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God’s Tribe: A dystopian tale of redemption

by L.J. Nance

A PG – Mad Max meets Divergent with a Christian theme.
In an America destroyed by war and sunk in depravity, scavenger Paul is rescued by Rebecca, a member of the Believer Tribe, and needs healing in both body and soul. Will she be able to overcome the turmoil about her own path of service as well as her feelings for Paul, and lead him to the truth of the Gospel before his radical ideas disrupt the tribe and threaten their evangelical mission?

Amish Secret Love: An Amish Romance Story

by Elizabeth Carter

Joshua had left for Rumspringa and he considers not returning after he meets a woman who shows him all that her world has to offer. When his father suddenly passes away, he is forced to return and take over the family farm.

Miriam has secretly loved Joshua ever since she was a little girl and now that he’s back she clings onto the hope that he will seek her hand in marriage.

Can Joshua move past what he could have had, and see what’s in front of him? Will Miriam be able to love this man knowing that his heart is set on another?

This is a standalone romance short story ending HEA!

God Is For REEL: A Why You and How To Guide for Using the Arts to Speak to the Heart!

by Shonda Carter

“No-one cares! Why even bother?”

Are you a creative Christian who wonders where or even if you even fit into Gods’ plan?

Do you worry that there is no room for your creativity in your ministry?

Have you tried to bring your artistic side to your ministry only to experience confusion and rejection?

Combining the creative arts and ministry can produce something truly amazing. Done correctly and in the right spirit, both sides of your calling can be of great use and inspiration. Church leaders are discovering that keeping ministry and the creative process separated is that both worlds lose. The world loses a missionary and the church loses a visionary.

God Is For REEL is simply this: a clear understanding of what creativity truly means for Christian who desire to do Gods work but struggle with the uncertainty on how to move forward with their gifts.

An Ode to the Word: A Collection of Poems Based on the Word of God

by Alice William

An Ode to the Word is a collection of 31 poems inspired by the word of God referenced in God’s word. Bible highlights God’s word as living and powerful, (Hebrews 4:12) immutable and anchored (Matthew 5:18). As Alice set out to write this series of poems, she realized how much importance the Scripture holds for God’s word. Each poem was born out of a different verse or a passage that emphasizes an aspect of God’s word. The one-word titles on each poem signify an action or attribute drawn from the verse itself, sparking your curiosity and inviting you to a deeper experience with the Word of God.

The English Doctor’s Love : A Clean Amish and Doctor Romance Story

by Alexis Fernando

The English Doctor’s Love is a spellbinding, clean romance where the fate of one Amish family is turned upside down and changed forever. When a tragic accident occurs, everyone involved has to make hard decisions about their future.

Thomas Hedulund must choose between the life of an adventurist and rebellious playboy, or true love. He must also choose between two women that he has grown to love. Can the English doctor overcome his past to learn to live again? Will has character flaws relegate him to a life of meaningless encounters or will his inner good nature rise to embrace love?

Only time and circumstance can save the English doctor from himself. Learn how the fate of one Amish family is touched by the English doctor’s presence and how the lives of two Amish girls become intertwined with the lives of two English doctors. Will they choose to continue living an Amish life, or will they give up family and community for the sake of love? All of these questions and more are answered in the English Doctor’s Love.

A standalone short story ending Happily Ever After and unlimited reading with Kindle Unlimited!

Unbalanced: Searching for Truth Between Religion and Culture (and Really Good Mexican Food)

by Jonathan Tony

We live in a world of extreme polarization. We are constantly bombarded with opinions and arguments. As a result, church culture can become segregated from the rest of the world.

But Jesus walked on both sides of the dividing line. He spoke with religious people, and he ate with town rejects. What if God’s truth is somewhere between the division?

Unbalanced takes a close look at what we’ve separated over, what the church has gotten right and wrong, and where Jesus stands in the middle of it all.

