Free horror Kindle books for 17 Nov 18

How much is enough?

by Hitesh Goenka

Children go missing one after another. The villagers don’t know how to stop it. They meet the mischief maker. But things don’t go as planned.

The Devil’s Elixir (A Paranormal Romance)

by Ana Calin

An apple a day keeps the psycho away.

Mistress Leona Ignat likes to be in control, but she loses it when another teacher insults her in the principal’s office. The words fly out of her mouth before she can stop them–‘May the flesh melt off your bones.’ A few hours later, the man lies dead in the restroom, his flesh eaten by acid.

Did Leona’s curse kill him, or was it a stalker determined to defend her honor?

Either way, Leona is in danger. The only man who can protect her is Viscount Nathaniel Sinclair–an unbearably handsome superhuman, who also happens to be celibate. Will Leona be able to control her lust for the forbidden fruit until they find the killer, or will her sexual appetite be the death of her?

For fans of Christine Feehan and I.T. Lucas

The Haunted Fortress (The Atheist Book 1)

by Abe Bhaduri

Based on a true story The Haunted Fortress is the story of Chuck, an Irish-Canadian geologist and former priest, whose belief in god and religion gave way to atheism after he suffered through the personal tragedy of losing his entire family in a plane crash, and Amit, a brilliant Indian geologist, who although a communist, has unerring faith in god. Chuck and Amit travel to Lakhpat, a remote, derelict fortress town in the Rann of Kutch in India, to work on a path breaking oil exploration project. Upon arrival in Lakhpat they realize the difficulties and hurdles in their path: The villagers are insular and conservative and averse to progress and the place is uninviting and has dark secrets. As soon as they arrive in the village they start experiencing unusual activities that Chuck dismisses as delusions, but Amit is shaken by the things that happen to them. Due to the unavailability of any other accommodations in the village, they are forced to live in the derelict fort and strange happenings come to pass that shakes the very foundation of their belief in science and rationale. After experiencing a series of paranormal incidents, Chuck starts believing that the villager, out of their resistance to change and progress, are trying to intimidate them and drive them away, but the very basis of his beliefs are challenged when they are hounded by a mysterious man called Sunil, who appears and disappears at will, and an enigmatic woman who haunts their nights. Amit becomes desperate to leave the village, but Chuck is obstinate and determined to understand why the things that they face are happening, but he risks his life in the process.

Carnival of Horror: A Carnival Themed Horror Anthology

by Kevin J. Kennedy

Roll up, roll up!

Welcome to the carnival!

Enjoy the sweet smells of the cotton candy and candy apples. Listen to the calliope music as you wander among the many stalls, to the screams of children enjoying the various rides. It’s all been designed to take your money, but you already know that. What you are not aware of, however, are the strange goings-on of the carnival world after dark. Do the carnies want more than your money? Does the fortune teller know more than she tells you? Are some of the games more dangerous than others?

Explore your worst fears, and perhaps gain some new ones, in these twisted tales of what really goes on at the carnival after dark!

Table of Contents:

Mark Fleming – Lifeblood
Lex H. Jones – For One Night Only
Andrew Lennon – House of Illusion
Jason M. Light – Abandonland
David J. Fielding – Wobbly Bob
Ike Hamill – The Pinch
Christina Bergling – Zoltara
Gary A. Braunbeck – In a Hand or Face
John Dover – Frimby’s Big Day
David Owain Hughes – The Last Freakshow on Earth
H.R. Boldwood – Mister Weasels and the Cosmic Carnival
Joe X. Young – The Frog Prince
Guy N. Smith – Blood Show at the Carnival
Steven Stacy – The Voodoo Man
J.C. Michael – What a Price to Pay for a Fucking Teddy Bear
Selene MacLeod – Sweetheart
Kevin J. Kennedy – Vampiro

Salvajes (Spanish Edition)

by Santiago Parres

Un científico se adentra en las profundidades de la selva, donde vivirá una pesadilla entre la tribu de salvajes que lo acogen.
[Relato escrito en el año 2002 para la revista Teína]

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