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RV LIVING: 25 Critical Pointers to Help Anyone Transition to Living Full Time in an RV (RV Living, Living in a Motorhome, Full Time RV, RV Life, RV Retirement Living, RV Lifestyle)

by Penny Celeen


Critical Pointers to Help ANYONE Transition to Living Full Time in an RV

Is the possibility of an RV lifestyle calling you??
Can you already taste the feeling of freedom that comes with RV living??
Are you trying to escape the system??
Have the financial burdens of the conventional life become TOO stressful??

This book will help you take that exciting leap!!

RV life requires a change of mindset and priorities, but it also brings with it a huge set of rewards in terms of lifestyle and freedom and exposes you to likeminded people who you almost definitely would not have encountered whilst living the more conventional life. Whatever your reasons are for making the transition, whatever your financial status may be, these are fundamentals that will apply as you take this life changing step. 

This book will cover topics such as: 

  • The Vehicle

  • Before Hitting the Road

  • On Board Priorities

  • Useful Options

  • Useful Extras

In short, the move to RV living is going to transform your entire value system. At the same time it is going to open up a whole new world of freedom and self-reliance that you may never have experienced before. Beware; this alternative way of life can be addictive. 

Beginner Guide for Buying Your First Boat: How to Find Your Perfect Boat

by Perry Anderson

How to get a Boat: Tips for a primary Time client

Start with the basics:

  • Choose your boat sort.
  • Determine whether or not you need to shop for new or used.
  • Browse listings, work with a broker, or attend a ship show.
  • Narrow down your choices.
  • Before you purchase, conduct a walkaround, a ocean trial and a survey.
  • Close the deal.
  • WHAT sort of BOAT to shop for

The first question to raise yourself is: What quite water travel would i prefer to do? If you haven’t done therefore already, take into account wherever and the way you’ll use the boat that you simply get.

Boats are specialised, therefore what you purchase ought to be mostly determined by however you’ll get pleasure from the water. Take the time to try and do your analysis. even as you would not get Associate in Nursing cross-country vehicle to commute on a main road, it is vital to seek out the correct boat to suit your activities, tastes, and therefore the wants of your crew.

Ask yourself these queries and answer them honestly before language that contract. does one need one thing you’ll be able to placed on a trailer and haul from waterway to waterway? Is amusing guests with cocktails at hour the first motivation for your purchase? can you are doing a great deal of overnighting? Do your children have plans to water-ski and wakeboard? every of those could be a valid reason to shop for a ship, and every can lead you to a unique boat.

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Beginner’s Bug-Out-Bag: Everything you need to pack for when the X hits the fan

by Stephen Carley

What do you do when your world of safety and security gets rocked by a hurricane, or a blackout? When the $#!7 hits the fan and you have to escape, you need a solid bug out bag (aka survival kit of 72 hour bag).

In this book, you will learn everything about what you should include in your individual bag. A. Carley explains in detail what items you should actually pack and why. The book covers:

  • Analysis of your escape situation
  • Physical and mental fitness
  • When should you escape?
  • High quality equipment
  • Backpack
  • Water
  • Rations/Food
  • Clothing
  • Sleeping/Shelter
  • Fire
  • First Aid/Medications/Immunizations
  • Weapons
  • Tools
  • Hygiene
  • Light
  • Communication/Orientation/Technology
  • Other items
  • Bartering and means of payment
  • Escaping with pets
  • Packing/Storage
  • Conclusion
  • Packing list

The Savvy Horsey Mum: How to Juggle Kids & Horses Successfully!

by Sarah Walkerden

‘The Savvy Horsey Mum’ has been written by a ‘horsey mum’ FOR ‘horsey mums’ with the intention to inspire and encourage mums to continue their involvement with horses after kids. With practical strategies to juggle horse care and riding WITH kids in tow, mindset challenges that ‘horsey mums’ may face and the strategies to overcome them, horse training tips – plus lots more!

Whether you’re pregnant and have been wondering whether you may need to give up on horses all together after babies, struggling with motivation, time, confidence etc whilst battling toddler tantrums and newborn nappies – or simply need to hear that IT IS OK for a mum to take time out for herself to pursue her own passions and hobbies – this book is for you!

Since opening up our physical saddlery store & local stock feed business 18 months ago, I’ve been meeting lots of amazing ‘horsey mums’. From my own struggles with trying to juggle horses and kids, and from talking to our lovely local customers, it became very apparent that there just isn’t much specific support for us unique ‘horsey mums’.

It is my sincere hope that this book helps to fill that gap.

About the Author:
Sarah is Owner/Manager of One Stop Horse Shop (which includes a local saddlery and global ecommerce store), and Founder of the Horsey Mums Collective. She has two young children, Oliver (6) and Sophie (3). Together with husband Toby, they live on a 70 acre property near Ballarat, with 2 horses, 1 miniature pony and 6 chickens.

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