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Pocket Pep Talk: Get Over that Breakup, Today!

by Shana James

How long has it been? Two days? Two weeks? Two months? Years? A bad breakup can leave a taste so nasty in our mouths, we can find it tough to even get out of bed each day. But, is that any way to live? If you’re reading this, either you know that it isn’t or you’re hoping to help a close friend or family member see things that way, too. There aren’t many among us who hasn’t experienced the suffocating cloak of a bad breakup at the hands of a jerk, but all misery has to have an expiration date or the fresh fruits of tomorrow will begin to wither and die. That’s where the Pocket Pep Talk comes in!

In this text you’ll find words of wisdom, inspiration and insight, encouraging quotes and, best of all, tough love — all geared towards helping you break the vicious cycle of wallowing in post-relationship misery, hindering the possibility for finding true, lasting happiness. The information is direct and concise, readily available to give you a good boost to get through your day when those foggy old memories of a deadbeat threaten to derail your happiness!

Press Reset: 4 Simple Steps to Reclaim Your Life

by James A. Martinson

Feeling trapped by life? Wondering if this is all there is? Baffled by how other people seem to be having all the fun?

We all have these feelings. It’s what we do with these feelings that matters. You already have a collection of books gathering dust that offer advice and suggestions on living a better life. Why is it that you struggle with the same issues time after time? You know what to do. Why can’t you get yourself to do it?

This book gives you an alternative. One that encourages you to author your own story. To develop a path that works for you. In 4 simple and easy to follow steps you can reclaim your life. You will no longer have any excuses holding you back. The life you have today can literally be the life you want tomorrow.

TRY: PRESS RESET – 4 Simple Steps to Reclaim Your Life

My goal with this book was to write a short easy to read book that gives your practical advice. One free from wild tales of achievement and over the top accomplishments that leave you feeling inadequate and overwhelmed. I share just enough of my personal story to make the book easy to follow. No matter what you want from life, this book will help you achieve it because the story is yours to write.

You will learn:

  • 4 Steps to change your life
  • The power of keeping things simple
  • Why deadlines DO NOT work and can sabotage your efforts
  • Why thinking about your life is not enough, you must write it all down
  • Why your outcome must be unique to you
  • The answer to the question: “Great, what do I do first?”
  • How to make life happen rather than letting life happen

PRESS RESET is a different kind of advice book. It gives you a process that is simple to follow. It is useful no matter what you are trying to improve. Follow the step by step no nonsense approach and allow yourself to let go of that disconnected feeling. The feeling that alienates so many of us in this modern fast-paced world. Simple does not mean easy. You will still have to put in the work. Let this book be the kick you need to finally act and take back control of your life.

Minimalism: Simple and Effective Strategies to Live a Meaningful Life

by John Williams

Minimalism is a process that involves ridding oneself with everything that no longer serves purpose. Minimalism revolves around finding meaning, value, and intention in every aspect of life. When a minimalist decides to pursue a more meaningful path, they’re given the ability to escape the freedoms and constrictions that bind so many people to a life of discontent. Anyone can benefit from the simple and effective strategies required to live a meaningful life. Through minimalist practices, a life so much greater than anyone could have expected can be achieved.
This book is for anyone that’s sick of their day-to-day life and just needs a change from the every day norms. This read is for someone that’s ready to make a serious change, either because what’s there isn’t working, or because everything else hasn’t quite stuck. Minimalism will help anyone that follows this path seek a greater lifestyle filled with more purpose and intent than one lived unconsciously.
What are you waiting for? Grab this book ASAP!

Original Pesto Sauces Cookbook. Just try it

by William Nash

Kindle Edition

Better the flavor of your dishes adding only a sauce.
This pesto cookbook has a simple tip how to make the best ever pesto sauce. Find out more about the world known sauce. Learn what are the secret pesto ingredients that give the unforgettable meals’ taste. As far as you will figure out what`s in pesto sauce we will teach you not only the pesto recipe but provide you a big variety of delicious recipes using pesto to carry off any meal time. The fresh basil pesto guaranties success in serving your favorite food every time. Try pasta with the basil pesto and you will definitely fall in love with it. All of the ideas provided in this amazing cookbook are easy pesto recipe, so there is no need to worry about culinary skills. Just follow the directions given to make wholesome pesto. Taste different types of this sauce like green pesto or others and choose the favorite. The scent and relish of fresh pesto will never ever spoil a dish. Enjoy cooking feelingly and eating delicious food every day.

Keto Diet Instant Pot Cookbook: 550 Easy and Delicious Ketogenic Instant Pot Recipes for Fast and Healthy Meals – That Saves Your Precious Time

by Dr. Melanie Zimmerman

Do you ever feel like no matter how healthy you try to eat or how much you work out, you still struggle to meet your health goals?

