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Stone Cold Sparks (Park City Firefighter Romance)

by Cami Checketts

A stone cold firefighter, lifelong secrets, and the vivacious woman who won’t give up.
Abi Newell is feisty, fun, beautiful, and has date offers every night of the week. She gave her heart away to Stone Ryland when they were teenagers and that was the stupidest decision of her life. Though Stone is the perfect fit for herâ??kind, patient, and steadyâ??he’s also shut himself off to everyone, including her. She’s accomplished best-friend status with her dream man, but winning his heart may be a hopeless quest.

Stone has been deemed Stone Cold by his firefighting buddies for good reasonâ??he has the remarkable ability to put his feelings on the shelf while dispassionately dealing with the situation at hand. Too bad Stone’s buddies don’t know the truth. A truth Stone will fight tooth and nail to keep hidden. Abi is his one weakness, but Stone can’t let anyone into his heart or his well-protected secrets will be discovered and destroy not only Abi, but his deceased wife’s memory as well.

Can Abi break through the ice surrounding Stone Cold’s heart, or will she be forced to give up on her lifelong love?

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Rafe (New Horizon Ranch: Mule Hollow Book 2)

by Debra Clopton

Five ranch-hands inherit a Texas ranch from their boss and are determined to make New Horizon Ranch the success he envisioned when he chose to leave his legacy in their care.

When runaway bride, Sadie Archer’s car breaks down on the outskirts of Mule Hollow, Texas, she’s not exactly dressed to fix the blown tire. Then again, she hadn’t planned on this road trip or her life falling apart a week before her wedding. But now that she’s hit the road, destination unknown, Sadie’s decided it’s time to disappear for a while and find out exactly what it is she wants out of life. But first she needs to change her flat tire and that is easier said than done when one is wearingâ?¦
A bunny suit!
Ex-cowboy star Rafe Masterson thinks he’s seeing things at first but yesâ??that is definitely a female head sticking out of the furry white bunny suit, tangling with a spare tire. A cowboy who guards his heart carefully, he’s still always willing to help someone in needâ?¦even one wearing white fur from top to bottom. Completely captivated by the unusual woman, Rafe senses she’s in trouble in more ways than the flat tire. He’s part owner of the New Horizon Ranch and offers her a job as cookâ??even though they don’t need a cook. 
Sadie accepts even though she can’t really cook but this is the perfect answer to her needs right nowâ?¦and how hard can it be anyway?
These two might be down-on-love but love hasn’t given up on them and the Matchmaking Posse of Mule Hollow has just gotten them in their sights…

Debra Clopton gives readers what exactly what they want~RT Magazine 
Books in New Horizon Ranch Series:
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6-Maddie’s Secret Baby

The Cowboys of Ransom Creek

Her Cowboy Hero (FREE)

Bride For Hire






1-From This Moment On (Book 1 FREE) 
2-Somewhere With You
3-With This Kiss 
4-Forever And For Always  
5-Holding Out For Love
6-With This Ring
7-With This Promise 
More in this series coming soon!
New Series: Texas Matchmakers
1-Dream With Me, Cowboy (Free)
2-Be My Love, Cowboy
3-This Heart’s Your, Cowboy
4-Hold Me, Cowboy
5-Be Mine, Cowboy
6-Marry Me, Cowboy
7-Cherish Me, Cowboy
8-Surprise Me, Cowboy
9-Serenade Me, Cowboy
10-Return To Me, Cowboy
11-Love Me, Cowboy
12-Ride With Me, Cowboy
13-Dance With Me, Cowboy

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Treasure Me, Cowboy (Free)

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What readers are saying:
Debra always delivers…
Couldn’t put it down!
Debra gives readers what they want.
I’ve read every book Debra Clopton has written and as usual I couldn’t put this one down!
Love this book~ 

Sweet contemporary romance, western romance, small town romance, clean and wholesome romance, brides, fans of Chris Keniston, Debbie Macomber

The Billionaire’s Reckless Marriage (The Limitless Clean Billionaire Romance Series Book 2)

by Tamie Dearen

The one man Laurie Fields would most like to avoid just became her boss.

A thousand women would love to be in her shoes, working up-close-and-personal with billionaire philanthropist, Finn Anderson. Though alluring at first glance, he’s less than charming around Laurie. She’s not about to cut him any slack, even if her job depends on it.

Finn Anderson may look healthy, but chances are he won’t live to collect Social Security. That’s why he has to be careful never to fall in love. So far, he’s been pretty safe, since he drives away every woman who gets close.

When unforeseen circumstances force Laurie and Finn to work together, Finn finds his walls crumbling, and Laurie begins to care more than she will admit for this secretly thoughtful man. But his rejection has her on the run.

Can he catch her in time?

Note from the author: The Billionaire’s Reckless Marriage is an inspirational romance, the second of The Limitless Clean Romance Series, which centers on heroes with disabilities. The story also features an interracial romance.

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The Alora Series – YA/Fantasy
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Breaking Free: Rediscovering the meaning of the Cross

by Wynand Smit

John 3:17
For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.