Chapter Titles:

Inside Outside: Why I’m Nervous at the Circus

Don’t Mess with the Formula: How the Top Two Greatest Albums Almost Never Happened

Silent Monk Screams: Why Some Pain Sticks Around Longer

Hollywood Moses: Why Christian Movies are So Terrible

My Public Meltdowns: What Types of People Belong in Church

Chili’s, Bennigan’s, and Other Places I Wasn’t Allowed To Go: How My Mom Conquered Her Fear of Bar-and-Grills

Zacchaeus: How God Burst My Church Bubble

Church in a Bar: How Jesus and John the Baptist Were Complete Opposites and Completely Alike

The Exaggerated Battles of American Christians: What is the Best Form of Protest?

Identity Crisis: Who does the Perfect Christian Looks Like?

Full House Lied to Me: Why I Can’t Run Away from Home

God Did It: How I Deal with Atheists, Science, and Questions

Hamster Prison Break: Why We Have Trouble with Freedom

Behind Burned Doors: When My Grandma Dropped the Mic

Please Like Me: When What You Didn’t Know Existed Becomes What You Can’t Live Without

Stick of Dynamite: What Side is Jesus On?

Zen: Teach Me Everything I Need To Know About Zen In 30 Minutes (Zen Buddhism – Meditation – Breathing – Yoga)

by 30 Minute Reads

Discover All the Secrets About Zen Buddhism in Just 30 Minutes

* * *LIMITED TIME OFFER! 50% OFF! (Regular Price $5.99)* * *

Zen May Be the Answer You’ve Been Searching For!

Zen Buddhism is commonly misunderstood, and this is because people do not understand how Zen is different than Buddhism. It is often seen as a religion when it is not, and this sets people up to misunderstand what Zen can be and how it can be incorporated into your life. Zen can be used in conjunction with other religions, but it is more concerned about the present. Zen is something that is a way of life and healthy habits.

Zen is not meant to answer the philosophical questions that many people struggle with, like other religions. Zen is meant to bring you peace and happiness, as well as self-awareness. This is why people practice Zen Buddhism, and it can leave you both happier and healthier than you were before. It can boost your confidence and center your mind and body. Zen brings a sense of peace that many people have yet to experience.

7 Reasons to Buy This Book

1.This book will teach you what Zen Buddhism really means and how it is different than Buddhism as a whole.
2.Inside this book you will learn a little bit about how Zen is more of a philosophy than a religion.
3.This book shows you that Zen can be incorporated into everyday life and how it can help you to find peace.
4.Inside this book you will find some of the answers of the most commonly asked questions about Zen and its principles.
5.You’ll find out how to start on your journey to living a Zen life in this book, along with tips and techniques.
6.This book shows you how Zen influenced different cultures, such as Japanese culture.
7.Inside this book you will learn the true meaning of the statue of Buddha and how to follow his teachings.

What You’ll Know from “Zen”

-Essential Information about Zen Buddhism
-12 Quick Hit Facts about Zen
-The 10 Important Things You Need to Know about Zen
-7 Crucial Benefits of Practicing Zen
-Frequently Asked Questions about Zen & Practicing Zen
-A Bit about Zen Buddhist Beliefs
-Final Thoughts on Zen

Want to Know More?

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Dreams: 101 Hidden Interpretations of Your Most Mysterious Dreams (The Dream Analysis and Interpretation Series Book 2)

by Victoria Lane

How to Unlock the Secret Meanings Behind Your Most Mysterious Dreams

In the book “Dreams – 101 Hidden Interpretations of Your Most Mysterious Dreams” author Victoria Lane will break down the true meaning behind what it is you dream about.

We have compiled a list of 101 of the most common dreams people have around the world, and will provide you a detailed analysis of each one of them.

Never will you need to wonder again why someone is chasing you or why you are falling off a cliff in your dreams. We unravel that mystery as well as many others inside this comprehensive book.

Whats Inside


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The Amish Fence: A collection of Amish Romance

by Sarah Lewis

A collection of Amish Romance
THE AMISH FENCE – Rachel is a young Amish woman who is determined not to become like her parents who married each other out of obligation rather than love. She has a crush on a young man in town and she thinks he feels the same way until he inexplicably announces that he is to marry one of her rivals. As if that wasn’t an insult enough, the bishop wants her to plan the wedding! Will the two realize they are meant for each other before it is too late?

