of Lodi had been destroyed after the pillage and the exile of its citizens. They had come now to implore the intervention of the Emperor, whose power alone, they urged, could check the tyranny of the Milanese and save from utter ruin the other cities of Lombardy…


by Margaret Hacklename

Una historia real sucedida en el Antiguo Egipto.

Te sorprenderá y te apasionará.


Los hombres llevan desde el principio de los tiempos conduciendo a la tierra de Egipto a una guerra tras otra, provocando la ruina y la devastación. Pero las mujeres del palacio están hartas.

¿Acaso no sería mejor que ellas, más sabias y razonables, gobernaran el país?

Ã?sta es la historia de una lucha de género por el poder que durará varias generaciones, y de una familia de jardineros que trabaja en palacio. Las intrigas, amores, asesinatos… de los poderosos, acabarán por salpicarlos. Y, de entre ellos, el último de la estirpe de jardineros, surgirá Ire-ti, protagonista de la mayoría de las novelas de Margaret Hacklename.

Basada en hechos reales.

NOTA: Margaret Hacklename es el pseudónimo de las novelas que escribe el prolífico autor Javier Cosnava bajo la dirección de su esposa Sofía Espinosa.


by Douglas Lloyd McIntosh


San Diego, California
Friday 14 February 2003
Valentine’s Day
Countdown to Operation Iraqi Freedom

The inspirational story of 24 hours in the lives of two lonely new adultsâ??the day and night which will change their destinies forever.

Beautiful and intelligent teen Karen, 18, has fled a dysfunctional and alcoholic home life, escaping to distant San Diego. She now works for a U.S. Navy supplier where she feels greatly disadvantaged by the sophisticated city girls hired to attract as much business as possible.

Tall, rugged, but extremely shy teen Matt, 19, grew up in a military family on a cattle ranch in Wyoming. Joining the U.S. Navy after 9/11, he is now a maintenance man for his ship’s weapons systems, working day and night to enable the vessel to head out for Iraq early Saturday morning. If the ship passes inspection, the crew will earn a Friday night liberty ashore.

Karen and Matt are Christian believers who want to fall in love and get married to the right person, postponing all lovemaking until their wedding night. Their new friends at work or aboard ship enforce a competing agendaâ??take them out on the town to experience what they are missing.

When Matt and Karen happen to meet, everything changes. Each set of so-called friends is determined to separate the couple, now desperate to get to know each other while there is still time. Unfortunately for Karen, the spoiled brat son of her wealthy boss is truly dangerous. The situation grows worse, becoming suspenseful, menacing, and potentially violent…

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