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Belonging At Work: Everyday Actions You Can Take to Cultivate an Inclusive Organization

by Rhodes Perry

“It’s virtually impossible to be successful in one’s work in any kind of group – be it a corporation, a deep-sea fishing crew, or a rock and roll band – without feeling a sense of belonging. Most of us have had the experience of working where we didn’t really fit in, and sure, we can pull in that paycheck for a while, make do, hang in there, but how long do those jobs ever last, especially if we want to be honest with ourselves or have a healthy work-life balance? It’s easy to say, ‘No job is ever perfect. You’re not supposed to like it; that’s why they call it work!’ But why settle for barely adequate productivity, creativity, or new hire return on investment when you can harness the synergy of belonging? Leaders and aspiring leaders who want to succeed should look to Rhodes Perry for inspiration and guidance. Belonging at Work really does matter” – Jamison Green, Ph.D., Author, Educator, Community Leader, and Corporate Executive

Belonging at Work empowers business leaders, change agents, visionaries, and those on their way to joining them with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to build inclusive organizations. The personal stories, case studies, and practical strategies featured in the book offer everything you need to cultivate workplace cultures where all of your stakeholders can show up authentically and feel valued and respected for their contributions. Rhodes Perry’s visionary book serves as a blueprint for the future of work. His message inspires leaders at all levels within the organization to join the #BelongingMovement focused on positively impacting workplace cultures around the globe.

Belonging at Work helps you understand:

– What it means to belong.
– Why belonging matters to the future of work.
– How leaders can positively impact workplace culture.
– Where to find concrete strategies and connect with culture change thought leaders.
– Strategies to hold yourself accountable to be the change you want to see in the workplace.

Praise for Belonging At Work:

“Belonging at Work is long overdue. Rhodes Perry’s work is a testament to the power of living with authenticity at all hours of the day, at home and at work. Wherever you are in your journey of living an authentic, purposeful life, this book is a powerful tool that should be required reading in all workplaces that value diversity and full inclusion.”
– James R. Nowlin, CEO of EGP Ventures, Keynote Speaker, and Best-Selling Author of The Purposeful Millionaire

“Our work environments are changing in dynamic ways. Rhodes Perry’s new book Belonging at Work, is a keen guide to engaging in that change through positivity and action. Both powerful, and easy to navigate, Rhodes’ guide to transforming company culture through inclusion, communication, and empowerment is a worthwhile and timely read. No matter where you are in your personal career journey, from employee to entrepreneur to leader, Belonging at Work is a valuable tool that will, undoubtedly, help move the needle in the direction of authenticity.”
– Hunter Sunrise, Founder & CEO, Hot Diggity!

“Rhodes Perry is an invaluable and important voice on our emerging understanding of what makes truly great workplace cultures: the ability for all of us to bring our full selves to work. He clearly lays out what gets in the way of this, particularly for those who are underrepresented, and historically undervalued, both from a personal lens of his LGBTQ experience, and on behalf of so many other lost and marginalized voices. Make no mistake, organizations and their bottom lines suffer from unexplored exclusionary practices. The book is full of practical examples of how we all have a role to play in redirecting the dynamics of exclusion, so that all in the workplace can thrive. A must read!”
– Jennifer Brown, President & CEO, Jennifer Brown Consulting, and Best-Selling Author, Inclusion: Diversity, the New Workplace & the Will to Change

How to make a success of the second half of your career: A guide for secondhalfers

by John Davidson

Finally, a guide for anyone in their mid 40s facing a changing workplace or job insecurity. As you move from being the youngest and freshest talent in your organisation to being the expensive and replaceable member of the team, this guide helps you reassess your career in the context of being a secondhalfer and helps you build a plan that works for you.

This book is short enough that you can work through it easily, yet comprehensive enough that you have the information you need to start working on making your career a success.

