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The Tooth Monster: A Mac Bruncle Tale (Mac Bruncle Tales Book 1)

by Matthew Livermore

Confronted by a sudden food shortage, the monster subsequently known as the Tooth Monster must venture forth in search of a new food source compatible with his extremely specific dietary needs.

Dig in to the humorous tale of how the Tooth Monster was mistaken for a fairy. This origin story will have both parents and children looking forward to the next loose tooth.

Bright, colorful and detailed illustrations.
Unique storyline
Super funny, if you are into that

The Right Road (Adventures of the Realm Book 1)

by Andrew Suchyna

A rollicking medieval action-adventure novel about two brothers who must face the dark Wilderness together. The first book of the Adventures of the Realm series.

Since last year when the knights of the North Realm drove out the dinosaurs, Sir Andrew has hidden a secret he’d rather forget. He now lives in fear of the return of the dinosaur king.One night, a wounded crusader from the Holy Land appears on Andrew’s doorstep. Andrew would like nothing more than to deliver the crusader’s message and retreat back to his castle. Instead, he and his brother David find themselves the culprits of a grievous crime: damaging the glorious chin of Sir Chadwick the Chinmaster. Andrew and David flee into the Wilderness in shame, not knowing what strange fate awaits them or whether they shall ever return. There, they are called on a quest to help Robin Hood himself. But this they flee too. They are about to find out that monsters are born from running.

The beginning of a wildly entertaining epic for advanced middle school readers, full of eccentric humor and read-aloud potential. Will be loved by fans of Robin Hood and Camelot.

Quick and Easy Recipes: Book 3; Tasty & Delicious Recipes from the Best Cook of the worldâ?¦

by Muhammad Shoaib

This book have all Best Collection of delicious recipes, we have collect all the recipes from the different top Cooks of the world. When you read first time you will 100 % like it and will tell to your neighbor also, because it so easy to make these recipes.
All these recipes are easy to make and with no-time means a just 10-15 minutes and your recipe will be prepare. You need to take no tension when the guests came to your home and you are alone, no one there to cook for your guests.
So pick the book open it, start reading and you’re your recipe. The guest will be happy from you and your tension is finished.
If you are going to job and you have no time to prepare meal for yourself. This book will solve your problem if you once read it.
Once you start reading you will not close the book until read to the last page, also you will be the Best Cook.
Every recipe is very interesting, quick & Easy to make.
As I think that these Recipes will not be heard or Read before our book, you can tell to your friends and neighbor families to read these recipes book must. We have collected all the recipes from the taste of Kids, Young adults & elders. Everyone can eat these recipes, because there is no risk for patients.
This book has full of Collection of Top recipes of best cooks; every moment you will enjoy when read and making these recipes.
In this book you will find all the recipes new, which you have, not listen or read before this, because all the stories are very tasty & delicious.
Our Recipes are,
ï??Sausage, Peppers, Onions, and Potato Bake
ï??Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Fresh Plum Sauce
ï??Peach Curry Glazed Pork Chops
ï??Honey Apricot Pork Chops
ï??Prune and Olive Chicken
ï??Grilled Pork Chops with Fresh Nectarine Salsa
ï??Spicy Peach-Glazed Pork Chops
ï??Fried Peach and Pancetta Pizza
ï??Grilled Chicken with Peach Sauce
ï??Greek Chicken Kozani
ï??Grilled Sausages with Prunes and Bacon
ï??Fruit-Stuffed Pork Loin

So read this book once in life must and must share with your friend, neighbors and familiesâ?¦.
This is the 3rd Book of Best Collection of Top Recipes of best Cooks. 4th Book of Best Collection of Top Recipes of best Cooks will soon be available.

So let’s startâ?¦â?¦â?¦ Best Collection of Top Recipesâ?¦

Message from the author:

Thank you for reading this book of Quick & Easy Recipes.
I hope you enjoyed reading this book, as much I enjoyed when I was writing this book.
The next book will available soonâ?¦.

