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Intermittent Fasting & Ketogenic Diet: Simple, Long-Term Weight Loss with Tasty, Inexpensive Food, Easy to Follow Meal Plans & Time Saving Tips

by Jason Michaels

Discover the diet which allows you to lose more body fat than if you ran over 100 miles in a single weekâ?¦

If you’re looking for tasty, inexpensive recipes which are both intermittent fasting and keto friendly, then keep readingâ?¦

Dieting shouldn’t be boring.

Or a hassle.

But the usual who’s who of fad diets only lead to the same mediocre results.

Bland, tasteless food which takes forever to prepareâ?¦

Or ridiculously low calorie intakes which leave you starving 24/7â?¦

All leading to unsustainable diets which don’t work.

But that’s all about to change.

Many people running a combination of intermittent fasting and ketogenic diets are losing up to 6lbs of fat and fluid in the first 48 hours.

To lose the same amount by exercise alone, you’d have to run more than 100 miles!

Some women have even reported dropping a full dress size in just 7 days.

But it’s not just the first weekend, week or month that matter

This unique combination of eating plans is designed for long term, sustainable weight loss.

And, we’re talking weight loss in the all the right places.

Inches off your waistline, hips, and thighs – all while maintaining a healthy level of muscle (for both men and women)

Just imagine the feeling of losing 3 or 4lbs (plus inches from your stomach) on your very first day.

In this book you’ll discover:

  • The 10 biggest meal prep mistakes – and how to avoid them
  • How to batch cook with no fancy equipment
  • Think you can’t build muscle while fasting – think again
  • The 8 items you must have in your pantry to whip up a delicious last minute keto-friendly meal
  • How to ensure your prepped meals taste just as good on day 3 and 4
  • The right Intermittent Fasting protocol for your lifestyle
  • 9 emergency keto-friendly meals you can get at popular fast food chains (great if you’re out and have no other choice)
  • One food you’ll always find listed on keto websites, which ISN’T actually keto friendly (eating this “keto killer” is a surefire way to slow your fat loss)
  • How to save up to $100 a week from your grocery shop
  • The “marathon method” which helps you stay on track and hit your health and fitness goals
  • How to properly and effectively store your food (just as important as the cooking process but often overlooked by most new preppers)

    The book also contains meal prep friendly keto recipes

    A secret weapon to saving time, and helping you stay on track

    In fact, leading nutrition advisor Mike Roussell, Ph.D states that meal prepping is one of the biggest factors in maintaining a long-term healthy eating plan.

    “When you prep meals ahead of time, you don’t need to make any decisions at meal time. All the work has already been done. You just need to eat.”

    You can even save up to 4 hours a week by preparing your food in advance.

    All while following a 100% natural, drug-free (no nasty diet pills) eating plan.

    So if you’re looking for a long, sustainable weight loss plan filled with delicious, easy to prepare foodâ?¦

    Then scroll up and click “add to cart”

    Workouts: Audio Bodyweight Boxing Program for Health & Fitness, Weight Loss, Fat Burning & Building Lean Muscle at Home

    by Michael McFaden

    Get a killer fat burning workout from home, even if you’ve never thrown a punch in your life

    Did you know you can burn over 400 calories with just 30 minutes of boxing?

    That’s twice as much as running on the treadmill!

    And more than swimming, rowing or lifting weights.

    With these simple to follow audio workouts, you don’t need any training.

    No special equipment.

    Just you and your hands – and you can do them in your living room.

    With two different workout programsâ?¦

    2 minute rounds for beginner and intermediates

    And 3 minute rounds for fitness fanatics.

    Plus full instructions of how to get started.

    So if you’re ready for the most effective at-home workout fat burning workout, scroll up and click “add to cart”

    Arizona’s East-West Trail: A Backcountry Challenge

    by Raymond C. Andrews

    The new 743 mile East-West Trail starts in Alpine, Arizona and ends in the Mojave Desert in California, challenging travelers and vehicles alike. It encompasses the best scenery that Arizona has to offer, from pine forests on 9,000 feet high mountain tops to majestic Saguaro cacti in the Sonoran desert. Deer, elk, the Mexican gray wolf, and other wildlife abound, and you will see them while visiting mining camps, historical cabins, and ancient relics. It is an adventure, which Gary Keller describes as visiting “Arizona from the inside out with extreme sightseeing.”

