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Thylacine Dreams: 6 Tales of Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy

by Jonathan Maas

Thylacine Dreams
In the tradition of Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov and Stephen King comes a group of short tales that will take you to another world, or help you see this one in an entirely new light.
In this collection from award-winning author Jonathan Maas:

  • We wake up with a woman who sleeps for centuries so that she can monitor humanity’s progress.
  • We discover a world that has survived the apocalypse, but remains unaware of the horror that still moves beneath the surface.
  • We meet a couple who learns why you should never go back in time.

Some of the characters are on a grand direction, while some of them are just ordinary people who find themselves in circumstances beyond their understanding. But every one of them holds the importance of an endling, and will show you things you’ve never thought possible.

Includes the novella -100: Never Go Back in Time!
Praise for -100, now in development with Olu Odebunmi and Tolu Awosika, the screenwriters of Smokin’ Aces 2: Assassins Ball!

    • 5 Stars – â??Expect the unexpected!’ – David, Goodreads

      5 Stars – â??The anti-romance, with a time travel twist!’ – Kay, Amazon

  • Bad Code

    by Leigh Dovey

    “Cinematic and action packed Dovey crafts a great story in Bad Code with some excellent ideas evoking Terminator, Westworld, Richard Stanley’s Hardware and many other classic Sci-Horror’s whilst giving the book a novel twist perfect for fans of horror and science fiction alike.”

    The Machine was forged in a lab, carved deep inside a mountain in the desert. The ex-soldiers were brought in to teach it the art of war. Their fighting experiences were sampled, downloaded into the Machine’s brain. But the resulting code had their harrowing memories too. The Machine was polluted. Driven insane. Driven to murder. Now the survivors are trapped in the nearby ghost town of Folly. And every night the Machine comes for them, to take another victim up to its lair on the mountain. And one by one they’ll all fall. Unless they find a way to extract the bad code.

    Constellation Chronicles: The Lost Civilization of Aries (Part 3 of 5)

    by Vincent Lowry

    (Note: This book is part 3 of 5 for the first volume of the science fiction series.)

    A blinding fireball rips across the night sky and slams into a field in the remote town of Rigel, New Mexico. Glenn Sawyer, a broke and disillusioned 18-year-old, witnesses and investigates the crash, finding a surreal craft and an even stranger monkey-like creature named Paako, who secretly follows him home and stirs trouble. As Glenn captures Paako and attempts to return her to the crash site, he discovers unexpected company, and learns that his remarkable journey–filled with adventure, evil, and a cast of captivating characters–has only just begun.

    The Dome City

    by Nichole Haines

    “It’s so hot, what is going on. Is it even humanly possible to sweat this much?”
    Oh, but the temperature is just perfect
    “Who is that? Wait, you can hear my thoughts? Where am I?”
    As I open my eyes, I realize I’m not on my bed or even in my room where I should be after coming home late last night.
    “Or did I not make it home? This is definitely not earth” I said to myself as I looked around and took a 360-degree view of what I can’t even describe. “Is this is supposed to be a house? Where am I?”
    Beautiful isn’t it? This could all be yours if you want, or whatever change you want to make to it, just think about it, anything you want, anything you can think about, it’s all yours.
    “This voice again, who are you, where are you?” I shouted out and waited for a response but to my disappointment, I heard no reply.
    “Beautiful?” I said to myself as I looked around, “Is this not more than beautiful? The whole building is made of glass, pure crystal-clear glass.” I looked around and studied the cube like structure made entirely from glass and if my eyes were not deceiving me, was also rotating slowly.
    “But how is that possible, I’m standing on a fixed spot and not feeling any movement, also the darkness that totally surrounds the glass building isn’t allowing me to determine if the building is really rotating or not. What kind of confusion is this?”
    All that surrounded the glass building was darkness, black thick darkness.
    What is this cube even built on? No foundation? It’s just hanging in space? What is this darkness? How is this crazy heat not even destroying the glass cube? This is definitely not a building. Is this still Earth? Several questions rushed up my mind as I surveyed the area
    I turned away from all these questions and the surroundings of the cube as no one was going to answer my questions. The glass beneath my feet felt cold as I tried walking and that just added to the weirdness of the place.
    Moving along the hallway cautiously, I saw jewels and shinning diamonds of different sizes and different shapes, all white and glistening, some as big as meteors I suppose are capable of destroying earth and some as tiny as just being barely visible to the eyes, all just hanging and floating in the air beautifully, all in different spaces, not arranged in a pattern or formation but still looked pretty and made a nice decoration as they were floating in irregular positions. I felt like they were calling to me and that I could reach them or make them come to me if I tried but my spirit or probably my inner self didn’t agree with that choice, so I ignored the diamonds and jewels and they didn’t come to me also.
    Although the feeling and urge to touch them grew stronger as I kept moving, I listened to my guts or instinct that told me not to touch them and kept moving forward.

