Free business and investing Kindle books for 19 Nov 18

How to win the trust of any customer

by Sekke SESSE

Have you ever wondered why the same pitch to customers, and yet some customers buy, while others don’t?

Well it’s because of one key distinction you are about to find out in this book…

In fact, you’re about to discover…

– why the seller easily wins the trust of some customers, while she struggles with other customer. And it’s not your fault!

– why lack of willpower is almost never the reason sellers fail to win the trust of more customers

– how to handle this force that determine whether ANY customer will trust the seller…and win the trust of more customer.

And much…much more!

If you’ve ever struggled on your path to permanent weight loss, this guide will contain the answers you’re looking for.

Be empowered to apply what you learn to renew your mind and change your health..for the better.

And get ready to be transformed by the secrets to win the trust of any customer…

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(C)lean Messaging: A framework to help startup founders talk to humans

by Scott Brown

What if your startup messaging for customers & investors was as clean as your code?

The Lean Startup movement revolutionized how we build a modern startup. And yet, startup founders continue to struggle with how to talk about their amazing idea in a way that will generate media coverage, sales and social buzz. The (C)lean Messaging framework helps startup founders perfect their sales, marketing & investment messaging to focus on the listener.

As a founder, advisor and investor, I hear dozens of startup pitches every week. And to be honest, most of them suck.

After years of coaching founders on how to talk about their amazing ideas, I created a framework that will allow founders to extend their Lean & Value Prop Canvases into a new messaging framework.

(C)lean Messaging will give you the tools you need to talk about your startup in a way that generates media coverage, sales and buzz.

WARNING: If you use this framework, it’s possible to craft a message that will resonate with potential customers and investors quickly. While this is a goal for most of us, a person could use this framework when the core fundamentals of the business are flawed, and still achieve results. Do not lie.

The Lean Startup movement has created an adverse effect; while founders get out of the office and listen to what customers want, the time they spend building, measuring and iterating is focused inward. This is productive in building a company, but neglects a founders need to actually talk about what they built.

(C)lean Messaging is squarely aimed at solving the challenge you face in communicating your innovation in a way that focuses on the listener, not themselves.

The secret to getting rich in the 21st century: Escape the 9 to 5, live your dreams, build wealth the right way

by Ethan Thomas

The purpose of this book is to help you prepare for whats happening in the future, and how you can avoid being in the path of a potential crash in the economy. I predict in ten years, or even less, there will be a big crash in the economy, and everyone needs to be prepared for that. This book will help you prepare for whats coming, and help you change the way you think, and help you to develop to right mindset to become financially independent, and even rich.

Why Can’t People Just Do Their Jobs?: The Empowering Leaderâ??s Guide to Having More Fulfillment, Less Stress, and Getting the Best out of Those You Lead

by Robert A. Heath Sr.

Are you dealing with Management Fatigue?

Your instructions are clear. Your timelines are reasonable. But still, tasks that should take 3-4 days to complete seem to take your team 3-4 weeks. Unless you are personally making it happen, checking on every detail, they just don’t seem able to perform to your needs. Managing a team this way is not sustainable, physically or financially. At this rate, it’s not a question of “if” you will burnout, but “when.”

If you want to get your team to listen better, take responsibility for the outcome of their work, and execute at their best, then Why Can’t People Just Do Their Jobsis the resource for you. In it, bestselling author Robert Heath outlines all 7 Steps of the EMPOWER process to show you:

  • The truth about why your team doesn’t exeute effectively when you are not there
  • The secret to getting more production from your team
  • How to get your team to take inspired action and anticipate what to do next
  • How to elicit praise from your superiors and earn respect from your team
  • How to get more buy-in on your projects

Robert Heath combines the leadership principles he learned as an Officer and Company Commander in the United States Marine Corps with the personnel development strategies he has employed for over 20 years of teaching and coaching.

The EMPOWER Process will allow you to increase initiative and follow-through, reduce stress, and get the very best out of your team on every project, regardless of who you lead.

Photographic Memory for Beginners: A Practical Guide to Limitless Memory

by Dane Krauss

Want to know how to develop a photographic memory so that you can have perfect recall?


Photographic Memory for Beginners will show you how to remember every little detail so that you never

have to forget anything again.


