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Doug Clark and Carol Bundy: The Horrific True Story Behind the Sunset Strip Slayers (Real Crime By Real Killers Book 8)

by Ryan Becker


A deadly game of depravity and destruction including two decapitations. Three key players. Two of those players dead. Only one remains.

In Los Angeles, California, a series of murders occurred during the Summer of 1980 which left an indelible mark on countless individuals. This string of brutal and bloody crimes would make the already famous Sunset Boulevard AKA The Sunset Strip infamous and a place forever synonymous with the word EVIL.

This true story blends statements to law enforcement and trial testimony with personal accounts from those who experienced the events first-hand. The psychology behind these violent crimes is explored, along with a look at the psychological state and the possible motives of the individuals.

DOUG CLARK- Convicted of 6 murders
CAROL BUNDY- Convicted of 2 murders including JACK MURRAY’s
JACK MURRAY- Murder victim (as well as the murderer?)

The story surrounding these three lethal lovers has made it a favorite of the media, which relishes in its shock value. The overweight nurse with thick glasses, who should have nurtured lives rather than take them, who stunned police when she gloated, “It’s fun to kill.” Two lotharios with a penchant for wearing women’s undergarments and sadomasochism.

They fed off each others’ twisted desires and savagery. Fantasies gave way to nightmares, and anyone unfortunate enough to cross their path became a potential victim. Intense California heat bathed Sunset Boulevard with the stench of garbage and fearâ?? a smell that emanated relentlessly. It was the smell made by Death stalking the street in the form of The Sunset Strip Slayers. Get your copy today to explore the shocking reality that came from their dark fantasies.

The Forgotten Soldier

by Bruce McEwen

From the streets of West Belfast to the desert of Iraq, a veteran’s journey of redemption through self destruction and suicidal tendencies trapped by alcoholism and depression trying to find who He is through the path of hurt and pain he caused anyone silly enough to get close. Even though he was no longer in a war zone the battle still raged on daily for his very soul and sanity. This is his story of finding redemption and forgiveness and longing through all the guilt the shame and the pain he was carrying.

Donuts Hd Photograph Picture book Super Clear Photos

by Samuel Lucious

Beautiful HD digital photo book. You will love this picture book, fun for all ages.

CONVICTION: True Stories of Wrongful Convictions, Overturned Decisions, and the Fight to Clear Their Name

by Roger Harrington

CONVICTION: True Stories of Wrongful Convictions, Overturned Decisions, and the Fight to Clear Their Name

In 2016 alone, a grand total of 166 wrongly convicted people were declared innocent throughout the year. The most recent imprisonment of these people was made in 2010, and the farthest back was 1964. Including the 166 overturned convictions from 2016, a total of 2,000 wrongly convicted inmates have been awarded freedom since 1989 (the first year which records began).

To the general public, it may seem like overturned convictions are few and far between, however, given the statistics, this isn’t the case at all. It begs the question as to why most people will recognise the names of Amanda Knox, Meredith Kercher, Casey Anthony and the West Memphis Three, but may not be familiar with Kirk Bloodsworth, Thomas Kennedy or James Richardson.

This book charts the true stories of a collection of the most notable wrongful convictions of all time, and the fight to clear their names, often after significant time served.

A Journey in Darkness: The Life and Music of a Man Called IT

by Anthony Ventrello

This is the story of Tony “IT” Särkkä, one of the greatest metal musicians of all time, the evil genius behind some of the 90’s best heavy metal bands. He was the creative force behind such acts as Vondur, Ophthalamia, Abruptum, and others. And then at the height of his creativity, he walked away from the scene. And then he came back to front one the most dynamic industrial bands of all time: 8thSin.
Sadly, we lost Tony in 2017, but the music and the legacy he left behind will live on forever. Join me on this journey in darkness to explore the life and music of one of metal’s greatest icons.

Exceptional Child: Winning Life’s Journey

by Netheldia Porter

Exceptional Child is an autobiography written by a 53 year old woman’s suspenseful journey through life. It’s extremely graphic as it goes into details about child molestation, alcoholism, drug abuse, rape, prison and more. It draws a raw picture about how these experiences affected her life as a child, teen, young adult, and middle age woman. It marvelously talks about her love for God and how spirituality helped her to overcome many of her life’s issues. This book is for mature audiences


by NBA Sports

The debate of who is best amongst Lebron James and Michael Jordan escalates, we take a gander at exactly who is most noteworthy. The simple thing would be scrutinize the other player for what he didn’t do: James is 3-5 in Finals appearances. Yet, in the event that you’re taking a gander at this circumstance with clear eyes, James remains close by Jordan in the open deliberation.