Please leave a Review or feedback after reading this book, that what type of recipes you want to eat and it will help me in writing another book with full of taste of my dear reviewer.
Let me know what you think of the book so far.
Thank you,

EMAIL: [email protected]

The Lonely Little Bumbershoot

by Jeff Edwards

“A wonderful story, beautifully done! The illustrations are fresh and engaging. Children and adults will enjoy reading this happy story over and over.” – Suzy Spafford, Creator of Suzy’s Zoo

Transported half way around the world from the wonderfully rainy streets of London, a little green umbrella finds himself in a strange city where the sky is almost always clear. Cast aside by the boy who once loved him, the Lonely Little Bumbershoot will never know happiness again. Or will he?

A poignant tale of love, loss, and the journey toward a new life.

Winner of the San Diego Book Award – Best Children’s Picture Book
Winner of the The Wishing Shelf Book Award (Bronze)

Receiving Intuitive Messages & Signs From Your Inner Being: Awaken Your Psychic Abilities

by Elisaveta Grimm

Every person has some form of innate psychic power ability. Some people have a higher level of psychic abilities than others. Before one can tap and awaken your psychic power, you will have believed that there exists something not seen by the naked eye.
How do you know there is such a thing as psychic powers ability? Modern television and movies would lead you to expect a person with psychic powers to be able to do amazing feats at a moment’s notice. Are you one of those that doubt the existence of psychic power? If you are, it would do you a lot good to give it a benefit a try. Your ability to unlock your own psychic power can give you a fulfilled life. This easy to digest summary book will reveal the secrets to unlock your potential psychic power.

Book Content Includes:

Chapter 1 – Psychic Power Ability – How Do You Know?

Chapter 2 – Top 5 Myths About Them

Chapter 3 – Secrets to Unlock Your Psychic Power

Chapter 4 – Develop Your Psychic Powers

Chapter 5 – What Are the Different Types of Psychic Powers

Chapter 6 – Psychic Training Obstacles

Chapter 7 – How to Use Psychic Power Tests to Verify Your Abilities

Chapter 8 – Embrace Your Gifted Talent

We Are American

by Sharafa Aremu

In a country that’s currently down and out, the most important thing is to maintain our grasp on the most beautiful aspect — the people! Some feel that Americans come in a certain color, height, weight, etc., but in reality, Americans couldn’t have came in a more prestigious variety. We Are American!

How to Make & Keep Friends: Tips for Teens on Life and Social Success

by Donna Shea

Being a teenager isn’t always easy, and navigating friendships and relationships can be especially difficult for some teens.

Our goal in writing this third book in our friendship series was to help make the social journey through the teenage years an easier one. This time in life can feel both exciting and difficult. There are some challenges that every teen experiences. These include:

-Changing Brains
-Changing Bodies
-Strong Emotions
-Understanding Yourself
-Developing a Value System
-Changing Friendships
-Barriers to Social Success

We know from our experience as social coaches that everyone is “friend-able.” Sometimes a teen need a little support or advice to make that happen. We had real teens help us with writing the tips in this book. This book builds on the tips that we talked about in our Amazon best-selling book for younger kids, How to Make & Keep Friends: Tips for Kids to Overcome 50 Common Social Challenges. For tweens or younger teens, the end of our first book and the beginning of this one will be the right developmental combination of tips.

The book is meant to be used as a reference guide. We did not intend for it to be read cover to cover. Teens can easily flip to the section they want to know more about and read only the parts that will be interesting and helpful them as an individual or for a specific situation. There is a total of 500 immediately actionable tips for teens to use. We have sections that cover:

-Personal Hygiene
-Building Self-Confidence
-Managing Strong Feelings
-Being Excluded, Ignored or Rejected
-Considering Another’s Point of View
-Conflicts and Disagreements
-Online Presence and Gaming
-Interviews and Appointments
-Accepting Criticism
-Dating and Sexuality
-And much, much more!

Can My Dinosaur Say Thank You?: (Dinosaur Childrenâ??s Books, Thanksgiving Books, Baby Books, Kidâ??s Books, Ages 3-5, Picture Book, Bedtime Story, Manner Book, Story Book) (Can My Dinosaur …? Book 1)

by Emily Joys

Saying thank you is easy and fun with this joyful children’s picture book about a dinosaur named Stan who is doing his best to be polite whenever day or night.

