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No Child Left Unwrapped: Understanding and Honoring the Gifts Every Child is Born With

by Shelley Francis

Do you know a child who struggles to pay attention? To communicate with other children or adults? To manage their highly sensitive feelings? To show the “right” emotions? Do you worry that life is going to be hard for this childâ?¦ forever?

More children today are being diagnosed with developmental delays, anxiety disorders, and social emotional issues than ever before. And children today are facing more challenges than ever beforeâ??social, emotional, even spiritual challengesâ??yet society and our present educational system are still looking at our children through the lens of an old paradigm that honors intellectual gifts and physical talents, above all else.

But what if nothing is wrong with our children? What if our children are simply more sensitive, intuitive, empathic, connected to their own inner worlds? What if our highly sensitive children are the greatest gift to our world, if only we would unwrap their gifts?

Our children are not broken. Our children have a beautiful gift of resilience and empathy. If only we knew how to truly see them. Most of us (parents, educators, specialists), we focus on outside forces and circumstances. We so easily get wrapped up in seeing only a sensitive child, a learning disability, a sensory processing disorder, a social anxiety, or simply a tendency to be a bit different.

No Child Left Unwrapped challenges us to look at our children differently than we ever have before. Our society is based on an old paradigm that is no longer serving our children and youth of today. It’s time for us to help our children discover their unique awesomeness because every child is born with beautiful gifts that are meant to be unwrapped and shared with the world.

The Menders

by Berniece Kroll

A young run-away girl who has endured neglect and molestation, becomes involved with a group of older women who are determined to make their small corner of the earth, a safer, kinder space for all. They call themselves the â??Monday Evening Menders League’. Taking on the characteristics of a secret, military task force, they complete rescues of captured women and children. They become a fiercely effective foe of cyber-sex antagonists, Mexican Coyotes, and the men who buy a woman or child for their own deviate pleasure. The plague of sexual depravity has become epidemic in America as well as the rest of the world. This is a story of the survival and healing of unprotected women and children, and the heroic people who would fight to the death in their valiant mission of love.

Military and Mindful: Eight Essential Elements to Manage Your Military Career and Motherhood

by Benefsheh Verell

Balance your military career and motherhood – without guilt or stress.

Being a mom is hard. Being a mom in the military is like earning a PhD in hard. There is always the underlying uncertainty of what the military will bring next. You worry about deploying and how the kids will manage. You feel guilty for making career choices that take you away from your family.

Benefsheh Verell understands. A mother of two, she’s married to a service member and served twenty years on active duty, including multiple deployments and a four-and-a-half-year stint during which she and her husband were stationed in different places. Benef discovered the keys to being both a successful mom and military leader. She now shares her triumphs and her failures so that you can better manage your career while nurturing your family.

In Military and Mindful, Benef teaches you:

  • The real culprit behind all your stress and guilt – and how to control it
  • Tips for dealing with exhaustion and burnout
  • The secret to getting everything done and organized
  • How to handle emotional overload (before you lose your cool)
  • How to be the best mother and Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine you were meant to be

You don’t have to struggle, and you don’t have to do this alone! If you want to manage being in the military and being a mom, then Military and Mindful will show you the way.

Love You, Ava Baby: The Truth about Life after Losing a Child and How I Found Peace and Joy in the Sorrow

by Erin E. Chandler

How do you move forward after the death of your child?

One of the most devastating and life-changing moments a parent can face is experiencing the death of their child. Bereaved parents are often left unsupported in the swells of grief and the long-term reality of unending sorrow after trauma.

Erin Chandler lost her own daughter, Ava, and spent years suffering alone, struggling with the debilitating physical, emotional, and mental effects of unexpressed anger and grief. In Love You, Ava Baby, Erin gives a raw and vulnerable account of her journey through Ava’s life and death. She shares how she learned that the heartbreaking lows and the painful face of grief can actually lead to a life filled with joy, purpose, and miracles.

