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The Year of Four: A Phoebe Pope Novel (Book 1)

by Nya Jade

Enter a magic spy academy unlike any other where alliances shift and nothing is as it seems. The Year of Four is captivating readers with mystery, edge-of-your-seat-suspense and Hollywood romance. 
“Fantastically imagined!” â??â??â??â??â?? – Evie @ Evie-bookish.blogspot 
“Spellbinding, fast paced, and romantic debut!” â??â??â??â??â?? -Lauren’s Crammed Bookshelf 
“Most addicting read since Harry Potter.” â??â??â??â??â?? – C. Gardner – Amazon Review 

An Amazon #1 Best Seller#1 in Teen & Young Adult Being a Teen#1 in Teen & Young Adult Mysteries & Thrillers Detective#1 in Teen & Young Adult Visionary & Metaphysical

Action. Suspense. Magic.

Phoebe Pope has enrolled at the Campus Below: a spy academy for shape-shifters hidden deep beneath a normal boarding school whose humans unknowingly protect it. There, she leads a double life: spy trainee Below and normal teen Above. When officials discover a kill list, with her name on it, Phoebe’s life takes a terrifying turn. For years, Phoebe has managed to keep her growing power a secret, but with villains hot on her trail, it’s only a matter of time before she’s exposed for what she is–a weapon.

Phoebe seeks distraction in movie star Colten Chase, who attends the Campus Above and appears to be majoring in winning her heart. But desire turns to heartache when Phoebe suspects that something sinister lurks beneath Colten’s glitter and fame.

Now Phoebe’s caught in a mesh of lies, betrayals, and danger. Can she rely on her new spy instincts–and her secret power–to get to the truth and to stay alive?

Captivating and unputdownable, The Year of Four is a magical thrill ride you don’t want to miss.

Buy now and begin the adventure…
Perfect for fans of Vampire Academy, Harry Potter, and The Mortal Instruments.

The Conundrum of a Clerk (The Widowers of the Aristocracy Book 3)

by Linda Rae Sande

Things are not always as they seem; the first appearance deceives many. â?? Phaedrus

When widower and bank clerk Theodore Streater discovers his late mother was not only the headmistress of Warwick’s Grammar and Finishing School, but also its owner, he’s in need of someone to run the rather lucrative enterprise. He turns to the woman who helped him regain his position at the bank after he lost an arm fighting in Belgium. His best friend’s wife, Elizabeth Bennett-Jones, Viscountess Bostwick, still runs her charity, Finding Work for the Wounded. She is sure there’s an applicant who would be perfect as headmistress of her old school.

Having lost her position as an operative with the Home Officeâ??her slight limp from a gunshot wound is hard to hideâ??Daisy Albright is at a loss as to what to do next. She could return to her father’s home. The Duke of Ariley would like nothing more than to have his oldest illegitimate daughter under his protection until a suitable marriage can be arranged. But after several years of handling her own affairs away from the aristocracy, Daisy is determined to retain her independence.

So when Lady Bostwick informs her she has a position in mind, Daisy immediately pays a call on the new owner of Warwick’s to apply. Poor Teddy Streater has no idea what he’s in for when he hires the ex-spy to run the finishing school. He would prefer to court the comely lady who seems prim and proper, but what woman wants to marry a man with only one arm? Perhaps he should be in search of a mistress. Trouble is, he can only imagine Miss Albright in the role in “The Conundrum of a Clerk.”

Ex-boyfriend Series

by Teresa D. Patterson

This series includes Ex-boyfriend 1 & 2.

In Ex-boyfriend, Terrence takes stalking to an all-new level when Vicki leaves him after catching him cheating with Tenesha. When he’s confronted by Vicki’s new love interest, will someone end up in a body bag?

Ex-boyfriend 2 picks up with Terrence and Tenesha’s relationship. Once again, Terrence is involved in some drama when Tenesha’s son’s father is released from prison.

He also discovers that sometimes the dead won’t stay in the grave. Is his mind playing tricks or is someone out to get him?

Christmas at Starlight (Snowy Ridge: A Love at Starlight Novella, Book 0.5)

by Kris Jett

WELCOME TO STARLIGHT: A sweet and sexy small-town romance series set at a family-owned pub in the picturesque snowmobiling town of Snowy Ridge, Wisconsin.

The weather may be cold outside, but things are sizzling indoors.

Snowy Ridge, Wisconsin, is magical at Christmas which is why each cabin in the small town is bursting with families wanting the authentic holiday experience every season. And why Amber Adams can’t figure out why her parents called her there to spend her Christmas break since they’ve never really celebrated Christmas before.

Nick Jones moved to Snowy Ridge three years ago for school and works as a dishwasher at the popular Starlight Pub. With a strained relationship with his father and his mother having passed away, Nick has found a pseudo family in Jessie and Diedre Foster, the Starlight owners, and his other co-workers.

Amber isn’t happy and knows her life needs to change drastically, if only she could get the courage to confront her parents. Nick is on a path to a bright future but finds it an isolating one and knows he’s missing something or someone.

Could Amber and Nick find what they’re looking for is right in front of them this Christmas in this cozy Northern Wisconsin pub?
Get a taste of the new small-town romance series with this prequel novella, Christmas at Starlight. Then, check out the rest of the series:
COMING HOME – Jessie & Cade (Snowy Ridge: Love at Starlight, Book 1)
TAKING CHANCES – Wynn & Bryce (Snowy Ridge: Love at Starlight, Book 2)
FINDING ME – Luci & Evan (Snowy Ridge: Love at Starlight, Book 3)
CHANGE OF HEART – Becca & Cooper (Snowy Ridge: Love at Starlight, Book 4)
BETTING ON YOU – April & Cash (Snowy Ridge: Love at Starlight, Book 5)

My Father’s Best Friend’s Secret Baby

by Jamie Knight

I shouldn’t want her.
But I do. And I always get what I want.