Can he say thank you to his friend for sharing a candy, to his grandpa for a birthday present, to his granny for a tasty meal, to his aunt for a warm hug or to his mom and dad for a story they read? The answer to this question you can find in this touching thanksgiving picture book answered in a child-friendly way with captivating and rhyming refrain inviting kids to join in the story.

Brimming with colorful and engaging illustrations, here is a playful bedtime book with a great message about the importance of gratitude.

Help your kid learn how to be polite with this hilarious story all about saying thanks.

The Lost Baby Elephant

by Diana Kanan

When a thirsty baby elephant awakes to find the herd fast asleep he decides to find the waterhole on his own. Now, lost and scared on the jungle trail, Nambi wishes he would have listened to his mother’s rule about staying with the herd.

Building A Happy Puppyhood With Bonding Engaging Lessons: Puppy Training For First-Time Dog Owners

by Andrei Tertz

People of different ages, young and old, will love having a dog or a pup around. They even treat them as their best friend. Nevertheless, you must also think of the possible consequences that come with owning one. Effective Dog Training is necessary for your dog and you should understand you have to make an effort to socialize your dog. You have to expose your dog to the outside world, so that it will not intimidate other people. There are dog-training techniques you can follow so that you can handle it easily and knowing these techniques all will make effective dog training easier to manage. Over here in this book, we’ll teach you how. Indeed by practicing the easy-to-follow step by step guidelines explained in the art of effective dog training, diligently, and with consistency, your dog will come to recognize you as the alpha dog in no time.

Book Content Includes:

Chapter 1 – Varieties of Effective Dog Training Methods

Chapter 2 – Dog Training: Everything You Need to Know

Chapter 3 – Six Commands Every Dog Should Know

Chapter 4 – Five Key Dog Behavior Factors That Affect Training

Chapter 5 – Reward Training – Easy, Fun, and Effective

Chapter 6 – How To Do Obedience Training For Your Dog

Chapter 7 – Dog Training Aids: The Leading Dog Training Methods Revealed

Chapter 8 – Types of Dog Training Programs: The Best (and Worst)

Chapter 9 – Training Your Dog at Home: Save Thousands of Dollars on Dog Training

Baby, the Cow

by Susan D.

Different from the start, but brave enough to be nomal

Harry Potterâ??s Cookbook: Magical Collection of Culinary Wonders Mouthwatering, Flavorful Dishes that Both Muggles and Magical Folk Alike Can Delight Over!

by Anthony Boundy

This book is filled with a collection of delightful recipes that are constantly enjoyed by the Magical folk attending Hogwarts. Now, instead of just watching your favorite magical folk dining on these mouthwatering dishes, you too can delight on the magical flavors! You can create this collection of Harry Potter’s culinary delights right in the comfort of your own home!

Harry’s recipes are easy and simple to follow and prepare. If you were planning a Harry Potter theme party for example, you could use many of these recipes to serve to your party guests! I can assure you that they will certainly delight your guest’s taste-buds to no end, resulting in your theme party being a great success!

Or perhaps you want to have a couple of friends over to share your magical treats withâ??perhaps a couple of friends that are also Harry Potter fans! However, or wherever you decide to serve these dishes will be entirely up to you. The main thing is that you can experience many dishes that your favorite magical folk do, bringing your connection to them and their magical world all the closer and real!

Finding Santa: The Adventure of Greedy Elf

by Ellie Elf

A Reading With Your Kids Certified Great Read.
What happens when one of Santa’s elves doesn’t want to share anymore?
Using magic, Greedy Elf shrinks Santa and takes over Santa’s workshop. Solve the clues that a pixie leaves behind and break the spell. Told by Ellie Elf, Santa’s photographer, her story illustrates the transforming power of love.
Join Santa, Greedy Elf, Winter Wizard, Lucy and the rest of the gang and see the North Pole in a new way.
This 34 page picture book is 8.5 x 11 and is available in both print and Kindle versions.
Add one to your cart and join the adventure.

