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Complete Poems of Whitman (A to Z Classics)

by Walt Whitman

With the first publication of “Leaves of Grass” in 1855, Walt Whitman was solidified as an American poet of undeniable importance. The poems contained in that slim volume candidly spoke of politics, slavery, sexuality, consciousness, and the spiritual world. His content was as radical as his form; he utilized free verse unlike anyone before, creating a poetic tongue that was unique and personal yet universal and cosmic. Born in New York in 1819, Whitman came to represent the spirit of an American poet. Influenced heavily by early 19th century Transcendentalism, Whitman befriended Ralph Waldo Emerson who would help shape his literary voice and vision. This volume contains the complete poetic works of Walt Whitman. Through his poems ‘Song of Myself’, ‘Sleepers’, ‘To A Stranger’, ‘The Sleepers’, and ‘I Sing the Body Electric’ we see a poet of great range and endless influence, one who is a “poet of democracy”. Whitman’s legacy is strong, influencing the beat movement, and countless poets of today. His verse is as layered and textured as the American soil he wrote on, becoming an essential part of America’s cultural heritage. This edition of his complete poems is sure to satisfy the curious reader as well as the scholar. Whitman’s poems are as vital and resonant today as ever, proving to be timeless and permanent fixtures of literary history.

Corner in Tetouan

by Mois Benarroch

Book of poems published by Esquio directed by Julio Uceda.

Mois Benarroch was born in Tetouan, Morocco, in 1959. At thirteen, he emigrates with his parents to Israel and lives in Jerusalem ever since. He started to write poetry at fifteen in English, then in Hebrew, and finally in his native tongue, Spanish. He published his first poems in 1979. In the 80s, he was part of vanguardist movements and was the editor of Marot magazine. His first book in Hebrew was published in 1994 under the title “The Immigrant’s Couplets”. He also published two books of stories, several books of poems in Hebrew, English, and Spanish, and four novels. In 2008 he won the Prime Minister’s prize in Israel.

In Spain, he has published his book of poems “Corner in Tetouan” (Esquío, 2000) and in 2005 the novel “Lucena” (Lf ediciones). In 2008, the publishing house Destino publishes his novel “At the Doors of Tanger”. And in 2010, Escalera published “Love and Exiles”.

Benarroch has won the Prime Minister award (2008) and the Yehuda Amichay prize.

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