Free literary fiction Kindle books for 17 Nov 18


by Jake Moody

In this highly anticipated literary work and Amazon Best-Seller, nominations and reviews are abound for this captivating tale of woe and worthiness.

Moody, making his third literary debut, interweaves lush language and vibrant action that stuns the senses and gives rise to the pleasure of discovery, in this work of literary achievement and triumph of technique.

In Moody’s Marlow, Maris may be hallucinating but his lover Sebastian wanting him dead is definitely real. Having fled his lover after realizing the danger he was in, Maris may not be able to stop his pursuer, but will he be able to fight him off when his life is on the line? As their pitted conflict entangles them in a escalating fight for the lives of their child and the legacy of their work, through Maris’ confused, blinded eyes we will see the suffering that uncertainty brings in this spell-binding story of betrayal, deceit, and poisoning that ends with a bang.

3 Line Stories (Volume 1)

by Lea Cramer

Capturing ordinary moments in the human experience and turning them into something extraordinary. 3 Line Stories are Haikus to ponder.

Paladinos Escarlates (Portuguese Edition)

by James Dallacosta

A estória gira em torno de um casal de atletas que ao regressarem de uma competição, estando na iminência de se aposentarem como profissionais após uma carreira de sucesso, certa noite ambos sofrem um acidente que coloca suas vidas em perigo. Para salvá-los da morte iminente, como uma esperança, é aplicado em seus corpos uma substância química que ainda estava em processo final de estudo. Suas vidas foram salvas e seus corpos sofreram mudanças que os colocam em patamares superiores as de um ser humano comum.

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