Free war Kindle books for 18 Nov 18

Forbearance: What will you do, when when all you have is lost? (Lost Nation Series)

by Christoff Orr

After an attack on the US power grid, all of America his cast into darkness. After six months of struggling and fighting to survive, the power is restored only to find America has become a third world occupied nation. No longer the land of the free, but enslaved to foreign powers and foreign occupiers.

In the first book, Detriment, we meet two families who are striving desperately to survive in this new world they have found themselves in. Now, in book two of the Lost Nation Series, that world gets a little bigger as they run into a group of holdouts, made up of survivors and Fox War veterans, who had carved out an existence in the canyons of Zion National Park.

From within the confines of the painted rock outcrops and caverns, those willing to fight to restore America back to the people will continue. Those who were once against each other, unit together as they welcome new members to the fight to restore America and its freedom.

Drone Forces: cnia drone no kyoui kamafuji series (Japanese Edition)

by Fujisawa Shuuichi

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