Whether you want to build muscle or lose fat, or – more likely – a combination of both, it can seem like you’re fighting an impossible battle.

The ketogenic diet instant pot cookbook could be the ultimate weapon.

You can follow the ketogenic Diet with an Instant Pot to prepare quick, healthy, and delicious meals that improve your overall health. By following a ketogenic diet, you will get too many benefits, below are the some of the benefits:

  • Lose your weight faster.
  • Have a stable energy level.
  • Be more smarter by increasing your mental focus and clearing your mental fog.
  • Enjoy increased endurance.
  • Improve your blood profile indicators.
  • Reduced Blood Sugar and Insulin Levels, With a Major Improvement in Type 2 Diabetes
  • Regulate your blood pressure without medication.

The ketogenic diet is named from the process of “ketosis,” which is when the body begins to burn fat in the form of ketones instead of carbs for energy. Fat is a much more efficient source of fuel than carbs – especially the refined carbs that most of our diets rely on – and allows for faster weight loss.

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The Keto Diet Instant Pot Cookbook provides you with a range of great tasting 550 delicious recipes which are quick and easy to prepare and include recipes like:

  • Lemon Herb Chicken Wings 
  • Cheesy Sweet Chicken Salad
  • Chicken Mushroom Soup 
  • Kale Cheddar Cheese Omelet 
  • Pork Stew with Mushrooms 
  • Low Carb Vegetable Soup 
  • Creamy Italian Chicken Breasts 
  • Salmon with Vegetables 
  • Cheesy Pork Chops
  • Pulled Pork with BBQ Rub 
  • Tender Greek Style Pork 
  • Butter Beef Roast Recipe
  • Keto Beef Meatballs 
  • Mexican Shredded Beef 
  • Pumpkin Pie Bundt Cake 
  • Strawberry Pancakes 
  • Chocolate Cupcakes 
  • Keto Orange Nut Cookies 
  • Crumbled Lemon Muffin Parfait 

The ketogenic diet has transformed many lives and continues to do so with its innovative approach and healthy food choices. Now, with Keto Diet Instant Pot Cookbook you can enjoy a healthier, happier and more confident future as you lose weight and look great too.

Get a copy of Keto diet Instant Pot Cookbook today and start your ketogenic diet with confidence!

Raw Food Diet for Dogs: Simple Raw Feeding Guide for a Happier Dog

by Patrick Evans

Dogs have over time developed health problems which modern research credits to their poor quick fix diets, a deviation from their ancestral diets.

Pet owners have been investigating the benefits of feeding their dogs raw food for some time now, to keep them healthy and living longer. The raw food diet is no secret, as it has been used successfully over the years, and provided a plethora of health benefits.
If you have been feeling frustrated with your dog’s constant visits to the Vet, even if you have been feeding raw for years or just started recently, this book is for you.

Here is what you’ll learn:

    The right amounts to feed, even if your dog always looks hungry

    The most POWERFUL immunity boosters for dogs, and how to use them Feeding raw is very expensive right? WRONG. Find out why this and other myths are simply ridiculous. Page 37

    The best way to introduce your dog to raw food if they have a sensitive digestive system

    What you should never do when introducing vegetables

    EASY tricks to make a choosy dog start on a raw diet.

    MISTAKES to avoid when calculating your dog’s portions

    4 COMMON proteins you must NEVER feed your dog

And more!

Learn QUICKLY how to have a happier dog as you implement these strategies.


by Charles Lucien de Lièvre

It is not enough that an exercise in concentration is good, it needs to be tested. Only the endorsement of individual experience can attest or not to the validity and efficiency in each one of them, since their results are individual, subjective and non-transferable and, above all, infallible. Any degree of concentration is amenable to development, it is enough for this training and the WILL POWER to overcome your own limitations.

10,000 Dreams Smackdown: Dreams Interpreted

by Hemal Gandhi

Dreams are connected with images, stories, ideas, emotions. As per research most of the dreams are seen during last phase of sleep. Dreams are activity during REM stage.

Rapid action movement of our eyes happening. Generally a normal person sees 5 to 7 dreams during 8 hours sound sleep. The length of the dream varies from seconds to 30 minutes.

Scientific study of dreams is called oneiroloy.

Dreams are the things, we try to fulfill during sleep because either we may not fulfill during day hours. The reason may social concern, hard to achieve, not accepted by family or society.

Other way, so many people can see the upcoming events of their or others life during sleep. In dream form they see the exact sequences. In short, they can see the future.

