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Bitter Ashes: Books 1-2

by Sara C. Roethle

She’s not their long lost fairy princess. She’s their executioner.

Madeline is cursed. Cursed to kill with a touch, and to feel every last emotion of her victims. She was sure her life couldn’t get any worse until she’s kidnapped in the middle of the night and thrust into a world straight out of her darkest nightmares. Part of her wants to find her way back, but deep down she knows she’s too dangerous to live in the normal world.

Her indecision traps her in a mystery not even her kidnappers understand, but her dark gift may just be the key to everything. She’ll have to figure it out fast, because the fate of humanity hangs in the balance.

Content warning: some darker themes are present in these books. Not for the faint of heart!

This set includes:
-Death Cursed
-Collide and Seek

Five Days In January (The Felix Chronicles Book 2)

by R.T. Lowe

Felix and Allison return from winter break with hopes of settling into the comfortable rhythms of college life only to find Portland College hasn’t escaped the wave of senseless violence sweeping across the land, from the malls of Minnesota to a small town in northern Maine. Amidst the chaos, a political movement rises, fueled by the turmoil threatening to tear the country apart. As the public’s discontent reaches a final tipping point, a new hope emerges from an unexpected figure, a man offering the promise of peace and securityâ??the prospect of â??freedom from fear’. When the line that separates allies from enemies blurs and good and evil becomes a matter of perspective, Felix must make a choice. But as the gears of a 2,000-year-old prophecy grind inexorably to the future, can Felix choose his own path, or is free will as illusory as the salvation promised by a man destined to set the world aflame?

When We Were Dancing (The Wolf of Oberhame Book 2)

by Auryn Hadley


They called her the Gladiator Queen, the first female heir to the throne of Norihame. Leyli never wanted this. But her cousin’s scheming left no other option. He’d killed her brother, trying to claim the throne for himself, and sold her off to be a gladiator, hoping to get rid of her. It didn’t work. Now, she’ll do whatever it takes to make sure he can’t destroy the country her family fought so hard to keep safe. Even a queen’s number one jobâ??she has to marry a noble and produce an heir.

On the sands of the arena, death was honest. Men fought for their lives and nothing else. In the palace, everything is different. The threats are veiled in fancy clothes and whispered rumors. Spies lie in wait around every corner, bribed with promises of power and wealth. Once, she thought this was normal. But no longer can she care about petty scandals, not when her citizens – her friends – are dying because of laws her family made.

To win this game, she has to keep her cousin far from succession. The best way is an heir of her own. She needs a noble husband who won’t kill her in her sleep and — hopefully — one who will ignore the hulking shadow of her best friend turned bodyguard. She never expected Tristan to become a weapon that could be used against her. How much of her own happiness will she give up for Norihame?

The game is King of the Hill. The music for their dance is made of politics. Fate gave her a chance to change everything, but he’s a fickle god. Leyli has to get this right. She may not be on the sands of the arena, but she’s still fighting, and the Wolf of Oberhame will not be defeated.

The Soul’s Agent (The Agents Series Book 1)

by Wendy Knight

For as long as there have been people, there has been a fear of the dark. Mothers tell their children there isn’t anything in the shadows that isn’t there in the light.

They are wrong.

Death allows lost souls one last chance. Fight with the Agents against demons and darkness and evil and they won’t spend eternity roasting on a spit. It seems like an easy enough choice, but apparently roasting is easy and requires little effort, and fighting, wellâ?¦

Fighting is hard.

Navi is an Agent, and she is good at what she does. Her only distraction is the boy who broke her heart four years agoâ??especially when the demons she hunts start hunting him, and she’s the only one who can keep him alive.

DRAGOR-RIX: Stories from the Rawn Sagas (The Rawn Sagas Series Book 1)

by P.D. Ceanneir

Read P.D.Ceanneir’s eagerly anticipated prequel to the Rawn Chronicles in the first book of the Rawn Sagas Series.

These are the tales of the four hundred yearlong war of the Dragor-rix
They tell of the Acanthi rebellion and the rise of the dragons in the Sept of Red
They chart the genesis of the Lycan and the growing power of the Rawns
It is a time of heroes and villains, conflict and peace.

But the shaping of the land of the Eldi comes at great costâ?¦

â?¦because their supremacy is being unravelled by one of their own. One who will unleash the Dark Entity upon the world, and only a weapon of power can defeat it.
However, the Sword that Rules has not been made yet, and the future is uncertain.

RINGS (The Paladin’s Thief Book 2)

by Benjamin K Hewett

Teacup is an acquisitioner, not a thief. Admittedly, the nuance doesn’t play well with the town authorities, but as long as the kids get fed and nobody notices the boarded-up cobbler’s shop on Redemption Alley, Teacup can ignore his nagging conscience.

Unfortunately, Teacup steps into the torchlight, so to speak, when he rescues a young knight from assassination. Suddenly, the assassins’ guild is hot on his tail, and Teacup’s best hope is a breadcrumb trail left by one of the dark guild’s own best and brightest.

