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Pour Angélique: Proving the True Story of Oak Island

by Mars Stirhaven

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His wife is out; the kids are watching TV. A mathematician, intrigued by a cipher he sees on a popular television series, embarks on a voyage of discovery. His research leads him to a series of breakthroughs which would ultimately unravel a centuries-old mystery. A journey of pirates, treasure, ciphers, mystery and tragedy revealing the greatest heist and biggest cover-up in history. The tale is true and the mathematician can prove it.

The Mathematician wanted to present his findings in the form of a research paper. His wife, although she no longer acknowledges it, suggested that he write up his findings in the form of a story, with each chapter being more revealing, allowing the reader the opportunity to discover the clues.

Ancient Rome: Walk Through The Empire! Learn The History, Facts, And Mythology Of Ancient Rome (Roman History – Ancient Rome – Mythology)

by Myles Justus

What Everybody Ought to Know About Ancient Rome!

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All You Ever Wanted To Know About Roman History & Culture!

Ancient Rome has both an interesting and beautiful past. The way it was developed all came from two twin brothers, where one would be killed and betrayed, and the other would found a city that would build itself up into an Empire.

Learn about the Roman kings that governed the early city, to the Roman Republic, all the way to the great Roman Empire. Even the gladiators shaped Roman culture socially, and it ties right into the way the social system was built in Rome. Even though that social system would change with time, just as the laws.

Roman civilization was advanced, and it would become more advanced as it went from a Republic to an Empire. Though, with insane emperors such as Nero taking the lead, it would have times that it slipped back as well. Ancient Rome would rise and fall and recover until the final fall. Opening this book will teach you about its glory, its history, and the truth of Ancient Rome and how it all began.

7 Reasons to Buy This Book

1.This book will show you a basic timeline of major events in Ancient Rome, and how it affected the growth culturally and socially.

2.Learn about the Seven Kings of Rome as well as Roman emperors inside this book, as well as some of their accomplishments.

3.Inside this book you’ll find the caste system of Ancient Rome, as well as women’s role within their social statuses.

4.This book teaches you all about Roman festivals, and how they were important to the Roman religion.

5.From cult worship to the rise of Christianity, you’ll find the progression of Roman religion detailed inside this book.

6.Find out the truth about gladiators as well as little known facts about their lives and types inside this book.

7.Learn the reason Rome fell and how it happened by reading this book.

What You’ll Learn from “Ancient Rome”

-An Introduction to Ancient Rome
-The Kings & Emperors of Rome
-A Glimpse at the Timeline
-A Look at the Roman Republic
-The Truth About Gladiators
-The Real Religion in Ancient Rome
-Ancient Rome & The Caste System
-As You See the Fall of Rome

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FAYETTE and Queen: My Home in Alexandria

by Charles Royals

Everyone has a place they call home, a place they felt loved and wanted with family and friends. But life sometimes calls you away and when you return nothing is the same, everything has changed and people you grew up around don’t even remember your name. People now living in Alexandria may not be aware of all the history they have become a part. Many of you who live in Alexandria need to read and research and not just accept what is presented to us. Alexandria has an abundance of African American history, one only need to start by looking at the number of African American churches and schools even if they appear to be located in all white neighborhoods. Many of the people that attended those institutions came from the neighborhoods associated with the people and streets of Fayette and Queen.
Charles Royals

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