Inside you will discover:


  • Practical uses for memory enhancement techniques so that you can apply them to your life


  • 4 cutting edge memory techniques to improve your recall


  • How to memorise a pack of cards and other nifty tricks so that you can impress your friends 


  • What the different brain waves are and how to enhance each of them in order to suit

           your specific task 


  • and much, much more!


In just a few moments from now, this guide will allow you to unlock your brain’s potential so that you can

keep your memory razor sharp.

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Secrets of the Zen Business Warrior: 7 Steps to Grow your Business, Feel Excited, and Stay Motivated

by Lina Betancur

It’s time to start loving your businessâ?¦again.

Years ago, you decided to be your own boss, do what you loved, and make money (lots of it!). Back then, you felt excitementâ?¦but now the thought of going to your own office makes you drag your feet. What went wrong?

Secrets of the Zen Business Warrior will help you gain back your excitement and sustain your motivation. By harnessing your business’ creative power, you will be able to live the life you’ve always dreamt about. Whether you are starting your first year or on your tenth, this book can help you get to that powerful place of inspiration, fulfillment, and, ultimately, profits growth.

Coupling deep insights with a down-to-earth and fun approach, author Lina Betancur will show you:

  • How to ensure that your business is among the 1% of new businesses that thrive – not the 80% that fail
  • The proven formula thousands of businesses use for success. The good news: it is not about competition, economy, lack of working capital, or your employees
  • The importance of your emotions in ensuring business success – and a step-by-step guide to make them work for you, not against you
  • How to bring your life to equilibrium to be able to sustain your success

This fun and life-changing journey will help you grow your business to new levels while reclaiming the joy you once felt. If you have made the decision to step up and take action, Secrets of the Zen Business Warrior is the no-nonsense companion you need for your journey.

How To Get Your First 500 Subscribers 100% Free!: Fast, Free, Easy List Building

by John Masters

I’m going to show you some easy ways and free methods to get 500+
subscribers on your list 100% FREE.

Residual Income: Monetized correctly, your list can pay you over and
over and over again – every day, every week, every month….you get the

FINANCIAL BLACK BELT: ‘How to become a Black Belt in Financial Self-Defense’


Hi, my name is Michael Solomon. I am a former martial arts instructor and author of the new book Financial Black Belt. Financial Black Belt will teach you how to become a black belt in financial self defense.

Can you go to work today and tell your boss to go to hell? Why not? My guess is that you can’t lose your job. Why? To much debt! Debt guarantees you a steady diet of eating shit.

Debt keeps you working at a stressful job for a terrible boss under miserable working conditions. Debt keeps you working to pay taxes and loans. Liberal politicians and bankers want to keep it that way.

You’re Crazy! How the Hell Are We Going to Do That?!: What Leaders Need to Do to Be Successful and Get Their People Fully Engaged and Fully Committed

by Joe Phillips

Great leadership is a killer differentiator. But not many businesses have it or even try to get it. This book is about what great leadership is and what it takes to achieve it.

Great leadership is challenging yourself and your team to a powerful, exciting vision and goals to the point where your people say, “You’re crazy, how the hell are we going to do that?” Then it’s working with them to develop, grow, and have insights about what needs to be done. Communication is key to all of these, so it must be done often and address not only the message you want to convey but also what your team needs to hear. Most people don’t deal well with uncertainty, so be as transparent as you can.

Although it is sometimes necessary to work in the business, it’s most important for the leader to spend most of their time working on the business. That means you need to surround yourself with good people who will challenge the organization like you do, and empower them to make decisions, even if it leads to some mistakes. Great leaders know that mistakes are not all bad, because people learn and grow from them.

Great leaders know that the culture of the business is what drives it. They know that the focus needs to be on the success of the business, not them, and they demonstrate that through their actions. Great leaders recognize and understand their moods, emotions, and drive, as well as their effect on others. They know they will get back from their people the behavior they exhibit, reward, and tolerate, and that will become the culture.

You’re Crazy! How the Hell Are We Going to Do That?! is part of the THiNKaha series, whose slim and handy books contain 140 well-thought-out AHA messages. Increase your online influence by picking up AHAthat, and easily share quotes from this book on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ via this link:

Evolve: The Lifetime Power of Actions on Your Career Path

by Ydalmis Carrasco

Evolve: The Lifetime Power of Actions on Your Career Path

You can choose: corporate world or entrepreneurial life?

