Free historical fiction Kindle books for 18 Nov 18

Old House on the River: A Pioneer Adventure

by Butch Richards

An adventurous man on vacation, John Bruno, stumbles onto old diaries found in the attic of an old abandon house beside a river, which is only accessible by boat. He discovers the history of the house and the family that had built it in the late 1880’s. He reads about their struggles, and heartbreaks, and adventure. He finds himself totally lost in the past with this family, Henry and Ellen Keller, and their two children, Jacob and Sarah. As he reads the diaries, he can almost feel their presents as he walks through the empty rooms, getting more and more involved in their lives, almost hopelessly lost in the past. As he studies, the past switches back and forth with the present, and a deep secret is discovered. If a house could only tell it’s secrets! This one does!

The Deepest Sigh (Echoes of the Heart Book 1)

by Naomi Musch

Seventeen year old Marilla Eckert has been in love with Langdon Prescott, her family’s hired hand, since she was fourteen years old. Determined to win him, she’s blissfully unaware of the secret passion he feels for her older sister Delia. But when Delia weds a longtime beau, Lang settles for Marilla and marries her anyway, despite his continued longing and intent to someday win her sister away from her husband. It isn’t long before Marilla realizes where Lang’s devotion truly lies, yet she presses on, giving everything she has to offer, convinced she can still gain his love.

Then America steps into the Great War. The men are sent a world away to fight, and Marilla’s cares, coupled with the lack of her husband’s favor, finally wear her thin. When heartache and disaster strike on every front, and Marilla’s hour of need leads her elsewhere for comfort, will all of them wind up too broken to ever find their hearts’ true homes?

1951 From Khaki to Air Force Blue

by D. A. Creese-Harris

Lucy Leigh Simms became a woman in the Air Force in 1951 uncertain about what changes in her life to expect. She soon found out.
The Air Force became a separate branch of the military in September 1947, and women were granted the right to serve permanently in the military the following June. Conscriptions and enlistments were low. Our country was at peace. That changed in June 1950 when a war that was not called a war erupted in Korea. Men and women were called upon to serve their country and help save South Korea from Communistic North Korea.
Deciding it was her patriotic duty, Lucy joined the Air Force. She received her basic training at old Kelly Air Field, not Lackland which was overcrowded with men and had been investigated by the Senate. After basic training Lucy was sent to Lowry Air Force Base for technical training. At the completion of her technical training she was sent to James Connelly Air Force Base in Waco, Texas where she was the first WAF in the newly activated 3565th WAF squadron.
Although the Air Force was fully integrated, there were Airmen who felt it should remain an all white Air Force. Having been born in the North, Lucy found segregation hard to accept and was involved in a few unpleasant incidents because of her convictions.

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