Money Factory: Top Ways to make money online

by Rajan Thapaliya

This book teaches you to be financially rich and wise. Every day is a new day. Every day brings new opportunities in our life. This book shall enable you to harness everyday opportunities in the more optimal way. But remember, you can help others by sharing your experiences. Don’t care what others think about you. If you confined yourself to other people’s perceptions only, their words will not only be sufficient to preclude your success, but their words will also make your failure inevitable. You must be able to identify snake in the grass; you must understand ulterior motives of people. They may have malice against you. So, don’t let other be a hurdle to your success. Keep negative thoughts and apprehensions of failure away from yourself. Believe in yourself. Plan, prioritize, organize and strive relentlessly to pursue your goals. Be persistent and keep in mind that Rome was not built in a day. Practice makes a man perfect, so shall it make you.

I hope that you will share this book with other young people. They can change their lifestyle, and they can enhance their thinking level in young age. I want to make readers feel, life is all about opportunities. I want that they feel from the core of their hearth that life is good and God is great.

Affiliate Marketing: The Ultimate Guide to a Profitable Online Business

by Tyler Thompson


Yes, you read that right! Many people think that the only way to earn more and to save more is to stick it out with the 9-to-5 grind. However, they could not be more mistaken. This book will give you important information on how to earn PASSIVE income, and not just that! This supplemental income can eventually become your key to financial freedom if you do things right, and this book will tell you how!

In this book, you will find all the critical information you need to get started with affiliate marketing. In particular, this book will teach you:

  • What affiliate marketing is
  • How you can get started and earn passive income
  • Who you can partner with to ensure success
  • And so much more!

PLUS included is a BONUS training course:

  • FREE 4 Day blueprint on how to build a profitable online business with affiliate marketing

The key to your financial freedom is between the pages of this book, and the time to get started is NOW!

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Boss Affiliate (2019 Edition): Dominate Affiliate Marketing for Beginners â?? Three Easy to Implement Business Ideas

by Sandro Cavana

Create Your Own Online Marketing Business That Makes Money Month In and Month Out!

Starting and Marketing a Profitable Business Doesn’t Have to Be Super Hard!

In fact, you can get started with low capital, no experience and no technical knowledge.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover in this bundle:

Amazon Associate Program
– The type of products that would sell easily online as an affiliate marketer
– The criteria I use to make sure that I don’t choose a crappy product
– The price point to target for fast and easy affiliate sales
– How to get your affiliate link from Amazon
– How to create your WordPress site for as low as $10
– The settings you need to follow for your WordPress site… plus the best plug-ins to install to maximize SEO rankings
– How to create a website in 60 minutes or less
– 2 free Amazing themes that converts best for product reviews
– The 8 step process on how to write a product review that gets people to buy your affiliate products
– How to use Google to get free traffic to your website… for 2 minutes of total work.
– Examples of the best product reviews to study

Niche Affiliate Marketing
– How to find the best niches to target for your affiliate promotions
– How to find keywords that has buyer intent and leads to you getting a sale
– Why you should target the 3 biggest niches on the internet
– How to choose a product to promote
– One thing that your product marketing must have in order to double your sales conversion
– How to create your own affiliate WordPress website
– How to write a product review that turns readers into buyers
– Example of other product reviews to study
– How to rank your website on Google’s first page in 3 weeks or less

YouTube Product Reviews
– The entire process of making money through Amazon YouTube Associate
– The best types of product to promote on YouTube
– The criteria to use when you’re searching for a good product.
– The 6 point criteria to follow and why you don’t need to get everything perfect from the start.
– How to search for products that has a high probability of becoming a best-seller
– 5 ways to optimize your video for maximum sales and rankings
– How to create your own video review and what to say on your review
– How to rank your videos on Google and YouTube fast in 2 weeks or less

Choose to Make Money Now

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Emotional Intelligence: Master the Art of Emotional Intelligence, Self Awareness, and Relationship Skills (Communication Skills – How to be a Leader, Boost Self Confidence and Win People Over)

by James Banner

Now You Can Master Emotional Intelligence

Have you always wanted to learn about the essentials of Emotional Intelligence? Read on to get the chance learn exactly what Emotional Intelligence is

Now is your chance to know everything about Emotional Intelligence by following the steps outlined in this book.