In today’s world, doubts and questions about your career path can be paralyzing. If you’re searching to discover whether you’re still in love with your corporate job or if it’s time to move to the entrepreneurial life, then Evolve will help you navigate those questions with clarity.

Bestselling author Ydalmis Carrasco combines strategic actions, real-life experiences, and humor to help you move your career in the right direction. With over two decades of experience as a commercial operation and marketing executive, Ydalmis possesses the tools to guide you towards your professional purpose.

In Evolve, you will learn how to:

  • Identify if you have a healthy work-life balance
  • Prepare your bank account for your final career decision
  • Discover what makes you unique and recognize your distinct leadership qualities
  • Develop the ability to persist when no one is watching
  • Be ready to shine and show up, even when you are the only female in the room
  • Have a big impact helping others, no matter your career path
  • If you’re ready to move forward and transcend your career fears, then Evolve is the go-to guide to becoming the leader you are meant to be.

    INSPIRE: Motivate and Train Your Sales Team to Grow Your Business

    by Yazmin Torres

    Make your business grow by having an efficient sales system

    After all these years, your company has not grown the way you planned. It’s difficult to find salespeople who make important deals and maintain customer relationships as well as you do. It’s time to create a commercial structure, so you can grow and expand your business.

    Inspire is the best way to adapt your small or medium business to a personalized and integrated sales structure that includes a specific selection process, a training program, and a loyalty and reward plan for the sale department. All this will make your sales increase at least twenty percent more, making your business grow and expand.

    Yazmín Torres Padilla draws from her years of experience in solving the most common organizational problems to show you how to retake control of your business. Throughout Inspire, you will learn how to:

  • Choose the right person to work in the sales team and get rid of inefficient staff
  • Set commercial goals that make your business grow
  • Train and coach the commercial team to make them reach goals
  • Evaluate performance and reward members of your sales team
  • Identify the service your client will love and communicate it
  • Identify bottlenecks that are making the team sale less efficient
  • Develop a leadership to manage high performance teams
  • If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, then Inspire is the key to sales success.

    Ecommerce Secrets: How to Have a Physical Product Arbitrage Business Through eBay and Pop Culture Based Products

    by Dave Bass

    ATTENTION: People Looking for a New Part-Time Income Source While Working a Few Hours a Day


    What you’ll discover in this 2 in 1 bundle:

    – The 3 step process of making money on Ebay
    – How to find the best products that you can flip for 3x-10x their price
    – How to confirm if you should flip the product or not
    – How to find the best store to buy products cheaply
    – How to create a product listing that sells your products fast!
    – The one “little thing” that you should always bring when you’re looking for products outside your house… this is a life and money saver!
    – How to apply simple SEO tactics to help your listing get more customers from Google

    – How dropshipping works
    – How to take advantage of famous personalities and make money from it
    – How to find perfect products to sell
    – The 3 point criteria that you should follow every time you’re looking for a product to sell
    – How to create your shopify store from scratch
    – How to setup your products so it’ll be available for sale in 5 minutes or less
    – How to run a Facebook ads and how to set it up in 30 minutes or less
    – How to fulfill your products without hassle

    Starting a Business Doesn’t Have to Be Boring and Complicated!

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    Realistic Stock Chart Analysis: Price Gaps Explained Using Real Chart Examples

    by Simon Milgard

    Practice and learn stock chart analysis with detailed case studies of real examples. This book examines the way price gaps influence stock prices.
    -Learn basic concept and advanced strategies with price gaps on stock charts
    -follow step by step examples showing various scenarios of price behaviour before, during, and after a price gap forms.
    -Learn and practice making buy and sell decisions during the formation of price gaps with realistic and common chart scenarios.

    Dropshipping : Discover How to Get Started Generating Passive Income Using The Dropshipping Business Model

    by Michael Ezeanaka

    How many times have you started a business only to later realise you had to spend a fortune to get the products manufactured, hold inventory and eventually ship the products to customers all over the globe?

    Would you like to start your very own e-commerce business that gets right to making money without having to deal with all of these issues? If so, this book can help you

    Amazon bestselling author, Michael Ezeanaka, provides a step-by-step analysis of some of the basic information you need to get started with a Dropshipping E-commerce business.