Ava’s story will help you:

  • Find meaning and purpose in the story of your child’s life
  • Discover how walking through your pain with the support of someone who has shared the same loss can be a lifeline
  • Learn how to open your heart to the Universe and Spirit and let your child show you the signs that they are with you
  • Start healing your heart, your life, your soul

Let the untold truths about life after losing a child bring you hope and show you how to find peace and purpose as you ride the swinging pendulum of grief. Let the miracles of Spirit heal your shattered heart, today and every day.

Divorce and Separation – Oregon Edition: A practical guide to making smart decisions (Divorce and Separation America Book 3)

by Michael Lang

When couples separate they face emotional upheaval. They also need to make important decisions affecting everyone around them, especially their children.

Divorce and Separation is the one book about divorce that starts with the premise: This is your life. These are your decisions. You are the ones who really understand your family. You are capable of making wise, responsible choices. So, here are some methods to help you talk about and make smart decisions.

Divorce and Separation is a simple guide to mutual problem-solving. It will NOT tell you what to do. It will NOT make judgments about how you have lived your life, or how you should live in the future. It will NOT give you legal or financial advice.

What this book WILL DO is help you figure out what you need to discuss. It WILL help you gather information to help you make good choices for you and your family. It WILL point to a number of helpful options. And, it WILL help you decide what is what is best for you and your family

There is no roadmap to a successful divorceâ??don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Your family is unique, your needs are unique, and the solutions must be unique. We wrote this book to show couples how to take control of the decisions they are facing.

The first step is to realize that the confusion and anxiety you are experiencing are real and universally experienced by couples who are considering or having decided to separate and divorce. The breakdown of a relationship is hard. Your life will change. The person you are parting from was once the person you thought you would be with for the rest of your life. The dreams, plans, and expectations you had for your family are ending.

Divorce and Separation will help you think about difficult decisions:
– what each of you will do to care for your children and look out for them
– how you manage as parents living in two households
– the best ways for you to use the family income in order to provide for two households
– how you want to divide your assets (what you own) and debts (what you owe)
– when and how you will tell the children and how to deal with their questions
– what to do about your family and friends who are concerned about you, your children and your spouse
– and, most importantly, how you will talk with one another about the divorce so that you can make all these decisions together.

We believe this book, like your family, is unique. You can find books that talk about how to manage post-divorce parenting or coping with the emotional impact of divorce.
Divorce and Separation contain specific information about and resources for divorce in Oregon. It is a guide to help you work together to create fair, workable and practical decisions for you and your family.

Divorce and Separation is not pop-psychology; it does not offer pre-packaged answers. It does not offer one-size-fits-all financial solutions. And, it won’t tell you how to fight and win.

Divorce and Separation will help you work together through “mutual problem-solving.” Using this method, even highly conflicted couples can develop smart decisions about separation, children, and finances. We help you and your spouse create these solutions through activities, guided lessons, and presentation of helpful information.

The book is a guide to help you address key issues such as whether and when to separate, how to make smart choices and ways to structure your finances to provide for the family’s needs.


by Daniel Georges

Awarded the Anna Lindh Foundation â??Reading Here There and Everywhere’ – Award for illustration.
Maya wants someone to tell her a secret so badly. She went out all day looking for someone to tell her one. When she finally learns a hush hush information, she will not keep quiet about it. What a mistake not to know that a secret is only a secret if kept a secret!
A cute award winning story explaining to kids the basic concept of â??secret’ and the value of keeping some knowledge private.

