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The Guitarist: A Lyrical Story

by Ruel Fordyce

An intimate, powerful, and inspiring story of love in all its forms

Every so often a love story comes along that kindles our hearts to want to love that special someone much more than we already do. The Guitarist is such a book. It’s a celebration of love in all its forms, a tale that makes us all believe that this thing we call love is multi-dimensional. Lu is an upcoming Guitarist and composer that performs with a local group called G4 at various nightclubs. Though he possessed tremendous talent as a composer, he was yet to write his first song. The basement was he haven; an escape from the outside world where his creative juices could be blended into sultry sounds. Yet, every time Lu experienced a creative block he would divert to write lyrical pieces in his diary, a practice that captured his heart even more so than composing music.

Lu is torn between remaining as a member of the group as he realizes that his newfound talent might be what defines his calling. With summer a few weeks away and his wife rearranging the house’s décor, it would be wise for Lu to keep his guitar and other accompaniments out of her way. As Mary relocates items that do not fit into her décor to the basement she encounters Lu’s personal diary. It should remain personal but not this one, as she takes a sneak peek to see what he’s been up to. What she discovers is a collection of lyrical pieces (not songs) strung together as one story that detail in its purest form both the ugly and beautiful sides in the pursuit of love.

Buried Passion: An Mpreg Romance (Never Too Late Book 1)

by Aiden Bates

Ryan is a detective with the Abused Persons unit of the Mass. State Police. He loves his job, and he’s very good at it. He balks when his supervisor assigns him to a case with the Cold Case unit, and not just because that’s out of his area of expertise. Everyone in Cold Case is an alpha, and that’s just not a comfortable place for an unclaimed omega to be.

Nick is a detective with the Cold Case unit. He’s a strictly by-the-book detective. He trusts to procedure and precedent to get the job done. He doesn’t mind getting stuck with a highly visible case. He doesn’t even mind getting stuck with the pretty omega from Abused Persons, so long as he sits down, shuts up and doesn’t screw with the process that’s worked well for years.

Ryan and Nick butt heads almost immediately, although it doesn’t take long for either detective to figure out that at least part of the reason for their strife is the scorching chemistry between them. When their cold case seems to parallel Ryan’s life a little too closely, and when Ryan’s methods don’t fall exactly in line with Cold Case procedure, will their differences drive them apart?

This gay romance book that contains sexually explicit content, mpreg (male pregnancy) and its hardships on male couple! This book is approximately 80,000 words, has a happy ending and does not end in a cliffhanger.

Lazarus AFK

by Lasse Zacho Malver

Lacking any convenient ways to kill himself in Denmark, Lazarus embarks on a journey to the Preacher’s Pulpit in Norway to throw himself from the 600 meter high cliff. But his brother discovers Lazarus’ deadly purpose and endeavors to prevent it. While they are travelling to his final destination, Lazarus seeks to justify his suicide, while his brother tries to convince Lazarus to live by exploring the roots of discontent.

Just Let Time Pass (Dieting after She Died Book 3)

by Wendy Landers

Invisible in the night, a drone swooped down from its bird’s-eye view. A mini-helicopter stalked the right-side rear of the vehicle 10 feet above its roof. Alone on the road, a pitch-black van, with a raven colored drone hovering above it, blended uniformly between the stars. The only object visible was the stadium lights. The light formed a crescent cutting into the field near the road in the distance. The isolated passenger hunkered down in the front, left side seat of a squarish, tall van. The vehicle was never intended to be driven in U.S.. The tense passenger chanted silently to himself. No, no, no, no noâ?¦ He repeated the word with more and more emphasis the closer the black van came to the floodlights. His fists got tighter and tighter. He vicariously pulled away from the lights, and leaned into the door, shoving himself into the seat’s crevice.

The Running of Juan Antonio

by David Xavier

A tour de force! An entertaining literary event that keeps you to the last heartpounding sentence.
“This one sticks with you forever.”

Juan Antonio spent the last three years in grand and small gestures of love beneath the balconies on those sunless and claustrophobic streets, three years, ever since the remnants of boyhood had cracked from his voice.

But on the day he was killed Juan Antonio woke with the grandest of all gestures already worked out in his head, a display of the depths of his love that would put to shame all the other would-be suitors who stood on the wet cobbles and shouted to the same girl above them, a display that would win the heart of Isabella Ibáñez forever.

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