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Fun And Silly Jokes For Kids and Family: 500 Funny Jokes That Will Tickle Your Funny Bone! Age 5-7 7-9 8-12

by Riddleland

 “HUMOR is the OXYGEN of children’s literature. There’s a lot of COMPETITION for children’s, but even kids who hate to read want to a FUNNY book.” – Sid Fleischman

Get ready for some unforgettable family fun with this massive jokes collection for children of all ages!

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Fun and Silly Jokes for Kids and Family! is a fun joke book that contains 500 jokes that will tickle your funny bone! It’s perfect for families, parties or even youth group events! 

These jokes are suitable for children of different age groups and we promise that adults will enjoy them as much as their kids will! A friendly warning for the parents to keep in mind; don’t be surprised if your kids giggles or laughs too much!

With this book you will keep your kids and their friends busy and entertained for hours!

>>>>100% kid appropriate material<<<< 

This book offers an experience that you and your family will absolutely enjoy:

â??500 Jokes – Knock knock, word play and animal jokes and riddlesâ??
â??Adults will enjoy the challenge as much as their kids will!â??

â??Appropriate for children ages 7+ and young teens.â??
â??Perfect activity book for kids who like humor and jokes â??

â??Great for getting fun conversation started at the dinner table!â??
â??Ideal for family fun!â??
â??Teach your kids to develop sense of humor!â??

â??Teach your kids lateral thinking and thinking “outside of the box”!â??
â??100% kid appropriate content!â??

What has four legs, but still can’t walk?

How do camels hide? 
What does a cat say when somebody steps on its tail?

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Astoria Truck Book

by Michael Winslow

When my wife and I discovered we would soon become parents in January 2012, we knew we had to leave our 5th-floor walk-up rent-stabilized abode near Columbia University and find a more family-friendly space. That search took us to Astoria, NY. Queens.
We moved before our first son was born in 2012, we discovered that Astoria was the ultimate symbol of New York City – constantly re-inventing itself, multi-generational, diverse and full of construction! And that meant TRUCKS!
We had our second son in 2015 and both our boys fell in love with their urban playground. In particular, they loved trucks. And nowhere did we see the greatest and most fantastic collection of trucks than in our own backyard.
There, hard at work, doing what they do best, in their natural element: building, cleaning, pulling, towing, storing, shipping. These Astoria trucks were building our neighborhood, and our home, New York City, one deafening grunt after the next.
This book is a love letter to our old neighborhood, where we took countless walks which also meant countless hours of watching up close these massive trucks and even sitting inside!
The standard for inclusion was simple: did my boys love the truck? Was the truck BIG and AWESOME? Did my boys shout in delight as the truck roared past?
The trucks included in this book did all that. Those were our halcyon days, when in the exhausted haze of new parenthood, we fell in love with Astoria, Queens, New York.
This book is dedicated to our sons, whose passion for trucks, made it possible. For I would have just grimaced and hustled past these metal beasts.

Time Taxi: The Ride Of Your Life

by Humphry Knipe

Suburban twins are taken on the adventure of their lives by a quirky shape-shifting superhuman from the remote future who drives them down a wormhole to the beginning of life and then helps them relive the wonderland of their own evolution.

“Well written and captivating, the characters and scenarios come alive in this spellbinding tale of facts and scientific theory about evolution that will thrill even the most jaded of kids and adults alike.”

Features 21 original full color illustrations.

Jive Turkey’s 12 Dishes of Thanksgiving

by M. D. Johnson

Jive Turkey’s 12 Dishes of Thanksgiving is a great seasonal story right in time for the Thanksgiving holiday, about a clueless turkey by the name of Jive Turkey. It has two alternate endings: The Meat Lover’s Ending and the Vegan Ending and comes complete with 11 recipes to accompany your Thanksgiving Turkey (or Vegan Turkey). Humorous, cute and delicious! Check out more books from this author: M.D. Johnson.

