Free politics and current events Kindle books for 17 Nov 18

Money Under the Car Seat & Other Things to Thank God For (Revised and Expanded)

by Daniel Whyte III

Money Under the Car Seat is simply a light and fresh celebration of an old holiday called Thanksgiving. This book is designed to be taken seriously and it is also designed not to be taken seriously. It is largely a fun book that looks at Thanksgiving through fresh eyes. Thanksgiving Day is a big deal to us and we hope that it is to you as well. However, it is also our hope that this book will not only help you to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday, but will help you to stay in “a Thanksgiving state of mind” year around.

America and Its Head: Republicans and Donald Trump Creating Needless Health Care Chaos

by Dave Masko

America and Its Head, by Dave Masko. The odious “Head” of the country, Donald Trump, is revealed this 4th of July 2017 “to be despotic, lying, self-satisfied, always evil acting and arrogant; while becoming a รข??true domestic tyrant’ to all citizens not pledging their loyalty to this authoritarian controlled Republican-backed White House,” says retired Oregon business owner Joseph Burnett during a recent “real-life” face-to-face interview because anything virtually done online is not real human conversation. Burnett, 82, lives in an assisted living senior home here in the coastal town of Newport, Oregon. “They now put on old Lucy television programs after dinner because too many of us are getting really sick in our hearts, minds, souls and body when we watch the news and that Trump is doing something bad.” The old man then coins the title for this e-book by asserting that “America and Its Head are rotten this July 4th 2017, and don’t let anyone tell you different because I’ve always had this built-in bullshit detector and it’s been going off strong since Donald Trump became president.” Burnett and other concerned seniors say they are trying to push back by participating in the recent Women’s March on Washington and People’s Climate Change anti-Trump protests but “there is no way to stop Trump’s merciless tweets of chaos that the Republicans in power turned a blind-eye towards,” explains Burnett’s senior center friend Ivy Conrad who is also age 82. “Well, I’ve lived a long life and seen and voted for lots and lots of presidents, but this Donald Trump is no real president but a New York City hustler you see on TV acting like a big ass that he is!” Both the seniors then admit to getting too upset discussing how Trump and the Republicans “want to cut our Medicare and Social Security off, don’t you know it! We have fear for ourselves, sure, but also for other seniors like us who have been nervous as cats in a rocking chair factory since Trump came into office,” added the seniors with tears and real fear in their eyes. Thus, this collection of new journalism essays presents more frightening and chilling news from Trump and Republicans plotting to hurt more poor and senior Americans by cutting them off from needed health care insurance and Medicare protection even while Trump and the GOP reward America’s richest top 1% with health care and tax cuts that are a mortal blow to family life in the nation this 4th of July 2017.

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