Dear Reader,

Are you looking for a healthy way to improve your confidence and ability to think fast on your feet? Do you dream of having a something witty to say in every possible situation?

Do you envision an amazing life while attaining better relationships with friends, family, and co-workers?

THE ANSWER IS: Emotional Intelligence

TRUTH is WE are social animals. We do not work and operate alone. While working or living with other people, it is important to express and control our emotions.

FACT: Emotional intelligence is gaining more perspective today. In job interviews, people are tested for their emotional intelligence more than their IQ. The Higher your level of emotional intelligence is, the more easily you will move together with your team and gain success throughout your life.

Emotional Intelligence – A Preview:

* What is Emotional Intelligence? – This is all about the definition of Emotional Intelligence, its essentials, it’s elements, and how to measure Emotional Intelligence.

* How to Manage Stress? – Managing stress is very essential to have a high EQ. When you are stressed, you will not be able to understand why you are tensed or down.

* Staying Cool under Pressure – Staying cool is a very good characteristic for any person or any kind of job. It is an important element, when it comes to EQ.

* Reading Social Signs – The foundation of any relationship is communication. Communication is not just talking. It involves a lot of understanding and analysis how you talk mouth and also through body language. The facial expressions, eye contact, gesture, tone of the voice and posture constitute the nonverbal communication.

* Expressing Intimacy in Close Personal Relationships – In reality, EQ is very essential, when it comes to personal relationships. In formal relationship, your boss needs the project completed and you need your salary.

* The Top 7 Traits People with High Emotional Intelligence – This chapter has the top 7 traits or behavior exhibited by the people with high EQ. This can be used by employers to choose the right person for the work or used by the people to become a better partner, a family person and a better employee.

* BONUS How to Adapt to Any Situation? We are people who must learn to adampt. If not adaptable, we would be nothing. We got adapted to the climatic change, change of lifestyle, change in the living environment and also change in the peer group. One cannot say that one would live without adapting to any situation. However, how well can one adapt to a condition? If it takes a decade to adapt to a new working system, then it is not called as adapting.

* BONUS How to be Confident in all Areas of Life? Confidence is a very tricky business. You can act as if you are confident with a smile and a strong tone of voice. However, to feel confident from the inside is very essential. A person with high self-confidence can perform any type of task he puts his mind into.

What are you waiting for? If you are still reading this you are obviously motivated to start getting to know how to master your Emotional Intelligence!

Simply scroll up and click the BUY button to instantly downloadEmotional Intelligence – Master the Art of Emotional Intelligence, Self Awareness, and Relationship Skills Your SUCCESS story starts here

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Customer Retention with Customer Service : Best Practices

by KA Stello

In this global economy there are constant changes. However, one thing remains the same – the customers needs. A company that hires with this in mind will be able to grow and reduce customer churn. This book will give you foundation to be excellent with understanding how to treat a customer.
Keep in mind customers are co-workers, partners and people who buy your service or product.

Time Management: The Secrets to Getting More Done with Less Effort (Time management, Productivity, Time Chunking, Optimize Performance, Scheduling)

by James Sandlewood

Use These Powerful Tips and Tricks To Master the Art of Time Management in Order to Get More Done With Less Effort!

This book has actionable information on how to master the art of time management in order to get more done with less effort.

By following the simple steps and solutions in this book, you can go from a messy schedule to one that is clutter free and stress-free. It will help you create a better schedule that leads to more productivity with less effort. Overall, this book will help anyone who wants to improve their time management and productivity in all aspects of life so that they can live a balanced, less stressful and more productive life.

