Free poetry Kindle books for 16 Nov 18

The Journey To Happiness: My Life- In Poetry

by Sarah Battison

The Journey To Happiness is a poignant account of overcoming hardships through various forms of poetic expression. Within the book the writer shares some of the worst and best life experiences in the hope of providing support, encouragement and motivation in order to help and to inspire others

REDEMPTION: A Sacred Renditions


This Chapbook details a man’s struggles from the world of sin and iniquity which plunged him into a state of depression until He found salvation and He answered a higher calling

Love and Other Colours: Poems

by Mark Hamilton

A collection of poetry covering everything from love and relationships to work and money, and from spirituality and nature to parenting and friendship – and a little bit of football too. The poems are accessible and readable – you’ll be able to understand them first time rather than scratching your head over them as if reading a cryptic crossword clue! They are lyrical and reflective, I hope, and have a philosophical bent. This is my second collection after publishing The Arsenal and Other Poems in 2014 (also available on Amazon). I have had a number of poems published in poetry magazines (Acumen, Chimera, Outposts etc) and an anthology. I think everyone can enjoy poetry even if they don’t know it! I hope you may enjoy these…

More than Bread

by Marya Layth

This book is for the dreamer and the realist. The skeptic and the believer. The seeker and the sought.

Marya Layth invites you to sit beneath the night sky with a girl who catches the attention of a star. Poems interweave through the interaction between the unlikely pair, revealing the story of a heart that aches, a heart that awes, a heart that wonders why…a heart like yours.

More than Bread boldly and whimsically explores the duality of human nature through an illustrated tale of poetry and prose.

Microstories: (English Version)

by Adrián Gonella

Poems about the life, death, love and time.

“Esta compilación de poemas comprende tanto percepciones y pensamientos que azotan nuestro espíritu como contenidos que, trivialmente, como la gran mayoría de los asuntos, pueden pasar a segundo plano.”

Dancing to Songs About Death

by Summer Doles Warner

One part poetry, another part memoir, Dancing to Songs About Death is Summer Doles Warner’s literary debut. With poems and pieces of prose separated not by chapters, but by sections named after specific phobias â?? from the fear of everything to the fear of death â?? Dancing to Songs About Death uniquely explores such emotionally resonating themes as anxiety, grief, childhood, adulthood, and the old, familiar ticking of the passing of time.

Lyrical, relatable, poignant, and achingly honest, Dancing to Songs About Death is an album of words and feelings for the person who isn’t afraid of dancing in life’s darkest shadows.

From Melancholic to Catastrophic (Revised Book 2)

by Melissa Ann Meade

These are poems that were written throughout the past ten years of my adult life. It is an eclectic representation of situations that I have gone through.

Meditation: A Short Collection of Poems

by Kae Reed

Following one woman’s journey as she finds herself.

* * *

She moves through life in silence:
each morning greeted in
each evening closed with

In between, she gathers wisdom:
of her forebearers,
their trials, their journeys,
absorbing everything into her

And with ochre
covered fingertips, she imprints
the walls of her home
with blurred images
and memories.

While in her dreams, she dances
to the beat of an ancient drum:
swinging her beaded hips
as she stamps the earth
with bare feet.

You Are Not Alone

by Ashley Mikle

You are not alone. Trust me, we’ve all been there before. Or at least someone has. It feels like there is no way out and everything is falling apart. It starts to get depressing just to do the things you once loved. What happened to your joy? Where did it go? When will it return? What we fail to realize is that God was, is, and will always be right there with us even if we knew it or not. These poems are the proof that you are not alone. This is just a portion of my poetic testimony of how I got my joy back even though I thought it was gone forever.

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