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Alleviate Dry Eye: Your 8 week plan to restore healthy eyes and clear vision.

by Pamela Theriot

Say goodbye to dry eyes. Now is the time to take control and kick dry eye symptoms to the curb. By following the tips in this book and using the recommended tools, you can claim power over your dry eyes. Be like BMC from Louisiana who said, “I don’t feel like I am glued to my eye drop bottle. I used to need my artificial tears every hour, but now I am able to work without fluctuating vision.” In this eight-week journey, Theriot shares her wisdom from years of working with dry eye sufferers. In the first two weeks, she teaches you about dry eyes in general and then helps you identify your specific needs. Once you have a solid understanding of the disease and how it affects you, the rest of the weeks focus on specific tips, tricks, and tools to discovering a new you. Learn to get rid of dry eye symptoms by: Eating healthy foods and staying hydrated Establishing routines to help you get better rest Properly caring for and wearing your contact lenses Wearing the right kind of makeup and applying it safely Setting up a work environment for success Combating seasonal issues Throughout this journey, you will fill out a free downloadable workbook and learn tips that will help you begin to see more clearly without redness, pain, or irritation.

Human Locomotion: The Conservative Management of Gait-Related Disorders

by Thomas C. Michaud

In the course of a year, more than 1.9 million runners will fracture at least one bone and approximately 50% will suffer some form of overuse injury that prevents them from running. Despite the widespread prevalence of gait-related injuries, the majority of health care practitioners continue to rely on outdated and ineffective treatment protocols emphasizing passive interventions, such as anti-inflammatory medications and rest. With more than 1000 references and 530 illustrations, Dr. Michaud s text on human locomotion presents a logical approach to the examination, assessment, treatment and prevention of gait-related injuries. Beginning with a complete review of the evolution of bipedality, this textbook goes on to describe the functional anatomy of each joint in the lower extremity, pelvis, and spine. This information is then related to normal and abnormal motions during the gait cycle, providing the most comprehensive description of human locomotion ever published. Human Locomotion also discusses a wide range of conservative interventions, including a detailed guide to manual therapies, a complete review of every aspect of orthotic intervention, along with illustrated explanations of hundreds of rehabilitative stretches and exercises. The final chapter summarizes state-of-the-art, proven conservative treatment interventions, providing specific protocols for dozens of common gait-related injuries, including Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, stress fractures and hamstring strains. Whether you are a chiropractor, physical therapist, pedorthist or podiatrist, this text provides practical information that will change the way you practice.

Companion Planting: Unlock the Skills of Companion Planting for a Thriving Vegetable, Flower, and Herb Garden (Companion Planting Guide – Your Complete … to Creating the Garden of Your Dreams)

by Aubrey Azzaro

Companion Planting – The Beginners Guide

About the Book: Companion Planting

Companion gardening is the art of growing crops that are interdependent on each other in the same piece of land. Unsurprisingly, the art has been the best way to eradicate pests and diseases from the farm in a non-chemical way. Apart from pests and diseases control, companion gardening reduces chemical intake of substances from farm produce by applying natural means to eliminate the ills and to boost plant health. It is hailed also for reducing the running cost of the garden, increasing crop yield and making the best use of soil by optimizing on all classes of minerals.

This book focuses on how the practice must be done and why everything is done so. To crown it all, since it is a practical DIY book, there is a list of the most common garden crops and their best companions and enemies too.

It will serve as a step by step guide to gardening guide for the beginner and a reference tool for the experienced farmer.

7 reasons to buy this book

1. You will get practical guidelines to do everything companion gardening

2. There is a detailed list of compatible crops at the end of the book

3. The book is focused on practical aspects of the art

4. A myriad of advice concerning the gardening along the way

5. Well documented examples to illustrate all concepts

6. A grounding introduction to gardening essentials for the complete beginner

7. A closing chapter on overcoming tree poisoning

A Preview to Companion Planting:

– Introduction to Companion Gardening

– History of Companion Gardening

– Versions of Companion Gardening

– Benefits of companion planting

– Secondary uses of companion gardening

– Gardening 101, everything you need to know about gardening in general before you dive into companion gardening

– General plants and their role as companion Gardening

– Winning combinations for different main crops

– Allelopathy

– Closing remarks

Start Getting the Benefits of Companion Planting!!