This book has all the answers to all the questions you may have and more. Most of us wish we could accomplish more. We want to somehow magically find an extra hour in the day to complete various tasks. In order to get more done while feeling this time crunch, we do all sorts of things including; setting new years’ resolutions, compiling to-do lists and much more, hoping that these things will magically transform our lives by allowing us to accomplish more.

Unfortunately, while we might see a short-term improvement in our productivity, we soon slide back into our old habits and have a tough time getting things done. Soon we notice that we seem incapable of completing various tasks that we used to accomplish comfortably. We feel stressed and overwhelmed by the many things that demand our attention each day.

Over time, we gather enough courage and willpower to attempt gain control over our lives again, by coming up with the same resolutions and creating the same to do lists, only to follow the same old cycle again. How then can we regain our productivity so that we can get more done without struggling so much? Well, the secret is in becoming a master of your time and utilizing strategies that maximize your productivity to help complete what you need to do and much more. This book has actionable information on how to manage your time well and how to get more done.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • “Time Is What We Want Most, But What We Use the Worst”
  • There is No Time Management but Self-Management
  • If You Had Six Months to Live, What will You Fix? How to Set Good Goals for Effective Time Management
  • Find Your Prime Time
  • Prioritization and Organization. How to Cut Out Clutter and Stay Organized. Prioritization and To-Do Lists.
  • Delegation and Visualization
  • Technology Time Busters. Time Management Tools
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

Tags: Time Management, Productivity, Time Chunking, Scheduling, Optimize Performance, Life Hacks, Work Hacks

Money Conscious Millennial: An Abridged Guide For Getting Ahead

by Dawson Wright

~An open letter~
Dear Millennials,

If you grasp the power of time you can save yourself a lot of time and money. Use time to make your money work for you. Your ability to understand this measures the amount you will receive in the end. Those that start early will reap its reward!

Yours truly,
A friend
Imagine being in charge of your financial futureâ?¦
Ask yourself, how would you live your life if you didn’t have a car payment?
How good would it feel to know you have grip on your financial situation?

Money Conscious Millennial is a practical guide teaching you how to do this! What a lot of people don’t understand is successful budgeting comes from dreaming.
If you don’t have a clear objective or goals in your mind, you will ultimately fail at budgeting. If you fail at budgeting, you will not step into your true financial potential. The Money Conscious Millennial enables you from thinking it’s just a good idea to doing it! It will motivate you, so you can:

-Grasp the power of time and learn how to save
-Plan your financial future
-Design a proactive investment plan
-Be on your way to financial freedom!

Renegade Lead Generation: 101 Unusual Ways To Find More Real Estate Clients

by Jon Sterling

There are tried and true methods for generating new leads in the real estate business. Those have their place and you should master those.

If you’re bored with all the standard lead generation strategies or simply looking for something new to help you compete in your local market, this book is for you.

The lead generation strategies have been compiled and tested over the past fifteen years in a variety of markets in the US and Canada by some of the best real estate agents and real estate teams in the world.

Some of the ideas are off the wall and some are quirky, but they work.

It’s a quick read and I hope you enjoy it.

Living the Best Life You Can with the Money You Have: Create a Financial Plan That Works for You

by Robin Gordon

If you have no idea where your money is going, if you’re saving enough or whether you’re making smart money decisions, you are not alone. Our society does a very poor job of teaching financial literacy, leaving many of us feeling powerless over our finances.

In this book, you’ll learn how to take back your financial power. Illustrated by real-world stories, this is a motivating and educational guide that provides the knowledge and tools you need to create a financial plan so you can live the life you want.

Inside you will find:

  • A comprehensive overview of financial basics
  • How to create a budget that works for your family
  • Ways to reduce your tax liability
  • Everything you need to know about investing and insurance
  • What to consider for estate and retirement planning
  • Advice on how to apply everything you learn to your financial situation

Profitable Conservation: Business Strategies That Boost Your Bottom Line, Protect Wildlife, and Conserve Biodiversity

by Mark Aspelin

Bringing Business and Biodiversity Together By Making Conservation Profitable

Biologists are alerting us to the fact that we’re experiencing major losses of biodiversity and wildlife habitat throughout the world and they’re taking steps to address the issue. Corporations, on the other hand, are expanding operations and hoping to grow. It’s just a matter of time before the actions of corporations and biologists collide. Corporations will soon face increasing stakeholder scrutiny and pressure to do their part to protect our planet’s biodiversity and wildlife.

