Free science fiction Kindle books for 16 Nov 18

Wayward Guardian (Guardian Saga Book 1)

by Arlin Fehr

Book 2, Guardian of Isolation, available now on the Kindle store. No Hope of Rescue.
No Way Home.
An Enemy Within.

At the very edge of Humanities reach, looming questions that will send ripples through all of space lay unanswered. However the crew of theAzure Dream, a colony ship on a voyage to a new home, have more immediate concerns.

Captain Howard Fredrick didn’t think he had any more missions left in him, but when Axion Data Systems offers him a contract that promises to get his sick wife the treatment she needs, he agrees to take on one last challenge. The mission was anything but routine.

When danger and a never before seen threat risks the lives of everyone on the ship, Captain Howard and his crew must band together and fight for their survival.There is no help coming, no one to rescue them, only their wit, their strength, and their determination will make the difference between making it home, or a cold death in void of space.

Worst of all, not every being on the ship is fighting for the same thing.

I Don’t Want to Die at the DMV: A Diamond Eye Phyllis Tale

by Jennifer Caress

A story from Jennifer Caress’ wild science fiction collection, “Diamond Eye Phyllis, Volume One.” Intergalactic thief Phyllis is no stranger to misadventure, but can she survive a visit to the endlessly unnerving Department of Motor Vehicles?

Coding Lina

by Sean Cahill

Lina Vandark isn’t human. She’s an artificial intelligence and right now she’s as smart as a four-year child. The engineering team at Vandark Software is gearing up for a major release. Optimism is wild. But there’s also fear. Most people on the team think that Lina will lead mankind into a golden age of science, medicine and technology. A few people fear that she will automate too many jobs and thereby upset the global economy and plunge the entire planet into recession, chaos and war.

Impact Event: A Science Fiction Techno-Thriller (Dargo Pearce Chronicles Book 1)

by David N. Frank

A planet destroyed. A galaxy-wide panic. A nefarious plot. And one man searching for truth.

When a terrorist attack wipes out an entire planet and threatens the safety of the known galaxy, the Confederation’s top agent is sent to eliminate the threat.

In the future, humanity has finally conquered faster-than-light travel and expanded to the stars through the use of the Alcubierre warp drive and has colonized nearly a hundred planets under the United Sol Confederation. But the Confed’s brightest scientists never figured out how to mitigate the deadly side effects unleashed whenever a starship returns to sub-light speed.

As a result, a galactic-wide safety net has been put in place on all ships and in all colonized systems called the Planetary Approach Network. In use for over a hundred years and taken for granted as the bedrock of interstellar safety, humanity is thrown into a panic when a ship somehow bypasses it and wreaks global mass destruction on a fringe colony, killing all 20 million inhabitants.

With billions of lives suddenly at risk, elite black-ops operative Dargo Pearce is assigned the task of tracking down and eliminating the threat. Bio-genetically engineered and trained to be one of the deadliest soldiers ever alive, Pearce is now considered a one-man army. For years he has followed orders without question, but as his investigation turns up dastardly betrayals and major holes with the official story he becomes determined to find out the truth.

At any cost.



This collection features twelves short stories that take you from the far-flung future all the way to Ancient Egypt, dealing with themes of depression, obsession, and toast. Often horrific, sometimes comedic each tale shows you something completely different. As well as the shorts, there are also many extra pieces to enjoy: histories of each story, a screenplay for a sitcom and a complete novel.

All the Gods Below (The Arclight Saga, Book 3)

by C. M. Hayden

“A love letter to Patrick Rothfuss and Brandon Sanderson. A detailed world, a thrilling pace. If you’re looking for a new fantasy universe to immerse yourself in, look no further.” -Cristina Mull

Fear no evil. Taro’s journey continues in this world-spanning epic.

Driven mad by the power of the Netherlight, Craetos decimates cities across Arkos. Taro and Kyra are given a special assignment: travel to the dragon city and plead for help in stopping Craetos before he turns his sights on Endra.

Meanwhile, Vexis works to solidify her hold over Helia. With her siblings working against her, she turns to an old friend to navigate the political waters and bring her new empire under control.

Before reading this book, please read Why Dragons Hide, The Reach Between Worlds, and The Stars That Form Us.

THE ARCLIGHT SAGA is a fast-paced, epic fantasy adventure with unique twists on the genre.

Book 0: Why Dragons Hide
Book 1: The Reach Between Worlds
Book 2: The Stars That Form Us
Book 3: All the Gods Below
Book 4: Kingdom of Light

The Frag Prince: A Science-Fiction Fairy Tale

by Andrew K. Lawston

One day an engineer prince dropped a golden multiscan down a blowhole on the frozen surface of his home asteroid. A passing “frag” (an artificial cloned lifeform designed to be imprinted with the genetic blueprint of highly trained soldiers) offered to retrieve it, and in return asked to spend just one night in the prince’s bed.

The classic Grimm fairy tale receives a funny and macabre update in this short story prelude to Andrew K Lawston’s upcoming novel “Voyage of the Space Bastard”.

First published in Grimm & Grimmer: Volume Four (2016).

Neon Lotus

by Marc Laidlaw

A finalist for the 1988 Philip K. Dick award, Neon Lotus is a colorful adventure of Buddhist cosmology set in a futuristic Tibet.

It begins with the assassination of a Tibetan scientist, creator of a “Bardo Device” that tags and follows souls from one life to the next. Identifying this soul’s next incarnation as the daughter of a Swiss-American couple, the murdered scientist’s assistant persuades the reluctant parents that their child has a critical role to play not only in the fate of an oppressed Tibet, but in the liberation of all beings.

Now a young woman, Marianne Strauss embarks on an adventure to restore the relics of an ancient Tibetan idol that is half computer, half divinity. Guided by a virtual goddess, aided by tech-savvy nomads, Marianne uncovers a demonic research program that could unravel realityâ?¦one based on the work of her previous life.

Can she really be responsible for the actions of a former incarnation? Can she finish what was begun by the stranger she used to be, while still being true to herself in this lifetime?

Out of print since its brief appearance as a paperback original, this is Neon Lotus’s first ebook publication.

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