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Companion Planting Unlock the Skills of Companion Planting for a Thriving Vegetable, Flower, and Herb Garden

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Beauty Recipes: DIY – Sexy, Fun, and Age Defying Natural Beauty Recipes for Skin, Hair, Nails, and Face (Beauty doesnâ??t Mean Spending a Fortune – DIY Organic Beauty Recipes)

by Victoria Lane

Beauty doesn’t Mean Spending a Fortune

Maintaining your beauty is not going to happen if you are not willing to put in a bit of work to make it happen. This means that you need to take care of your skin. Along with a healthy diet and exercise there are a number of ways that you can take charge of your skin care routine and get the fresh, vibrant and gorgeous skin that you want.

There are tons of products on the market that can help you with aging, acne, rosacea’s, wrinkles and fine lines, puffy skin and so much more. But, as they say, you get what you pay for, and in order to get products hat really work you must spend what seems like an arm and a leg on them. Until now that is. What would you do if you could maintain the beauty that you desire without forking over such a great amount of money? What if you could also do this with products more natural gentler an without all of the side effects that some of those drug store products bring? It is possible, and if you are ready to make these changes all that it takes is a bit of know how. And we are here to provide you with just that. in the following pages you are in store for a real treat. You will learn how to keep yourself looking gorgeous day in and day out without spending all of this money and risking your health to do it. Many at-home beauty care products can be created quickly and easily if you’re ready to use them. We are here to share with you some of the best. Rather than go to the drugstore to buy a skin care product, buy the ingredients to make your own instead. We have the recipes to make it happen. When the information inside of this book is used it is possible to create some of the very best skin care products around, and they’re all natural and available any time that you want to use them.
here is plenty of great information waiting for you inside of this book.

Take a look at 6 of the great things that can be learned from reading this book.

1.What are at home beauty treatments? Some people have never heard of beauty treatments that you make on your own so we will shed light on this topic first. Once you are finished with this book you will know exactly what home remedies are and how to make a variety of them to use on your skin.
2.Are at home beauty treatments that you make on your own safe? What are the possible side effects? Don’t worry because we have those answers, too.
3.Is there an at home beauty treatment that you can make to treat acne? You better believe there is and we have the recipe that you can whip right up.
4.Should you use a ski mask? Why or why not? We will let you in on the secrets and share great recipes with you.
5.What is butter good for? We will share out secret with you.
6.Can you really make your own shampoos and conditioners? You bet you can and we have several recipes to help get you started.

What Other Readers are Saying

“I have never been a big fan of those drug store creams and solutions. They are so costly and sometimes do nothing for me. This guide has helped me save money along with frustration. There are so many awesome recipes that are easy to make, and I don’t’ need anything extra. They work and my skin has never looked better.” – Karen (Tulsa, OK)

“Nice book with plenty of fun recipes that can be easily made in no time. I am still trying out some of the recipes but form what I have seen so far this is an amazing guide that all of us can benefit from reading.” – Jasmine (Sarasota, FL)

Are You Ready for DIY Beauty Recipes

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DIY Beauty Recipes – Sexy, Fun, and Age Defying Natural Beauty Recipes for Skin, Hair, Nails, and Face

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Renewable Energy Guide Book: Introduction To Popular Alternative Energy Options For A More Sustainable ‘Green’ Lifestyle

by Norman J Stone

Renewable Energy and Alternative energy production is very much hitting the headlines these days; with countries world-wide awakening to the fact that we must do something to protect our own planet, from the destructive nature of our energy production.
In this introductory overview of the energy alternative open to us, Norman J Stone outlines a selection of the â??main contenders’ or choices available at the present time. The whole idea of a â??Carbon Footprint’ is explored, along with Magnetic Energy, Solar Energy, Geo-Thermal Energy, Hydro-Electricity, Biomass Energy, Bio-Diesel Fuel, Wind Turbines and even a brief look at the Nuclear Energy issue.
Full Disclosure:
As this work has been produced in partnership with, most of the material in this book – and much more besides – is also available FOR FREE on the website.

Gravity Advanced Level Physics GCE (Easy JavaScript Simulation Book 2)

by Loo Kang Lawrence Wee

interactive textbook prototype chapter on gravity advanced level physics.
contains many simulations or models on gravity topics such as 2 body orbits, field strength, potential escape velocity, geostationary orbits (may require modern browser), Earth Moon System, Kepler System only available on Java.
many thanks to Open Source Physics/Easy JavaScript Simulations.
based on lectures notes from Yishun Junior College, Singapore.
photo from Leong Tze Kwang.
Licensed Creative Commons Attribution ShareALike CC-BY-SA