    In this book, you’ll discover:

    • A simple, step-by-step explanation of what the dropshipping business is all about (Chapter 1)
    • 8 reasons why you should build a dropshipping business (Chapter 2)
    • Disadvantages of the dropshipping business model and what you need to look out for before making a decision (Chapter 3)
    • How to start your own dropshipping business including the potential business structure to consider, how to set up a company if you’re living outside the US, how much you’ll need to start and sources of funding (Chapter 4)

    â?¦and much, much more!

    If you’re ready to take charge of your financial future, grab your copy of this book today! Start taking control of your life by learning how to create a stream of passive income that’ll take care of you and your loved ones.

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    Social Money Maker: Creating a Money Producing Business from Scratch by Becoming a YouTube Celebrity or Social Media Manager

    by Tj Arron

    According to the experts, an economic meltdown may come anytime soon.

    It means lots of people, including you – may lose their jobsâ?¦

    Protect yourself by starting your own home-based business today.

    Here’s a preview of what you’l discover inside..

    YouTube Celebrity
    – 6 ways to choose a topic that you could make money from
    – Why your niche dictates what you can sell
    – Some gears recommendation perfect for beginners and intermediate Youtubers
    – Why you shouldn’t buy expensive gears to start with
    – The best gears to buy for beginner YouTubers
    – 6 different types of videos you can create online
    – 8 types of products you can offer to your viewers
    – Why relying on YouTube Ads for monetization is a bad idea if you’re on the “low viewers” kind of niche
    – How to create content that people love to watch and share
    – Ways to grow your channel for maximum views and subscribers
    – The exact formula for creating a viral video
    – The things that you need to consider when creating a video that will get the “promoted” status on YouTube

    Done-For-You Social Media
    – The entire process of making money as a social media manager… even if you’re not an expert!
    – How to outsource the service that we will offer…so we don’t have to do the work ourselves!
    – How to create a package for your social media management/consulting business
    – How to create your offer the right way
    – The letter to send to potential clients to make them a “paying client” without trying to be a a salesy guy…
    – Examples of offer sheet from other social media management companies
    – How to find clients for free on Facebook and how to approach them without being annoying
    – Ways to find the best clients who already know your value to his/her business
    – How to sell your packages without really trying to be a pushy salesman..(for introverts)

    Learn to start your own internet marketing business today.

    No need for you to be an expert or an experience marketer with portfolio. You can start now by scrolling up and downloading your copy today.

    100 life advice from listed company CEOs: how to grow and recognize the world better


    How to better grow and recognize the world, this is my 100 specific recommendations

    These 100 articles, which are shared today, involve the rational cognition of the professional society, the correct cognitive world, the correct self-cognition, self-growth, human conduct and so on 8 aspects, each of which is worth your serious thinking.

    On the reasonable cognition of professional society

    01 Looking at a variety of college graduates, many years later out of the different roads. The fastest growing general has a common denominator:

    They work regardless of your job, my job, your department, my department, as long as they are there, do everything they can to get the job done. It was these people who later started the business successfully.

    02 The above article is about the embodiment of the ability to collaborate at work. Their own things do not do a good job to meddle in other people’s affairs, to others to mess up, that is pure fool, must be killed.

    03 Most of the work requires collaboration, collaboration,ç??Time each other, help do not mess up, fully build trust, is the IQ and emotional quotient double high embodiment. Do not realize the relatives, simply admit their own.

    04 Not all overtime is at work, a manager or employee who knows that no one is stupid or blind.

    To strive for integrity of the staff good, to play with the staff of the fierce, not muddy, is the basic requirements for qualified managers;

    For serious overtime work, to recognize and reward, and help them reduce the amount of overtime;

    Project Fast Cash: How to Go from Beginner to $1,000 Per Month from Fiverr Services and Instagram Ecommerce

    by Dave Bass

    ATTENTION: People Looking for a New Part-Time Income Source While Working a Few Hours a Day


    What you’ll discover in this 2 in 1 bundle:

    – The exact gigs to sell to make a killing on Fiverr
    – How to choose a surely profitable gig
    – How to outsource your service so you don’t have to worry about product/result fulfillment…ever!
    – How to write product listings on Fiverr
    – A few real examples of product listings that are killing it right now!
    – How to upsell your customers so you can turn a $5 profit into a $50 gig!
    – Some examples of extra gigs that you can copy for your own services

    – How to make money via Instagram ecommerce even without spending money on advertisement
    – The entire process of finding products and selling them on Instagram
    – How to choose a theme or main topic for your instagram account
    – How to find the perfect product to sell to your followers
    – Different types of content to create for your audience
    – The apps and tools needed to do Instagram marketing
    – The #1 mistake most Instagram marketers make and how to avoid it
    – How to promote your product without irritating your followers!