Mandy Hostetler is a young Amish woman that is a bit unconventional, she is the best in her town at both best at both baseball and baking pies…as well as being a sought for beauty. But Mandy has a broken past and has vowed to remain single. This draws the shame and ire of her family and friends alike. A young English doctor comes to town, however, and pays a few house visits in the community. He is educated in the ways of the Amish and has sought this line of work because he, too, has spurned the idea of a marital relationship. A freak accident to Mandy’s grandmother places the two of them together and over time, the spark of attraction grows… But will their stubborn determination to remain single cost them both the chance to know true love?






Besetting sins can even be traced back to the patriarch Abraham when he lied to the pharaoh that his wife was his sister, and his son Isaac also continue the family legacy of lying too and eventually Jacob who was called the swindler took the baton. So lying began to run in the bloodline of Abraham it became a besetting sin. For Abraham’s bloodline it was lying but it might be different for yours – so thus below I will outline 10 prayer points against repeated and besetting sins.

What Now?: A Young Adult’s Practical, Spiritual, and Somewhat Unusual Guide to Finding God’s Will

by Hannah Duggan

From bestselling devotional author, Hannah Duggan, comes a 10-week Bible study for the young adult asking the question, “What now?”

As young adults, we question every decision. We live in the fear that our futures will crash and burn. We’re terrified of messing up and missing out. Our lives are characterized by hard questions, and we’re disillusioned with cliché answers.

But what if I told you that you’re right where God wants you? What if I told you that He’s not afraid of your hard questions? What if I told you that God’s will is right front of you?

What Now? is equipped with practical tools, spiritual breakthroughs, and somewhat unusual tips on how to find directionâ??not just for our futuresâ??but in every area of our lives. If we dared to live the life God offers us, we could:

  • Abandon our insecurities
  • Break free of the lies that deny us our destiny
  • Forge relationships that last
  • Take on the future fearlessly

The greatest revivals in history started with a few young adults who took God at His Word. There is no end to what He can do when we’re brave enough to ask Him, “What Now?”

Early Church Father Series: St. Clement of Rome

by Greg Gordon

Today in the Body of Christâ??especially within evangelicalism and other modern expressions of the Churchâ??there is an increasingly urgent need to reconnect with the foundational precepts of the “faith once for all delivered to the saints.”

Many are asking questions such as, “What did the original, early disciples of the Lord Jesus believe?”and, “How did they worship?” This Early Church Father Series, seeks to shed light on the answers to questions such as these by presenting some of the earliest authentic Christian writings outside of the New Testament.

The Genesis One Code: Harmonizing the biblical Genesis creation account with scientific theory and observation showing convergence between modern science and religion. (Inspired Studies Book 1)

by Daniel Friedmann

Readers’ Favorite 2013 International Book Award Winner.
Were the heavens and the earth created 6,000 years ago, as the Biblical Genesis Creation account suggests? Or, did the universe expand into existence nearly 14 billion years ago from a spontaneous “Big Bang” as modern science has described? Both dates cannot be right. Or can they?
Imagine medieval manuscripts, written some 800 years ago, that could help us decipher Genesis chapter 1 and thereby pinpoint exactly when the universe began – an instant squaring, moreover, with our most up-to-date scientific cosmological theories. Further, suppose these same manuscripts could help us extract from Genesis unequivocal timelines for the development of life on Earth, again precisely as identified by the latest scientific evidence derived from the fossil record. The Genesis One Code carefully examines the relationship between scientific theory and biblical teachings. The book approaches the origins debate from a fresh perspective informed by both scientific and spiritual research. The book demonstrates an alignment between the dates of key events as described in Genesis 1 and 2 with those derived from scientific theory and observation. This alignment provides a compelling perspective deserving of thoughtful consideration.
In this book Friedmann:
� places the 6-day creation account side by side with the 13.8 billion year timeline for the development of the universe from science
� shows that texts predating modern science described the Big Bang and contained the right age of the universe
� shows that the appearance of life on earth as depicted by the fossil record matches Genesis chapter 1 in sequence and timing and sheds new light on the creation vs. evolution debate.
� explains that Genesis events are within the laws of nature and thus explainable by the scientific process, as we have discovered- with three exceptions
� the three exceptions match the largest unanswered question in science today and are ex-nihilo creation events unexplainable by the scientific process

Hearts on Fire : Amish and Firefighter Romance

by Miranda Stewart

This heartbreaking story begins with danger and suspense but ends with compassion, romance, and true love. The plight of the Amish Johannsen family follows a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs but love wins out in the end. The story covers interesting societal issues that anyone can relate to. Follow the trajectory of these young people’s lives as they make their way through loss, growing up, and reaching adulthood. A cast of interesting characters come in and out of the Johannsens’ lives as romantic love grows alongside great friendships.

