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The Road Taken

by Ann Garratt

Ann Garratt’s story begins at a critical time in her life, with the murder of a fellow worker by a colleague whom she recruited. The feelings of guilt and later the prospect of losing her senior job in the NHS conspire to create a perfect storm in her world and Ann is left suffering from a serious mental health problem.

In an effort to understand the cause of her illness, Ann journeyed back through her childhood reflecting on her Irish roots and how emigration may have impacted on her ability to deal with stress.

Ann recalls her life as a child in Falcarragh, a small seaside town at the foot of the Derryveagh Mountains on the north coast of Donegal, Ireland, and the shock of being transplanted into war-scarred, inner city Coventry where the family struggled with poverty, separation, their mother’s poor health and father’s drink problem. Growing up in a now-dispersed Irish community, with its Irish clubs, extended family network and strong allegiance to the Catholic church, in a booming British city only highlighted the differences until Ann emerged as an English â??Coventry kid’ in her mid-teens.

The Road Taken explores the nature of emigration, the loss of homeland and its impact on personal identity. Ann’s story is not uncommon. It has been shared by thousands of people, uprooted from their family, friends and culture to settle in foreign place.

In 2006 when Ann returned to live in Donegal she still experienced a sense of loss and realised she may never regain the feeling of belonging she once had except “on a clear day when the sun is high in the sky. When I breathe in the sweet smell of the turf fire in the morning, or when I stand on the shore, my face held unapologetically to the wind. Then I feel a fleeting sense of its return and I am home”.




the secret of success: jack ma

by karthikeyan k

Do not panic fears and failures
Work hard for better future
Dream everyday what you need
Try to work to complete the dream
Failures is the step of success

This was Living (The Kings Cross Sting Book 11)

by R Galbraith

This was LIVING….. this was the human cost to how this gang has been exposed on the streets. This was not just an operation from 2009, it has been timing and pushing where we can to expose the system.

Ever wondered if there was corruption?
Why can the Police not pick up the main drug dealers on the streets of Sydney? Good question, when your within the cist pool and seeing the system you wonder why others can’t see the system that exists today.

STEPHEN HAWKING: A Stephen Hawking Biography: The Greatest Scientist of Our Time

by Michael Woodford

Stephen Hawking – A Stephen Hawking Biography: The Greatest Scientist of Our Time

Dennis William Sciama (1926 – 1999) was a don at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. He was one of the most eminent physicists of his time.

In 1963 he was informed that he was to receive a new pupil, a young man from Oxford who wished to undertake his doctoral thesis under his tutelage.

There was nothing unusual in this. Mentoring new pupils was part and parcel of a university academic’s life.
However the new pupil seemed, on the face of it, unremarkable. In fact he had the reputation of a lazy and somewhat difficult student.

In his written exam at Oxford he had achieved neither a first nor a second degree. A first would have entitled him to undertake postgraduate studies at Cambridge; a second at Oxford.

He had to submit to an oral exam, an ordeal that terrified him but nevertheless impressed his examiners who remarked that they faced intelligence greater than there on.

After a while Sciama also agreed that he was dealing with a highly potent intellect.

This man was only 21 years old and moreover had just been given 2 years to live.

His name was Stephen William Hawking.

Since then, Stephen Hawking has gone on to become one of the most eminent scientists of his generation, internationally respected and famous for his work. This is his story.

The Unfinished Book: A Glimpse Into My Mother’s Incredible Life’s Journey

by VALERIE Link-Foxx

This non-fiction easy read is based on glimpses of Bernice’s life. She was born in 1933 in Berea, North Carolina, a small southern town. Her parents were sharecroppers, She shares her childhood/adult experiences. What life was like living on the farm. She shares stories about her family, love, marriage, personal tragedies, triumphs and her incredible Life’s Journey.

Life Voyages: A Memoir by Sailor/Geologist/River Rat

by John Craig Shaw

What you are about to read is a hodgepodge of stories–true stories–of my youth during pre-Civil Rights Era Alabama; my career as a field geologist with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; my second home near Taos, New Mexico; and some odd stories, including the love of sailing; and toward the end, some “off the wall” essays wrapping up this unique tome of laughs, tears, and adventures!

Being Taught to Live

by C. Joe Cooper

When the fifty-eight-year-old author is diagnosed with a rare cancer, he undergoes extensive surgery. After being told that they were unable to remove all of it, he readies himself to take leave of his life. While still in the hospital, he receives visits in his sleep from other terminal patients who recruit him, in the midst of a divisive world, to help them spread a special message.

ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ: True Stories of Jail Breaks and Great Escapes

by Roger Harrington

ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ: True Stories of Jail Breaks and Great Escapes

Despite their place in popular culture, jail breaks are an incredibly daring prospect for any criminal to undertake. In most countries, escaping from jail is a very serious offence and will certainly result in a harsher punishment once the subject has been re-captured. Depending on the severity of the crime for which the offender was originally imprisoned, an attempted jail break can result in a significantly longer sentence.

The cases covered in this volume are a combination of those prisoners who went to extreme lengths in order to free themselves from the confines of jail, those who broke free as a declaration of their innocence, and those who simply pounded at the first opportunity to escape. The fascination of each case cannot be over-stated, as well as the unimaginable bravery and audacity each one required.

Flasher who turned to murder

by Rachel James

Two young girls had been strangled. A combination of high-tech DNA ‘fingerprinting’ and dogged detective work was to bring the Enderby killer to justice.

DONALD J. TRUMP – The Most Powerful Man In The World: The True Story Behind Trumpâ??s Life, Business and Rise To Power

by Michael Woodford

DONALD J. TRUMP – The Most Powerful Man in the Worldâ?¨: The True Story Behind Trump’s Life, Business and Rise To Power

In many ways, there is much still to be said about Donald Trump. It is impossible to know what direction his life will take from here, but it is imperative to know where he came from.

No matter who you are, what party you belong to, or what you believe in, on November 9th 2016 Donald Trump became the business of every person in the civilized world. He was elected the 45th president of the United States of America in 2016 and the world has been forever changed since.

How did America get here? Well, that story must begin with his and the path that his life has taken. At times, it may be difficult to ascertain exactly where his motivations lie and delving deeper into his past might hold answers that the reporters at the White House can’t learn.

This is the true story of Donald Trump’s life and career to date, painting a unique, unseen portrayal of the World’s Most Powerful Man.

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