Freedom is the thing that everysingle person on earth desires.
“Breaking Free”, is not just a physical statement. However, is an emotional
and spiritual desire that every single person on earth need.

Jesus Christ, the son of God did not come to condemn the world but to give His own life to save us. So that we
can experience this â??freedom’ that the world desires. As Christianity developed over the decades, most
people began to see it as a religion. Jesus did not come to establish a religion, but to re-establish intimacy with the Father.

Are you Ready to get free from religion? Are you ready to know that you are the righteousness
of Christ? Do you want to have a relationship with Jesus?
Breaking free will help you:
To understand the gospel.
To understand why Christianity, is not a religion.
To understand that you are righteous.
To trust God for the impossible, to become possible.
To hear the voice of God to Prophesy over people.
To discover the secret place.
To encounter God every day of your life.
To understand that life is all about Jesus.

A note from the editor
When Breaking Free crossed my path, I thought it was just another manuscript to format for Kindle. I had no idea that it would break me free too. I am humbled and truly grateful to be a part of the process to get this book out to the world.

Wynand Smit has taken the age old debate about whether we need to earn salvation and he has proven from both the Old and New Testament that there can be no doubt about God’s will for us as Christians. Every concept and instruction in this book has been broken in small enough parts for anyone to understand. It is a practical and accessible guide to cultivating a wonderfully rewarding relationship with Jesus.

I pray that every person who reads this book will share it with everyone they love. I pray that the words contained herein will touch the lives of believers and unbelievers around the globe.

Have confidence in God’s love for you and BREAK FREE!

~Natalie Rivener

Serving The Prince: Regency Romance (Regency – Medieval – Romance)

by Tatyana Maxwell

The Moment When Amelia’s Life Took An Unexpected Turn

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Amelia has grown up a servant in the king’s castle. Most of her duties involve cooking meals and serving them at the royal dining table, as well as cleaning everything. Amelia has had an eye for Prince Marius ever since she could remember, so it’s not surprising that she gets a bit nervous around him. While bringing a tray of food from the kitchen, she ends up serving it to the carpet, and the King and Queen are clearly displeased, even threatening to throw her in the dungeons. Astonishingly, Marius jumps in because to her unawareness, he’s developed an eye for her too. It was that moment when Amelia’s life took an unexpected turn. Despite his parent’s furious threats, he turns her into a princess.

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This story is extremely HOT and leaves little to the imagination. This book is purely intended for adult eyes only.

Miles Apart: Clean Amish and Military Romance

by Bethanee Rajchman

Justine Burkholder is a typical Amish girl, eighteen years old and looking to get married and have a family of her own. There were several young men who had her in their sights, but she didn’t want to commit until she felt God had chosen the right man for her. In the Spring of her eighteenth year, she began to have fainting spells which became more frequent. The local clinic found a heart condition and sent her to New York for further testing. While there, she was robbed, but saved from a worse fate by a strapping Navy Seal. His charm and courage worked its way into her heart.

Could she love a man who was her complete opposite? And what of her faith? See how Justine finds a way to love a man whose work constantly sends him miles apart from her.

This is a standalone romance short story ending HEA!

Fire in the Heart: Clean Amish and Firefighter Romance

by Bethanee Rajchman

Becca Geist was hanging laundry when she saw the yellow glow by the barn. Panic set in as she realized what the smoke meant. What happened next caused her to question her faith in God and His mercy. Little did Becca understand how the presence of a lonely county fireman would help her to regain not only her love of God but the courage to find happiness again. Cameron Lowell was driving along Route 85 on his day off when he saw the smoke rolling over the treetops. He rushed to help when he saw the fiery blaze and the Amish girl with her smock burning. He never considered that his hardened heart would cause him to examine what he had believed to be true most of his life. The pain of his past was burned away when the fire in his heart was lit by a woman of faith.

This is a standalone romance short story ending HEA!

The Persistent Groom (Texas Titan Romances)

by Jennifer Youngblood

Enjoy this fast-paced love story by bestselling author Jennifer Youngblood.

A love he couldn’t forget. A chance to make things right.
In the game of life only three rules apply: play hard, love more, and never give up!

When single mom Silver Coulter gets a chance to plan the bachelor auction event of the season, she has no idea it’ll bring her face-to-face with the very man she’s spent years trying to forgetâ??Ace Sanchez, superstar running back for the Texas Titans, whose devastating good looks and quick-silver personality make him one of the most eligible bachelors in Texas.

Long-held attractions sizzle to the surface as Ace tries to get back into Silver’s life. But Silver has a sordid past that includes a nasty ex-husband and ruthless ex-mother-in-law who’ll stop at nothing to keep Silver in her clutches.

Torn between her need to protect her young daughter and her desire to be with Ace, Silver must decide if she’s willing to give up on her dreams or lay it all on the line for love.

Bestselling Amazon author Cami Checketts says, “You are going to absolutely love The Persistent Groom. These characters carved a place in my heart, and the storyline was packed with twists and secrets that kept me flipping pages.”

