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I Swear I Was Not Drunk When I Wrote This (White Edition)

by WC Alberts

The poet himself claimed this a masterpiece, and that’s saying something because I’m the poet and I hate everything I’ve ever written. What’s it about? God, what isn’t it about. Sometimes when you’re drunk and pretending not to be, and you start writing these feelings come out of you. It’s like you’re born with a hard, untwistable jar. Pandora’s Jarâ?¦ only inside is nasty pickles and relationship baggage. And the pickles rhyme like witty poems or something. And the relationship baggage is there, too, but it’s quiet and disturbingly lingering in the background. Sort of like how it always is in every new relationship. I don’t talk about it, you don’t talk about it, it doesn’t even come up in the book but now I’ve put it in the description and everyone’s anticipating it. It’s a nice book, really. It doesn’t even bring up my relationship baggage, which I have.

Beyond Powers Edge (The Liberal Connection Book 5)

by Paul Anthony Obey

From the series ‘The Liberal Connection’, this is the fifth book by Paul Anthony Obey and looks at the intrusion and flow of UK politics and the effect it has on our everyday lives.

Reality TV, constant need to pry into everyone’s life and know their business! The CCTV, fly on the wall generation may have superseded the impact of Government policy on our daily lives and the desire to know what human interactions took place to arrive at a political decision.

I have reluctantly played the game the way it has been set up but I am morally active and mildly subversive.

This is a collection of social poetry, sometime free verse, with a liberal conscience and a yearning for change.

Remember, it’s not what it means, it’s what it means to you.

A Woman’s Cry

by Anonymous Girl

This book is just a compilation of Poems based on different emotions at different stages in Life. We as women face so many different obstacles and our emotions often go unnoticed. So, this one is for us.

Disturbances: Poetry of an Angry Young Man

by Cory Cason

A contemporary author discovers the poems that he had written over twenty years earlier when he was at different stage of life.

Inside Hollywood: Poetry, Lyrics, Art & Erotica (Full Color Book)

by Marsha Ross

INSIDE HOLLYWOOD by Marsha Ross is a book of eloquent, erotic thoughts and art , about love, life, and success in the movie capital of the world. While still in graduate school, she was the New York Magazine Hollywood Correspondent, she covered the Cannes Film Festival and learned about the real Hollywood. She is a talented writer and artist , and has had exhibitions in New York, Paris, Tokyo, Los Angeles and New Dehli. This book poses the question of how far one is willing to go to find artistic freedom, love and genuine love.

Love in Bloom: Volume 2 (The Darkness and the Light)

by Cheryl Bradshaw

when my insides were turned out i learned how to survive without them …

This second collection of poetry written by New York Times bestselling author Cheryl Bradshaw is split into two partsâ??the first darkness, the second light. These delicate, heartfelt poems allow you to explore the raw, heartfelt emotions we all experience in lifeâ??joy, sorrow, confusion, and above all â?¦ love.

sometimes doing what needs to be done
hurts more like a broken bone than a sprain
but breaks and sprains heal, and you will too

La vida es poesía: Rimas para el alma (Spanish Edition)

by Maria Roxana Muñoz

Debemos recuperar la sensibilidad que vive oculta bajo los miedos, los que nos impiden fluir con nuestros sentimientos.
Rimas para el alma, de la vida es poesía, es un encuentro con nuestra propia esencia, la libertad de sentir lo que llevamos dentro, un viaje a través de unas letras llenas de amor.

My World Famous Book of Greeting Card Verse

by Alan Wichall

My own collection of greeting card verse, commercial use enquiries welcome.

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