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Love is Not Afraid of What it Finds in the Dark: a collection of original poetry and art

by Alexandra Michelle

“This is the tricky, exciting, sublime and terrifying form of life, in all its beauty…”

This collection of poetry will lead you into the depths of human experience, from the mundane to the mystical. You are invited on this journey. Lush, romantic, life affirming, and full of wisdom; this book promises to deliver you to a place where all your questions finally feel like peace.

Love is Not Afraid of What it Finds in the Dark is Alexandra Michelle’s debut collection. She has been using the title phrase for years as a mantra, guiding her deeper and deeper into the heart.

Excerpt from Love is Not Afraid of What it Finds in the Dark:

About this book: “Everything you see here first appeared in my personal journals. Some poems I wrote as young as 17 years old, and some I wrote last week. Much of the poetry was written as an answer from my soul to the questions of my temporal human mind.  You see, none of it was written my “me” in the strictest sense.  These words came through me and demanded to be expressed.

Earlier in my life I sought love as a remedy for abandonment, proof of worthiness.  I sought love for the high of it and for romance, not knowing what love really is. Later in life, love revealed its true nature to me. Love is the essence of life-stuff and world-stuff. The reason electrons move around atoms. It is why we are here, even if the being-here of “we” is essentially a dream of eternity. Why would eternity bother to dream of us? Because of love.

This book comes to you as an exercise of radical acceptance. It is the answer to the answer of my prayers.  It is perfect in its imperfection.  It holds the light of my mind.

I hope it empowers you to look at everything, and love it!”

The Complete Poetry of Percy Bysshe Shelley: Prometheus Unbound, The Daemon of the World, Alastor, The Revolt of Islam, The Cenci, The Mask of Anarchy, … West Wind, Ozymandias, The Triumph of Lifeâ?¦

by Percy Bysshe Shelley

This carefully crafted ebook collection is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents:
The Daemon of the World
Alastor: or, the Spirit of Solitude.
The Revolt of Islam
Prince Athanase
Rosalind and Helen
Julian and Maddalo
Prometheus Unbound
The Cenci – A Tragedy in Five Acts
The Mask of Anarchy
Peter Bell the Third
Letter to Maria Gisborne
The Witch of Atlas
Oedipus Tyrannus
Fragments of an Unfinished Drama
Charles the First
The Triumph of Life
Early Poems (1814, 1815):
Stanza, Written at Bracknell
Stanzas â?? April, 1814
To Harriet
To Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin
On Death
A Summer Evening Churchyard
To Wordsworth
Feelings of a Republican on the Fall of Bonaparte
Poems Written in 1816-1822:
The Sunset
Hymn to Intellectual Beauty
Mont Blanc
Fragment of a Ghost Story
Marianne’s Dream
To Constantia, Singing
To Constantia
To Music
‘Mighty Eagle’
To William Shelley
On Fanny Godwin
A Hate-Song
Lines to a Critic
To the Nile
Passage of the Apennines
The Past
To Mary
On a Faded Violet
October, 1818
Song for ‘Tasso’
Invocation to Misery
The Woodman and the Nightingale
To Byron
Apostrophe to Silence
The Lake’s Margin
The Vine-Shroud
Song to the Men of England
To the People of England
‘What Men Gain Fairly’
A New National Anthem
Ode to Heaven
Ode to the West Wind
An Exhortation
Love’s Philosophy
The Birth of Pleasure
A Tale Untold
To Italy
Wine of the Fairies
A Roman’s Chamber
Rome and Nature
The Sensitive Plant
A Vision of the Sea
The Cloud
To a Skylark
Ode to Liberty
Dirge for the Year
To Night
The Fugitives
The Zucca
The Isleâ?¦
Hymn to Mercury
Homer’s Hymns
The Cyclops
Epigrams from the Greek
Pan, Echo, and the Satyr
Queen Mab
Verses on a Cat
In Horologium
To the Moonbeam
The Solitary
Love’s Rose
The Devil’s Walk
To the Queen of My Heartâ?¦
Poetical Essay on the Existing State of Things
A Defence of Poetry – Essay by Shelley
Shelley – Biography by John Addington Symonds

En remolinos (Spanish Edition)

by Diego Armando Arciniegas Malagón

Selección de poemas del autor. En este libro encontrarás 50 escritos fascinantes. El amor, la libertad, la pasión, la mujer, lo sagrado, lo prohibido, serán algunos de los temas protagonistas en estas páginas. Cada verso que leas te conducirá a ese lugar en el que las palabras vuelan libres para recobrar su original belleza.

Poemas para ser cantados: Dedicado a aquellos amores imposibles (Spanish Edition)

by Maya Rebeca Benmergui Esayag*

Resumen de 28 poemas románticos que provienen de letras de canciones inéditas. Muchas veces nos enamoramos solos y lo puedo decir por experiencia propia. A veces estos amores son muy fuertes. Fue escrito con mucho amor y dedicación. Dedicado a todos aquellos amores platónicos que tanto nos marcan. Espero que el mismo sea de su agrado.

32 messages

by UgnÄ? Jankovska

A small poetry collection by a young female, who has trouble in expressing her emotions directly. Each poem is a small note or letter, which contains something left unsaid. Most probably, people in mind will never know it’s about them, but it’s okay as long someone learns from all the words wished to be spoken.

Many pieces have been inflicted by a rollercoaster of struggling with mental health and self-discovery. As most young people struggle with relationships and self-love, this collection might help you see a side of mind that is almost too obvious to be noticed.

Memoirs of a W.E.I.R.D.O. (The W.E.I.R.D. Series Book 1)

by Abe Lowe IV

This book is a representation of my thoughts, perceptions, and honest feelings on various subject matters. It serves as a microscopic view into my mind and heart. Some of these writings come from personal experiences, things I’ve seen, can relate to, or just my own opinions. I hope this will provide a personal insight into who Abe Lowe IV really is; Very complex, yet simple. W.E.I.R.D. So ride with me as I take you on a roller coaster through my cognitions, exploring emotions from different time frames of my life. There are a few valleys and peaks along this journey. It is my goal that the world today is projected through my eyes. I say what most think, but are afraid to say. Strap in and prepare yourself for departure. ALL ABOARD

enduring atlas: the weight of the world put into words

by atlas st. cloud

an autobiography, a collection of personal poetry, a soul on a page, the weight of the world put into words.

The Sweetest Lie

by S.A. White

Warning: May cause anger

The third collection of poetry from S.A. White comes after the success of from her lips. A straightforward and transparent look into the emotions you feel when someone lies to you. This journey takes you through the words leading a broken heart. Feelings that last long after the book is closed and put back on the shelf.

Divided into four chapters and quotes by S.A., the sweetest lie is a twisted tale of the tongue, weaving, and wondering. A healing process with an emotional ending.

Food for the Soul: Poems for Star Gazers

by Paul Heath

Astronomy is more than just Science. It evokes emotions in those who participate even casually. The poems are inspired by meeting topics at the Astronomy Club and major Astronomical events. I write to make one look outside the box and see the science in a different way. I encourage the reader to carefully read each poem and try to determine its inspiration, then check the Inspiration page. It is my hope that these poems will inspire and encourage you to seek the wonders of our universe and look to the night sky in a new way. This book is dedicated to all those who look up and see Wonder.

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