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Prairie Storm: Cowboys of the Flint Hills (The Hansens Book 1)

by Tessa Layne

Will lightning strike twice for love?

Sparks fly when Axel Hansen is forced to host his former lover, meteorologist Haley Cooper, in order to keep his ranch in the black. Their chemistry may be explosive, but Haley is determined to guard her heart. Axel and Haley are forced to confront their feelings in the face of a deadly tornado outbreak. Will their love be strong enough to weather even the worst storms?
This second chance romance contains smoking hot chemistry, and an epic happy ever after that will leave you crying and laughing.

Author Questions
Q: What makes the Cowboys of the Flint Hills series special?
Cowboys of the Flint Hills is a contemporary western romance series that embraces small town life in the heart of the wild west. It’s deeply rooted in history and place, and the weather is as wily and unpredictable as some of the characters. In this contemporary western romance series, I highlight everything I love about living in a small town in the west: family, community, kindness, & respect. The setting provides an exciting backdrop to contemporary romances about sexy cowboys with tender hearts and the strong, sassy women who love them.

Q: Who would enjoy these books?
Cowboys of the Flint Hills is a cowboy romance series written for anyone looking for love in a small town. If you love Cora Seton and the residents of Chance Creek, you might fall in love with Prairie. It’s a town where everybody knows your name and love always wins! Many of my readers also enjoy the books of Vivian Arend, Lorelei James, Maisey Yates, Kate Pearce & Janet Evans.

Q: What order should I read the books in?
This contemporary western romance series has been written so that each story is a standalone that wraps up with a happily ever after by The End. If you want to read them in chronological order I suggest this:

* Prairie Heat
* Prairie Passion
* Prairie Desire
* Prairie Storm
* Prairie Fire
* Prairie Devil
* Prairie Fever

Q: Are there crossovers with other series?
Yes. Be sure to check out my military heroes who run Resolution Ranch. Inspired by the real-life work of veteran’s organization Heroes & Horses!
* A Hero’s Honor
* A Hero’s Heart
* A Hero’s Haven
* A Hero’s Home

No Return

by Shawn Obrien

A father’s worse nightmare comes true when his wife and daughter are taken. When officials fail him he has to take alternative ways. Leveraging his medical knowledge and network he creates his own team to hunt down human traffickers. Down the rabbit whole he begins. This is only the beginning.

The Wanderer (A True Heart Saga Book 1)

by Evelyn Songy

Anna is twenty-one as of today. She is twenty-one and free. Anna’s leaving MIT with a fantastic new job. The stars are aligning, the gods are finally smiling down on her. In just over six hours she’ll be home in LA. Her Dad will have steaks on the grill, her Mom will be baking cookies, life will be perfect. But the plane failed to make LA. The life Anna dreamed of died along with her body. Died on a snow covered mountain in Colorado.
Two years later a young woman awakens in a strange room, she has these strange memory’s. The lies of her past start to fad away. Anna Foster is dead, but not dead. Anna Foster is human? Anna Foster was never human.
Princess Annabella Forstrome is alive and well. Almost well, if she could only remember who and what she is.
She can feel the stirring deep inside, the place the magic resides. She can feel the hearts beating around her, the blood calling to her. Blood is energy blood is life. But she no longer needs blood. She is of the old souls, the originals. Once she wandered the stars. Why is she stranded on the world? Why are the gods punishing her?

A shorter version of this story was released in twenty fifteen ,It was called Anna’s Story.

Die Tore von Kunarja (James Ogilvie 4) (German Edition)

by Philip McCutchan

Nach einem längeren Heimaturlaub auf dem schottischen Familiensitz kehrt Captain James Ogilvie zu seiner Stammeinheit nach Peshawar zurück. Doch sofort nach seiner Ankunft wird er als Ausbildungsoffizier zu einem anderen Regiment versetzt Hier stehen die Dinge wahrlich nicht zum besten â?? die Truppe hält kaum Disziplin und der Regimentskommandeur schikaniert seine Offiziere. Da fällt der britische Vertreter in Kunarja auf der afghanischen Seite des Khyber-Passes Aufständischen in die Hände. Zusammen mit dem noch nicht einsatzfähigen Regiment wird Ogilvie in das winterliche Afghanistan geschickt, die Engländer in Kunarja zu befreien.

Teil der James Ogilvie Reihe, Die Tore von Kunarja, ist ein Roman der unter dem Pseudonym Duncan MacNeil erschien. Geschrieben wurde er von Philip McCutchan, der während dem Zweiten Weltkrieg Mitglied in der Britischen Marine war. Er veröffentlichte über achtzig Bücher.

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