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Farm Life: Memories of Old and the Gift of New Life

by Rory Wilson

Meet Conner, a twelve year old boy growing up on a farm in western Iowa back in the days when the farm was the center of family life in the Midwestern United States. The boy Connor, works hard, grows strong, and learns many lessons about life while living on the farm. He has eleven other siblings in his family, all fourteen family members living at one point in time in a two bedroom farmhouse with no appliances and running water. He does not complain, he knows nothing different, and he takes the reader through numerous activities that a young boy could devise to keep occupied and have fun on the farm.

This book is for anyone who also cherishes memories of farm life back in the day. It is also for those readers who would like an insight into a way of life that has left us and is growing extinct as generations move further from this style of life. The book, although mostly fictional in parts and somewhat accurate in others, provide a historical look at farm life in our past.

In summary, the work is a book about a point in our history, a book about our memories, and most importantly, a book about the gift of life.

Pour Angélique: Proving the True Story of Oak Island

by Mars Stirhaven

[This is the original Print-Replica, non-customizable, eBook version of the Paperback.]

His wife is out; the kids are watching TV. A mathematician, intrigued by a cipher he sees on a popular television series, embarks on a voyage of discovery. His research leads him to a series of breakthroughs which would ultimately unravel a centuries old mystery. A journey of pirates, treasure, ciphers, mystery and tragedy revealing the greatest heist and biggest cover-up in history. The tale is true and the mathematician can prove it.

The mathematician wanted to present his findings in the form of a research paper. His wife, although she no longer acknowledges it, suggested that he write up his findings in the form of a story, with each chapter being more revealing, allowing the reader the opportunity to discover the clues.


by Tatum Este’l

Egyptus, the daughter of Ham, escaped with her family in the middle of the night from Mount Ararat, the landing place of the Ark of Noah. Only a little girl at the time, she learned to hate early when her childhood friend and companion Napsut was murdered by none other than Khan, the oldest man on Earth, the very one that was leading Ham to a higher civilization and to kingship, something he couldn’t get from his father Noah. You need the priesthood to become a king, and Ham was denied that by his father. Ham’s son Kana’an was cursed by Noah, so none of Ham’s decendants would have right to the priesthood. But kingship and the high orders of civilization promised by Khan were wrested out of Ham’s hands by intrigue and murder and by the high handedness of Egyptus. She rose to the top of the heap naturally while all around her, especially Nimrod and his wife Sammuramat, fought for power with the sword. There is an enemy of the whole clan, a mastermind of deceit and subterfuge … Kish. The story of the battle between Seth and Osiris is as old as civilization. Kish and Mitz-Ra battle for the hand of Egyptus as Seth and Osiris, their new names. Egyptus was the embodyment of Isis which is the name that stuck and became legend. The trio Egyptus, Kish and Mitz-Ra became gods. The son of the brother and sister, Egyptus and Mitz-Ra was Pharoah. His mother was his wife. Her brother was her husband. And the little girl that everyone made fun of, Hathor, or Hat-Hor, the mother of Nimrod, became the lover of Egyptus. Civilization was founded on moral corruption and war. You can’t have prosperity without war. It has always been so. Lucifer, the god of civilization commanded it. As an afterthought, there were trickles of a righteous heritage dwelling on the edge of civilization out in the desert although carrying the signature of Egyptus, the desseret or emblem of the honey bee. They went to America, but that is another story.

Las últimas horas (Spanish Edition)

by Roberto Kruger González

Pablo Neruda, Gabriela Mistral, Pablo De Rokha y Vicente Huidobro, cuatro de los más importantes poetas latinoamericanos del segundo período del siglo XX están en sus últimas horas. Cada uno de ellos está buscando la forma de disculparse con la vida que construyeron y recuperando la memoria de lo que alguna vez les perteneció.

As Filhas de Dana no Novo Mundo (Portuguese Edition)

by Simone O Marques

Século XVII – Fugindo da perseguição em Portugal, Daniele atravessa o mar e chega a um mundo novo, o Brasil. Entretanto, irá descobrir que o braço da inquisição é longo o suficiente para alcançá-la e caberá a ela descobrir como manter suas descendentes seguras e suas crenças vivas.
As Filhas de Dana no Novo Mundo é a sequência da história do livro As Filhas de Dana (Paganus) e é a versão unificada dos livros Samhain, Beltane e O Pecado de Adelaide.

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