Fortunately, conservation versus profit is not a zero sum game where the winner takes all. There are many win-win scenarios, which are good for business (e.g., reduced costs, reduced risk, and increased profits) and good for biodiversity (e.g., healthy species, populations, and ecosystems).

In this book, I focus on a key idea, which I call “profitable conservation,” meaning any action that benefits wildlife, biodiversity, and business. A long list of actions may meet that criteria; however, as the late, great, personal development guru Jim Rohn used to say, “There are always a half-dozen things that make 80% of the difference” for any area of life. In this book you’ll learn the half-dozen things that businesses can do that make 80% of the difference when it comes to benefiting wildlife, biodiversity, and the bottom line.

Content and Format of This Book

This book is divided into three parts:

In Part 1 (Chapters 1 and 2), we’ll look at the corporate and biologist perspectives on the topic of biodiversity and natural resource management, including a primer on corporate environmental management strategies to help you better understand how companies manage natural resource and environmental issues. Then, we’ll put on our conservation-biology hat and see how biologists view the topic of biodiversity conservation and discuss the all-important business case for biodiversity and natural-resource conservation.

In Part 2 (Chapters 3 through 7), we’ll dive into various profitable-conservation strategies that corporations can choose, which have the potential to benefit business and biodiversity, along with guidance on how to implement these strategies. Each chapter will close with a list of action items to help you identify your best course of action for that topic.

In Part 3 (Chapters 8 through 12), we’ll walk through four case studies that feature businesses from a variety of industries and countries. This will give you a better idea of how other companies approach and practice biodiversity and wildlife conservation. These companies aren’t perfect, but they provide a good representation of the broad spectrum of profitable-conservation approaches that companies are taking to protect wildlife and biodiversity. Then we’ll close with a call to action that applies to each us, as individuals, regardless of what we do for a living.

I’ve written this book in a conversational style, which I hope you’ll find easier and more enjoyable than a traditional textbook. To increase the odds that you’ll finish this book, I’ve also decided to keep it short and to the point. I won’t try to impress you with technical jargon, complex theories, and academic references. Instead, I’ll provide just enough information to help you identify action steps that make sense for your organization along with key points that may help you sell your ideas to senior management. If you walk away with one to three ideas with which you’ll experiment in your organization or your own life, then I’ll consider this book to be a fantastic success!

After reading this book, you’ll have a solid understanding of how and why businesses should be an active part of the solution, and you’ll learn a wide variety of profitable-conservation strategies that will protect biodiversity and wildlife while boosting your bottom line.

Write Well: A Grammar Guide

by Rachelle Rea Cobb

The writing guide that won’t bore you to tears.

Learn to be a better writer in one sitting.

Do you want to learn how to write better books, blog posts, even emails? Then you’ve stumbled upon the perfect guide.

In Write Well, I outline the tools and techniques you need to truly master grammar-in an un-overwhelming way. That’s right. You won’t be yawning or weeping as you read these writing rules, just rejoicing that you’ve finally found the answer to your prayers.

So, go ahead, become the writer you’ve always dreamed of, and catapult yourself to the career you’ve always wanted. Because once you know how to make your words work for you, the world’s your oyster.

Hi there, I’m Rachelle Rea Cobb. and I have history with words. I’m a grammar geek with a knack for storytelling. I help authors (traditionally and self-published), bloggers, students, and ESL writers polish their pages until their words shine-so that they then can sign their own publishing contracts. Did I mention I signed my own book deal at age 22? And now I’d like to share my expertise with you.