Travel Bug Goes to New York City: A World Travel Tour Kindergarten Book to Read Aloud

by Bobby Basil

New York City history, food, and culture for kids!

Take a New York City trip with Travel Bug! This NYC book for children is interactive like educational preschool apps. Travel Bug asks young readers questions so they feel part of the New York vacation tour. From New York’s food to the city’s exciting history, Travel Bug will explain everything in a child friendly way.

The best travel book when planning an east coast vacation with children. And when you’re done with New York City, Travel Bug has other good kindergarten multicultural books ready for a kids book list!

Buy the book and go on an adventure with Travel Bug today!

GRIMORICON: Pathway to Terah

by B.D. Suever

A mysterious book leads to an adventure of a lifetime…

Twelve-year-old Ethan knows it all, and if it doesn’t involve fantasy or video games, he isn’t interested. On a trip to an antique store with his father, Ethan comes across the mysterious book, Grimoricon. Unaware of the secrets this book holds, Ethan soon finds himself in the unfamiliar world of Terah, a world that brings to life all the wondrous and terrifying things from Ethan’s fantasy books.

Aided by a teenage huntress named Nera and her bear companion, Ethan must travel through this unfamiliar world of magic, danger, and intrigue all in an attempt to find his way back home.

However, dark forces have learned of Ethan’s arrival and are seeking to capture him before he can find the doorway between worlds. It will take all of Ethan’s courage and the help of his friends to overcome this enemy and open the doorway.

Carmín inesperado (Spanish Edition)

by Clara Barceló Sellés

Tan sólo era una niña cuando Alyssa descubrió que vivía rodeada de criaturas de la noche, igual que sus padres y Carvien, su mejor amigo. Pero ahora que es joven y está más desarrollada, deberá evitar caer en la trampa de un ser demoníaco que está interesado en sus capacidades. Con la ayuda de su familia y Carvien, deberá averiguar su relación con la Noche de las Tres Lunas y prepararse para su gran elección, que sólo puede hacer una vez en la vida. Así pues, cuando la situación da un giro de ciento ochenta grados, la decisión se vuelve más dura. ¿Deberá elegir a sus padres, al amor de su vida� o a ella misma?

Malia the Merfairy and The Lucky Rainbow Cake

by Jamie Triplin

Malia the Merfairyâ?¢ takes the young reader on a journey through her life in the World of Lucky. The first book “Malia and the Lucky Rainbow Cake” tackles what it’s like being “different” in a world where everyone else looks the same. This book is perfect for children who come from the African Diaspora, have a mixed heritage, difficulty fitting in, and/or feel they are “too different.” This book also helps non-children of color embrace diversity. Exposing children to diverse content at a young age teaches them to interact with individuals from all sorts of backgrounds as they mature through their various life stages. Malia the Merfairy will boost confidence, encourage an empowering and supportive environment, and be a positive reinforcement in the home.

The Alpha Centauri Message (The Alpha Centauri Wars Book 1)

by Bruce Bullock

The Alpha Centauri Message is story about coded messages received within the crop circles that appear every summer in Wiltshire England.

This season’s circles are larger and more complex than ever. Suddenly two circles appear with coded messages that create a sensation in the quiet village where Luke Dawson livesâ?¦

â??The air temperature had now become much warmer while the lights were dancing over the field. One of the lights, a larger one, had what appeared to be a vortex or tube that reached way into the night sky as far as he could see through the mist.
It looked like the pictures he had seen of a waterspout, only with a brilliant bright light, that moved in a circular motion.
Through the cornfield, parting the stalks as it approached was a figure. Instantly Luke’s instincts told him that this was extraterrestrial. The field was completely silent and you could only hear distant noises of a dog barking some miles away.
As the figure approached Luke saw that it was about seven or eight feet tall, greyish in colour, with a huge head, and had the eyes that he saw in his dream. The eyes of the alien fixed his and seemed to be communicating with him.’

Crop Circles have long been dismissed by many as hoaxes. There are equally many that defy explanation and could only be of extraterrestrial origin.

