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Survive in a Wild: The Only 10 Books You Need To Survive In A Wild

by Prepper’s Library

Survive in a Wild: The Only 10 Books You Need To Survive In A Wild

Book#1: How Not To Die In The Wilderness:Find Water In Any Desert Or Woods And Purify It For Drinking

Book#2: How To Predict The Weather In The Wilderness: Essential Weather Marks You Should Understand In Order To Survive

Book#3: How Not To Die In The Wilderness: Learn To Start A Fire With Things Found In Your Pocket And Find And Cook Food In The Wilderness

Book#4: Foil Packet Food: Best Way To Cook On Fire: 30 Delicious Camping Recipes

Book#5: Poisonous Mushrooms You Shouldn’t Be Tricked With: A Must Have Book For Mushroom Hunting

Book#6: Navigation For Dummies: 30-Minute Guide On Map Reading, GPS, Compass Use And Advanced Navigation Methods In The Wilderness

Book#7: Survival Navigation: How To Exit From The Wilderness Without Gadgets Or Map On Hand

Book#8: Wild Survival: Learn How To Escape Attack Of A Dangerous Wild Animal When No One Around

Book#9: Survival: Disappear Without Trace, Find Food, Build Shelter, Filter Water And Start A Fire In The Deepest Wilderness

Book#10: Winter Survival: How To Stay Warm, Dry And Alive In Freezing Wilderness

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Awesome Bats: Book About Bats for Kids: Fun, Fascinating Facts and Amazing Photos (Beginner or Early Middle Readers) (Wild Nature Series 1)

by Forester Wood

They sleep upside down, live in the dark caves, in the crevices of the rocks, quarries, old mines; can hide in the hollows of trees, under the branches or in the attics of the old houses. They live in small colonies – up to 20 million bats!

Kids book author Forester Wood explores and explains the mysterious world of the night creatures – bats. In this beautiful book about bats for kids, children will find out interesting and inspiring facts about one of the most fascinating animals. They will discover how the bats live in the wild, what they eat, how they sleep or are flying through the dark.

The interesting and well explored bat topic, expertly written texts, and learning activity – new words, their explanation and spelling make this book right for your kid and differentiates it from other bats books for kids.

This bat facts book:

  • Includes interesting bat facts
  • Teaches new clever words
  • Answers to the most mysterious questions about bats
  • Explains how they live in the wild
  • Has a lot of colorful pictures
  • Shows that bat loves the night and many other things

Research for a Future in Space: The Role of Life and Physical Sciences

by National Research Council

During its more than 50-year history, NASA’s success in human space exploration has depended on the agency’s ability to effectively address a wide range of biomedical, engineering, physical sciences, and related obstacles. This achievement is made possible by NASA’s strong and productive commitments to life and physical sciences research for human space exploration, and by its use of human space exploration infrastructures for scientific discovery.

Research for a Future in Space: The Role of Life and Physical Sciences
explains how unique characteristics of the space environment can be used to address complex problems in the life and physical sciences. This booklet also helps deliver both new knowledge and practical benefits for humankind as it embarks on a new era of space exploration.

Research for a Future in Space: The Role of Life and Physical Sciences is based on the in depth report, Recapturing a Future for Space Exploration: Life and Physical Sciences Research for a New Era. To learn more about the future of space exploration, visit our catalog page and download this report for free.

Translation Key and Coding Base for Computational Logic, The Mendubula Process

by Kevin Freeman

Translation Key and Coding Base for Computational Logic, The Mendubula Process

Gestando Software en Salud: Healthcare software engineering (Spanish Edition)