From the quirky series MY CRAZY STORIES kids and parents are loving and educators are recommending!
What readers are saying about books in this series:

***** (5*) “The illustrations in this book are adorable and the message is a spot on.” – Barbara Mojica / Amazon Top Reviewer for Children’s Books

***** (5*) “This is a wonderful story, along its marvelous illustrations that helps to heighten the visualization of the subliminal lesson the book teaches its young readers…” – Robin Leigh Morgan / Amazon Top Reviewer

***** (5*) “Juvenile psychology undercover in a children’s book!” – Ana Christina Gergi

***** (5*) “Very clever storytelling. Highly recommended to be read during family quality time!” – Adrian Stanciu

***** (5*) “I bought the “My Crazy Stories” series for my Kindergarten class. My students were absolutely captivated!” – Miss Ridz

***** (5*) “The best thing is it helps kids to understand emotions.” – Amazon Customer

***** (5*) “Very impressively drawn, great craft, and the story is quite touching with a lot of human insight.” – Florian

What makes the MY CRAZY STORIES series quite special is that it focuses on kids’ character building by encouraging young readers to develop a deeper awareness of themselves and cultivate emotional confidence as they grow up with little to no adult assistance. The lovable heroes of the fun stories are kids who are confident about taking decisions leading to maturing and a better understanding of the values and facts of life. They are great role models for teaching independence, problem solving, social communication and emotional control.

Early learning – Beginner Readers
Pre School and Age 3-8
Read aloud book for preschoolers or a self-read book for older children

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Coupons for Him

by Thomas Media

Coupon Book for Him
Coupons for Him is the perfect gift for him, ideal for birthdays, events or just because. Present the booklet to your partner to use when they please or present a single coupon to them to use as a fun activity.

Offering a range of fun favours from “Game Night” to “Dinner Date” to “Free Pass” to “Something New” to “Outdoor Day” to “Boys Night Out”. With 25 fun vouchers in each pack, you will be sure to have the perfect coupon for each occasion.

Coupons for Him
– 25 fun coupons for a Him in each pack to use anywhere anytime
– 7*4 Inches
– Full color

Each coupon can also be used as a gift certificate and or gift voucher.

Positive Parenting: Parenthood: : How To Become The Best Parents (Proven Parenting Styles, Tips, Love, and Logic)

by Sandra Green

(Parenting – Parenthood: How To Become The Best Parents)

â?¨Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $4.99. Regularly priced at $10.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.
You’re about to discover how to…â?¨( establish yourself properly as a parent or a potential parent, and how to contribute to a healthy fruitful upbringing of your children and maintaining a tight family bond.)

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…


  • (YOU are the starting point. Why and how?
  • (Raise your kids with safe limits.
  • (Communicate with your child. Talk and listen to what your child wants to say.
  • (Be the person you want them to become. Be the number one role model and teacher of good manners.
  • (Be the number one friend and support to your kids. They utterly need it.
  • (Take care of your child’s health and safety. How to do so.
  • (Your rights in the parenting journey.)
  • (insert bullet point)
  • Much, much more!

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Presidential Impeachment Takes Oxygen Out of Trump Hate: Donald Trump Lies Linked to Silicon Valley â??Secret Stateâ? Power Play