A gripping story of a young man caught up in events over which he has no control, and of galactic battles to come within the Alpha Centauri star system.

A novelette of 10500 words and the first instalment of the Alpha Centauri Series.

The Adventures of Bundy Kangaroo: The Bundy Kangaroo Trilogy Book 1of 3 in set (The Adventure of Bundy)

by Kenneth Hughes

” The Bundy Kangaroo Trilogy”

Book 1 “The Adventures of Bundy Kangaroo”
Book 2 “Bundy Meets Star The Brumby Colt “
Book 3 “Bundy Finds The Gold Mine “

These beautifully illustrated Novels are entertaining ,Educational ,and fun to read for the entire family the Novels promote good manners, morals and behavior while at the same time reinforcing an anti-bulling message in chapter eight (The secret cave ) that’s found in book number one .

Children and Adults of all ages world wide that have a Spirit for Adventure are going to fall in love with our lovable Prince Bundy Kangaroo , and the many different cute furry cuddly friendly Australian animals he encounters that give helpful advice to Bundy and his friends whitey cockatoo, little stumpy wombat, and the very lovely and wise Hannah Goanna who only joined the group of Adventures to keep them from getting into trouble .

The setting for the Novels is the unexplored wild lands of Australia’s great outback a Magpie by the name of Morris who is a super star singing song writing, had told Bundy a tale about an old abandon humans gold mine in the kingdom of the wild horses to the east that was lead by the mighty proud Stallion Stargazer who didn’t take kindly to any strangers coming into his kingdom with out being invited

Each chapter in every Novel will bring to life new characters Danny Dingo ,Karl the bad mannered Crocodile, Doctor Wayne Crow, Pigsy the pink pig ,Basel Billy goat the world famous Mountain guide who for only three juicy carrots leads Bundy and the group to an abandon gold mine that unbeknown to any of the group is the hideout of a pack of hungry Dingos wanted by the police for sheep stealing and bank robbery that have a reward on there heads of 100,000 dollar
The trilogy will keep you on the edge of your seat as your imagination takes you over drawing you into the adventure with Bundy and friend as you seen the adventure though the eyes of our Prince Bundy Kangaroo keeping children entertained for hours

Dinodoors: Timmy Diplodocus

by Sarah Howlett

When Nathan finds three strange doors at the bottom of his garden he embarks on a lovely rhyming adventure into the Jurassic. He meets a friendly Diplodocus called Timmy, but their games take a new turn when two Allosaurus want to play hide and seek with them. Can Nathan escape these meat eating dinosaurs?

I wrote this book for my nephew whose love of rhyming and dinosaurs combined together into this enchanting series.

I Didn’t Ask to Be Creative: [BEDTIME STORY FOR CHILDREN AGES 4-8]

by Dontavious Pittman

Kyle and his mom have different opinions about creativity. He can’t live without it, and she doesn’t have time for it. Kyle has to show his mom that using her imagination doesn’t call for too much time . As he tries to teach her that creativity is not just about making art, Mom learns that she has already made her greatest creation.

Young readers will learn how their imagination can help others, and even begin to understand the sacrifices that parents make every day.

Remember, “As long as you love yourself and your heart is being true, creativity will always be around when you’re just being you.” – D Pittman Buy our books (personally-signed) at

Topp Notch: The Diary of Ellie Topp Book 2

by Jenny Bell

Ellie Topp returns for the second time in this fantastic, fun diary series. Life is moving fast – Ellie turns thirteen this year. So what will happen when her Mum returns to work? And when she is asked out by a boy for the first time? Will Ellie manage to juggle all the demands on her or will things finally become too much to handle?

Jenny Bell returns with another laugh-out-loud story to delight all Ellie Topp fans out there as well as any new readers. With Ellie’s entertaining antics and insightful outlook on life, this book is perfect for readers of any age.