by Fernando Campos

Gestando Software en Salud expone desde un punto de vista gerencial el proceso de Ingeniería del Software, basándose en los principales estándares utilizados en la industria, con el fin de desarrollar productos de calidad. A raíz de los factores que inciden sobre el proceso de desarrollo del software, este trabajo aborda las etapas presentes en dicho proceso desde la perspectiva de las metodologías tradicionales y las metodologías ágiles de desarrollo, estableciendo los criterios de selección a tener en cuenta al momento de optar por la más adecuada, dependiendo del contexto y de las restricciones presentes, al inicio del proyecto.
El proceso de Ingeniería del Software es llevado a cabo por equipos conformados por distintos roles. Dentro del ámbito de la salud, estos equipos se caracterizan por la incorporación del Informático Médico. Este libro describe el rol fundamental que cumple el mismo al ser nexo entre el campo de aplicación de la Ingeniería del Software y el ámbito de la Salud, comprendiendo el léxico utilizado por los profesionales de ambos campos de conocimiento.
Gestando Software en Salud pretende ser un guía para aquellos lectores que necesiten gestionar el proceso de Ingeniería de Software dentro del ámbito de la Salud, utilizando metodologías y basándose en estándares de calidad aplicados tanto al proceso de desarrollo como al producto en sí.

Designing Health Software exposes from a management point of view the process of Software Engineering, based on the main standards used in the software industry, in order to develop quality software products. There are many factors affecting the process of software development, this book addresses the stages present in this process from the perspective of traditional and agile development methodologies, establishing the selection criteria to be taken into account when selecting the most appropriate methodology, depending on the context and the constraints present at the beginning of the project.
The Software Engineering process is carried out by teams made up with different roles. Within the field of health, these teams are characterized by the incorporation of Medical Informatics. This book describes the fundamental role played by the Medical Informatics, as the process of software engineering advances, being a link between the scope of software engineering and the field of healthcare, the lexicon used by its professionals so as to understand the different domains of knowledge.
Designing Health Software intends to be a guide for readers who need to manage the process of software engineering in the healthcare environment, using methodologies based on quality standards applied to both the software development process and the software product itself.

Sistemas de información para la gestión sanitaria (Spanish Edition)

by Daniel Rizzato Lede

La Gestión Sanitaria se alimenta de conceptos esenciales relacionados con el campo de conocimientos que caracteriza a la Salud Pública, la cual a su vez se nutre del conocimiento de otras disciplinas o Ciencias, entre ellas la Administración. Se basa en un enfoque integrado donde la provisión de servicios no hace referencia a algo particular o a un individuo aislado sino a un nivel de análisis poblacional. Analiza el ideal de salud que tiene una sociedad, los principales desafíos y oportunidades así como las acciones para alcanzarlos y aprovecharlos, y las responsabilidades de los actores involucrados entre ellos el rol primordial del Estado. También se focaliza en los modelos económicos que subyacen a los sistemas de salud y explican en cierta manera las políticas sanitarias y la toma de decisiones en salud así como su influencia en los grados de bienestar y equidad. Planteando el debate y la discusión en base a la concepción de la salud como un derecho universal así como un bien de consumo y las intervenciones atribuibles al Estado en base a esta discusión ideológica.

Sick of Being Sick: The Woman’s Holistic Guide to Conquering Chronic Illness

by Brenda Walding DPT FDN-P

Are you ready to radically transform your health?

Chronic illness – whether you are dealing with cancer, autoimmune disease, or a slew of mysterious symptoms – cuts to the core of a woman’s being. You may feel like you are drowning in a sea of pills, treatments, programs, diets, and debt that never quite gets you the results you crave. You would do anything – if you knew what to do and who to listen to.

Wellness expert Dr. Brenda Walding spent the last decade navigating debilitating chronic illness (including breast cancer) and came to understand the crucial components required for true healing and thriving. Now it is her mission to help other women learn how to tap into their innate healing power and finally begin living the lives they crave – lives full of well-being, happiness, connection, peace, and joy.

In Sick of Being Sick you will:

  • Learn to implement the 9 Essentials of Dr. Walding’s Whole-Hearted Healing approach
  • Access powerful tools, tips, lifestyle factors, and daily practices that are essential for radiant health
  • Create a self-care action plan
  • Understand how to overcome overwhelm and fear to make decisions for your highest good
  • Become aware of subtle, but dangerous, blind spots that may be massively sabotaging your healing efforts
  • Understand how chronic illness can be a stepping stone to an extraordinary life (instead of a stumbling block)

This heart-felt healing manifesto provides a comprehensive roadmap to empower and support you as you navigate your healing path. If you’re ready to begin your journey to wellness, Sick of Being Sick will be your portal of transformation and opportunity to bring you back to your heart and to experience the health and wholeness you desire.

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