by Dave Masko

Presidential Impeachment Takes Oxygen Out of Trump Hate, by Dave Masko. Before famed superhero created Stan Lee passed on Nov. 11 at age 95, the famed Marvel Comics writer told “the Donald” to “tone it down a bit” because Lee and other senior Americans knows Donald Trump’s evil game plan is to constantly lie and divide the nation so it needs one of Lee’s Marvel mascots to save the day. Lee also joked that Trump seems more like a fictional bad guy that any sort of real human being because “Trump comes off so ridiculous and malevolent.” Meanwhile, there continues to be “enemy of the people” remarks coming from Trump just weeks after a crazed Trump supporter sent bombs in the mail to top Democratic leaders. In fact, November 2018 finds Trump attacking Freedom of the Press like never before and at every turn; while new journalism focus on this outrageous and absolutely unacceptable by Trump as the greatest threat to our democracy. At the same time, Trump never makes room for people to disagree, say upset seniors who are not surprised that Stan Lee and Marvel Comics were inspired to create the villain MODAAK (Mobile Organism Designed Only for Killing) after Trump. The result is a president who is hated for the evil that he continues to do; while activists think the forthcoming presidential impeachment “will finally take oxygen out of Trump hate, fear and loathing that Americans do not deserve.” This is the view of deeply concerned citizenry interviewed for this special “new journalism” report with accompanying essays that reflect the evil that Silicon Valley’s “Secret State” is doing to undermine personal freedoms at a time when Trump backed Big Data controls America in a very evil and fierce way. While a president’s job is to reach all the American people in each and every community across this land, Trump is only loyal to his alt-right white nationalist base, say those interviewed in face-to-face conversations because anything online doesn’t count in this time of 24/7 Big Brother personal data mining and surveillance that is Facebook and other odious social networking government surveillance aligned social networking platforms. When asked who is surveilling the American people and why there is no good answer coming out of the Trump administration or Silicon Valley. Why? Meanwhile, everything good created during the Obama administration “is systematically being destroyed because Trump uses a scorched earth policy to allow America’s air, water and general environment to be destroyed once again because Trump is running a money nation that only cares for making more while the environment goes to hell in a handbasket,” said Judy Sherr during a recent “Save the Earth” protest in Eugene, Oregon. Sherr, 81, is a longtime environmental rights activist who hopes “Trump’s impeachment will help reduce the racist hostility from the Republican alt-right; while also boosting the Left’s commitment to preserve the democracy as America cleans up Trump’s presidential messes after impeachment or a more likely “Trump Deal” to allow the 72-year-old to resign without facing public trail and likely imprisonment. “We know from sources in the Republican Party that a deal to allow Trump’s resignation is on the table; while Vice President Mike Pence will likely pardon Trump after assuming the presidency,” explained Sherr who once served as a log-cabin Republican Party coordinator in Portland, Oregon, during the Seventies. “Back then we was able to remove Richard â??Tricky Dick’ Nixon from the White House will on the threat that Congress would impeach Tricky Dick if he didn’t resign on his own. This is now it will go with Trump. I think crazy old Trump is actually looking for a reason to resign once special counsel Robert Mueller’s drops the bomb that Trump must be indicted for Russian collusion and other crimes against America.” She also thinks “Mueller’s air-tight case against Trump will force the millionaire to resign.

Parenting: First Time Parents Easy Guide To Calm & Gentle Toddler Parenting. A Mindful & Skilled Approach Allows For A More Happier & Positive Parenting Experience.

by Kevin Walker

Parenting: First Time Parents Easy Guide To Calm & Gentle Toddler Parenting

Being a parent can be frustrating, especially if your child is a toddler. But, it is vital that you learn how to correctly parent your child so that you are not unintentionally damaging them in the long run. The way your parents may have taught you is not always going to work for your child, it is something that you must keep in mind.

Throughout the course of history various parenting styles have appeared and now you must find the one that works for you and for your child. By buying this book, you will be opening yourself up to learning how to positively parent your child.

There are plenty of toddler parenting books out there, but this one is going to be the best for you to buy because it is simple and easy to understand.

You will learn how calmer & happier parenting is the best solution (gentle parenting); plus the positive parenting skills you learn from this book will help you whether your parenting boys or parenting girls.

This makes a great first-time parents book as it takes away the fears first time mums and dads might have about the coming future as it lays out a positive way about how they can approach an inevitable tricky period in their future life. If you’re looking for parenting books toddlers will engage with and respond to, then you’ve found your book!

In this book you will learn how to:

1. How to evaluate your parenting style so that you can better understand what kind of parent you are.
2. Why you should create a strong bond with your child and ways to do it. Plus, you will also learn the benefits of fostering a strong bond with your child.
3. You will learn how to stop controlling your child and instead coach them so that you can make it to where they want to behave.
4. There are always things that you can do to help a child want to behave instead of forcing them to behave. When you have a child who wants to behave, the rest is easy.
5. Disciplining a toddler is hard and all of the parenting in the first twelve years books will tell you something different. In this book, you will learn different styles you can use to try and discipline your child appropriately.
6. Toddlers are famous for tantrums, so how do we stop them? In this book, you will learn!
7. Lastly, parenting toddlers is hard and so we all tend to make mistakes, but shouldn’t we learn from each other’s mistakes and move on so we can become better parents? You will learn some of the most common parenting mistakes in this book!

