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by Tarryl Janik

Jack Warren is a low-life–a suicidal cop haunted by past tragedy. Suddenly a promiscuous teenage girl goes missing at the local rest stop just outside of small town Wisconsin. Despite Jack’s alcoholism, he is on the case. Evidence suggests murder, but what Jack ultimately discovers is something far more sinister…

The Cave: The Horrors of Redemption Series

by Wisteria D. Jones

“It’s probably for the best that this place is so dark. You don’t want to see some of these things.”

They’ve made it through the swamp, though it’s a short-lived victory. Without a moment of rest, Spencer and Gidtya are thrown into the next segment of their journey. Voices echoing through the dark, sensations of being watched, and things moving around them unseen are all great reasons for these two to make haste through the cave. Yet something even more sinister awaits them in the dark, hoping to ensnare the minds of those foolish enough to trust it.

“I really hope you know what you’re doing, because both our lives depend on it.”

Choosing to live long enough to right his wrongs, Spencer has decided to embark on a journey through the unknown. Although his one true goal is simple, it’s ultimately the hardest thing he’s ever attempted to achieve: redemption.

The Witch Awakening (The Landers Saga Book 1)

by Karen Nilsen

Book 1 of the Landers Saga

The odor of burning flesh and the screams of those condemned to the flames disturb the dreams of young Safire of Long Marsh. Safire struggles to keep the curse of her psychic abilities secret, lest she be burned at the stake as a witch in her native land Cormalen. Forced to keep her talents hidden instead of learning how to use them, Safire is ill-prepared to face the evil that awaits her. When she meets the rebellious Merius of Landers, a nobleman determined to escape his overbearing father’s influence, she finally finds someone who accepts her. But their romance interferes with court plots and family duty and ultimately leads Safire to confront the dark secrets of the House of Landers alone. What she finds there proves to be a test of her unusual gifts, a test that could free the soul of a haunted man–or end in her death.

From Chapter 20 of Witch Awakening–
. . . I grabbed the back of a chair to steady myself, but the chair began to jerk about violently, drumming against the floorboards.

Instantly, Safire was up and across the chamber. She rested her hand on my arm, her touch cool. “Shh, it’s all right.”

I snatched my arm from her grasp. “How dare you touch me?”

She grabbed my other arm with both hands. “Damn witch!” I swore and raised my palm to slap her away, but then I froze, my hand in midair. A strange sensation was running up my arm from her hands, a tingling warmth that moved through the veins to my heart and then to the rest of my body. All my muscles loosened, as if I’d just had several shots of the best whiskey, and the shaking stopped.

“What the hell?” I muttered. “What in God’s good name was that?”

“Shh. It’s all right.” She looked up at me, her grip on my arm slackening. Her eyes were clear and bright as green glass, her voice low and soothing. I found myself staring down at her as if in a trance. What sort of pact had Merius made with the devil for this creature?

“You’ve cursed me,” I said flatly, though the words seemed to be another’s, not mine . . .

Winter Dawn: A Short Story, Prequel to The Plague Series

by Isla Jones

Winter Miles packs up her Jeep and sets off on her road trip across the country to join her sister in DC. But mere hours into the drive, the whispers of a rabies outbreak turn into outright screamsâ??Winter’s screams.

A short story and prequel to The Plague Series and glimpse into the outbreak that destroyed the world as Winter knew it…

Haunting Weir (Haunted Weir Workings Book 1)

by Kari L. Ronning

Only your Haunting Weir, the door to your mind’s eye, can hold the demons at bay. Once the Weir is breached, only aâ?¯Weiriman,â?¯specially trained hunter exorcists, can save your soul from the devouring.â?¯â?¯
The weirs of the world are guarded by theâ?¯Weirimenâ?¯Guild, who turn back invading evil that threaten the inhabitants ofâ?¯Solenweir. About to join their ranks, Artâ?¯Storygrove, discovers a demon unlike anything the Guild has encountered, within his own Haunting Weir.
With his life threatened and weakened by his cracked Weir, he is sent alone to purge the evil from himself. Banding together with anâ?¯unusualâ?¯range of allies, from a dreamcatcher construct youth to a demon hunting Knight and his ghostly tethered companion,â?¯they race against the emerging malignance in Art’s soul. Facing carnivorous demonic forces, a price on his head, and battling the darkness invading his mind, Art hunts for the name of the demon. Only with the creature’s name and the truth of his curse’s origins will Artâ?¯be able to free himself of the impending destruction of his soul and the future he worked so tirelessly to accomplish.â?¯

Join Artâ?¯Storygroveâ?¯and his makeshift band of the most unique Haunted Weir Working professionals on a sojourn of twisted fates and demonicâ?¯revelations. Even the light of aâ?¯Weiriman’sâ?¯soul lantern only exposes the true depth of the abyss therein.â?¯â?¯

The Return: A Keeper Novel (The Keeper Book 1)

by K.C. Connor

As far back as I can remember, I’ve been a bit different.
When I was four, my parents plucked me from an orphanage that has no record of my biological family and no idea where I came from. They brought home a weak and shy little girl, and I soon blossomed into a chronically ill teenager by day and a screaming tormented dreamer by night.
With few friends and fewer prospects, I’m hardly a social butterfly.
However, this year is going to be better, or so I thought.
My new history teacher thinks I’m a reincarnated warrior princess with a duty to retrieve an ancient scroll and decipher a prophecy before vampires, witches, lycans, and demons do.
But, in order to go from zero to hero I must befriend a demon, trust and angel, and try not to look stupid in front of the hot new guy, that just so happens to be the first boy that has ever paid attention to me. Who said being sixteen was easy?

Tales of Death: Shady Waters

by Bradley Poage

Four friends head to the beach. Problem is, they may never leave…

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