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Struck by Lightning: My Journey from the Shadow to the Light

by Debbie Gill

“I loved this book because it’s true and its message is inspiring and hopeful. Debbie Gill’s life is worth sharing and I’m glad she did.” ~ Caroline Myss, Author of Anatomy of the Spirit.

Debbie Gill’s unusual life includes being born a “pickle,” getting struck by lightning and importing a husband from Germany that didn’t speak English.

In Struck by Lightning: My Journey from the Shadow to the Light, Debbie also shares her struggles with low self-esteem, shame, fear, as well as addiction, and the toll it took on her life and relationships.

This poignant book reflects her emergence from the shadow caused by traumatic wounds, to the light where truth brings awareness and healing. Follow along as Debbie discovers the shadow and light aspects of her archetypes that led her down a dark abyss where she hits rock bottom. Alone and nowhere to go, she stands at a turning point where she has to ask God for helpâ??or die.

Witness Debbie’s spiritual awakening and journey as she walks down the path of the Wounded Healer and becomes the change she wishes to see in the world.

When I Grow Up, I Wanna Be Kenneth Tobey!: A Memoir in Essays

by Wesley R. Mullen

Mark Twain advised us that we should shake our brains once in a while, since they get all “caked up.” So the author has brushed the cobwebs from his mind to take a closer look at his life, starting with his fascination with old movies and the role models they presented him. He muses on how he got staggeringly drunk during his first wedding; he grapples with the spectre of the OCD that has molded his life; and he tells how he met and married the love of his life, Connie. Life is a series of laughs and tears, and the author lays out his own life with an honesty that will make you pause and think: how much of this is you, as well?

A WOMAN OF QUALITY: Sarah Vinke, â??The Divine Sarahâ??, and the Quest for the Origin of Robert Pirsig’s ‘Metaphysics of Quality’, in his Book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

by James Essinger

The Mystery â?¦ The Mystique â?¦ The Enigma â?¦ of Sarah Vinke has only increased with time, since the “brilliant beyond belief” .. “work of a genius”, historic arrival of the 1975 book “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” (ZMM). In ZMM, author Robert Pirsig, tells us that Sarah, in essence, asked three times “Are you teaching Quality?” This was especially intriguing, because originally, there is no clear pattern from Sarah’s life as to why she would do this!! Not knowing Sarah’s origins, Pirsig, himself initially has no idea, and offers his readers no clue as to her motivation for asking him this. ZMM becomes for author Pirsig, a vehicle by which to carry us with him on a journey of inquiry into the full meaning this very question. “Are you teaching Quality?”

Sarah Vinke (1894-1978), born Sarah Winifred Jennings, plays an enormously important, indeed paramount, role in Mr Pirsig’s world-famous and hugely influential book, which has since attained status as a classic of literature. Sarah and Pirsig were teaching colleagues when they were Professors of English Rhetoric, at Montana State College from 1959 to 1961. Sarah had been the head of the English department, and was thirty-four years older than Pirsig. A mentor relationship developed, because they were kindred souls in their supreme intellectual sensitivity to culture and to experience. And because there was also a sense in which they were both largely misfits in the formal organizational structure of Montana State College, since renamed Montana State University. â?¦

“He [Pirsig] had asked Sarah, who long before had come by with her watering pot and put the idea of Quality in his head, where in English literature quality, as a subject, was taught.”
“Good heavens, I don’t know, I’m not an English scholar,” she had said. “I’m a classics scholar. My field is Greek”.
“Is quality a part of Greek thought?” he had asked.
“Quality is every part of Greek thought,” she had said,
“And he had thought about this. Sometimes under her old-ladyish way of speaking he thought he detected a secret canniness, as though like a Delphic oracle she said things with hidden meanings, but he could never be sure.”

Sarah’s statements prodded (provoked?) Pirsig into a deep study of Quality, and thus Sarah was the “prime mover” for Pirsig to eventually write ZMM.

Sarah’s fame today is due to what may, in retrospect, seem a bizarre accident: that she was in the right place at the right time and as a result was lucky enough to be given immortality by the pen of a remarkably gifted writer. But the truth, very likely, is that that gifted writer was even luckier to meet Sarah. Thanks to her, the word â??Quality’ has a resonance and meaning today that it never had previously. Quality, is Sarah’s translation of Ancient Greek Arete’ (á¼?ρεÏ?ή), meaning utter, most striving, excellence.

Robert Pirsig, in discussing Quality and Sarah, said:
“And SHE had a sense of Quality. A brilliant teacher. They [her students] called her â??The Divine Sarah’.”.

In this Sarah Vinke Biography, readers will understand the extreme importance of the ZMM book, one of the most remarkable and most thought-provoking, books ever written, and surely an immortal one. Readers will also see the absolutely vital role Sarah Vinke played in it, and just how she came to realize the full impact of the Ancient Greek Arete’ (á¼?ρεÏ?ή), and thus the key inspiration she gave author Robert Pirsig, to focus on ‘Quality.

