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The Rancher’s Conditions

by R.S. Chapman

When Layne Martin tore up his one million, five-hundred-thousand-dollar donation check, she had no idea that Erik Rivers was one of the richest, most influential ranchers in all of Texas. All she knew was that he’d hit on her a couple of times in the gym, and she’d rebuffed him each time. Her only thought was God, do they all subscribe to the same gym introduction newsletter?

Never had a woman made Rivers feel like such an idiot, but giving up on her now was not possible. The challenge was just too great.

Her Indulgent Cowboy (Harland County Series Book 7)

by Donna Michaels

**New Cover**
Lacey Turner was five when her father contracted AIDs from a transfusion. That rough childhood made her strong and self-sufficient, so butting heads with the guy her brother leaves in charge of the ranch while he serves with Doctors Without Borders is as inevitable as her attraction to the hot cowboy.

Jesse Briscoe’s word is his bond. Too bad he’s agreed to watch over his buddy’s ranch and hellcat sister while he’s away. The hellcat is as spoiled and self-serving as she is beautiful. But he’d witnessed firsthand what a woman like that can do to a man when his mother decided she no longer wanted to be a wife and mother and left when he was nine.

Worn down by a desire too strong to ignore, the two give in to their heated attraction, but will they give up control long enough to discover the truth behind their attitudes?

Book 3: Kadeâ??HER UNIFORM COWBOY (Award Winner)
Book 4: Kevinâ??HER FOREVER COWBOY (Award Winner)
Book .05: Jen & Brockâ??HARLAND COUNTY CHRISTMAS (prequel novella)
Book 9: Keifferâ??HER TROUBLED COWBOY (Citizen Soldier Crossover Novel)
Book 10: Lincolnâ??HER HELL NO COWBOY
Book 11: Sawyerâ??HER DOGGONE COWBOY

Texas Lily (Too Hard to Handle Book 1)

by Patricia Rice

From the bestselling author of the Rebellious Sons series:

Widowed Lily Porter is a woman alone, with a child to raise and a ranch to run. In a land aflame with violence and ripe for rebellion, where women are expected to be seen and not heard, Lily needs a man to stand up for her.

The only man who offers is just called Cade, part Apache, part Mexican grandee. He possesses the power and passion Lily needs. But his past contains secrets that can destroy them, even as he joins with Lily in a struggle against treachery and terrorâ??and in a love she would risk anything not to lose.

Book 1: Texas Lily
Book 2: Texas Rose
Book 3: Texas Tiger
Book 4: Texas Moon

Family Rules: A Breaking the Rules Novel

by Jacki James


I’ve done the picket fence thing. And I’m about as interesting as any other accountant. Which is fine. I mean, I’ve got my daughter to think about. Stability and all that. But now that I’m finally out of the closet and singleâ?¦ I want some spice. Something or someone who’s just for me. One-night stands aren’t really my thingâ??not when I have Emma to think about.

But when a night with friends throws me in the path of a gorgeous but determined flirt and eternal bachelor, I have to make a hard decision. I feel instantly drawn to him with feelings more primal and genuine than I’ve ever felt before. This guy isn’t looking for permanent, though, and even the idea of kids makes him look ready to bolt. Too bad I can’t seem to keep my hands off the man.


I have three rules for dating: no co-workers, no repeats, and absolutely no kids involved. And, quite frankly, I’ve never even felt tempted to break them. Until Mark. The adorable, geeky accountant makes my pulse race despite my better judgment.

But the guy is a father. And I know from past experience, that’s a hard pass for me. So I vow to keep Mark safely in the friend zoneâ?¦ which turns into the friends with benefits zoneâ?¦ which very quickly decides to veer sharply into the zone I swore I’d never consider.

The forever zone. 

Falling By Firelight: A Christmas Romance

by Rose Ivory

There’s nothing in the world that Kate Green loves more than Christmas. The baking, the music, the drinking too much wine with friends and family in the name of cheer, all of it. Even though she’s been single for the past three years, at Christmas, she’s never felt alone.

But when all flights are grounded on Christmas Eve, Kate finds herself trapped in Seattle. With her family celebrating back east, she resolves to spend the holiday in blissful, relaxing solitude. A consolation celebration that might have worked…if not for the power outage.

In the blackout, Kate finds herself shacked up with Nolan, her new a-hole neighbor with a tendency to make her skin crawl. Or, more often, tingle. With his condescending tone, tall brawny build, and sharp jaw so often clenched in disdain, he should be the last person with whom she’d want to ride out a blizzard.

He should be. But when his molten gaze begins to thaw a part of Kate that she hasn’t felt in years, awakening a passion she’d pushed down to cope with the pain, she realizes that she might not mind being trapped. That being stuck just might bring her everything she’s been too scared to seize.

Trust Fund Baby: An Mpreg Romance (Frat Boys Baby Book 1)

by Aiden Bates

He swore he’d never date another artist, but what about the one who got away?

Alpha Luke Carter is a successful lawyer, but after his last serious boyfriend left him on their anniversary, he’s turned into a workaholic.

Omega Jay Collins is a struggling artist. Barely making ends meet, he’s recently become homelessâ?¦ just as he lands the gallery show of a lifetime.

When they run into each other at an art show, sparks fly. Luke knows better, but he just can’t stop thinking about getting the sexy omega back into his bed. A night of celebratory passion leads to unexpected consequencesâ?¦

In this 77,000-word omegaverse/gay paranormal romance, two men get their second chance at love and learn the value of family. Deeply descriptive and sexual scenes make this non-shifter alpha/omega male pregnancy romance suitable for adults only.

The Rake and The Recluse: A Tale of Two Brothers (Lords Of Time Series Book 1)

by Jenn LeBlanc

Two complete love stories in one beautiful book.

I never thought time-travel was real. Until it happened to me…

But isn’t all fun and games. A woman in Victorian England is a commodity. She’s owned. I’m no longer the powerful business woman I was just moments ago and on top of it all I’m controlled by a man who may destroy more than my heart.

My only chance for safety lies in Gideon Trumbull, a lionheartedâ??but evasiveâ??duke.

What began as a compulsion to learn anything I could about him turns into an urgent need and I find myself in an inescapable new realityâ??a world in which I don’t belong.


Meanwhile… Gideon’s brother Perry has likewise been caught up in an incident, finding a stowaway housemaid in his carriage as he’s bound for London…

I plan to seduce the rake who refuses to touch me. Propriety be damned.

Getting him to teach me what love is… seems like just the right challenge to sooth my damaged soul.

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