Free politics and current events Kindle books for 16 Nov 18

Free Time: How Your Dumb Job Is Killing You, From Epicurus, Marx, and Thoreau

by Patrick Allers

This book will change the way you see work.

For example, did you know that 12,000 years ago hunter-gatherers thrived without a boss lording over them? That’s right. They overcame terrible conditions and split up all the proceeds equally. But things have changed. Your boss makes more money than you. You can work twice as hard, but he’ll always make more. Those are the “rules.” People like you and me lost out. We’re pinned beneath layers of useless jobs.

When it did things fall apart? This book answers those questions like, “When did humans begin obsessing over time?” “Why is alienation built into the economic system?” And, ” What would a fair job even look like?

With this info, you’ll be able to defeat social pressure for good. You’ll be able to leave your job and see for once for once for all, just how bad it’s hurting you.

Other books suggest “priming” or vision boards to deal with modern problems. Not this book. This book lays out the facts. None of this is natural. And we’re suffering because of a huge transition 10,000 years ago.

Thousands of people have benefited from my videos. And now this book can help you too. You need Free Time to be happy. So let’s get started.

Cindy Hyde-Smith and Public Hangings as a Spectator Sport (second edition)

by Howard Bitterman

What is ridiculous is when a person emits a loud malodorous fart in public and then claims it doesn’t smell. I’ve added some paragraphs concerning Phil Bryant, abortion and the race card in southern electoral politics.

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