WOW: V6 – Humain (French Edition)

by Léo Guegan

WOW est une série de poèmes écrit sur le fil d’inspiration multiples, développés à travers différentes idées personnelles. Malgré ça, le “Je” souvent présent est ici, pour le lecteur, à interpréter comme s’il était lui-même l’écrivain.

En espérant que vous y trouverez de bonnes émotions à chaque lectures.



Frauen verführen: So Programmierst du dich zum Frauenheld: Stressfrei Mit Frauen flirten, ohne Tricks oder Maschen zum ehrlichen Sex (German Edition)

by Martin Frei

Programmier dich zum Frauenheld !

Die Welt ist voll mit Singles und Flirt willigen Frauen, du musst sie nur finden.
Diese Anleitung hilft Dir dabei!

Hast du schon mal ein Pärchen gesehen das deiner Meinung nach Optisch überhaupt nicht zusammen gepasst hat ?
Wie hat er “so eine” nur bekommen ? Das Fragen sich viele Kerle aber dabei verstehen sie nicht das es nur daran liegt
Was in ihrem Kopf programmiert ist.

Du kannst es lernen!

Du meinst, dass Du gegen die vielen Männer, die besser aussehen, sportlicher sind, mehr Kohle haben, selbstbewusster oder lustiger sind, dass Du also gegen all diese tollen Typen keine Chance hast?
Da täuschst Du Dich gewaltig!
Auch sie bekommen teilweise mehr Absagen, als ihnen lieb ist.
Du kannst die Welt nicht ändern. Du kannst auch keinen einzigen Menschen nach Deinen Wünschen ändern.
Also musst Du Dich selbst zum Positiven verändern. Dieses Buch gibt Dir dafür alle Tipps, so dass sich Erfolg bei Frauen noch diesen Monat einstellen kann!
Mal vorausgesetzt, dass Du Dich nicht in Deinen eigenen vier Wänden begräbst, schauen Dich jeden Tag Menschen an. Die Hälfte davon sind Frauen. Es liegt nur an Dir, ob Du für die eine oder andere attraktiv bist. Sicher, Du siehst nicht aus wie Pierce Brosnan oder Til Schweiger (ich auch nicht). Du bist ein Durchschnittstyp (ich auch). Aber nach der These, dass auf jeden Topf ein Deckel passt, passt auf Dich zumindest eine Durchschnittsfrau – und das ist die groÃ?e Mehrheit (wie Du auch Traumfrauen eroberst, steht natürlich auch in diesem Buch). Und was glaubst Du, wie viele Durchschnittsfrauen sich nach Zuneigung sehnen? Mehr als Du schaffen kannst! Gib einem Teil von Ihnen eine Chance, aber dazu musst an Dir arbeiten und die Tipps in diesem Buch umsetzen. Zwangsläufig wird sich von Tag zu Tag ebenso Deine Wahrnehmungsfähigkeit schärfen, so dass Du erkennst, dass eine Frau Flirt bereit ist und latentes Interesse ihrerseits an Dir besteht.

Du lernst:
â??Endlich die lähmende Schüchternheit überwinden!
â??Jederzeit und ohne Angst Frauen ansprechen und kennenlernen!
â??Flirten lernen: auf der StraÃ?e, im Club und an anderen Orten!
â??Friendzone vermeiden!

â??Der richtige Umgang mit Körben!
â??Erfolgreiches Dating und Kennenlernen – mit Gesprächsthemen, rasche situationsbedingte Antworten!
â??Das Mysterium der Frauen verstehen: Ihre Bedürfnisse und wie sie ticken!