    Starting a Business Doesn’t Have to Be Boring and Complicated!

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    Quitting Bad Habits & Developing New Ones

    by John S.

    Learn how to completely change your life by learning how to eliminate bad habits in your life and replace them with new ones.

    Female CEO’s experience: 121 specific recommendations for work and growth

    by XIAOBO ER

    About facing criticism

    1, no one is happy to be criticized. If there is, Ta lies.

    2, in the face of criticism, the first response to decency is “not eager to explain, do not retort.”

    3, every day, or the longest weekly habit, put their own problems and causes of trouble with the heaviest adjectives to think again, honest treatment of their own. When criticized, they feel that everything is still under control.

    4, a lot of criticism occurred because of misunderstanding. Therefore, first build the emotional level of trust, second to clarify the facts, and then to eliminate misunderstandings. These three steps can solve most of the relationship problems caused by criticism.

    5. When criticized, the focus of thinking should be “where should I start to solve the problem”, rather than “right”.

    6. Ignore the “comments” and attach great importance to the “criticism”.

    7. If there are different opinions or ambiguities about the criticism, ask the parties directly for the complete opinion. Don’t shy away.


    by Barbara B. Martin

    new age spirituality books, spirituality books, religion and spirituality books, spiritual books for women, personal finance books, personal development and motivational books, motivational books for women, spirituality, spirit, spiritual empowerment, life, happiness, personal growth, personal success and financial success

    This book is your way to the best strategies leading to spiritual empowerment, long-awaited personal and financial success and true happiness in your life!


    Table of content:

    Chapter 1: What Is Spiritual Empowerment?
    Chapter 2: 5 Tips to Enrich the Spirit
    Chapter 3: Spiritual Empowerment through Alternate Therapies
    Chapter 4: Being Your Own Friend plus Spiritual Coach & Mentor
    Chapter 5: Learning from Life and Turning Toward Present and Future
    Chapter 6: Spirituality and Money – Understanding the Connection
    Chapter 7: Understanding the Secret of the Law of Attraction
    Chapter 8: Financial Freedom and Growing Rich
    Chapter 9: Striking the Balance between the Inner and Outer Aspects of Your Body
    �.���.And much more!

    What are you waiting for? This book is a MUST read for everyone who wants to make more out of their life with the help of spiritual empowerment. Feel the power within yourself – today!


    The word spiritual, contrary to popular belief is not about any laid down rules for a religion rather it is about finding out who we really are and are capable of us as individuals. This awareness is empowering and life-enriching because we are able to discover our truth and live peacefully with ourselves and others because of the happiness in our heart.
    This journey, just like anything good, takes practice and commitment to achieve maximum results from it. All the processes involved are to help us in discovering who we really are, and hereby transforming and expressing our true selves. In this book, the different areas of lives connected to our spirituality are explained in meaningful terms. Areas like spirituality and money, striking a balance in our lives between the inner and outer aspects of our lives.
    By being aware of how we act in everyday life, we can grow into more centered and loving individuals, and by cultivating our minds and looking after our bodies, become more active forces for good. It also involves taking responsibility for every area of our lives – our thoughts, our feelings, our actions – at the same time respecting other people’s opinion even when they are different from ours.

    Social Media Profits

    by John Masters

    I won’t go into the specifics of the system here. What I will say is that it is just the most incredible way to make money from Social Media Sites such as Facebook and Twitter because, aside from the fact that you don’t spend a penny to run it, there is NOTHING for you to calculate or really think about.

    You just follow 3 simple steps:-
    Step 1 – Set Up. Step 2 – Activate. Step 3 – Profit

    In fact – uniquely – this can be started with ZERO capitalâ?¦

    If you have a PC/laptop/iPhone/iPad â?¦ or even an OLD SECOND HAND COMPUTER â?¦ it doesn’t matter. As long as you can get online with it, you can make money.

