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by Robert Crielly

This book reveals details and information that points to Khufu being the builder of the Great Pyramid. The reader will learn new information about the details of how the architecture and beliefs of the time were brought together to create what is the last remaining of the seven ancient wonders of the world.

Understanding DSLR Lenses: An Illustrated Guidebook (Finely Focused Photography Books 3)

by Al Judge

This is the third book of the Finely Focused Photography Books Series by Al Judge.

Finely Focused Photography Books is a new series of books from Al Judge for people who prefer to study photography one topic at a time.

Each Book of the Series draws upon Al’s longer and more comprehensive books for content. Like all of Al Judge’s books these books contain numerous photos and illustrations to help facilitate clear and concise communication.

Understanding DSLR Lenses will painlessly provide help and insight into the often confusing and intimidating world of DSLR Camera Lenses. The ability to change lenses is one of the greatest strengths of the DSLR camera but Lens Selection requires some insight. If you get serious about photography, you will spend much more money on Lenses than Cameras. The good news is that Lenses retain their value over decades and can often be used on with each new camera release. Some Lenses designed for film cameras can still be used on their digital counterparts. A wise Lens purchase will dramatically improve the quality of your images.

Digital Cameras don’t have to be intimidating. The underlying principles are surprisingly simple but rarely presented in layman’s terms. Like any other area of specialization, photography has its own language. Fortunately, you only need to understand a few of terms and concepts to get started.

This guide to PHOTOGRAPHY BASICS builds a solid foundation of photographic knowledge with easy-to-follow discussions of everything that you need to know in order to get started with confidence. Every photographic term used in the book is clearly defined and thoroughly explained. All terms are also highlighted by using BOLD CAPS so that you can easily find them again to refresh your memory.

This Photographic Guide will take the mystery out of digital cameras, camera choices, and Photographic Jargon.

This book is filled with charts, illustrations and photos that take the discussion to new levels. You will not only understand the terminology and techniques discussed, but you will have a much better understanding of how your camera works and what is actually happening when you make adjustments. The charts and photos should help you to retain what you learn and put it to good use immediately.

Although this book provides a fast-track approach to achieving photographic competence it does not rely on previous knowledge.

This book will:

  • Save you a great deal of time and effort.
  • Help you take better pictures and know why they are better.
  • Present the details and language of digital photography without intimidation or confusing terminology – all terms are clearly defined and explained.
  • You may also be interested in Al’s other books.

    Digital Photography Like a Pro!

    Mastering Aperture, Shutter Speed, Iso and Exposure

    Mastering Digital Cameras: An Illustrated Guidebook

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In The Mix: Discover The Secrets to Becoming a Successful DJ

by Tommy Swindali

If you have ever dreamed of being a DJ with people dancing to your music and all whilst having the time of your life then this book will show you how.

From the bedroom to the hottest clubs, events and mainstage festivals.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro looking to enhance your current skills or a new aspiring DJ looking to get started.

Whatever your level of experience, the wisdom in this book is explosive and it is an absolute must to skyrocketing your success as a DJ.

This easy to understand guide will enable you to master the essentials of DJing.

Including, gear, music, techniques, business, and the industry as a whole. You’ll learn how to research and purchase the best DJ equipment, on your budget.

Where to find music, how to smoothly mix music and create solid playlists to rock any dance floor.

Plus you will learn how to get paid gigs at parties, clubs, events and so much more!

Anybody can be a DJ and if you’ve ever wanted a single book that gives you all the secrets to a successful career as a DJ, then this is that book.

8 Simple Sor Studies: A beginner’s guide to learning classical guitar

by Rhayn Jooste

Eight Simple Sor Studies introduce beginner’s to advanced guitar concepts and techniques, in a practical musical context. It is a training manual for classical guitar, which whilst helping with the usual musical subjects: reading, notation and technique, also gradually introduces advanced concepts utilized by professionals in their practice regime.
The book uses a graduated approach, each lesson builds on the last. Until you have a solid grasp on the basics like: fingering, note choice, expression and tone production. The studies are also used to initiate sophisticated concepts such as:
-problem solving
-sight reading
-analyzing scores
-learning the fretboard
-reading scores
-sight reading
Included within this book are 4 micro guitar lessons:
-counting rhythms
-left hand pressure
-right hand planting
-two basic finger strokes: rest and free.
Along with a basic glossary, a fretboard cheat sheet, tone zone map and the fundamentals of theory. This book is the culmination of guitar classes given at a junior conservatoire level and will benefit beginners and some intermediate players.

Vivaldi’s Girls

by D.P. Rosano

Antonio Vivaldi’s music has mesmerized audiences for overthree hundred years. Another reputation that is far less reported than hismusical genius was the impressive figure that he cut in Venetian society and forthe females who pursued him.

The young red-haired prodigy could make women swoon withthe sweeping grandeur of his violin performances – even more so after he tradedin his priest’s robes for the dashing attire of a rich and notorious celebrity.Through the words of his lifelong friend, Domenico Trapensi, Vivaldi’s Girls tells the story ofVivaldi’s time as a music teacher for young girls at Venice’s Conservatorio, of those who fell formore than just his violin lessons, and of his romancing of other girls on theroad to the Italian cities in his time.