Eins noch:Das Schlimmste, was passieren kann, ist, dass nichts passiert!!!


by Mary Fern

It’s Christmas and you can’t get your child to sleep? Then help is here with Mary Fern’s Go To Sleep Books.

Often children can find it difficult to go to sleep, especially at Christmas time when the long wait for Santa is nearly over.
Delightful Christmas tales designed to help restful sleep

It’s much more fun to play with friends and family. Their busy minds find it difficult to unwind and sleep can become problematic.

The story has been crafted to include specific sleep time suggestions, the narration and pace of the story is designed to slow your child’s rhythm down and bring them to gentle restful sleep. The audio book run time is around 30 minutes and it can be played from any device and will become a part of your child’s bedtime routine.

The kindle book and the paperback are available as well as a supplement to the audio file and can used when you would like to share those final moments at the end of the day with your child before they fall fast asleep. Watch out, it might have the same effect on you as well.

Happy dreams to all children and parents.


Amma (Hindi Edition)

by Krishan Kant Arora

नह�� म�रा लल्ला ऐसा नह�� �र स�ता। �� ब�पन म�� हम�शा म�र� ���ल� प�ड़� रहता था �ह�� म�ल� �� भ�ड़ म�� व� �� ना �ाए, व� मुझ� �स भ�ड़ म�� ���ला ��ड़�र नह�� �ा स�ता। �हा� �स माँ �ा दिल �स� ऐस� दिलासाए� द� रहा था वह�� �स�ा दिमा� �ु� �र �ह रहा था। �स� �्य�� नह�� समझ म�� �या �� ब��ा पि�ल� 6 मह�न� स� �स�ा ए� �श्मा नह�� बनवा पा रहा ह� व� ��ान� �ु�भ �� म�ल� म�� �्य�� ल� �या? �स�� �ात� समय �स�� बह� �ुश �्य�� थ�? �सस� त� द�र सब�र �भ� भ�� ल� �ाए त� �ाना मा��न� म�� भ� डर ल�ता था। �िस रस�� �� �भ� व� माल�िन थ� �ब �स रस�� म�� स� �ाना प���र �ाना पड़ता ह�। �स� �्य�� समझ नह�� �या ��ान� ब��� बह� �� �स�ा �्याल ��स� � �या?
�स�� �र ��ड़त� �ात� समय बह� �र ब��� �ा ह�सता हु� ��हरा �स� याद � �या। �स�� ���� �ल� पड़�। शाम �� 7 ब� �ए थ� दिल फिर भ� मानन� �� त�यार नह�� था �� �स�ा ब��ा �स� ऐस� ��ड़ स�ता ह�। ��स� ��स� समय ब�त रहा था दिल पर दिमा� हाव� ह�ता �ा रहा था। मुन्ना �� बाप� �� �ान� �� बाद �सन� �र ब��� �� नाम �र दिया था त� �्या �लत �िया था। �स� �ा त� �र ह� ल��िन �स�� मा� �स�� लिए परा� �ब ह� ��। �िस� द�सर� �र �� ब��� �� �्या द�ष द� �ब �स�ा �पना लड़�ा ह� मा� �� ब�झ समझ ल�। �िस्मत स� हार�, थ�� ब�हाल �स बुढ़� �रत �� समझ ह� नह�� � रहा था �� �ब �र� त� �्या �र�।

How to Succeed In Your Second Marriage

by Nava Dijkstra

How to succeed in your second marriage

While most of us are very excited about the idea of remarrying, few are ready for the challenges that come with a second marriage, and sadly despite the efforts most find it difficult to let go the painful past to overcome the many complexities which second marriage presents to us.

In my book, “How to succeed in your second marriage”, we take a closer and extensive look at the challenge of a second marriage. Each chapter explores one of the challenges we face in a second marriage based not only on comprehensive studies of many couples but also from my own experiences and relationship.