    After walking for what felt like ages as I had no concept of time here, I suddenly saw a man approach me. He had a black cape on and a hood covered his head. As we got nearer to each other I couldn’t help but to notice his eyes, he had deep dark blue eyes and I couldn’t stop staring at them.
    While I was still staring at his eyes, I didn’t know when he reached my side and gently, without saying anything, lightly touched my shoulder and suddenly I realized I was back in my room, on my bed, like it was all a dream, or should I say magic like.

    y magic like.
    No black cape, hood wearing, dark blue eyes man. No rotating hot glass cube. No jewels or diamonds calling onto me. Just my plain queen-sized bed and my dry looking room

    In Search of Intelligence

    by Tatum Este’l

    A ship is sent to the other end of the galaxy to check out a new type of engine. Garbled messages come back to Earth. Another ship is sent out to find the first one. It also crashes. The pilot’s son has to beg, borrow and steal to get someone to go out and look for his dad. No one will do it, so he goes himself. He meets his dad half way who has the devil on his tail following him to earth. On that lonely planet, the second pilot found a man with a secret. Yes, he would help him repair his ship and get him going back to Earth, but the secret couldn’t be held back. In fact, by following him back to Earth, there was danger for everyone. An apocalypse was on its way. Will he be able to save Earth?

    God of Desolation

    by Wolf Kraft

    “Nobody escapes from Desolationâ?¦ but for Doon Gannon, escape is the only way to survive.”

    The prison doesn’t have a name, so the inmates began calling it Desolation. The name is accurate. The complex lies several hundred feet underground. There are no guards, just an AI warden. Get topside, and there’s hardly any oxygen. Scorching electrical storms explode all across the planetary surface. When they built a prison on a small rock at the ass end of space, they weren’t counting on anybody trying to escape. To do so would be suicide.

    For convicted terrorist Doon Gannon, suicide is preferable to rotting in jail. She won’t stay, not when there are so many wrongs to right in the universe. Not when so many lords of industry proclaim themselves holy and exploit their colonies. Killing such “gods” came easy to Doon, though it eventually landed her a life-sentence.

    The trick now is to wait for the right time, to wait for the chance to escape, to wait for the next prison transport.

    But then, the warden takes an interest in her. It is a learning machine, always studying its prisonersâ?¦ learning from some of the worst sadists in the universe. The warden is bored, wanting to play games.

    And it begins calling itself the God of Desolation.


    by Mats Andersen

    In the year 2518, earth has known peace for four hundred years! Imperialism has not vanished, it still flourishes and thrives. this time empires consists of planets, asteroids, moons and sometimes entire solar systems. Follow Seal Team 49 on their mission to explore the unnamed planet, A-1. This is the first chapter in the series. this is a serial story, made up of several shorts.. The book has only one chapter.

    The Peacemakers (The Code of War Book 2)

    by Jim Roberts

    Olympus has risen…

    The world’s largest and most secretive Private Military has made itself known on the world stage. Operating with impunity, they spread their tentacles into any nation willing to pay their exorbitant price.

    For Joseph Braddock and his warrior brother, Danny ‘Whisper’ Callbeck, the battle has only begun. Waging a desperate war across the globe, Joe Braddock and his team of Peacemakers have weathered a humiliating defeat from Olympus in western Pakistan. Now, their fledgling unit is in danger of being shutdown by the CIA. But when a rogue CNN reporter promises them important information about the enigmatic Code of War, no amount of bureaucracy can keep Joe from bringing his war to the scorching cities of Africa.

    Meanwhile, Danny Callbeck travels to Russia in an attempt to find the original creators of the Code. But there, he runs into the woman who has haunted his dreams for nearly eight months: the devastating Olympus assassin Agrippina.

    ‘The Peacemakers’ is the sequel to Jim Roberts’ debut novel, ‘Olympus Rises’. A blockbuster in every way, the Code of War keeps getting bigger…more action, more adventure, more globe-trotting excitement! Join the Peacemakers today!

    Seas of Venus

    by David Drake


    Earth is a dead cinder beyond the dense clouds. On a terraformed Venus the land is ruled by savage plants and the even more savage beasts that prey on them, while monsters out of nightmare swim though the globe-girdling seas. Mankind huddles in domed underwater Keeps, living a purposeless static existenceâ??dedicated to pleasure but destined for oblivion later if not sooner.

    Only the Free Companions, the mercenaries who fight proxy wars for the Keeps, live on the surface of Venus. Their warships course the seas, battling one another in struggles to decide victory or defeat for one day, life or death for a few individuals. The Free companions live till they die with the searing thrill of danger, and their deeds bring excitement and color to the bored residents of the Keeps; but Mankind is doomed unless something changes.

    Few are willing to risk their lives for that change, battling both the terrifying environment and the ruthless oligarchs for whom the status quo means a lifetime of luxury. But there are a handful of courageous visionaries in the Keeps and in the Free Companies where death is a way of life!

    At the publisher’s request, this title is sold without DRM (DRM Rights Management).

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