George Patton: A Captivating Guide to a Combative American War Hero Who Played a Critical Part in the Battle of Normandy During WWII

by Captivating History

Explore the Captivating Life of George Patton

Free History BONUS Inside!

General George S. Patton remains a household name to this day even though he died decades ago. Not only was he a brilliant military commander, he was also a forceful personality and a flamboyant human being whose strong character led him through many difficulties.

This biography aims to tell Patton’s story in a captivating manner that will bring him to life for the education and enjoyment of young and old. It will explore his many adventures, but above all, it will investigate who Patton was as a person.

This captivating history book covers topics such as:

  • The Boy Who Couldn’t Read
  • Always a Warrior
  • One Soft Spot
  • Fencing, Sword Design, and the 1912 Olympics
  • An Ivory-Handled Revolver
  • American Tanks Do Not Surrender
  • A Purple Heart for George
  • A Taste of Action
  • Lions Tremble at His Approach
  • Dead Mules in Messina
  • Normandy and Operation Fortitude
  • Play Ball
  • And much more!

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The Doctor Is In. … The Man Cave!: Musings on Life, Death, Love, Time Control, Mind Control, and PTSD!

by Bruce Short MD

Bruce Short, M.D. was unexpectedly medically retired from the practice of medicine in the spring of 2012 at the age of 61. He went from having a busy internal medicine practice for the previous 35 years to having nothing to do, except see his own multitude of doctors. Down in his lonely man cave he initially web surfed and took many online courses on computer programming and artificial intelligence. Quickly, he came face-to-face with the wall of reality that only learning was not enough. He was at a loss until he finally figured it out. He needed to create, but what?
In the spring of 2014 the increasing sunlight’s warmth directing the flowers to bloom and the birds to sing brought life anew to the old sick doctor’s soul. He dusted himself off and decided to write a book, a book for his kids and grandkids, which quickly transitioned into a book for his previous patients and then his essays self-expanded to the general public. He started writing about his experiences of having to be on the other side, the inside of the examination gown and the difficulty he had in making that transition. He was now the patient and wanted to be treated as such, but at his core he was a doctor.
Many of his other essays contain actual patient encounters, both his successes and his failures. He writes with the appropriate self-deprecating humor, but also with sadness on his failures and how he learned from them. The doctor states that while writing this book he laughed and cried. You will too.
The reader will get an inside look at a boy growing up in rural Kansas, leaving home and maturing in college and medical school. His essays show his continued growth in his medical practice in a metropolitan area, and finally his acceptance of his own illness. The doctor’s insight and experiences will resonate with anyone who has been a patient or a medical professional or is reflecting on the meaning of life, love and human kindness. Lastly as an added bonus, he reflects on where our computers are taking us. His conclusion and warning will shock you.

Aaron Burr: A Captivating Guide to the Life of Aaron Burr and the Most Famous Duel in American History

by Captivating History

Explore the Captivating Life of Aaron Burr and His Duel with Alexander Hamilton

Free History BONUS Inside!

Based on his early achievements, Aaron Burr Jr. should have become an obscure but respected figure in American history. An officer in the Continental Army, a high flying lawyer, and an influential politician, his career peak was becoming the third vice president in US history.

But after all these achievements, Burr’s name is now associated with corruption and cruelty. He killed a man in an illegal duel while in office, and interest in that man, Alexander Hamilton, has revived Burr’s reputation as one of history’s villains. It was a reputation earned not just through the duel, in which he killed one of the brightest lights in the political firmament, but through a treasonous conspiracy after leaving the vice presidency.

Who was Aaron Burr? What drove him to such achievements and such failures? And how did a respected politician become a publicly reviled villain? Pick up this book now to find out.

This Book Covers Aaron Burr as

  • A Young Man
  • A Revolutionary
  • A Politician
  • A Vice President
  • A Duellist
  • A Conspirator
  • And an Exile

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Empresário Rico Empresário Pobre: Aprenda com os 13 Rounds que levaram um empresário a Lona! (Portuguese Edition)

by Jose Bonoli

Conheça a história verídica de um empresário que experimentou o doce sabor da vitória e amargou derrotas e frustrações das mais diversas possíveis por confiar nas pessoas.

Esta obra não se trata simplesmente de uma autobiografia, se trata de fatos reais que pode ocorrer com qualquer ser humano, e que deve ter ocorrido com muitas pessoas que não tiveram a oportunidade de relatá-las, mas que todas foram vividas, sentidas e presenciadas ao longo da minha trajetória, e que fizeram com que meu “eu interno” fosse muito acionado para conversar comigo mesmo me fazendo buscar entender o que não existia explicação, e sim ações.

Behind Iron Curtains of Soviet totalitarian state: Everyday life of Soviet people based on personal story of my family

by Leonid Ostrovsky

Everyday life of Soviet people based on personal story of my family

This book is based on personal story of four generations of my family during 74 years of Soviet Totalitarian rule. It shows all periods of Soviet bloody history starting from the “Great October Socialist Revolution” of 1917 and takes you step by step through all major events of the Soviet Union till its collapse in 1991. All stories and facts in this book are real. They were told to the author by people, who witnessed or participated in these events. After reading this book you will see everyday life of ordinary Soviet people behind iron curtains of the Soviet Union. You will get better understanding of today’s’ Russian politics, values and reality.