    This trail is not for people who do not want to camp in the wilderness, or to drive through remote areas on primitive roads in wind, rain, snow, or extremely dusty conditions.

    But if you are looking for adventure (and the chance to see your group picture in future editions of this guidebook), this is it!

    The Airgun Dictionary: A Study Guide

    by Poorman Plinker

    The first and only non-illustrated dictionary of its kind to help you discoverâ?¦ “what those guys on the air gun forum are talking about,” and immediately improve your understanding of air gun terminology. There are over 2,000 terms and 1,500 definitions related to air guns including: Airsoft; Paintball; BB; CO2; PCP, and; Pellet guns.

    Buying and using this book will make it easy to understand air gun lingo.

    You will find help with over 450 definitions related to guns, 300 to air guns, 225 to sighting and scopes, and 250 to the sciences of physics, ballistics, and pneumatics. Also, there are nearly 100 mechanics and 50 hunting terms.

    Vergeltung 263 Hawk is quick to put out feces (Japanese Edition)

    by Aki Matsu

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    Vergeltung 252 Girls hair is dietary fiber (Japanese Edition)

    by Aki Matsu

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    ä¸?面è¨?äº?ã?? ã?«ã?©ã?¹ã«è¥²ã?ã??て九死にä¸?ç??ã??å¾?ã?å°?女のå¥?è·¡ ã?




    by Mariana Correa

    CONQUISTA TU PRIMERA MARATON es el libro perfecto para cualquier persona que planea correr una Maratón por primera vez.

    Con un increíble plan de entrenamiento de Maratón, consejos, nutrición, preparación, motivación y mucho más, pasarás por la línea final victorioso.

    Al usar un enfoque único, mejorarás gradualmente cada semana hasta lograr el éxito en tu maratón.
    No muchas personas pueden decir que han corrido una maratón completa, de hecho según las estadísticas, menos del 1% de la población mundial correrá un maratón en sus vidas.
    ¡Disfruta de estar en ese 1% de las personas que han completado una maratón completa!

    Correr una maratón te ayudará a:
    – Vivir más saludable
    – Ponerte en las mejores condiciones de tu vida con increíbles cuádriceps, pantorrillas, glúteos y abdominales
    – Mejorar tu metabolismo
    – Mejorar tu autoconfianza
    – Mejorar tu fuerza mental
    – Perder peso
    – Conocer a gente increíble

    Prepararás tu cuerpo y tu mente para correr más allá del muro e ir directamente a los records personales con un calendario increíble y sencillo de sólo 12 semanas.

    El secreto está en los detalles, este libro te dirá cómo convertirte en un corredor más saludable, más rápido y más en forma.

    Utilice este programa y consejos de principio a fin para que pueda sentirte seguro y orgulloso de tus carreras.

    Este libro es el regalo perfecto para cualquier entusiasta de las carreras, incluyéndote a ti

    100 simple and the most effective self-defense techniques for women: Defense Yourself from any Offenders. No Training Required.

    by Samuel Greenberg

    Self-defense techniques for women, simple and effective

    These days it is become essential knowledge and practical skills for women how to protect yourself against an offender. This book covers almost all possible situation and scenarios and types of attacks and disorderly behavior towards women. All techniques and methods in this book proved to be very effective to fight against any opponent. They include exemptions from captures and protection techniques from hits and against offenders armed with different weapons like bottles, knives, sticks, etc.â?¦

    Start learning and practicing your self-defense skills today
    No training required. All techniques and methods described in the book will be useful for women of any age. You don’t need to be an athlete to stop the offender and protect yourself. Each technique has description and illustrations for quicker and easier learning. Mothers will be able to teach to self-defense techniques their daughters. After learning self- defense lessons you will feel more confident in any situation: at street, club, public or private place.

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