Hearts on Fire has dynamic relationships at many different ages, from siblings and peers, children and adults, and adults of varying age. Get caught up in a mystery with a surprising twist on who the guilty parties are and the motive for the crime. Our firefighter hero is young, handsome, and Amish! He finds himself entangled in an unfolding drama with the woman that he loves but she doesn’t know he’s alive.

Can he save the lovely young woman before it’s too late, or will her drama bring an end to his life as he knows it? This great story with a happy ending will make you want to fall in love with our hero, too.

A standalone short story ending Happily Ever After and unlimited reading with Kindle Unlimited!



When evil thoughts enter the soul realm they become very compelling and this is one thing a lot of people do not understand! Man is a spirit, he has a soul and lives in a body. So thus when the enemy prevails in controlling the spirit and the soul he then has power to dictate to the victim however he likes and whenever he likes. The person becomes his property in entirety and this is why a lot of people kill themselves because the voice that is controlling their very being has commanded them to do so!


by Cameron Nolan

About the Book
This book is exceptional in its class, it drives our awareness towards the tremendous powers God has given to us his children to conquer every single obstacle the come our way as believers. There are Christians who are on the verge of being crushed by the evil one because they lack the awareness of the power of God in their lives. Obstacles are quite numerous and varied for individuals. For example, there are obstacles of sin, bareness, fear, limitations, obstacles of faithlessness etc. This book coaches you on strategies for overcoming whatever obstacles that may want to restrict you from achieving a purpose.
There is a Jericho in the life of every Christian. For you the make progress and expand your coast you must first bring down that Jericho that stands in front of you.
Let’s take a glance at some of the mouthwatering packages in this book:
– The invasion strategy of overcoming obstacles
– The tactics to adopt in bringing down every Jericho in your life
– How to identify the walls of Jericho in your life
– How to break strongholds in your life
– How to claim your blessings
– How to motivate yourself and increase your faith
– Prayers and declarations
– And lots more
The simple truth is that you can’t afford to let this book slip through your fingers; ensure you get a copy for yourself.

About the Author
Cameron Nolan is a believer who has a passion for evangelization and cares for God’s people. He has held several motivational talks in his parish and has a passion for delivering the faith to the younger generation.

For further inquiries, you can reach me via [email protected] Thank you

A Beginners Guide To Choosing The Right Yoga For You: My Signature Yoga Pose

by Emma Beck

The word yoga is often interpreted as “union” or a method of discipline from the Sanskrit word “yuj” (to yoke or bind). A male practitioner is called a yogi, a female practitioner, a yogini. Yoga is generally understood as a process of unification. This unification is multifaceted. In one dimension, it is a unification of the various systems that exist within the human being including the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual systems.

We will be giving you a rundown of several mainstream practices of yoga which are derived from the tradition of yogic spirituality. These traditions of yoga are as young as 500 years and as old as several thousand. While there are many modern practices of yoga which have been defined by various teachers, the systems we will be discussing are traditional systems which have been in existence throughout many generations.

Find out what your signature yoga pose is with a clearer idea of the various different kinds there are in this world. Fall in love with the yoga and with yourself simultaneously as you come to discover parts of yourself within a deeper practice.

Book Content Includes:

Chapter 1 – Exploring the Different Types of Yoga

Chapter 2 – Which Type of Yoga is Right For Me?

Chapter 3 – Yoga Is Not Just Fitness

Chapter 4 – Benefits of Practicing Yoga

Chapter 5 – Improve Your Stamina On the Mat and Between the Sheets

Chapter 6 – Yoga for Beginners

Chapter 7 – Best Tips to Staying Safe and Preventing an Injury in Your Yoga Class

Chapter 8 – Yoga Essentials: A Checklist

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