Christmas Monster Stories Books 4 to 6

by Mary Fern

Is your child difficult to get to sleep bed time? Then help is here with The Christmas Monster Series

Part of Mary Fern’s best selling Bedtime Series these books are specially designed to help calm children. This set have a wonderful Christmas Holiday theme. With Monster helping to choose last minute presents and get them to Santa in time.
No one really knows what sparks off these feelings of insecurity at night time. They can be triggered by so many different things.

Mary Fern’s Monster Books are aimed at calming down and reassuring children that they are safe and secure when they are tucked up in their beds. And indeed the Monster Under The Bed is there to look after them and reassure them.

Young minds are full of all the excitement of the day and they are not old enough yet to understand why they feel the way they do. While we associate going to bed and sleeping with rest and relaxation, children can sometimes become stressed and anxious as they are parted from their parents and siblings and worry about being left alone.

Mary Fern’s â??Monster Under The Bed Books’ have been carefully written and designed to help anxious children find restful sleep and to part with their fears.

The tone and pace of the book are purposefully set to help a child wind down after an exciting day. The book is full of reassurances and helps them to focus on an inner calm. The Monster is there to hold their hand whenever they need it. The message is a clear one: that even though they might be in their own bedroom, they are never truly alone. The suggestions continueâ?¦ it might be a story, but the underlying message is that it’s sleep time, and that their bed is a cozy safe place to be.


Melli Meerjungfrau (German Edition)

by Anja Winkelmann

Melli Meerjungfrau
Eine Geschichte für sensible Kinder

Melli war eigentlich eine ganz normale Meerjungfrau.
Doch Melli fühlte sich anders, als die anderen Meerjungfrauen in ihrer Klasse
Melli, war nicht so der Typ für Abenteuer. Sie mochte es nicht besonders, wenn die Dinge spannend wurden oder wenn es plötzliche Veränderungen gab.
Doch eines Tages geschah etwas, das Melli zum Nachdenken über sich selbst brachte. Sie stellte fest, dass sie scheinbar anders war als die anderen Meerjungfrauen. Melli wurde traurig und riss sogar aus der Schule aus, weil ihr alles zuviel wurde.
Was geschah, dass Melli sich am Ende sogar sehr mochte und sich selbst besser verstand lest ihr in dieser liebevollen Geschichte.

Liking Who I am: a picture book about self-acceptance: lllustrated Beginner Reader Book, Kids Self Confidence Book, Ages 4-7 (Iâ??m Brave! 2)

by Sylvia Yordanova

This colorful children’s picture book is perfect for bringing up the subject of children feeling confident and at ease with their body and how they look. It is the story of a young elephant who discovers that not everyone in the world is alike, but that nature has given to each one exactly what is needed for survival. This includes Nezo himself who learns to be grateful for his long trunk and his heavy body. Reading the book with your children provides a good opportunity for you to talk to them about being polite to others and grateful for the way they are made. You can also talk to your kids about self-confidence, self-esteem and the fact that everyone and everything in nature is beautiful in its own way. Nature knows what each of us needs to be successful and stay alive, even as our young elephant hero finds out.
The story provides important life lessons and the comic book format with its lively, expressive pictures makes it very appealing to young readers and should help you to reinforce the message of self-confidence and gratitude as you share the story with your child.

The Adventures of Elf and Troll 5: Demon in the Mirror

by Morgan Reed

Book 5 in the series The Adventures of elf and Troll. “The Demon in the Mirror”
A Wood Elf and a Mountain Troll find themselves pulled between two Kingdoms. A King and a Queen try to bridge the gap of many miles of forest and strange beings, and the total lack of cell phones.
A Hob Goblin, talking horses and a giant talking Eagles are just a few of the many wonders found here in this mythical world.
While Elf and Troll remain loyal to both sides, they begin to bridge the gap of miles, the years, and the Forest of Fears.

In this fifth of the series, the King travels south to meet with the Queen. And they meet a demon and another creature of evil origin. And battle an unknown and increasing evil force in the land.