What is inside the book?

Everyday life of ordinary Soviet people in former USSR on the background of the world and Soviet historical events: Soviet life style, childhood, education, work, study, military service in Missiles Forces, parenting, sex and prostitution in the Soviet Union, entertainment and leisure, Soviet propaganda and ideology, political ambitions of the Soviet leaders of expansion of communist influence on other countries, which led to WWII, the Cold war, Korean, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Congo, Nicaraguaâ?¦ war conflicts and much moreâ?¦ as it was in former USSR.

This is brief but comprehensive and real history of evil state – “The Soviet Union”

Readers will see how Communists leaders exterminated its own citizens during Civil war, the Ukrainian Holodomor, forced collectivization and Stalin’s repressions against Soviet people. The book shows all sides of Soviet reality: the political education starting from kindergarten, shortage of food and goods, state anti-Antisemitism, control of lives of Soviet people by KGB and police, restrictions on places of residency, hard labor and miserable salaries and pensions of ordinary Soviet people, constant queues for goods and food, dissidents’ movement and much more.

Target audience

This book is written for everyone who wants to know how Soviet people lived everyday lives in former USSR

Start reading today

You won’t need to visit North Korea to see how people survive in the last totalitarian country in the world, which is built similar as former Soviet Union.

Pedro e os Lobos: Os Anos de Chumbo na trajetória de um guerrilheiro urbano (Portuguese Edition)

by João Roberto Laque

Escrito numa linguagem ágil e vibrante, Pedro e os Lobos é um livro imprescindível para quem quer entender a guerra sem regras travada entre as forças de esquerda e a repressão oficial durante os chamados Anos de Chumbo no Brasil.
A partir da ótica das organizações guerrilheiras e usando a vida do ex-guerrilheiro Pedro Lobo de Oliveira como fio condutor, a obra traça um detalhado panorama do período que vai da posse de Jânio Quadros, em janeiro de 1961, ao fim do governo João Figueiredo.
Estão no livro as principais ações armadas empreendidas contra o governo de coturnos e a ação repressiva das polícias políticas que culminou na morte ou no desaparecimento de centenas de brasileiros. Até mesmo episódios pouco conhecidos do grande público, como as Guerrilhas de Três Passos e de Caparaó e uma tentativa frustrada de sequestro do cônsul norte-americano no Rio Grande do Sul, estão na obra.
Enquanto discorre sobre as nuances políticas e os entreveros entre guerrilheiros e Forças Armadas Pedro e os Lobos delineia também a vida ímpar do ex-sargento da Força Pública que resolveu jogar tudo no caldeirão fumegante da guerrilha. E ele tem uma história, por si só, fascinante.
Ex-boia fria, o personagem central de Pedro e os Lobos passa a servente de pedreiro e metalúrgico até ingressar na Força Pública, hoje Polícia Militar. Convertido ao socialismo no final da década de 1950, ele acaba virando um dos homens de confiança de Luís Carlos Prestes, o lendário Cavaleiro da Esperança.
Expulso da corporação em 1964 por força do AI-1, o ex-sargento funda então a Vanguarda Popular Revolucionária, sigla clandestina que irá abrigar o lendário capitão Carlos Lamarca e se torna Getúlio ou Gegê, um dos mais ativos combatentes urbanos da época.
No vasto currículo de ações de Pedro estão ataques a bancos, invasões de pedreiras, , a invasão do Hospital Militar do Cambuci, o atentado a bomba contra o Quartel General do 2º Exército do bairro paulistano do Ibirapuera e a execução, a tiros, do capitão norte-americano Charles Rodney Chandler.
Capturado no início de 69, Pedro será barbaramente torturado e só não se torna mais um cadáver gerado pela ditadura militar brasileira por muita sorte. E os homens que o barbarizaram no cárcere ainda estão por aí, sem nunca terem sido identificados, julgados ou condenados.
Por tudo isso, este trabalho vem a calhar nesse momento em que o Brasil passa a ter um presidente e um vice militares.

The Disappearance of Diane Suzuki: A collection of True Crime stories

by Peter Eagle


An anthology of True Crime involving missing persons and serial killers… A hard day teaching dance. Finish work and head to the beach. It’s an appealing prospect especially when that beach is the North Shore of Oahu, on the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. Whether it is standing by the ancient temple looking out to sea, having a coffee on any of the waterfront cafes or swimming in the warm blue ocean, the beach is one of those paradise-like places about which we all dream.
It might be a touch different today to what it was like back in the mid-1980s, but the ambience is little changed. On July 6th 1985, a talented and enthusiastic student planned to go to that beauty spot along with friends when she finished teaching her dance class at the Rosalie Woodson Dance Academy, located in the â??Aiea district of Honolulu.
But Diane Yayoe Suzuki never made it. Her class finished at 3.00pm, but by the time her friend arrived fifteen minutes later, the student was missing. She has never been seen since.

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