Free science fiction Kindle books for 18 Nov 18

Edge of Darkness (Alpha Core Trilogy Book 1)

by Vikki Romano

In 2065, corporate sponsored governments jockey for supremacy in the biotechnical arena. Bullets and missiles take a back seat to cyber-enhanced soldiers and pulse weapons. In this extreme environment, only the most hardened body and mind can survive.

Calder McKenna was a failed experiment in the military’s push for power. Now a special agent for the metro task force, he lives day by day trying to forget the ones that were lost… the ones that he could have saved.

When technology and humanity collide, Calder is forced to make desperate decisions, but how do you destroy the monster without becoming one yourself?

Tanis Richards: Shore Leave – A Hard, Military, Science Fiction Adventure (Aeon 14: Origins of Destiny Book 1)

by M. D. Cooper

It’ll take two minds to solve this mystery…

Commander Tanis Richards has finally come into port after a seven month tour on the edge of Jovian space, and she’s looking forward to some much deserved shore leave. But Tanis’s commanding officer has other things in mind for her.

Enfield Technologies has developed a new technique to pair enhanced L2 humans with AIs, and the military wants Tanis to undergo the procedure. Though she feared the worst, after meeting Darla, Tanis realizes that having an AIâ??especially a fabulously wealthy oneâ??is better than she’d ever imagined. Darla foots the bill for Tanis to enjoy her convalescence at The Grand Eire, Vesta’s most luxurious resort.

Swimming in the infinity pool with a stunning view of space is just what the doctor ordered, except it will be far from a restful vacation. Everything starts to go downhill when Tanis sees someone who should be nowhere near the resortâ??largely because Tanis had killed him a week ago.

Tanis is thrust into a mysterious conspiracy that could bring down the Federation, but when she gets to the bottom of it, what she finds is…none other than herself.

NOTE: This novel was previously published in the Galactic Genesis anthology.

_Shift: A thriller of multiple dimensions. (Shiftspace Book 1)

by Brian Q. Webb

An anonymous message and mysterious piece of sourcecode is delivered to the New York offices of Wired Magazine. Newly-hired science journalist Dr. Pei Xiao has just gotten the opportunity she’s been waiting for, a chance to justify her life choices to her parents back in Taiwan. Photographer Roy Bryant just needs to keep the bills paid. Follow Pei and Roy as a simple interview develops into a complex tale of conspiracy, espionage, and otherworldly adventure.

Multiple dimensions exist, and they are ripe with resources for the taking.

S23HF50: (Subject 23, Human Female,Age 50)

by Paula Shablo

Ever wonder what happens during an alien abduction? Where do abductees end up? What are their thoughts and reactions? Even more, what are the abductors thinking and doing? What motivates them?
Get both sides of the story in this tale of an abduction.

The White Wolf: The Hunts I

by Vardan Partamyan

Meet Sly Palatine – the deadliest assassin working for the Global Order Department. The outcome of your meeting will depend on the answer to one simple question – is your name on his list? If the answer is no – you have nothing to worry about. But if the answer is yes… we are very sorry but this is probably the last message you will be reading…

A Trapper’s Tale : Complete Trilogy -Chesapeake Bay and Candy-land (Mouse House Book 1)

by chad harter

Follow Sam and Erin as they search Post-Apocalyptic earth for any hope at all. An old man with a dark secret holds a key they never knew existed.

The Fiend (Wine of the Gods Book 13)

by Pam Uphoff

Wine of the Gods #13

Fean Withione had had problems on her internships, but she was still confident that her first assignment with an Exterior Directorate Science team would be successful and would be the start of her brilliant career.
Until she she got the details of the job. Birds? Lizards? Nazis!

The Floating Man

by Garth Dawson

The Floating Man follows the adventures of the postman Wayne Maynard, his navigable scow, the Yang-Mills Field, and Candy, a barmaid and PH.D student of machine psychology, as they become embroiled in the mystery of Edzard Chong and the future of machine intelligence.

In the year 2356, Wayne agrees to retrieve a vacuum can for the summoner Armipad Armistaw. When Armistaw reneges on their deal, Wayne and Candy pursue him across the solar system in search of the truth and a sizable reward.

The waitress returned a couple of minutes later toting a steaming cup of something which aped something else that had no right to exist in a civilised universe. It came on a tray with a marshmallow and unique napkin. She flashed her teeth again and placed the assembly on the counter in front of him. “There’s your Big One.”
Wayne stared at it before pushing the cup away by a few millimetres. “Thanks,” he said, and tipped her twice the usual amount. “Remember anything while you were away?”
“He hasn’t been in,” she said. “And therefore is not protected by the Coffee Cobbler confidentiality pledge. Have a nice day.”
She laughed at her own cleverness and retreated behind the counter, leaving Wayne to contemplate his Big One. He stared at it, smelled it, ran a spoon across its foamy surface, tried to understand it, but could not.
“Yang-Mills Field,” he said. “You there?”
“Always here,” said Yang-Mills Field. “Always somewhere, anyhow.”
“What madness has compelled civilization to unite coffee, chocolate, and pork in a large cup for consumption on the farthest human city from the sun?”
“Total madness?”
“Total madness. Quite right.”
Another voice cut in. It was Candy “So what does it taste like?”
What does it taste like? It seemed a question of little relevance. And yet, he had paid for it. There must be a reason. He raised the cup to his lips and became at once hyper-aware of a layer of something sickly and sweet on his tongue, a looping, looping, looping sliver of electro guitar pop, and the suffocating stink of beans and bacon. The teenagers remained engrossed in the elsewhere against the backdrop of another Martian scene of destruction. The waitress at the counter caught his gaze, nodded and smiled sweetly. He shook his head, spitting the coffee back into the cup, and pushed it away.
Once outside his head began to clear. He bought a bottle of water and rinsed his mouth. “Bugger that,” he said to his phone.
“What did it taste like?” Candy asked.
“I don’t even know.”

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