Nature’s Way of Measuring: Mathematics of the Hexagonal Plane

by Estel Murdock

Welcome to the third edition. A lot of mistakes were corrected and new information was added.
Introduction: Within a cube forty five degrees from or diagonally from one edge to the opposite edge is a wholly new geometry abandoned by modern mathematicians. It is the hexagonal plane. Starting with making the diagonal of a square unity instead of the square root of two, each side of the square becomes the reciprocal of the square root of two. Using this as a side of a cube, thus allowing the inner hexagonal plane to have unit sides, the volume of the cube becomes 2.828428. Comparing this with the natural volume of 3, there is a conversion factor of the square root of nine compared to eight (nine divided by eight), which is 1.06066. This little gem converts irrational results to rational or whole number units. This book is all about simplifying mathematics. It does away with the Pythagorean Theorem and Pi, for in a hexagonal coordinate system, or sixty degree coordinates, there is no need. The length of a line is simply z = x + y. No roots involved. The volume of a unit sphere is simply 5. For larger spheres, you multiply five by the second power of the radius. I have extended this study with an introduction of bivectors and trivectors and their usefullness to physics. I have shown that even calculus becomes simpler since the Pythagorean Theorem reduces down to r = x + y and integration reduces down the twice the second power of x. It is the counting of triangles instead of counting squares or rectangles. The fourth dimension can be seen in a tetrahedron, and an equilateral triangle contains the three dimensions of a Cartesian coordinate system. It’s like a cube being flattened into a hexagon. It is all very interesting if you thought the works of Buckminister Fuller were interesting. After a couple of years reading his works I started understanding a few things and these few things I have written in this book, and it all turns mathematics into something simple. This is a work in progress, but I believe what I have written so far is worth your while.

A New Mechanics Of Physics: A unification of the physics of the universe

by Nathaniel David Durham

The universe from a stoner ‘e potgoggles. An attempt to answer some of my own personal questions about existence and with as little providing as I could. Also, some of it while being stored with friends, but most of it, asked from childhood, As an asperger syndrome and other disability statistic, this is the world we not which I withdraw…

Dictionary of Aviation Engineering

by Engineering Dictionaries

This is a glossary of terms used in relation to aviation, aircraft, aerospace.

Dictionary of Biology

by Engineering Dictionaries

Features include biographical entries on key scientists, chronologies charting developments in major fields including cell biology, genetics, microscopy, and vitamins, and double-page feature articles on important topics such as bioinformatics, genetically modified organisms, microarray technology,

GMO Free Diet: How to Stay Away from GMO’s and Eat Healthy Food (The GMO Book – How to Avoid Genetically Modified Foods, Monsanto, and Harmful Chemicals)

by Dane Alexander

The Essential GMO Free Diet Book

Would you love to be able to learn and experience the wonderful benefits of having a GMO Free Diet?

You may not know now but as you read on you will find out EXACTLY just how quickly you can be healthy by learning and applying the GMO Free Diet Program!

* * *LIMITED TIME OFFER! 50% OFF! (Regular $5.99) * * *

Dear Reader,

Have you always wondered if genetically modified foods can be harming you?

Are you looking for ways to remove GMO’s from your diet to ensure optimum health?

THE FACT IS: A GMO Free Diet is a diet program centering in natural foods.

YOU are going to learn how to apply a GMO Free Diet program into your life! We all want to be healthy and fit the natural way, eating foods with no preservatives or genetically modified chemicals in them.

GMO Free Diet (A Preview)

* What is GMO Food? – Have you seen some foods in the ‘natural food’ section on which claim that they have been made from only GMO free ingredients? GMO refers to genetically modified organisms. It refers to any type of food which has been altered at its gene level. It is also called as genetically engineered plants or products.

* Why Should One Go GMO Free? – The concept of GMO free did not start when they were introduced into the food change. GMO was introduced or one can say, forced upon our lifestyle in 1990s’. Decades later, it was found that the occurrence of diseases like, cancer and food allergies have increased immensely.

* Myths and Truth about GMO Food Items – These myths stop a lot of people from taking up the GMO free diet. Some of these myths would be shocking for you or may be well known facts. The main key for GMO free diet is the knowledge about the product.

* Is GMO Free Diet Possible? – All the products that are labeled as natural foods are not GMO free. Is there a way to go GMO free? There are a few tips given by experts and people who are following this diet for a long time.

* How to Stay GMO Free? – Starting the diet will not be very difficult. There are a lot of tips, tools and methods which would allow you to adhere to this diet, for a long tenure. There are many shocking facts and important information, when it comes to GMO free products.

