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First Light: A Clean Amish and Basketball Romance Story

by Bethanee Rajchman

Jemma Glick, a young Amish woman, leaves the community after the death of both her parents to reconnect with her past in the English world. She finds herself once more embroiled in the love of one Kingsley Turner, her college sweetheart and present NBA star for the Miami Heat. However in the decade, they’ve been separated, the life of a NBA star has taken its toll on the man Jemma used to know. Will she stick around when his demons come out to play?

This is a standalone romance short story ending HEA!


by Charles Spurgeon/ Dave Aranda-Richards

After Satan’s brought on affliction, Job wished that his birth had been shrouded in darkness and longed to have never been born, feeling that light, or life, only intensified his misery. He felt that wisdom is hidden from human minds, but he resolves to persist in pursuing wisdom by fearing God and avoiding evil.

This book is an exquisite dramatic treatment of the problems incurred with unexpected trials and suffering. Expanding the age-old question, “Why do bad things happen to good people?”

These visits tell the of God’s blessings and Satan’s curses. By confusing the two roles, many have been deceived.

The contents of The Book of Job together with these authors’ artistic structure and elegant style, place it among the literary must reads for people in severe life-storms.

This book is a literary composition pointing out victories with God, when life changing events happen. Not a transcript of historical events and conversations.

Declutter, Simplify, Organize Create Order and Calm by Clearing by your Physical Space (Home, Cleaning, Clearing, Relocating, Mindfulness, Obsessive Compulsive)

by Elizabeth Evans

How to be comfortable in your Hom, Office, and Mind.

In the workplace or even in the recesses of your mind, there is clutter and it’s up to you to decide whether you prefer to live a stifled life with that clutter or let go of it and live to your full potential. You see, clutter is everywhere and it confuses everything. Through the course of this book, you will learn how to declutter sensibly and hold onto the things that are precious to you.

Here is a preview of what will be discussed…

-Understanding Zen
-Focal Points
-The Actual Declutter

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Starting Over

by Morris Fenris

A second chance to prove that love is worth fighting for.

An inspirational Christian romance novel that will warm your heart and soul.

One Christian man confronts some of today’s most troubling issuesâ??substance abuse, infidelity, and depression. Can he prevail? Maybe, with graceâ?¦.

Love is in the air for Jane and Robert, who meet in church and do everything by the book. They worship together, court under the church’s laws, and eventually tie the knot. For Robert, marriage is all that he ever thought it could be and more, but things take a darker turn when an old secret of Jane’s pops up. As Robert fights for his marriage, seeking advice from both spiritual leaders and medical experts, he faces the daunting prospect of raising their two kids by himself.

Come join Robert’s journey from passion to heartache, through hope and kindness, in sickness and in health. Will his steadfast faith and the loving compassion of others be enough to see him through the tempestuous seas?

If you enjoy heartwarming Christian romance with a focus on love, faith and family, be sure to check out other books by Morris Fenris.

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Question-based Bible Study Guide — Engaging Culture: Good Questions Have Groups Talking

by Josh Hunt

7 ready-to-use Bible lessons on the topic: Engaging Culture.

Each lesson consists of 20 or so ready-to-use questions that get groups talking. Answers are provided in the form of quotes from respected authors such as John Piper, Max Lucado and Beth Moore.

These lessons will save you time as well as provide deep insights from some of the great writers and thinkers from today and generations past. I also include quotes from the same commentaries that your pastor uses in sermon preparation.
Ultimately, the goal is to create conversations that change lives.

New Life

by Kelsey Gallant

Sixteen-year-old Aleah Matthews is living a wild and reckless life, consumed with getting revenge on her ex-boyfriend for leaving her alone and pregnant last year. Her nights out with various guys leave her little time for anything else, including talking with her overworked mother and taking care of her baby boy. Although Aleah presents herself as confident and self-assured, on the inside she is brokenhearted and lost.

Steve Jenkins is a pastor and the leader of a youth group called New Life. He feels fulfilled in his mission to make a positive impact in teenagers’ lives, and in his role as a single father to his son, Ben. But he also feels as if his next-door neighbor is trying too hard to butt her way into his life.

When Aleah receives the news she’s been dreading, she heads down a desperate road of hopelessness and despair. A spark of hope arises when she ends up at a New Life meeting, and feels accepted for the first time in years. Even though she knows her feelings of joy and contentment are just temporary, and that her pretend life as a normal teenager will collapse the moment the other kids learn the truth about her, Aleah can’t help coming back week after week, talking to and learning from Pastor Steve. Maybe, just maybe, he holds the key to a whole new life for both Aleah and her mother.

Mindfulness: 5 manuscripts – Spiritual Sexuality, Spiritual Depression Book, Spiritual Motivation, Spiritual Success, Spiritual Personal Development (Soul Growth, Spirituality Development)

by Megan Dean

5 Manuscripts in 1 Book
This book set includes the most powerful collection of books that will help you improve every area of your spiritual, personal, and soul growth. It will quickly lead you to more rewarding and fulfilling relationships, as well as a more successful life.
This book set includes:
Book 1) The Role of Sex in A Couple’s Spiritual Life: A Cultural Exploration of Sex and Spirituality
Book 2) A Useful Spiritual Depression Book: 5 Takeaway Methods to Overcome Depression
Book 3) Which is Your Purpose? How to Achieve Your Goals in 5 Steps
Book 4) Push It! How to Have a Powerful Mindset to Your Spiritual Success and Make Your Dreams Come True
Book 5) Spiritual Personal Development: 10 Highly Effective Tips and Tricks to Master Your Emotions, Reach Inner Harmony and Day life Success

Mindfulness and Meditation: 4 manuscripts – Spiritual Depression Book, Spiritual Healing for Personal Growth, personal Development in Spirit, Spirituality Development

by Megan Dean

4 Manuscripts in 1 Book

This book set includes the most powerful collection of books that will help you improve every area of your spiritual, personal, and soul growth. It will quickly lead you to more rewarding and fulfilling relationships, as well as a more successful life.

This book set includes:

Book 1) A Useful Spiritual Depression Book: 5 Takeaway Methods to Overcome Depression
Book 2) Claim a Better Life! Spiritual Healing for Personal Growth: How to Think Abundant and Become Successful
Book 3) Stop Claim Luck! Succeed in Your Life having a Breakthrough: How to Focus on Yourself for Personal Development in Spirit
Book 4) Spirituality Development: A 30 Day Step by Step Guide to Grow Your Spiritual Body and Live an Abundant Life

Christmas First Persons: Sharing the Story Creatively

by Roger Haber

Would you like to hear the Christmas Story from the real Saint Nicholas? How about from one of the Shepherds or Ebenezer Scrooge or from Joseph and Mary?

Christmas First Persons: Sharing the Story Creatively is a book from the point of view of some biblical characters as well as some fictional characters. Read the stories to your family. Church leaders can use these as dramatic presentations during the Christmas season. Pastors, are you looking for a new way to proclaim the good news of Christmas? Production notes are included for those pastors and church leaders who might want to deliver these monologues for their youth groups, children’s ministry, or congregation.

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