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A Nose for Teddy

by Tracy Kushwaha

Teddy had seen better days. His fur had gotten thin and his nose gone. He still holds on to hope that this Christmas will be different than other Christmases in the past. This year he will be played with once again and he had a special feeling about it. Christmas is a time for miracles; even toys know this.

Katie Watson and the Serpent Stone (Katie Watson Mysteries in Time Book 2)

by Mez Blume

    A middle-grade time-travel adventure, “full of magic, wonder and mystery.”

                                                            – Layla Everitt, age 10

This second book in the Katie Watson Mysteries in Time series whisks readers, along with Katie and her cousin Imogen, back in time to the wild American frontier of 1828. In a world teeming with dangers, from renegade Indian warriors to horse thieves and wild animals, Katie and Imogen team up with Wattie, a half-Cherokee Indian boy, to survive.

But Wattie’s village is under attack, and at the heart of the Cherokees’ troubles is a stolen stone: the legendary Serpent Stone. Embarking on a dangerous river voyage to solve the mystery of the stone could save Wattie’s home. But Katie has a hunch that the quest might also lead her to discover who is behind her time-travel escapades.

This middle-grade young adventurer’s mystery has been heralded “The Huckleberry Finn for our times, a paean both to a forgotten America and its enduring values.” - reviewer Ruth Smith

Readers of mysteries by Eva Ibbotson and the classic Mandie series, wilderness adventures like The Snow Child, and time-slip and American historical tales will love Katie Watson and the Serpent Stone.

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ABC tracing book: Letter Tracing Practice of the Alphabet and Sight Words! Preschool Handwriting Workbook for Kindergarten and Kids Ages 3-5.

by Alison Spock

Help your child trace abc without cry.

This beginning handwriting workbook is a great way for children ages 3 and up to learn the letters of the alphabet and improve trace writing. Make tracing fun with this abc handwriting workbook.

Writing practice for preschool and kindergarten.

  • Trace letters
  • Uppercase and lowercase
  • Trace words
  • Amazing activities
  • Large format for little hands
  • Blank tracing pages for lots and lots of letter practice

Easy to follow workbook for lots of letter tracing practice.

You and your children are going to love this book.

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My First 100 Baby Words: Early Learners Babies Vehicles, Animals, and Food, Toys, Numbers

by Chis Lynn

My First 100 Baby Words: Early Learners Babies Vehicles, Animals, and Food, Toys, Numbers

The 7,921+ eviews are not for the Simple First Words Let is Talk book.

Each brightly colored, page shows various, photographs alongside, the corresponding word. I like that it uses photographs, instead of illustrations, [animals wearing clothes, etc.]. The pages are split into themes, of things your will probably recognize, from everyday life, such as clothes, food, and things that go, and so on.

Good for learning, names, of things, colors etc. The combination of having a “puppies” and a “dogs”, along with a ‘hen’ and a ‘chick’ can be confusing, to little, ones. The copy we received, has a duplicate page–inserted upside down. Book is durable, for kids over 2.

The Mystery of the Treasure on Doubloon Island (The Orvie Mysteries Book 5)

by David Drake

The Fifth in the Series: Orvie assists a 12 year old boy and his older brother as they struggle against unknown bad guys who are trying to ruin their tour business in southern Florida. They encounter hand grenades, dynamite explosions, and other dangers as they work to protect themselves and find a hidden treasure on the boys’ private island – Doubloon Island. An underwater cave filled with dangers again plays a part as Orvie explores it to discover the secrets it holds.

Wishes That Smell Like Cinnamon – Christmas Book for Kids

by Kelly G. Ozdemir

This book will reveal the love in your children through the warm Christmas excitement. When there are people around them, who will hug them with love and understand them, they will see that lack of materialistic things will not sadden them. This was always the case for Emily. Even if a single wish was granted, this would never changeâ?¦

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Ebbing Tides (The Black Feather Trilogy Book 2)

by F.K. Sewell

For Alexander Cavendish and his crew-mates aboard ‘The Kestrel’, life has taken a turn for the worse. The cruel new Captain Grahams has usurped their beloved but vanished Nathaniel Winters, bringing ever-worsening conditions along with him.
Treachery and murder abounds as mutiny hangs in the air and alliances must be formed as enemies appear on all sides, both old and new, seen and unseen…

Little Elf Ray – Saves The Day

by Ross Hammond

Little Elf Ray never felt like he fitted in with the other Elves. But one day, Santa decided to take Ray on an adventure to help him with his new sleigh. The little elf didn’t know that this day would change his life forever! A fun and festive story that will delight children of all ages. With vibrant and exciting illustrations that help to tell the story. Great for a Christmas Box or as a stocking filler.

The Unofficial Official Harry Potter Cookbook: Magical Recipes from Cauldron Cakes to Pumpkin Juice

by Martha Stephenson

If you are a huge fan of the Harry Potter franchise and have always wanted to make some of the treats from the books, then look no further!

Throughout the pages of this Harry Potter cookbook, discover how to make some of the tastiest Harry Potter recipes such as:

– Cauldron Cakes
– Pumpkin Pasties
– Pumpkin Juice
– Classic Pumpkin Pie
– Knickerbockers
– Mulligatawny Soup
– Hagrid’s Custard Sponge Sandwich
– Traditional Crumpets
– and even more!

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab your copy of this Harry Potter cookbook and start preparing some of your favorite treats from the Harry Potter franchise as soon as today!

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TWIN CURSE: The Rise of Percupus

by Ranelle Golden

Obey the rules of the Curse, you will have twice the trouble

The Rise of Percupus tells a magical tale of twins, the only heirs to the throne, born in a time of prosperity, but tied to a dark curse placed on the royal family centuries ago. The King and Queen defied the curse, and allowed both Princesses to live.

Surrounded by colorful, crazy and evil characters the twins manage to thrive. Their lives seem normal until on their seventeenth birthday they suddenly learn of their enemies after a kidnapping separates them. The enemy is unaware that they’ve taken the wrong Princess, and the secrets begin to unravel.

The real battle begins when the Princess left behind steals the Sorcerer’s magic book. Through dreams, the sisters find each other and a rescue takes place. The Princesses learn they have mysterious unexplained powers. They use these new abilities to break powerful spells. They may be too late though, as magical powers of good and evil are rising up against the Kingdom.

When victory seems to be at hand and it is time for love, the Twin Curse reveals itself. They find that the same curse afflicts their enemy, and is coming to destroy them all.

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