Praise from readers:
“Told with a flair for the arts and the flourishes of Italy, Vivaldi’s Girls may share a new dimension of the master, but in D.P.’s eloquent writing the fullness of his life – both in the passion for music and for women – we are still in awe of this superb Baroque composer. Kudos!” – Grady Harp, Amazon Top 50 Reviewer
“I found this story to be a fun read with a great storyline and a rich history of this time frame. Good read for anyone who is a fan of historical times and great music or a love for old Italy.” – Jimmy Ray, Amazon Review

A Little Bit of Arizona: Volume 25

by Paul Moore

This is a photography book; it does not explain or attempt to teach you about photography, in Arizona or anywhere else. One of the greatest pleasures about photography is experimenting to see if the image you capture resembles the image you had in your mind when you took it.
This book is small; it is intended to be small. It is an attempt to bring the cost of photography books down to as low as they can go without sacrificing digital quality of the images within. This is the twenty fifth volume in a series, length or number unknown at the moment. However, when the series becomes sufficiently voluminous, they will be combined into a larger, and unfortunately more expensive, volume.
This volume contains about 40 images. Future volumes may contain a few more or a few less depending upon final digital size. I sincerely hope you enjoy the images within.

Scenic Moments at Airports Vol. 1 Las Vegas McCarran International Airport and New York LaGuardia Airport: Collection of Airline Scenery

by H. Miyagaki

First Volume of Scenic Moments at Airports Series contains 65 high resolution and quality photograph in 54 pages, 3200 pixels x 2260 pixels/ spread 2 pages.
This photo collection was focused on Airline Scenery, so many collaboration with powerful aircraft and surrounded beautiful scenery at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport and New York LaGuardia Airport.

A Beginner’s Guide To Women

by perri iezzoni

This book is a beginner’s guide for men trying to understand women. The author explains that understanding women is not possible and that coexistence is the desired goal through an essay-series format compiled over the course of four years of observation of women and tango dancers.

Vegetarian Instant Pot Cookbook: Simply Delicious and Easy to Cook Vegetarian Recipes from Around the World

by David Worthington

This Vegetarian Instant Pot Cookbook teaches you about the boundless benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle with your instant pot, the simplest way to start the vegetarian lifestyle, and also the vegetarian survival guide to Christmas. Additionally, it contains over 60 recipes accompanied with nutritional information and pictures. Every step in this book will guide you closer toward achieving your health goals. By following and applying these recipes, be rest assured to see drastic positive changes in your body. This is because these recipes are packed with more enough nutrients to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can now simply learn life-changing veggie recipes just with this book.

The painting of the Chinese emperor robbed by the French (The Kangxi Emperor’s Southern Inspection Tour)

by Mulan Beijing Lao J

What happened in the past, historians call it history, but for the litterateur it is a true story.
“The Kangxi Emperor’s Southern Inspection Tour”, is a painting that is preserved in the world-renowned museums but are not widely known. This book will solve the mystery, and tell you a century-old irritant between Chinese and westerners around this great classical artwork. Although the use of words and grammar of this book is very simple, but the contents will bring unexpected surprises to the historians,artists, collectors, dramatist and peace-loving peoples of various countries.
In 1900, part of The Kangxi Emperor’s Southern Inspection Tour was looted by the French troop, then scattered over Europe and was cut into pieces by the French.
Till Today , who cares about its sufferings?!
Two chained dragons bound with chains in the cover image , symbolize “The Kangxi Emperor’s Southern Inspection Tour”. They are burnt red with the flames and are struggling with howling. What they want is the REAL treated with respect by the world.
1 A painting leads to the truth of the looting of the French troop 100 years ago
2 Documentary photography left by the Japanese war Correspondent
3 A French general who get rich by the war-robbing
4 The French Government – A plunder shareholder
5 The cut paintings
6 About the Chinese expedition
– Victor Hugo’s letter

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN: A Bruce Springsteen Biography

by Ziggy Watson

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN: A Bruce Springsteen Biography

The legend of Bruce Springsteen is a retelling of the great tradition of folk music in America. His accomplishments, awards, and worldwide following are yet another note in great symphony of folk and its traditions.

But his appeal and his story go much deeper than that. Springsteen stands for a time and a place. The E Street Band is, for better or worse, the voice of New Jersey and the working-class Northeast. At one time, it seemed they spoke for us all.

Springsteen has sold 64.5 million albums just in the United States and over 123 million worldwide. He has produced 18 albums in the studio and 11 of those went to peak at #1 on the chartsâ??putting him behind only Jay-Z and the Beatles. This is his story…

What is Poetry?

by V Ramasamy வ ராம�ாமி

V. Ramasamy penned this essay when he was jailed in 1930. Those days he had written many essays in Tamil and English. One of them is titled ‘What is Poetry?’. V. Ramasamy dedicates this essay to a jail officer David Abernathy Greenwood whom had offered him so many books in jail. The note book in which Ramasamy wrote this essay mentions ‘V.Ramaswami ayyangar; convict no. 1557’. It is assumed that this essay had been written between September 6, 1930 and September 11, 1930.

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