I was injured at war and discharged from the military.
My commanding officer invited me to stay with him while I get back on my feet.
I’m grateful for his help, and we’ve become close friends.
There’s just one problem.
His daughter lives with him, and she’s off the charts hot.
So is the chemistry between us, even though I try to ignore it.
She’s inexperienced, but her long lashes beg me to change that.
Her curvy hips taunt me as she walks by wearing only a bikini.
She invites me to take a swim with her while he’s out of town.
Swim with her? I want to swim in her.
But I can’t touch her.
And I certainly can’t put a baby in her.
Can I? Too late.

What will her father do when he finds out I knocked her up?

My Father’s Best Friend’s Secret Baby is a full length 75,000 word standalone novel. Jamie Knight promises to always bring you a happy ever after filled with plenty of heat. And never any cheating or cliffhangers!

The Wedding Chapel: A Sweet Marriage of Convenience Romance (Your Invitation to Romance Book 2)

by Caroline Mickelson

Having worked in a Las Vegas Wedding Chapel for many years, Bella Johnson thought she’d seen it all when it came to spur of the moment weddings. Until the morning when she woke up in bed with a handsome and charming Brit she’d met only the day before who claimed they were now married. Neither Bella nor Colin had any recollection of saying â??I do’, although their respective grandparents assured them they’d done just that. As she and her new husband worked together to discover the truth, Bella learned that the truth was a tricky thing because what her mind hoped they’d discover was not at all what her heart wanted.

Seven Soulmates: Reverse Harem Romance (Haremworld Book 4)

by Kelli Callahan

Everyone is supposed to have a soulmate, right? As it turns out, I have seven.

I created an algorithm that would help connect people to their soulmate. It wasn’t like traditional dating apps that were designed for nothing more than hooking up. It was meant to find a genuine connection that could last a lifetime. I ran thousands of tests that proved it worked until I entered my information into it. Then I got the shock of my life. It didn’t match me with one person. It matched me with seven.

Ethan Prince, the billionaire software developer that financed my project. How could he be my soulmate when we had spent so much time together already without realizing the sparks were there?

Boyd, a mechanic from a small town that looked like a thug and didn’t seem to have anything in common with me. He wasn’t my type at all, even if he was hot-as-sin.

Miguel, a former cage fighter from Sin City that seemed sweet when I met him, but clearly had a dark side to his passion. Why did he intrigue me so much?

Gary, a guy with his heart bleeding it was so gashed from the betrayal of the woman he thought was his soulmate. He was wounded, but I felt like he deserved happiness.

Kurt, a former television reality star hiding in the shadows of fame that went wrong when his mistake went viral. I used to laugh at him…

Alex and Ben, twin football players that were superstars in college and destined to be legends when they went pro. They’re favorite activity off the field involved one woman between them.

Kelli’s Note: This is a steamy standalone Reverse Harem romance. If you can’t handle insta-love x7, then this probably isn’t the book for you. The sparks fly as soon as lips meet and if you forgot to leave your panties at the door, then I promise this will make them melt. Oh, and there’s a dog. His story might make you cry. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. <3

The Christmas Widow (Regency Holiday Romance)

by Jillian Eaton

From the author of The Winter Wish comes another Christmas tale of love and redemption that will delight and enchant this holiday season…

Known as “Mad Lady Bea” by the townspeople of Blooming Glen, Lady Beatrice Tumbley has not left her estate since the tragic death of her husband on Christmas Eve. Terrified of the outside world she lives in complete seclusion, determined never to fall in love again. Until one cold, snowy night a stranger comes knocking at her doorâ?¦

One look at Jack Emerson and Beatrice knows the handsome rogue is nothing but trouble. But she can’t turn him away – not when he’s bleeding from a bullet wound and barely conscious. Against her better judgment she decides to help him, and he promptly repays the favorâ?¦by kissing her!

As Christmas nears, Beatrice’s frozen heart finally begins to thawâ?¦but Jack has no intention of competing with a ghost. If Beatrice cannot find a way to let go of her past, she risks ruining her futureâ?¦and losing her true love all over again.


by John Shupeck

In fall of 2018, Rory Gerona from New York City goes to the Philippines to visit his extended family. While living in a small village on the island of Mindanao, he meets a mysterious young woman walking in a rain storm. They meet again later that night in the village chapel, where she appears in the dark, asking him a simple question: “What’s your name?”

Soon, Rory discovers he may have in fact caught the attention of an aswang, an ancient vampire-like creature revered in the Philippines. He flees for his life back to New York City, trying to leave the Philippines and the horrors he experienced there behind. Unfortunately, his newfound love will not let him go that easily.


by John Meade Falkner

Moonfleet is a tale of smuggling by the English novelist J. Meade Falkner, first published in 1898. The book was extremely popular among children worldwide up until the 1970s, mostly for its themes of adventure and gripping storyline. It remains a popular story widely read and is still sometimes studied in schools.

The novel is set in a fishing village in Dorset during the mid 18th century. The story concerns a 15 year old orphan boy, John Trenchard, who becomes friends with an older man who turns out to be the leader of a gang of smugglers.


by Pamela Ramsgood

Ready for these 60 stories of super sexy, awesomely hot EROTICA romps!?

A collection of rough pounding action and fully detailed finishes…

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