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The Formula

by Sam Artigliere

A book purported to provide evidence regarding Christ’s divinity (or lack thereof) has been lost for centuries.

The events that unfold when it is rediscovered threaten to shake the very foundations of civilization.

Allan Peterson, Chairman of Archeology at NYU, is murdered along with his colleague and intimate acquaintance, Dr. Lauren Remley. Salty Manhattan homicide detective Joe Tenacce and his partner, Jen Salito, are assigned the investigation.

Tenacce quickly realizes that, to solve the case, he will need to enlist the help of his son Danny, a theoretical physics-graduate-student-turned-religious-cryptologist whom he despises. Their quest for “the book” and its meaning takes the Tenacces and Salito on a harrowing journey over two continents, through layers of increasingly complex ciphers, all while being pursued by a clandestine cult who will stop at nothing to obtain the book for their own nefarious designs.

Can Danny and the detective duo find and decode the book? If so, what does the book say and can they keep it out of the hands of their enemy. Finally, what is the significance of the narrativeâ??woven throughout the novelâ?? that describes the tragic life of physicist Michael Richards?

These are the questions that arise as the plot winds and turns toward its surprising end.

A Dan Brown-like thriller, but with a twist!

The Lawyer: There’s Always A Price To Pay

by Gerald C Anderson Sr

Paul Demonte graduated law school near the bottom of his class. He wanted more. He wanted success. He wanted to win every case no matter the price. He did. Mania appeared in his life and gave him the desires of his heart and Paul enjoyed his new success, his money, his home…all of it. But the supernatural world of Mania would one day rise up and demand the price from Paul.

Mail Order Bride: A Time To Dance: Mail Order Bride Western Romance (A Time For Love Book 5)

by Terri Grace

Rachel Freiser’s four daughters are all happily married and she’s prepared to spend the rest of her life as a doting grandmother, but life has a lovely surprise for her.

Gerald Wood is a widower who’s also lost his son and daughter-in-law, leaving him with a six year old granddaughter to raise.
Their mutual affection for little Stephanie is the beginning of good things for them, though they have to overcome past obstacles to find love.

A Time For Love is a beautiful series of stories that follow the journeys of five noble women and the honest man they finally find on the frontiers. Each book is also a delightful standalone with satisfying happy-ever-after.

Emotionally Bulletproof Scott’s Story – Book 1: The Three Legs of Trust

by Brian Shaul

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Praise for Emotionally Bulletproof:

“The principles that Brian and David teach in this book are needed in every one’s life. Using these principles restored our marriage and without them our family would be broken.”Erik and Angela Carlson

“I wish that this book was out when I was younger.”Alexandra

Even on the other side of the world, Scott Calloway cannot escape his past.

Scott Calloway, a missionary, wants nothing more than to stay in the Marshall Islands. Surrounded by warm sandy beaches, palm trees, and fellow believers – the islands are the only place he doesn’t feel alone.

However, after a recent shipwreck, and Scott nearly dying in a shark-fishing accident, the always-political mission leaders force him to leave.

On his way home to Alaska, Scott discovers the truth of what happened to his uncle Matthew, the only other Christian in his family. He also discovers the three keys to trust, and agonizes over whether to confront his family about what happened.

Regardless of what he decides, those responsible for his uncle’s death may still end up destroying his dysfunctional family from the inside-out.

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Emotionally Bulletproof – Scott’s Story eBook Categories

  • Christian New Adult
  • Men’s Christian Fiction Series
  • Religious Psychological
  • Free Christian Novel
  • Genre Fiction – Coming of Age
  • Religious and Inspirational fiction
  • Inspirational Drama

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The Strength of Family: Amish and Doctor Romance

by Bethanee Rajchman

A newly widowed wife, Abigail Bontrager was devastated by the tragic loss of her husband, Jacob. He died in a freak accident while on his tractor. The orthopedic surgeon tried to save Jacob, but his body failed. Abby was left with debt, a farm to manage, and two small children as lost as she was. Relief came from an unexpected source when the good doctor showed up in her Amish community to purchase some quilts for his newly acquired home. She soon became the housekeeper for the house he turned into an inn. Abby found meaning away from her angry father and the Amish community she had grown up in.

Would this be the best choice for her budding search for meaning? Would Aidan Connolly, the charming Catholic doctor help her to redefine her life? Or would she be lost in the English world, trapped by her own stubbornness and need for independence?

This is a standalone romance short story ending HEA!

The Becoming of Anton the Spider – Volume One (Black Edition): The Contrarian Chronicles – Book one, Volume One

by S J Contreras

Deep in the shadows there is a whisper…
Little did Anton know that upon hearing this his life would be turned upside down. A modern parable filled with mystery and questions that will haunt you. What happens when the hunter becomes the hunted, knowledge becomes power, facing your fear is the only option, potentiality becomes actuality? What is he and what will he become? What does it mean when you can hear a calling?Breaking all the rules with a unique messaging format, the tale flows naturally and the dialog leaps from the page. The 33 fantastic illustrations bring to life the magnitude of his world. 
Also Available with alternate gold edition cover.
Coming soon… Volume Two

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