Write Well is a short ebook designed to walk you through what you need to know so you can get back to the real work: actual writing.

This Book Is For You Ifâ?¦
You’ve been writing for years, but you can’t seem to make any headway. You dream of the day when you’ll sign your first book contract, get published, hold your book in your handsâ?¦and you know all you need to get you there are the tools that will equip you to write better so that you can resonate with your readers.

Or maybe you’re already a published author or a successful blogger, and you feel pretty confident about your writing abilities. Do you know for a fact you can wield a comma confidently every single time? Do you know the one thing an em-dash can do that no other piece of punctuation can? If you want all your deepest, darkest writing questions answered, I’ve got you covered.

Check out Write Well for the perfect tool that will propel you on the path to publication. In it, you will find advice on how to craft your novel, blog post, and emails with precision. Understand the rules of writing so that you can get back to the real work: actual writing!

51 Fatos sobre Grandes Empresas: Histórias reveladas por ex-funcionários e seus fundadores (Como Empreender Livro 1) (Portuguese Edition)

by Editora Leia51

Sobre o Livro

Você já se imaginou como as grandes empresas foram fundadas? Já imaginou que um dia alguém em sua casa inventou a Coca Cola e que em um belo dia alguém também pensou que assistir televisão seria algo normal?

Pode parecer algo estranho, ou até de outro mundo mas a mais pura realidade é que tudo que rodeia a nossa volta aconteceu por que alguém pensou, desejou e claro, sonhou com isso.

Neste livro iremos mostrar 51 fatos e curiosidades de empresas que começaram do 0 e hoje são conhecidas por milhões de pessoas ao redor do mundo e a grande maioria você já conhece ou até adquiriu algum produto.

Aproveite a leitura desse conteúdo e não esqueça de deixar o seu comentário no final.

Sobre a Editora

A Leia51 é uma Editora Digital especializada em criar conteúdo focado em transformar a sua vida ensinando aquilo que realmente pode se tornar importante no seu dia a dia.

Nós acreditamos não apenas em incentivar a leitura, mas também buscar construir relacionamentos e vidas melhores e é por isso que fazemos o que fazemos.
Incentivamos você a conhecer o nosso site e lá descobrir todos os nossos outros trabalhos, outros livros, ebooks e se assim desejar, mandar um e-mail para nós. Ficaremos felizes em ouvir a sua voz.


by Lexi Grey

Start your own part-time e-commerce journey today!

(normally $2.99 each)

Inside you’ll learn:

ONE HOUR ECOM SYSTEM – Start your e-commerce business 60 minutes from now, without a product, without marketing skills, without a marketing budget

EBAY STARTERS GUIDE – learn how to set up your Ebay store even without a product of your own

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Chanakya in You (Tamil) (Tamil Edition)

by Radhakrishnan Pillai

Now in Tamil

Adventures of a Modern Kingmaker

Chanakya in You is the charming, lighthearted yet profound tale of a man inspired by his grandfather to seek the wisdom of the Arthashastra.

Journey with a modern-day disciple of Chanakya as he goes from being an aimless youth to the richest man in the world, inspiring a whole nation to take up study of Sanskrit and ancient Indian literature for business success.

Interestingly, this book does not have a single character with a name.

The story is about you and your journey through life. While you flip through the pages, you may well find yourself walking the hero’s path to bring out the Chanakya inside you.

The book can be read by a parent or a young adult, by a business tycoon or an academic scholar, with equal ease and interest. This is a book for the people; a book that makes you think.

Don’t put it down until you discover the Chanakya in You!

Radhakrishnan Pillai, has an MA in Sanskrit and is a certified explorer of the magic of Chanakya and the Arthashastra. After the runaway success of his first book Corporate Chanakya, followed by a second bestseller, Chanakya’s 7 Secrets of Leadership, Pillai brings Chanakya to life in his business fiction Chanakya in You. He can be reached at [email protected] and Facebook : /RadhakrishnanPillaiOfficial

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