As a family consultant, I believe that by closely following my guide on how to confront and overcome the primary and common issues presented in this book, you’ll be well equipped to have a successful relationship and marriage second time around. That being said, although it may be sometimes difficult, success in a second marriage is not impossible.

Children Learn from dad What They Live (Japanese Edition)

by hiroyuki saito

ä»?ã?è¦ªå­é?¢ä¿?にæ?©ã??でã?ã??人ã?å¢?ã?てã?まã?ã??まã?ã?ç?¶è¦ªã®è?²å?å?å? ã?積極ç??に叫ばã??てã?まã?ã??ç?¹ã«ã??ã??ã??ã?»ã?©ã??ã?¼(å?¬ç? ç??æ³?)ã?»æ½?å?¨æ?è­?のè¦?ç?¹ã?ã??ã?ç?¶ã¨ã?て子ä¾?にå?£ç­?æ??ã??æ?ã?ã?ã?è?ªä¿¡ã«æº?ちã?人é??にè?²ã¦ã??è?²å?ã«ã¤ã?てæ?¸ãã¾ã?ã?ã??

第ä¸?ç« ã??ã??ã??のè?²å?ã®ã?ã?ã?


第äº?ç« ã??小学å?é¨?のå¿?å¾?

ï¼?ï¼?ã??ã??ã?ªã?¼ã? ã?­ã?©ã?¼ã«ãªã??なã?â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦

第ä¸?ç« ã??é?ã??å?¼ã³è¾¼ã??è?²å?


第å??ç« ã??親ã?ã??å?ã?ã?ã?³ã?³ã??ã?¬ã??ã?¯ã?¹


Learning to Listen Learning to Care: 7 Keys to Unlocking Communication of Value

by Melanie Fellman

Listening is a vital aspect of everyday life. Applying this skill to the conversations you take part in will allow you to experience communications of lasting value. This important skill allows you to delve deeper into the lives of others while also allowing you to see a side of people you never saw before – all for lack of listening. The simple act of reading this book will teach you that listening is an important and essential aspect for great conversations. Unlocking the doors leading to communication of value require you to go beyond reading the words contained in this book. To truly learn how to listen you must apply what you read. Begin learning how to listen today and start an exciting adventure of communication that matters.

Der Heuchler aus dem Morgenland: Eine wahre Geschichte (German Edition)

by Anita Wasmundt

Liebe – was für ein Wort! Jeder Mensch liebt auf verschiedenste Arten verschiedene Dinge. Frauen anders als Männer, Kinder anders als Erwachsene. Viele glauben zu lieben – die Frage ist nur: “Was ist Liebe”?

In dem Roman »Der Heuchler aus dem Morgenland« erzählt Anita Wasmundt ihre Geschichte über die verrückte, irrationale Ehe mit einem Marokkaner, der SIE eigentlich gar nicht wollte, – sondern die deutsche Staatsangehörigkeit. Durch die Ehe mit Anita rückte dies mit allen Vorteilen für »Simo« in greifbare Nähe. Ein verzweifelter Kampf beginnt für Anita mit dieser Ehe. Wird »Simo« sein Vorhaben schaffen? Die Autorin erzählt in ihrem ersten Roman, die erschreckende, mitreiÃ?ende wahre Geschichte über einen Heiratsschwindler.

Ã?ber die Autorin
Seit ihrer letzten Ehe lebt sie alleine. Der Schmerz sitzt noch tief und es fällt ihr schwer noch einmal an die Liebe zu glauben. Ihre Liebe, die sie zu vergeben hat, gibt sie an ihre Kinder und Enkel, da ist sie in besten Händen. Ansonsten liebt sie Musik, die sie braucht, wie die Luft zum Atmen. In ihrem gemütlichen Zuhause fühlt sie sich umgeben von all ihren Liebsten geborgen und wohl. Ihr erster Roman “Der Heuchler aus dem Morgenland” ist die wahre Geschichte ihrer Ehe mit einem Marokkaner.

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