On which side you fall involves taste and that you are so married to a specific period of ball. There are some unwilling to move from Jordan’s corner. There is a more youthful age that knows James superior to Jordan.

On the off chance that your solitary contention is rings ought to decide the GOAT, at that point it’s neither Jordan nor James. Russell won 11 titles, which would make him the best. Furthermore, on the off chance that you need to put Russell and Abdul-Jabbar in that gathering, fine. There’s a contention to be made for Chamberlain and his predominance.

That is the reason we have these level headed discussions despite the fact that distinctive periods required diverse styles of b-ball. The open deliberations are fun and beneficial, however there is no 100% right answer.

The measurements, as observed beneath, are an exceptionally substantial approach to think about and shape the premise of a player’s case.

Past the numbers, what emerges for James is his broadened greatness which incorporates eight Finals appearances, including seven back to back (eight if Cleveland beats Boston).

James is adding notorious minutes to his resume with each season.

Jordan had The Shot over Craig Ehlo. James had his running floater at the signal against Toronto.

Jordan had his “shrug” minute in the wake of making six three-pointers in the principal half against Portland in the 1992 Finals. James had a triple-twofold (32 focuses, 11 helps, 10 bounce back) in additional time of an arrangement sparing Game 6 against San Antonio in 2013 and tailed it with 37 focuses and 12 bounce back in a Game 7 triumph.

Jordan had his triumphant shot over Bryon Russell in the 1998 Finals. James had his title winning square on Andre Iguodala in the 2016 Finals – an astonishing rebound from a 3-1 arrangement deficiency.

The untouched greats – limited to only a couple of names – make those godlike minutes notwithstanding winning titles.

James conceded he expected to end up a more entire player after the 2011 Finals. He did that, utilizing his capacity, knowledge and hard working attitude. James and Jordan are distinctive from multiple points of view yet their assurance to be the best is a common characteristic.

James likewise plays in a period of web based life and over-the-top hyper-feedback. Envision if Jordan played in the web based life time. He would’ve been pounded for losing to Boston and Detroit again and again right off the bat in his profession. Keep in mind, Jordan punched no less than two partners – Steve Kerr and Will Perdue – and lectured Bill Cartwright. On the off chance that James punched a colleague today, Twitter would break.

one of a chosen few.

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When you realize how to think, you discover that you have more power than those who know simply think.

Spirituality can be define as name that we give to a man that acquire a sufficient level of wisdom in life by giving up some through that prevent him to see life in real.

The ultimate sacrifice, sacrificing what you are for who you can become
If your reading this word and don’t know where to start, this guide is built to bring you close to the answer, with a simple trick, you will ask a question.

This guide is built to inspire anyone that makes the mistake to read it till the end.

Transformed From Victim To Victorious: Take Me Back to the Garden (autobiography,)

by Susan Bafford

Susan shares her story of almost dying twice as a little girl, dealing with being raped at a young age. As a teenager became very reckless as she thought she wasn’t supposed to be alive. This lifestyle escalated into a life that created failure, in which harbored her mind to never have hope and a future with her daughters. Until the day she was invited to a ……….

Stand Against Injustice: The untold story of the family of Barry George, wrongly convicted for the murder of Jill Dando

by Michelle Diskin Bates

On April 26, 1999, BBC TV presenter Jill Dando was murdered outside her home in London. Barry George was convicted and imprisoned for the murder but was later acquitted after an appeal and retrial. Stand Against Injustice is the powerful memoir of the sister of Barry George. For the first time, Michelle Diskin Bates tells her story, the human side and truth behind one of recent history’s most high profile and damaging miscarriages of justice whose life is inextricably interwoven in the drama, the trauma, the conspiracy and the fight for justice. A self-confessed ‘ordinary housewife’, Michelle’s voice weaves the personal everyday struggles that bring depth, color, and passion into what is an extraordinary account. A troubled childhood weighted with overbearing responsibility, fear and insecurity, depression, and the challenges of marriage and adult relationships, Michelle’s life has never been easy.

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