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How to End the War on Drugs?: When will we learn prohibition is never the answer?

by Pratik Doshi

This book is ideal for students studying the war on drugs, policeman, legal professionals and those who consume or have consumed drugs at any point in their lives. It’ll help you to realise the struggle of the millions of sufferers of the War on Drugs, but also how you can help change the direction of this war at even an individual level. We have learnt true rebellion is not dressing in colours and going to a festival, high on a cocktail of drugs. Instead true rebellion comes in the form of information and education to those manipulated by the evil propaganda of the Nixon Era. This book helps to breakdown the myths and misconceptions of drugs and the criminality surrounding them to provide an education that can be shared communally to help bring this brutal conflict to the end.

Ageing, Diversity and Equality: Social Justice Perspectives (Open Access) (Routledge Advances in Sociology)

Current understandings of ageing and diversity are impoverished in three main ways. Firstly, with regards to thinking about what inequalities operate in later life there has been an excessive preoccupation with economic resources. On the other hand, less attention has been paid to cultural norms and values, other resources, wider social processes, political participation and community engagement. Secondly, in terms of thinking about the â??who’ of inequality, this has so far been limited to a very narrow range of minority populations. Finally, when considering the â??how’ of inequality, social gerontology’s theoretical analyses remain under-developed. The overall effect of these issues is that social gerontology remains deeply embedded in normative assumptions which serve to exclude a wide range of older people.

Ageing, Diversity and Equality aims to challenge and provoke the above described normativity and offer an alternative approach which highlights the heterogeneity and diversity of ageing, associated inequalities and their intersections.

The Open Access version of this book, available at, has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 licence.

The ICC Factor – Uhuru Kenyatta case: The Conspiracy.

by Joseph Ndungu

The conspiracy in politics in The Case The Prosecutor Vs Uhuru Kenyatta at the International Criminal court and tribal political idealogy that is a law to many. Joseph Ndungu is related to the leaders of the dreaded militia group that terrorized Kenya for 3 decades. Strangley, the Militia group through its leader Maina Njenga sowed the seed of discord in 1992 through deceit,lies and propaganda that trapped the whole nation awakening tribal emotions that are grounded in tribal rituals of the 1966 “Chai Wa Kenyatta” in Gatundu. The cause of the repetative tribal clashes is fully exposed by an insider. Maina Njenga had an evil plan that trapped all and through a disputed election, Kenya was in a brink of a civil war. None was spared, they were all manipulated, through rituals, occult practices and many don’t know what actually was the cause of the hatred, neighbours against neighbours. Joseph exposes the seed of tribal clashes tracing it to Mungiki militia group in 1992.
David Wagacha a top Mungiki commander and a founder member of Mungiki Militia who occasionally had met Uhuru Kenyatta and other powerful political figures in Kenya exposes the shadow of tribal politics roots that traces the root of evil in 18th century prophecy by a Kikuyu seer Mugo Kibiru and The First President of Kenya Jomo Kenyatta ritual “Chai Wa Kenyatta” 1966 oath taking in Gatundu. Tracing the evil seed.

Educação e serviço social: elo para a construção da cidadania (Portuguese Edition)

by Eliana Bolorino Canteiro Martins

Este é um livro que trata de uma questão de fundamental importância, pois, conforme anunciado em seu próprio título, analisa as mútuas implicações entre a educação e o serviço social como um elo para a construção da cidadania. Estabelecendo como campo empírico de sua análise a prática profissional dos assistentes sociais no âmbito da política de educação em municípios paulistas, a autora procura evidenciar como esses profissionais utilizam os espaços sócio-ocupacionais que se colocam no atual ordenamento jurídico que fundamenta a referida política.

Na abordagem do tema, articula-a com o Estatuto da Criança e do Adolescente (ECA), que delineia a política de atendimento para tal segmento, bem como com o próprio projeto ético-político da profissão, em cujo âmbito a educação como práticada liberdade ocupa lugar central.

Roots of Forgiveness: Find Freedom to Heal in Your Marriage After Betrayal

by Christine Elizabeth Leon

Heal in Your Marriage after Betrayal

How many times have you heard a friend advise another to “dump â??em, divorce, move-on” once betrayal is discovered?
What if you don’t want to end your marriage? Despite your everyday feelings of anger and pain – you know that you’re not ready to give up. You still see reasons to stay.
If this resonates with you, roots of forgiveness is written for you. Certified Life and Relationship Coach Christine Elizabeth Leon guides you through eight elements to ignite healing in your relationship. She created these steps by learning from her own personal journey, her background in psychology, and her life-coaching practice.
In this book you will learn:

  • How to handle the powerful urge for revenge
  • The truth about why it’s not your fault
  • How to decide whether to stay or whether to go
  • How to manage the breakdown moments when things still trigger you
  • How to not get eaten by the “Green-Eyed Monster”
  • How you and your marriage will never be the sameâ?¦and why that’s a very good thing!
  • How to know whether the changes you are making are for yourself or to keep him
  • How this moment is an opening to your own powerful awakening
  • Are you ready to begin healing your heart? Can you envision yourself healing the heart of your marriage after betrayal? If so, get your copy today!

    TransForm: Answers to the Trans Questions You Have No Idea How to Ask (Questions from Trans Everything Book 1)

    by Jamie Winters

    Do you need a lifeline when it comes to transgender topics?

    Navigating through conversations about trans subjects when you’re still a newbie is terrifying. Do you sound like an offensive simpleton? Which pronouns should you be using when? What do all these new words even mean?

    Consider this book your trans friend willing to answer any question you have, no matter how offensive. There’s even a glossary in the back to help you navigate through conversations! In clear, simple language, you’ll learn things such as:

    – What it’s like to transition and live as a trans person
    – How to understand your own identity
    – The difference between sexual orientation and gender identity
    – What’s considered rude and polite in the trans community
    – How to come out or respond to a loved one coming out

    Written by a trans man who spoke at a TEDx event on gender identity and how it relates to finding yourself, TransForm is meant to be a reference for all. Whether you’re trans yourself and not sure where to start, someone who just learned someone they love is trans, or even if you’re just wanting to be a better ally, you’ll want to keep this book nearby for all your questions.

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