* GMO Free Foods and Brands – It is very clear that going GMO free will improve your health conditions and make you healthier. However, will this diet change your lifestyle? In this diet, you are not restricted from eating any certain components like fat, carbohydrate or gluten.

* Basic GMO Free Recipes – Learn the recipes that will help you cook with GMO free ingredients.

* Challenges of a GMO Free Diet – It is important to know the challenges of undergoing GMO free diet. Explaining about the importance of the diet alone would not help you to start the diet. You need to know the problems and the challenges, you would face during this diet.

Lets get Started:

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GMO Free Diet – How to Stay Away from GMO’s and Eat Healthy Food

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Coconut Oil For Hair Loss: Restore. Renew. And Regenerate Your Hair With Coconut Oil (Hair Regrowth – Essential Oils – Natural Cures – Herbal Remedies)

by Victoria Lane

Who Else Wants To Know About Coconut Oil To Improve Your Hair Health?

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Restore Your Hair Naturally with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is an amazing substance. While coconut in itself possesses many health benefits, mainly because of its nutritional content and high fiber, it’s the oil that makes it stand out!

Coconut oil was once mistakenly believed to be unhealthy due to its high saturated fat content. However, today, it is recognized that the fat in coconut oil is unique. It is different from most other fats and has the capacity to provide a number of health giving properties.

Coconut oil is a blessing for your hair and is extremely powerful when it comes to treat various problems related to hair. The desire to look hairy headed is present in almost every person. We often resort to expensive and dangerous hair treatments that involve use of harsh chemicals.

Coconut oil has been recognized as the treatment of choice when it comes to hair problems. The various ways that this oil can help are discussed in detail in this short e-book.

Use this book as your guide and friend that can enable you to uncover the mystery of the most sought after oil today – coconut oil!

This book not only covers exclusive treatments for hair, but also describes in detail the other health benefits associated with use of coconut oil.

Read on…

What You’ll Know from “Coconut Oil For Hair Loss”

-So, What Is Coconut Oil?
-The Amazing Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil
-And Now, The Beauty Benefits Of Coconut Oil!
-Coconut Oil – The Miracle Oil For Your Hair

Want to Know More?

Download Your Copy Right Now!

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Endogenous Radix

by by Timothy Kruse

descriptions of inventions in general schematic form

Principios de interoperabilidad en salud y estándares (Spanish Edition)

by Fernando Campos

En la mayoría de las organizaciones de salud lo más frecuentes es la convivencia con múltiples sistemas de información, de allí surge la necesidad de integrarlos, lo que convierte a la interoperabilidad en un componente clave para evitar así la redundancia de tareas, disminuir el error y aumentar la eficiencia.
La Interoperabilidad es la capacidad de dos o más sistemas de intercambiar y utilizar información entre ellos. Podríamos decir que sin interoperabilidad no existe un Sistema Nacional de Salud integrado, ni tampoco acceso en tiempo real a la información crítica del paciente en casos de urgencias.
Hoy en día la mayoría de los sistemas utilizan estándares para poder interoperar, por lo cual se vuelve fundamental conocer los principios de interoperabilidad en el área de la salud y así, poder desarrollar y/o elegir las herramientas y procesos adecuados para resolver los distintos desafíos de necesidad de información que se presentan.

Axolotl! (Spanish): Datos Curiosos Sobre La Salamanda Más Genial Del Mundo – Libro Informativo Ilustrado Para Niños (Spanish Edition)

by Susan Mason

Niños – ¿Quieren ser expertos en la salamandra más genial del mundo?

Descubre qué es lo que hace al axolotl tan especial en este colorido libro ilustrado

Disfruta aprendiendo y compartiendo datos curiosos sobre esta criatura con nombre extraño

Descubre por qué los axolotls son tan geniales en este libro especialmente dedicado a este grupo de salamandras

En este libro descubrirás:

-La capacidad especial de recuperación del axolotl

-Su antigua relación con la mitología

-Por qué los axolotls tienen dos diferentes formas de reproducirse

-Su habilidad de camuflaje

-¡Y mucho más!

¿Listo para recibir tu copia de ¡Axolotl!?

¡Maravilloso! Simplemente sube hasta arriba de la página y haz clic en el botón amarillo de “Comprar”, y podrás acceder a todos estos datos curiosos en solamente 3 segundos.

