Free fiction Kindle books for 16 Nov 18

Making Her Mine (Finding Love Book 1)

by Heather Young-Nichols

(Note: This book has been updated)

Her brother’s best friend coming back to town just might be more than Zoey can handle.

Zoey Goodrich moved home to accept the only job she’s offered after college. Discovering that the man who broke her heart four years ago, her brother’s best friend, is also back is enough to make her rethink that choice. Now all she wants to do is act like nothing ever happened between them.

Wyatt McCann’s decision to leave the military and return home had nothing to do with Zoey Goodrich. Yet now they’re both back and he doesn’t know if he’ll be able to keep his hands off of her. He doesn’t want to, but she’s his best friend’s sister. Totally off limits.

If Wyatt and Zoey have a chance he has to prove that he’s in it for real. Otherwise, he’ll need to step aside and let her find happiness. He’s all in but is she?

If you like swoony heroes and their sassy women, you’ll fall in love with Wyatt and Zoey in Making Her Mine.

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Entitled: The Love Duet: Book 1

by L.M. Carr

As far back as sexy, blue-eyed Andrew Darling can remember, money provided everything he wanted. Expensive cars, prestigious schools and exotic vacations. But his life of luxury comes to a crashing halt with a single phone call.

Forced to work at his parents’ advertising agency, Andrew reconnects with Morgan Montgomery, a newly divorced woman whose spirited personality and hard work have earned her the respect of her employers and colleagues.

With constant reminders of walking away from Morgan, Andrew learns the difference between wants and needs because although he wants Morgan in his bed, he realizes he needs her.

Only Morgan Montgomery can give him the one thing he’s never been entitled to.

Heartache in Harley Street

by Sonia Deane

Harley Street is a world apart, full of tragedy, apprehension, relief and happiness.

Heartache, too, as Nurse Anita Fielding discovers when she comes to work for consultant gynaecologist Ross Wyndham. That he is attractive, charming and a brilliant surgeon, she can be sure. But isn’t it dangerous to fall in love with the doctor when she knows nothing at all about the man?

Sonia Deane is a widow with one son, lives in the Cotswolds, and has written over 120 books. The Doctor-Nurse stories were fortuitous. She chose a doctor hero and from then her readers wanted a medical background. Having personal friends who are doctors enables Sonia Deane’s research to be verified. She has also been out with an ambulance team and donned a white coat in hospital!

Off Duty (A Chaos Mages Short Story Book 1)

by Alex Steele

It’s not every day I go on a date, but next time I do, I’m not leaving my katana at home.

Detective Kay Beckett with the NYPD is smart, funny, and gorgeous. Asking her out was the obvious choice. Though, I never expected the Metropolitan Museum of Art to be robbed during the middle of our date.

Werewolves, mages, and deranged necromancers are taking over this place like it’s Nakatomi Plaza. I prefer to work alone, but Kay, a prosaic AKA human, is a bit stubborn and refuses to let me handle the supernatural threat myself.

All this would be easier if I just had by freaking katana.