Free religious fiction Kindle books for 15 Nov 18

A Passion Made In Heaven: Christian Romance

by Tatyana Maxwell

Olivia Had No Idea What A Gorgeous Man Like Matthew Would See In Her


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A love lost, Olivia Campbell thinks back to a time when she was young and beautiful. She had always found solidarity in catholic worship, even as a girl. However, she had yet to find a man who felt the same way. Olivia valued her purity and decided as a child that she would wait until marriage to participate in any sexual relations. Yet, no matter how religious her boyfriends claimed to be, they could never wait with her, and for this reason she was left time and time again. At last, Olivia had met her match, and his name was Matthew. Undoubtedly, they met at church, and since Matthew was new in town, Olivia offered to show him around. Soon after, she finds that she never felt that way about anyone before, but they stayed true and waited for each other. On her wedding day, Olivia found that it was, without question, worth the wait.

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This story is extremely HOT and leaves little to the imagination. This book is purely intended for adult eyes only.

Amish Lyrical Smile: A Collection of Clean Amish Romance Short Stories

by Harriet Lincoln

Collection of 3 Clean Amish romance short stories or over 30k words of reading!

Miles Apart – A Clean Amish and Military Romance Story
The Strength of Family – Amish and Doctor Romance
First Light – A Clean Amish and Basketball Romance Story

This collection contains standalone romance short stories ending HEA

Arrow To His Heart (Stripling Warrior Book 4)

by Misty Moncur

In a delightful new book from Misty Moncur, a broken nose and two black eyes are all it takes for her vibrant young heroine to heal the heart of a scarred and lonely ex-soldier.

Silent and invisible, Kenai was the best spy in the stripling army, but all he wants to do is forget what happened during the war. Nothing feels right at home anymore. What good is being a spy among people who have no secrets? He should just slip away into the woods and go back to being invisible, but that’s hard to do when a pretty little village girl is constantly on his tail.

Isabel can’t help but notice her brother’s friend is acting strange. They say he was a brave soldier, Helaman’s most trusted spy, but men like that don’t sleep all day, refuse to eat, and avoid their friends. So Isabel does a little spy work of her own, and what she finds in the warrior’s wounded heart might just help her find what’s hidden deep inside her own.

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