Nubi in transito (Italian Edition)

by Marcello Mazzoleni

Cosa succede quando un ragazzo come tanti, con una vita e un lavoro normali, sviluppa un disturbo d’ansia? Accade che tutto lentamente cambia e ciò che fino ad allora sembrava usuale – come andare in vacanza, uscire per una pizza, recarsi al lavoro – diventa prima faticoso, poi difficile, infine impossibile e la persona si trova preda delle paure, dell’ansia e del panico. Di questo si racconta in “Nubi in transito”: di quando le paure sfuggono al controllo e producono angoscia, diventano violente, invalidanti; di quando sono terrificanti e paralizzanti al punto da stravolgere stili di vita tranquillamente consolidati negli anni. Il racconto del paziente e quello di un suo familiare si intrecciano sino alla parte conclusiva, in cui vengono analizzate ed esemplificate alcune tra le possibili soluzioni ai disturbi d’ansia, tra le quali va annoverata senza dubbio la capacità terapeutica della scrittura. Mettere nero su bianco le proprie paure e ogni proprio vissuto aiuta il paziente a prenderne le distanze e lancia un grande messaggio di speranza per tutti coloro – alcuni milioni in Italia – che soffrono di disturbi d’ansia.

Diabetes Cure: How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally with Healthy Food, Diet, and Exercise (Diabetes Diet – Your Ticket to Beating this Disease Naturally and Effectively)

by Prescott Marshall

Stop the Presses: Learn how to CURE Diabetes

Diabetes Cure is the book that you have been waiting for. This common condition affects millions of people around the world, and with it comes a number of life changing events. Life is never the same after a diabetes diagnosis, or is it? While he doctor can write out a prescription all day long, learning how to cure diabetes is what it is all about, and the goal of this book. We will look at proven natural ways that you can cure type 2 diabetes and put this condition behind you forever. There is plenty of practical and useful information tucked inside of each page of this guide, and it is all going to provide you with numerous benefits that you cannot afford to miss. Diabetes is not a condition to take lightly, and thanks to this guide it is not something that you must worry over. a brief paragraph or two describing what the book is about, what they will learn, the benefits, etc…

A Preview to Diabetes Cure

There’s so much that you can learn when reading this book. Take a look:
1.What is Type 2 Diabetes? We will take an inside look at type 2 diabetes and how it affects your life.
2.Who is at risk for developing type 2 diabetes and what can be done about it? We have those very important details here.
3.Can diabetes be prevented? What is pre-diabetes? Wonder no more as we provide these answers.
4.What foods are okay to consume when you have diabetes and want to find the cure? We will help you learn more about the nutritional guidelines for type 2 diabetes patients.
5. How many people in America have diabetes? How many of those people are living with type 2 diabetes? The answer might shock you but we are here to help you learn.
6.What kind of exercises should you be doing if you have diabetes? Learn the best exercises that you can do, and you may not even feel like you are working out at all!
7.There is so much more inside of the guide that will help you finally put an end to diabetes and get back your life!

Reader Testimonials

“Nice little book full of information, written so that I can understand it without the need for a college degree. Lots of tips and information. Certainly a good book worth the read if you are concerned about diabetes.” – Linda W. Portsmouth, VA

“I found this guide to be very helpful and inspiring as well. Tons of facts and information inside, not to mention other helpful resources. A guide that I would highly recommend to anyone affected by diabetes in any way.” – Amy H. New York City

Learn How to Beat Diabetes

The information in this book could easily sell for double of triple the price! But for just $2.99 you are getting a great deal on a book jam packed with life changing information. For less than a cup of your coffee you could be learning about essential oils and making the greatest investment you can ever make.

Your Success Story is just a click awayâ?¦..Download NOW and Within Seconds you could be reading and learning all the fascinating information contained within!

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Diabetes Cure – How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally with Healthy Food, Diet, and Exercise

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Rheumatoid Arthritis: You CAN make the negative affects of RA more tolerable!

by Mary A. Robinson

According to the American College of Rheumatology, about 1.3 million Americans have RA and the numbers are rising. Sixty percent of people with inadequately treated RA are unable to work 10 years after onset, so finding treatment that works for you early is critical.

If you’ve been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, then you’ve heard of the options for RA pain relief through medication – but there’s a secret many doctors don’t discuss with their patients.

Having lived with Rheumatoid Arthritis for over 12 years, I’ve found ways to control my RA (through extensive research and through personal experience) and in this book, I share what I’ve found to work, including explanations of common medications prescribed, Rheumatoid Arthritis diet – “trigger” foods you should avoid to control your RA, and links to help you further your own research.

I hope my story gives you some strategies and ideas for how you can make the negative affects of RA more tolerable.

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