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The Ghost Maker: Book One of the LaVaigne Mysteries

by Kara Lane Barstow

Daphne LaVaigne has been seeing ghosts her whole life. Being the youngest daughter of a wealthy and famous family, she has always fought to hide her gift. However, a vacation with her boyfriend to his hometown makes it impossible for her to hide her gift. After all, what is she supposed to do when faced with a ghost of a girl no one knows is dead?

Baby Girl: an urban fiction novel

by Smokey Moment

Bang! Bang! Bang!
Shots rang out and echoed in the night. The assailant walked away and looked back once. She walked away cool and calm, vanishing into the night. She had stopped running. In her mind, he deserved it. All she could see, as she pulled the trigger, was the look on his face when he was assaulting her over and over. All she could think of in that moment, was the fact that he would never get the chance to kill another woman’s spirit. Killing her spirit was the same as her dying.
Ursula felt dead. She had nothing to live for, except for the other young women who were being victimized daily by June and his crew. But June and the five men who attacked her unknowingly picked the wrong victim that day just a few years prior. The trauma and injury inflicted upon her by the men proved too much, and her resilient and tough exterior crumbled under the strain. Things went from bad to worse when June and his crew take the life of someone near and dear to her. She emerges from her depression as all bets are off and she hastily returns to where it all began. Ursula hits the streets, determined to seek revenge on those responsible and to take back a neighborhood gripped in fear.

Will Ursula be victorious in her war against six evil and diabolical men? Will she survive the war she wages or will she fall victim to its mean streets? Will a detective who has a lot to lose, risk it all to get the answers he desperately seeks? Will his partner catch an elusive criminal as the clues pile up? Find out in this gripping, well written page turner.

A novel about loyalty, drugs, sex and murder!

Read along in this gritty, raw street tale about a woman who decides to take on a group of dangerous, arrogant and heartless criminals.

The Death in Room 33

by Chuck Zander

What do you do if your patient died…but his hospital room won’t stop calling you?

Elise Webber was on duty when Andrew Kerrigan, the local recluse, died. Now his room won’t stop calling the nursing station. She watched him die. He is still lying in his bed, waiting for the funeral home.

Why is his room calling? What will make it stop?

A short story- 5000 words

The First (A John Smith Thriller)

by Glen Kenner

The first page hits you like a deadly punch to the throat and never lets up!

John Smith is a First, one of a few men that walk among us seemingly as normal as anyone, but with a secret so unimaginable that their very existence is a threat to humanity. But times are changing and the Firsts are eager to live openly and take their rightful place in the world once again. The only thing stopping them is John, who has seen the best and worst of all of mankind and knows that some truths are best kept secret. He has kept his own life simple and unassuming because he knows it’s the only way to stay out of the system and under the radar of world governments, secret organizations, and assassins alike. But when an old enemy shows up on the same day that a beautiful young woman needs his help, John quickly finds himself in the fight of his life against elite hit squads, ruthless psychopathic murders, and a black-ops cutting-edge technology that was specifically designed to track down him and other Firsts like him, all while trying to unravel the mystery of this new woman in his life without getting her killed and keeping her from killing anyone who doesn’t deserve it. From the American Midwest to Syria and Paris, John Smith is both predator and prey, but he can no longer survive on his own, and so with the help of the only people he hopes he can trust and more luck than he deserves, he faces down his fears and takes on his enemies the only way he knows how: with everything he’s got.

Cards of Love: Seven of Swords: An Enemies-to-Lovers Romantic Suspense

by JJ Knight

He stole the treasure. She got him in the jewels.
Last night I accomplished the single largest heist of my life — the surviving swords of King Arthur’s Round Table. They are worth $140 million.

I celebrate the usual way, calling my favorite escort service to send a glorious dark-haired beauty.

This call girl is like none other. She’s passionate and wild, and I want to keep her for myself.

I’ve stolen some of the greatest jewels known to man. This mere woman should be no issue.

But in the morning, she is gone.

And so are my swords.

I know when I’ve met my match. But make no mistake, I will find her.

When I am done, both the swords and her lying, thieving body will be mine.

SEVEN OF SWORDS is a standalone enemies-to-lovers romantic suspense by USA Today bestselling author JJ Knight. It is part of the Cards of Love series, over thirty standalone books by top romance authors.

The Garden

by Jameson Kowalczyk

A romantic thriller filled with action and suspense, and punctuated with moments of gruesome horror.

Eighteen-year-old Kat came to the U.S. to work as a nanny for an American family. Four thousand miles from home, she found new friends, new freedoms, and a new love interest. A boy named Jake. Dark hair, blue eyes, a little bit older than her.

But terrible things lurk in the shadows of Kat’s new life. A squad of professional psychopaths is stalking the American family she works for and when Kat crosses their path, she becomes their next target.

Soon Kat is fighting for her life, and even though Jake is by her side, she learns that her new crush is hiding a dark secret far more deadly than the men who want to kill herâ??an otherworldly evil locked behind a wall of iron and stone, waiting to be fed, waiting for a chance to escape.


by Samuel Parker

Having forfeited his youth to the state prison system, Michael moved back to the only home he’d ever known. An empty shell of a man who now lived–if it could be called living–in the still vacant house of his parents in a town with one stoplight. A town that hated him. Had always hated him. And was ready to pick up where the prison system had let off.

Now he’s on the run from men who’ve tried to kill him once; but Michael is more than an ex-con. A powerful, sinister force creeps inside him, threatening and destructive. Who–and what–it will destroy next is the only real question. From the bold voice that brought readers down Purgatory Road comes a new pulse-pounding, spine-rattling tale of vengeance and justice that will have them up all night.


by Keiron Cosgrave

How far would you go to keep a promise?


The line between a killer and his victim can be a fine oneâ?¦

Join Detective Inspector Alan Wardell and his team in the Major Crime Unit, as he seeks to answer the eternal question – what makes a killer?

Story synopsis

After Kate and best friend Rose take revenge on their abuser at boarding school, their lives become macabrely connected forever.

The years pass. Kate’s father reveals a decades old secret. The paper-thin veneer of middle class respectability fractures. A childhood promise is stretched to breaking. A family implodes.

When Kate’s father is found murdered, DI Alan Wardell unravels a complex web of desire, betrayal and greed. More family members are murderedâ?¦


Promises, Promises is an absorbing, fast-paced, murder mystery. A dark noir of raw emotion featuring contemporary themes, well observed characters, and a beautifully crafted plot, set in stunning Yorkshire locations.

Can you identify the killer before Wardell and the thrilling climax?

Once started, you’ll find this FIRST IN SERIES DEBUT NOVEL (#bepartofthejourney) impossible to put down.


***** “A gripping read from the off â?¦ a great plot full of twists and turns â?¦ highly recommended”

***** “I’m a Martina Cole fan and I got the same high â?¦ loved it.”

***** “Amazing read with a great storyline â?¦ I couldn’t put it down! A proper whodunit”

***** “Promises delivered.”

***** “Twists and turns in every chapter â?¦ I really enjoyed this and cannot wait for the next one!”

***** “A brilliant read”

Also available in the gripping series of British crime novels featuring DI Alan Wardell:



These books are perfect for readers of: Ian Rankin, Peter Robinson, Adam Croft, Val McDermid, Joy Ellis, Martina Cole and Kimberly Chambers.

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