Whatever it is but need to understand our dreams. As per few medical experts, dreams are necessary for healthy life. Those who cannot see dreams, may feel more tension, stress, unable to concentrate.

Here we will see how to see the Dreams and will work on interpreting them. More than 10,000 Dreams Interpreted…

Flower Queen: Inspiring ordinary Indians to make a difference

by Nahomi Dhinakar

The nature of the Flower Queen case demanded a quick recall of details, which was why I maintained a journal. This journal has now metamorphosed into this book, still retaining the original journal dates as chapter titles. We Indians, who pride ourselves in being educated and forward looking, are often totally hypocritical. We know that caste system and untouchability is evil; but do we allow our maids to ever sit with us in the living room or at table with us? For centuries, some communities of fellow Indians have been treated as less than human beings. You and I have no business to allow any custom that is a fallout of that period to continue. Be that as it may, this is the story of how I was swept along by the current of wanting to help Flower Queen and how I managed to muddle along. If I could do what I did, almost succeeding, you can do it even better.

Staring Into The Eyes Of Anxiety And Depression: A collection of essays about anxiety and depression and ways on how to fight with them

by Christine Keller

Have you ever felt that no matter what you do, you will never get rid of your anxiety and depression? You feel that every single day, you are fighting the battle of your life and that you never manage to win. Do you feel that you are not strong enough to run away from the claws of anxiety and depression because every time you try they somehow catch you? Even if you try so hard to get over them, every day looks just like the previous one and you feel that you didn’t do anything to save yourself. And it all comes again like a never-ending cycleâ??your irrational fear, panic attacks, your sadness and inability to move on.

To help all women fighting these conditions, Christine Keller did research on more than 5000 women with the same or similar problems. She found out that 82% of those women had severe anxiety and depression symptoms. Step by step, through getting to know them better and finding out what their life stories were, she managed to find out what the triggers to those conditions were. This, in turn, led to ways to manage and get over those triggers in order to get back to normal.

Therefore, she made a collection of essays about anxiety and depression, things that could affect them and helpful tips to get rid of them once and for all.

I hope that by reading this book, every single one of you will find some help and that you will finally find the light at the end of the tunnel you have been seeking for so long time.

Remember, you are an amazing person, so don’t let your anxiety and depression define you!

Hair make-up: Dressing arrangement company in the world

by masahiko

“Kimono innovation”

Kimono was closely connected with Japanese culture, industry and life.
Kimono was a pride in the area.

We aim for reconstruction of kimonos.
Traditional fabric, design, dressing.
We will formulate a strategy to sublimate the leading Japanese value of “craftsmen” in each field to the brands the world admires.

The Perfect Wedding: The Ultimate Budget Wedding Planning Guide, Key Wedding Finance Tips, Choosing The Best Dress, Ring, Venue And Cake

by Gloria Jubi

For some, a wedding isn’t just a day when you exchange vows with the person you love, it’s a pivotal moment that you’ve thought about for years.
The average wedding cost up to $32,000 (and up to $82,000 for Manhattanites!), so being strategic with your hard-earned dollars is vital.

There are ways to plan for your big day without breaking your bank account.
For instance, when you’re planning a dream wedding, distinguish between base and flexible costs. Flexible costs will make up the brunt of your budget, and they include expenses such as catering, favors, photography, and entertainment.
They’re important, but they’re also an area of the budget that can be changed to suit your spending limit. When building this area of the budget, the key is being creative about cutting costs.
Start by itemizing the base wedding costs to form the foundation of your wedding budget, including, wedding dress, ring, venue and cake. These are the expenses that are integral to getting married.
When it comes down to it, your wedding is exactly thatâ??yoursâ??so don’t feel pressure to overspend on aspects that don’t matter to you and your partner.

A beautiful wedding without mounting debt is possibleâ??here’s how to plan a perfect wedding on budget. That includes the items most weddings entail, as well as the typical percentage of your budget you may want to reserve for each one.
This Book ” The Perfect Wedding” will be of a great help to you. Enjoy!

WORDS OF A MUTE GIRL: A true compelling story about my struggle with Selective Mutism and my victory overcoming it

by Daniela Parlane

This biographical guide is a valuable tool which has proven to have successfully paved the way to overcoming the debilitating disorder of Selective Mutism. The author shares very intimate experiences about her journeyâ?? the negative roadblocks, symptoms and characteristics of SM, and the techniques she implemented in order to overcome the paralyzing silence. She passionately shares the story of how her faith and identity in Christ offered her hope in the most terrifying circumstances, and how applying basic timeless biblical principles can totally revolutionize your perspective on anxiety to progress day by day.

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