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Friendship, Texas Series: Volume 1

by Magan Vernon

A LOL Romantic comedy series set in the small, fictional town of Friendship, Texas.

The first three books in the series, together in one set:

Edge of Glory
Jay Morningstar was an Olympic swimming legend.

I had a poster of him wearing nothing more than his gold medals and a pair of man panties on my bedroom wall.

Needless to say when Jay walked into my parents’ restaurant in the tiny town of Friendship, Texas, I made an idiot of myself.

But somehow he likes me. Me, Lia Conti, the weird girl with strict Italian parents.

Now if only I could get used to the fact that whatever I have with this superstar is real–no matter what the tabloids and other people seem to tell me.

Rumor Has It
Eddie Justice is the epitome of sexy with his dimpled smile and crooning country lyrics, but to me he’s just the boy next door.

Now that we’re both back in Friendship, Texas in less than desirable circumstances, maybe it’s finally time I tell him how I feel.

Of course fate has a way of f*cking things up.

The last thing either of us expected were the ups and downs of falling in love with your best friend.

Meet Virginia
Everything in life has always come easily to me.

Except Virginia, the art student studying abroad in Sicily where I’m helping at my cousin’s restaurant.

Now that I’ve met her, I can’t get her out of my head.

She’s too good for me and we both know it.

And even though it feels like it could be the worst thing for both of us, I can’t help but want every part of her.

Now if only we both knew how bad we were for eachother.

This series is complete! Each book in the Friendship, Texas series can stand alone, but you’ll see updates on your favorite characters throughout each book.

1. Edge of Glory
2. Rumor Has It
3. Meeting Virginia
4. Part of Me
5. The One That Got Away
6. Rumor Has It
7. Love Like Crazy

The Scandalous Deal of the Scarred Lady: A Historical Regency Romance Novel

by Hanna Hamilton

The scars you can’t see are the hardest to heal…

The charming Lady Helena Barrington, the only daughter of the powerful Duke of York, is tormented by a serious skin condition. Having spent her whole life watching the world from behind her window, she longs for love, acceptance, and freedom.

James Campbell, the very handsome and kind Duke of Durham, is on the threshold of financial ruination and in need of an immediate solution as his business associates betrayed him.

Each has something the other needsâ?¦

Desperate to feel normal, even for a while, Helena comes up with a scandalous deal: five courtship visits from the Duke, one for each ruby on the invaluable rose brooch she inherited from her mother.

A deal that could turn out as a fairytale or a nightmare…

*If you like a realistic yet charming depiction of the Regency and Victorian era, then The Scandalous Deal of the Scarred Lady is the novel for you.

This is Hanna’s sixteenth book, a historical Regency romance novel of 80,000 words (around 400 pages). No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a sweet happily ever after.

Pick up “The Scandalous Deal of the Scarred Lady” today to discover Hanna’s new amazing story!

The Billions: Love, Honor, and Disloyalty

by Ebony Diamonds

The Billions are the most powerful family in Chicago with three brothers dominating the streets. With their sex appeal and rude boy ways, females love them, and dudes fear them. There’s never a dry panty in the room when the Billions brothers are around.

Javier Billions, the oldest of the trio, is stern and about his business. He doesn’t play when it comes to getting this money, but his love life isn’t as controlled as his business. In fact, it’s in shambles, with secrets so deep he doesn’t see a way out of them until tragedy strikes, and he is forced to tell the truth.

Jax Billions is the hothead brother of the family. He loves his longtime girlfriend, Liberty, but at times insecurities have a way of ruining a relationship. When things go haywire in their lives, Jax feels responsible for all the things that go down. In the end, will infidelities, insecurities, and distrust cause his demise?

Baby brother, Juelz Billions, is the life of the party. Never looking for love, but when love finds him in an unexpected way, he doesn’t know how to feel. Taking a chance on love seems like the right thing to do, but with unseen enemies lurking, he doesn’t know who to trust. Should he gamble with his heart or gamble with his life?

And lastly, the baby Billions, Jacey. Being spoiled all her life, Jacey doesn’t understand the word no. She meets a new guy, and she’s immediately drawn to him, but that just may be her downfall. While Jacey thinks she’s found her king, she’s actually found the devil. Trying to keep her sanity while trying to escape with her life will be hard to do.

This powerful family is faced with the biggest battle yet, Love. Come take a ride with the Billions. As enemies lurk and tragedy strikes, the drama seems to unfold everywhere they turn. The siblings must remain strong as one in order to keep their reign in the streets. Get ready to dive into the lives of this powerful family.

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