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The Minimalism Challenge: 52 small changes and good habits that will simplify your life in a year (Streamline Your Life Book 1)

by A. Edmond

Change your life with small changes that yield big results. 

Is your life more difficult than it should be? Are you struggling with unnecessary complexities? Have you been wanting to build good habits that will help you simplify your life, health, career, style or other areas? 

Believe it or not, life does not have to be so hard especially if you focus on what’s essential. If you are ready to overcome your complications and ready to live easy then this book is for you. 

The Minimalism Challenge offers a full year’s worth of lessons on how to transform your life with simple steps that empower you to improve your decision-making, build good habits and focus on what matters most.

The book includes 52 weekly lessons grouped into 12 monthly life themes that teach you how to live easy for an entire year (and beyond) by cultivating awareness, clarity and focus: 

  • Month 1: Simplify Your Life

  • Month 2: Simplify Your Desires

  • Month 3: Simplify Your Work

  • Month 4: Simplify Your Finances

  • Month 5: Simplify Your Space

  • Month 6: Simplify Your Relationships

  • Month 7: Simplify Your Health

  • Month 8: Simplify Your Mindset

  • Month 9: Simplify Your Schedule

  • Month 10: Simplify Your Tasks

  • Month 11: Simplify Your Taste

  • Month 12: Simplify Your Happiness

Before the book: 

  • Overwhelming schedule

  • Stressful work   

  • Cluttered home

  • Neglected relationships

  • Impulse shopping

  • Mindless consumption

  • Easily distracted

  • Negative self-talk

  • Fickle and indecisive

  • Lack of purpose

After the book: 

  • Better finances  

  • Enough energy

  • Streamlined space

  • Clear priorities

  • Better decisions

  • Organization & efficiency

  • Positive, abundant thinking

  • Purposeful living

  • Increased happiness

There is no “right” way to be a minimalist. Minimalism means different things to different people and with this book you’ll build a solid foundation for making this philosophy work best for you. The challenge is not just about inspiration but motivation. You won’t just think, you will act. You will de-stress, declutter, deprogram self-limiting thoughts, and eliminate distractions.

This is a suite of simple strategies designed to address the areas of life that tend to have the most complications. Each lesson dives into a variety of principles that will yield long term improvements to your thoughts, habits, and behaviors. 

The Minimalism Challenge is the first book in the Streamline Your Life Series. These step-by-step guides support you on your journey to simplifying each area of your life â?? from work and wellness to style and relationships. Though lightweight and easy to read, they offer a wealth of inspiration and information on how to live a good life, effortlessly.

The Ultimate Mission: The ultimate mission is found, the Aina(mother earth )session is born secret story (Aina Books Book 1)

by Aina Uno

Hello! It is mission creator Aina.
I have healed the heart and body of 10,000 in total for 14 years.
This book is a debut work.
The ultimate answer that makes you happy is to find a mission.
Even those who do not have trouble, it is a way to satisfy themselves who can use them for their entire life.
I would appreciate it if you read it.


by Ian Thomas

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