    Furthermore, you can start straight away and once you’ve learned how this works, as I mentionedâ?¦

    â??You DON’T need to spend a single penny to run itâ?¦
    â??You are NOT selling anything of your own â?¦ you have NO products â?¦ NO website â?¦ and you DON’T even deal with anyoneâ?¦
    â??You HAVEN’T spent a penny yourselfâ?¦
    â??You just sit back and collect the cashâ?¦

    So why would you receive those daily deposits you may ask? Well that of course is the real beauty of the Social Media Profits System.

    Forever Passive Income: The Art of Making Fast Cash Month In and Month Out With Minimal Work from Your End â?? Kindle Publishing and YouTube Video Affiliate Marketing

    by Dave Bass

    ATTENTION: People Looking for a New Part-Time Income Source While Working a Few Hours a Day


    What you’ll discover in this 2 in 1 bundle:

    Write and Sell Kindle Books for a Living
    – How to choose a profitable topic to write in
    – How to confirm if your topic is profitable or not… Save hundreds of hours of your time just by doing this simple technique
    – How to outline your book from start to finish
    – An example of a working outline laid out step by step
    – How to upload your book the right way
    – The best tips on writing your book
    – How to create the best book cover for your kindle book
    – How to market your books so you’ll sell a shit ton of copies fast!

    YouTube Affiliate Marketing
    – The entire process of making money as a newbie Youtube affiliate
    – Where to find the product to sell on Youtube
    – The 4 point criteria you need to use to guarantee you’ll only sell best-selling products
    – How to create a video review step by step
    – Some examples of product reviews to copy
    – The simple little trick that will increase your traffic by over 30%
    – How to upload your videos the right way!
    – How to rank #1 on Google and Youtube for your product search term

    Starting a Business Doesn’t Have to Be Boring and Complicated!

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    Project Passive Income: How Can a Brand New Internet Marketer Make $1,000 Passive Income Per Month from Blogging and YouTube Video Marketing

    by Erik Malik


    I’ve got bad news for you. Everything you learned from the gurus are just plain wrong.

    You’ve been bombarded by thousands of get rich quick course that will never work for you.
    I solved that problem through this bundle. Inside this bundle, you’ll discover 2 ways to consistently make thousands of dollars per month. You will get a step by step training for:

    Blogging for the Broke Guy
    – How to find the best topics that are interesting and profitable at the same time
    – How to create a wordpress website from scratch
    – How to rank your website via on-page seo tactics that only few bloggers are using
    – How to create a product from scratch
    – How to do product research the easy way
    – The exact questions you need to ask your customers for you to create the best product and a great marketing message
    – The types of products to create that will help you go from zero to a consistent 5 figure income per month

    YouTube Passive Income
    – How to find the best products that are guaranteed best-sellers!
    – The point criteria to follow so you’ll only sell products that are HOT and are more likely to sell itself
    – The one thing that every product should have before you promote it
    – The tools that you need to create your video review… it’s mostly FREE
    – How to structure the content of your product review…STEP BY STEP
    – This one trick that will increase your affiliate link click through by over 30%
    – The guidelines to follow when you upoad your video
    – How to rank your video on Youtube and Google for less than the price of your cofee budget!
    – Some examples of real-life product reviews that are still killing it even after 1 or 4 years!


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    InterPreneurship: The Internet Entrepreneursâ?? Guide to Achieving a Successful Online Business Through Mindset, Attitude, and Evolution.

    by Jeralyn Pasinabo Peagler

    Discover how the pros hack their minds to achieve maximum success in the digital world. Never in history have there been a better time to break free from the corporate struggle than today. With this book, you too can join the millions of forward thinking interpreneurs (internet entrepreneurs) breaking barriers to create an online brand for themselves.

    Building an internet empire goes beyond product listing and marketing. Your mindset will determine if you can attract high-paying customers to your brand. Whether you are a solopreneur or a co-founder, your online business success relies on your attitude and enthusiasm: this is the secret that many learn too late. Avoid the trap that destroys online ventures by preparing your mind for the journey ahead through motivation and persistence. No matter how competitive your niche is, you can dominate with the right mindset and attitude.

