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Whispering Heart: A Falling Home Novella

by Ana Simons

Falling Home | The chance encounter where it all begins, as told by Olivia. 
Olivia’s perfect life fell apart in an instant. Now she’s left to pick up the pieces and move on, but that’s easier said than done when the image of her long-time boyfriend in the arms of another woman is so fresh in her mind.

Brian Anderson thought he knew what the future would bring – until he was betrayed, both by the woman he loved and the man he looked up to like a father. On a personal quest to right the wrongs done, the last thing he’s looking for is a serious relationship.

That is, if life wasn’t so full of unexpected surprises.

Heartbroken and distraught, Olivia’s sworn off love for good. But a chance encounter with Brian, the man her heart never forgot, sends her life into an emotional whirlwind. Now the 28-year-old doctor is faced with a choice: take another chance on love or walk away never knowing what could have been…

~ ~ ~

Note to readers: This novella is a complimentary prequel to the Falling Home series. You do not need to read it to enjoy the next instalments. It’s simply an extra I wrote for those of you who want to know Olivia a little better. Also, for everyone who would like to get a feel of the storyline and the characters.
While Falling Home, Book 1 is entirely told through Brian’s eyes, Whispering Heart introduces you to Olivia’s world before her return to London and revisits the day she meets Brian again, ten years after their story was left unfinished. Some passages will be found in both books.

*2nd edition. First published as Before Dawn. This edition contains editorial revisions.*

Doughboy: And Other Strange Tales

by Don Broyles

Would you like to know about the madness of clowns, and what really lurks under your bed? Or the helpless cries of the Doughboy as he’s stuffed into the oven, and his futile attempts to escape his destiny?

Perhaps you fear being trapped in an elevatorâ?¦for a long period of time. Going on vacation? You may wish to journey to strange lands where the screams are eternal, and the tears are rivers of red.

But be careful when crossing the Cith Bridge, for the creatures there enjoy feasting on things that are not quiteâ?¦ wholesome. Or maybe you would like to pay a visit to a certain swamp where the snails are overly fat and strangely satisfied.

If this sounds like your kind of journey, let Don Broyles be your guide. With DOUGHBOY AND OTHER STRANGE TALES, he offers tales of horror, humor, and sometimes both.

White Clay (Across the Ocean Book 3)

by Dora Ilieva

Two people are dead in a horrific car crash. The third is fighting for his life. Kossara, a young archaeologist, who considers the victims her only family, discovers a life-shattering secret which sends her back to the country she hails from. The search into her family history becomes a race against time, as she finds out that her late father had been involved in much more than archaeological digs. In the blinding blizzard the secret is hidden…

Ð?Ñ?жики (Russian Edition)

by АнÑ?он Ð?авловиÑ? ЧеÑ?ов

Ð?овесÑ?Ñ?, впеÑ?вÑ?е опÑ?бликованная в 1897 годÑ?.

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