RINGS picks up where Darts left off, tailing Teacup deeper into the alleys of Ector and closer to a conflict between the forces of order and chaos. As Sword and Sorcery pastiche, RINGS represents the core fantasy characters and archetypes that enthusiasts love (and hate), explores their deeper motivations, and reminds us that good friends are hard to come by.

The Meekening of Karalog the Loud (The Found Tales of Hagenspan)

by Robert W. Tompkins

While digging through the ruins of the king’s library at the excavation of Ruric’s Keep, I came upon this story. It seems to fit in the timeline of Hagenspan’s history somewhere between the events of Roarke’s Wisdom and Kenyan’s Lamp, and should prove to be an accessible entryway for those previously unfamiliar with Hagenspan’s lore….

Were Inc Uncaged (The Eiru Saga Book 1)

by Marcus Breathnach

Sorrow, Betrayal, Symbiotic experiments, Magic, Sex, Love & Survival are but a few of the things awaiting you in the pages of Were Inc Uncaged. Alpha team (Captain Quis Podex & Corporal Knightley) quickly discover that Eiru is more than it seems when they free the only surviving member of Bravo team (Aisling Storm).It was then things turn from bad to hellish as they fall deeper into the rabbit hole of nightmarish beasts and enemies that come from the deepest darkest depths of fear itself. To survive Eiru’s unimaginable onslaught they would have to do the unthinkable.

The Secret Rites of the Maenads: The Histories of Diogenes (The Histories of Astarte the Divine Queen series Book 2)

by Jerome Brooke

The pack of women dashed through the dark forest. Their hands were spotted with blood, and their cheeks smeared with red. Seeing the prince alone, they pursued him to seek his embrace.

ADULT CONTENT. Includes the bonus book Artemis the Huntress)

Caprice (Sabrina Strong Series Book 4)

by Lorelei Bell

Bjorn Tremayne has lost his reign and become a rogue vampire – and that does not sit well with him. He is about to change all this. Dark World has set a bounty on Sabrina’s head, and he needs to get her away from the only vampire who protects her: Vasyl.

Sabrina’s agenda was to enjoy a pleasant Thanksgiving with her family, without any vampires, werewolves or demons. Unfortunately, a demon in the guise of her Grandmother Rose attacks her at the family gathering. After Bill Gannon saves her, Bjorn Tremayne and his accomplice whisk Sabrina off.

Knowing that Tremayne’s goal is to mate with Sabrina before they consummate their marriage, Bill begins his chase after Sabrina. With the future of the whole Nephilim race at stake, will he make it in time, or will Bjorn Tremayne claim Sabrina for himself?

Tethered Through Time

by Brigette Gallagher

Shannon can’t begin to imagine how the old letters she found hidden in her grandmother’s attic brought her to a world of victory rolls, big-band music, and trench warfare. Captivated by the grace of the 1940s and intrigued by the love story of her great-grandparents, Thomas and Claire, Shannon discovers that she alone may hold the key to preventing Thomas’s violent death on the battlefield, which tore him from Claire and their baby daughter far too soon. The unreality of her situation was far too much to comprehend, yet the pull of knowing the truth about her family, especially her mother’s untimely death, was impossible to avoid. In a body she doesn’t recognize, in a war she’s only read about, Shannon chooses to fight so that Thomas might live.

When the scars of the war she dips in and out of become too much to bear alone, whom can she trust with this unbelievable secret? Her grandmother would think her crazy, and she was clearly hiding something.  Her intoxicatingly gorgeous boyfriend, Erik, who made her stomach do somersaults with just one glance, might bolt in the other direction. The only person who wouldn’t immediately dial adolescent psychiatry on her was Timmy, her dearest friend since elementary school. But ever since she’d started dating Erik, Tim had made himself scarce.

In a desperate attempt to save their friendship and reunite her great-grandfather with his family, Shannon risks everything and shares her time-travel secret with Tim, changing their relationship forever and pushing her jealous boyfriend over the edge. She’d always sensed something dangerous about Erik beyond his playboy reputation, but little does she know Erik has his own dark secret. With so much to lose, Shannon quickly learns that some things are better left alone, except when they’re worth dying for.

Nothing More: Chains of Hope

by Thomas England

A kingdom of hope is being threatened by those who remember. Several unlikely heroes begin their journey toward protecting the freedom of Doron. Part 1 of 3 books. 35,000 words.

A Peculiar Treasure

by Tatum Este’l

There was a peculiar and dynamic magic that came together with the mixture of the Lanape peoples of the Hudson River area and the superstitious Europeans. A little Indian boy by the name of Konki would be the bridge of these two magics. Raised to be the next shaman of his village, he became privy to the prophecies of both a buried record of his people and the coming of another white race, the first one having been destroyed from off the face of the earth by Konki’s ancestors. In order to see these prophesies fulfilled, he used the magic he was given by his masters and animal spirits he met to live hundreds of years into the future. He was told by The Master to protect this sacred record of his people buried in a hillside at the site of the last battle that destroyed the evil white people. To do this, he engaged a pirate and his sidekick, a Esopus Indian. A rumor was spread about buried pirate treasure. As the Europeans used their magic to look for it, the real treasure lay safe until the time was ripe when The Master raised up a young lad to translate it and give it back to its people. Only then could Konki rest with his ancestors.

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