Luisa: La casa de mujeres (Spanish Edition)

by Mito Bessalel

This book describe the life y ayudas de caridad

Grizzly Island: Calamity Creek Mysteries 5

by Jan Pierson

When Zack and Rachel Granger are caught in a sudden storm, they find themselves stranded on a remote island somewhere in the Canadian Gulf Islands off the coast of British Columbia. Grizzly bear warnings force them to find shelter in an old lighthouse, but wailing winds in the tower and a secret tunnel beneath the creaking floorboards lure them toward something even more dangerous than the grizzly. Can they escape in time?

The Revolting Vegetables

by Mr Meal

* WARNING* – Some children will EAT vegetables having read this book

As every parent knows, getting children to eat and enjoy vegetables can be tiresome. Enter Mr Meal! He’s here to teach young ones all about vegetables through a humorous story, which sees the greens ending up being the coolest dudes in the fridge. The Revolting Vegetables has been test-read at numerous schools and on every occasion children had no trouble grasping the message inherent in this simple story – and they loved the cartoon-style illustrations.

Healthy Guide Magazine Review:

‘Bruce the Brussels Sprout, Bella Broccoli, Oscar Onion, Leo the Leek along with baby Kenny the Carrot want to be liked as much as the cool Potatoes. “The potatoes were very popular – they had motorbikes, girlfriends and played in a band.”
Fed up with being ignored, the vegetables revolt and demand to be chosen for dinner – before being told by Penelop-pea that the Potatoes had just been jealous all along! The Potatoes “Would love to have Bella’s tasty stalks or Leo’s yummy leavesâ?¦ They all agree you guys are the healthiest vegetables in the fridge!”

Kids love the bright cartoon-like illustrations and the simple messages about friendship, accepting others – and eating vegetables!

Precious Moments

by Sandra Elizabeth Gopaul

Children’s prayer book

THE SNAIL WHO FORGOT THE MAIL: Teach your kid patience (Bedtime stories Children’s book Book 1)

by Sigal Adler

Teach your child patience !!!
“You forgot the mail?!?!”
The king yelled at the snail.
But the snail stayed as calm as could be.
He was not afraid of the king, you see.
He knew where the gift was; he knew what to do.
The monsters learned that patience pays off too.
We are all familiar with the phenomenon of children wanting everything “here and now”. This story describes just such a situation. I hope you and your children will enjoy it and learn from it.

Diary of a Minecraft Lone Wolf (Dog) – Book 2: Unofficial Minecraft Diary Books for Kids, Teens, & Nerds – Adventure Fan Fiction Series (Skeleton Steve … Diaries Collection – Dakota the Lone Wolf)

by Skeleton Steve

Love MINECRAFT? **Over 17,000 words of kid-friendly fun!**
This high-quality fan fiction fantasy diary book is for kids, teens, and nerdy grown-ups who love to read epic stories about their favorite game!

Dakota the lone wolf isn’t alone anymore.

In fact, life is good! With his new alpha, Steve, and his new pack mates, Rex and Winter, the young wolf is really loving his life in the village! What a change from his old like with his pack in the forest, and the nightmare of being on the run from the Glitch!

But peaceful times are interrupted one night when a strange storm causes a massive explosion in town, and Steve takes the three wolves down into the caves under the village to help recover a lost villager child! Will Dakota and his friends be able to protect their new alpha from undead monsters deep underground? And what happens if they get lost??

Love Minecraft adventure??

Read Book 2 of the Lone Wolf now!

Join the Skeleton Steve Club! Check out my main website for details–it’s in the book!
(Get free Minecraft goodies, tips, books, maps, skins, seeds, and more!)

Author’s Note: This is an unofficial Minecraft book. Minecraft is a registered trademark of, and owned by, Mojang AB, and its respective owners, which do not approve, endorse, sponsor, or authorize this book.
Minecraft®/TM & © 2009-2016 Mojang AB/Notch

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My Friends the Kittens: Cute kitten photos for all (Children Books Book 1)

by A. Suárez

Cute and quality photos for children and grown ups alike.

Interesting facts about cats.

Enjoy showing children this book and increase your bonds.

Children books. Kittens books. Cat book.

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