The Leopard Who Wanted to Be a Monkey: A Children’s Picture Book on Overcoming Shyness (Wantstobe)

by Valerie Harmon

Rated a 5 STARS Reader’s Favorite!
Leopard is so shy that she hides from everyone. When she see monkeys chatting to each other, she decides becoming a monkey will solve her problems. This idea sends her falling through trees, losing her voice, and begins a surprising new friendship. This is not a typical “Be content with who you are” book, but rather “Working hard toward a goal changes you into something more.” Which is why in the end (don’t spoil the surprise for your child!) Leopard turns into a LEOKEY! A metaphorical example of how we all change after accomplishing hard things.

Add to your cart and teach children about goal setting and overcoming obstacles, while laughing at the imaginative ending! Winner of a 2015 Family Choice Award, the animated enhanced version is available now.

More Wantstobe Books:
The Snake Who Wanted to Be a Horse
The Elephant Who Wanted to Be a Bee
The Alligator Who Wanted to Be a Dog
The Peacock Who Wanted to Be a Pig
The Chipmunk Who Wanted to Be a Bear
The T-Rex Who Wanted to Be a Long Neck
The Crab Who Wanted to Be a Dolphin
The Hare Who Wanted to Be a Falcon
The Spider Who Wanted to Be a Cricket

Magic Moon: A Young Boy’s Journey (Vol. 1)

by Shirley Moulton

PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW ON AMAZON! (You could ask your child how s/he liked the book, how many stars s/he would give it.) THANK YOU, I HOPE! Magic Moon, is a “cool,” quirky, gigantic, somewhat terrifying, alien “moon-like” being who likes puns and jokes when he’s not accidentally causing small earthquakes! He may grant two special requests with his magical powers if you are brave enough to face him, as one young boy is!

EXCERPT: “He could see the path up the mountain lit by the moonlight…Summoning all his courage, he looked up.

Magic Moon loomed brightly overhead.

“What have you come to ask me, boy?” boomed Magic Moon.

The boy quivered, and courageously stammered, “Uh…uh…sir, if you please…uh…”

“Well, what is it, boy?’ thundered Magic Moon. “I haven’t got all night!” Magic Moon chuckled at his own joke. “Good one, don’t you think?”

“Yes, very clever,’ responded the boy.”

“A message book with a bit of mystery.” — KIRKUS REVIEWS
“A fun story, sweetly illustrated and awash with words of wisdom.” — 4/5 Stars – A WISHING SHELF BOOK REVIEW

FIRST PLACE – Purple Dragonfly Book Awards (Charity/Making a Difference) 2017
5/5 STARS – FINALIST (Rated by children in the UK) – The Wishing Shelf Book Awards 2017

The Episode Of The Stone Army (The Adventurers Book 3)

by Nathaniel Holland

‘The Adventurers (Part 3) – The Episode of the Stone Army’ – is the continuation of the action-adventure story that began with ‘The Adventurers (Part 1) – The Episode of The Tomb’ and ‘The Adventurers (Part 2) – The Episode of The Airship’.

Having escaped the Cobra of the Lake to win the third amulet, the adventurers face a deadlier foe to win the fourth. Pursued by danger, armed with only their courage, they raise an army from the dead to fight on the battlefield.

‘The Adventurers’ is the story of the journey and the discoveries made by the man, the boy and the dog as they seek the source of the Nile, following a strange map.

‘The Adventurers’ is available in the Kindle Store and is also available in paperback, sold exclusively through Amazon.
â??The Adventurers (Part Four) – The Episode of the Gods’ will be published soon.

There will be twelve parts in this ‘Nile Journey Series’.

A Mochi Pirate’s Courage

by Vincent Vuong

One big balloon can lead to big trouble!
Can Orangey the Pirate Mochi be brave and rescue his best pals?
Learn how to conquer your fears with Orangey and friends in this fun tale of adventure and courage.
– A beautifully illustrated story of friendship, adventure and courage.

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