Free horror Kindle books for 15 Nov 18

In Search of Tender Prey

by Michael McAdam

Eldridge and Jones are two pedophiles who will stop at nothing to get their hands on the thing they desire the most. Their quest has led them to a seedy sex shop where the owner has for sale some ancient item, which he claims will direct the young and the innocent straight into the pedophiles clutches. Unbelievable as it seems, the artifact has a track record for doing just that. With this newly acquired tool to ensnare children for their own carnal pleasure, off the two go in search of tender prey.

This fast moving story will stick in the readers mind long after the final page is turned.

Please be aware that this stand alone story forms part of a collection entitled â??Fairytales For The Disenchanted’ which all have an adult theme which some readers may find distasteful or disturbing.

Consider yourself warned…. Now lets take a walk together into the deep dark woods….

Bear Shifter Romance: Bear With Me (BBW Shifter Romance – Paranormal Romance – Shifter Romance – BBW)

by Roxana Hutchins

Bear With Me : The Fun Starts with an Animal Released

Gavin didn’t know what to expect when he told his girlfriend what he was, but her reaction surprises him to no end. There’s something about the dominance in his voice as the truth is told that makes Jessica more comfortable than ever. She decides to share a dirty little secret of her own, and the night heats up when Gavin learns about how much of a nympho his seemingly innocent girlfriend really is.

WARNING: This story is extremely HOT and leaves little to the imagination. This book is purely intended for adult eyes only.

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El Empíreo. (Spanish Edition)

by Juan Sebastian Orellana Davila

“La voluntad la transformaron en arte para gobernar sus genios con virtud.”
El niño caminaba distraído por ese pasillo gris observando los vientos de octubre llevar las hojas viejas de los árboles; al girar el picaporte del cuarto al final del pasillo, una voz ronca gritó: ¡Bienvenido nuevo Capitán de Mar y Tierra! El niño se sentó en una esquina del cuarto y suspiro al ver por un vitral las hojas danzar, aunque ya no parecían hojas, eran mariposas.
El niño realmente sabía lo que buscaba, “El Empíreo”, el más alto de todos los cielos era alcanzable aquí en la Tierra. En ese momento el viejo le susurró:
– Lo que está abajo puede ascender arriba y retornar con el fuego, aunque para poder inmortalizarse primero hay que morir. Con la sonrisa en el rostro el niño le dijo con la fuerza de un gigante.
– Aquí comienza mi viaje.
Su voz creó un eco que resonó por toda la habitación.

El Empíreo relata el viaje de un niño llamado Gunter, él vive en Ecuador en medio de la Cordillera de los Andes, al conocer a un viejo que le incita a la búsqueda de la verdad emprende su viaje por el mundo encontrándose con diferentes seres mitológicos, en su camino recibe claves por diferentes personajes históricos hasta alcanzar El Empíreo, una vez ahí entendió que recién comenzó su labor, su “Magnus Opus”, La Gran Obra.


by Vickram E. Diwan

Warlock is the practitioner of the evilest & vilest form of Satanic black magic. He is also the first Westerner to master the deepest & darkest secrets of Vama Marga- the left-hand-tradition in the Indian Tantra. Payal Chatterjee is a drop-dead gorgeous Bengali actress, whose angelic beauty is matched with supreme self-confidence and willpower. Tricked and trapped in Warlock’s haunted estate that houses the Temple Of Darkness, she has little chance of survival in the den of evil – from which no one has ever come out alive. Will she be able to stand up to the ruthless killing-machine, the methodical & ritualistic-killer – who hides behind a golden mask? Or will she become his latest trophy-victim?

When The Devil Calls

by Anthony Renfro

What would you do if the devil came calling?

Tom is a ghost hunter and a good one at that. He is a man without morals, without laws, a one man do-it-yourself kind of guy. Then the devil shows up, and Tom finds he is now face to face with pure evil. This sends Tom on a journey that will bring him into contact with all of those he has loved and lost throughout the years. He will reconnect with his ex wives, his kids, and himself. He will explore a side of himself that he never thought existed while the devil tries to regain the soul he is losing. In the end Tom must face down the devil or succumb to a fiery eternal damnation. Win or lose. Tom has no choice but to fight.

Bonus Short Story: The Man from the Road

A man suddenly appears on a road. He’s lost, confused, no clue as to how he got there. He starts to walk and stops suddenly. There’s a bonfire in a field nearby. He sees people dancing around this fire. They are performing some kind of ritual. He turns to flee, but he’s captured. No chance of escape. He hopes he is only dreaming, because all of this seems a bit too real.

Bonus Short Story: Demon Energy

A short story about 1 man possessed and tormented by a 1000 demons who must fight for a soul he is starting to lose. Will he ever find salvation or is his body now an eternal host of hell?

Sky of Shadows: A Broken World

by Tyler Nixon

After their adventure on New Eden, Benjamin Blake and Ariana Winters arrive on Earth to fulfill their mission given to them by The Creator, but find that not everything is as they expected it to be. Earth is now united under a singular cruel and oppressive government, revolutions are igniting, demons secretly pull the strings and people are beginning to die by the thousands. Not only will have to navigate this Broken World, but they will also have to fight an enemy from the distant past while simultaneously fighting the darkness within themselves. For some, however…the darkness may just win this time.

Aunt Claire

by Steve Sonneson

Naomi, a young woman who remembers very little of her past is living in her childhood home beside the corpse of her late aunt. Throughout the year there are nights when the body of her aunt awakens and moves about the house. Outside their home is an unseen force that threatens their existence. Naomi feels the need to protect her aunt despite the fact that she is horrified by her awakenings as she is all she has. Inside the house is a bedroom that belongs to the mysterious apparition of a young girl who Naomi has seen periodically throughout the house. She hopes to communicate with this young girl in order to uncover the secrets of her past and help her break free from the horrors within the walls of her home.

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