    Interpreneurship: The Internet Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Achieving a Successful Online Business Through Mindset, Attitude and Evolution, is a great book for those who dare to unlock their limitless potentials. Get ready to get motivated, transform your mind and live your dreams. Learn what it takes to position and motivate yourself to achieve success in the digital world.

    Jeralyn Pasinabo Peagler, a successful interpreneur with over 12 years of online business experience and founder of the JP 360 Solutions Digital Marketing Agency (, shares her unique perspective on what it takes to stand out from the crowd. She explains how to master:

    • Positive mindset
    • Habits
    • Discipline
    • Marketing
    • Focus
    • Self-esteem
    • Thinking patterns
    • Breaking barriers
    • Goal setting
    • Visualization
    • And how to succeed where others fail.

    Success is at your fingertips, it’s time to grab it. Transform your mind and unlock your true inner potentials. Unleash your very best self: begin your mindset revolution now and you can become the next internet sensation.

    Big defeat: the big defeat of the richest 4 billion restaurants

    by XIAOBO YI

    November 11, 2009,Xiang-e feelings inShenzhen stock Exchange listed, become the first in a-share listed private catering enterprises, founder Mengkai also with 3.937 billion yuan to win the richest man in the catering industry.

    However, in just four years, the form of a sharp decline, Mengkai out of the gloom, what is the secret behind this? Now, re-out of the river and Lake Mengkai can create brilliant, become the next “Shi Yuzhu”?

    November 11, 2009, is the glorious moment of Mengkai’s life.

    That day, he started the high-end restaurant brandXiang-e feelings inShenzhen stock Exchange listed, become the first in a-share listed private catering enterprises, Mengkai also with 3.937 billion yuan, won the richest man in the food and beverage industry.

    But just four years later,Xiang-e feelings ofThe results plummeted, and after a series of painful ups and downs, such as closing, transformation and internal strife, Mengkai from himself for 23 yearsXiang-er is in a bleak situationOut.


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    Ready to live on purpose and build a thriving business that embraces your creative potential?

    There are intimately interconnected elements that contribute to your ability to thrive as a creative or entrepreneur. When these elements are in balance you feel confident and have an intuitive ability to make the best decisions. As a creator or innovator, this is critical to your personal sense of well-being as well as the health of your business or creative pursuits.

    The foundational elements of The Creative Blueprint are fulfillment, freedom and fortune â?? keys to self-identify and success â?? and all three must be balanced in order to thrive.

    Freedom means empowerment to live on your own terms and freely express your ideas, talents and interests.

    Fulfillment is obtained by listening to your intuition and building a growth mindset to enhance creative output.

    Fortune is a natural byproduct of mastering the art of creating wealth for others so you can live abundantly as well.

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    The Creative Blueprint is the first book in the Abundant Business Blueprint series of lightweight guides designed especially for independent spirits â?? designers, freelancers, coaches, consultants and small business owners â?? who want to build a thriving, purpose-driven business that gives them freedom, fulfillment and financial success.

    The art of entrepreneurship in the era of speed

    by Mohamed Ben

    Since the beginning of the 90’s, the era has become the era of entrepreneurs, where educational institutions, government organizations, business enterprises and society as a whole have been interested in entrepreneurship. There has been extensive research and studies in this field, all of which confirm their importance to the national economy, as the pioneers are the first element at all levels individual and institutional or even regional and national. And that the most successful economies are those that will contribute the most to economic growth by spreading the knowledge that would remain trapped without its commercialization.

    Definition of Entrepreneurship:
    Origin of the word French means the person who initiates or initiates the establishment of a business. The first use of the term is the famous French businessman Jean-Baptiste, due to the definition of entrepreneur to the economic world Schumpeter. Schumpeter pioneered: he is the person who has the will and ability to turn a good idea or invention into a successful innovation. Thus, the presence of pioneering forces of “creative destruction” in markets and industries creates new products and business combinations.

    It is a willingness to manage, organize and develop projects in conjunction with risk-impact in order to reach profit. Entrepreneurship is based on the initiative to create a new business by taking advantage of available resources, labor, and capital that contributes to profit. Entrepreneurship is defined as a business activity For profit, with an assessment of the risk involved. Other definitions of entrepreneurship are a set of skills that contribute to starting a new business by linking it to the ability to create new opportunities.

    Entrepreneurship is an old and renewable phenomenon that contributes to the reference to innovative and creative individuals in various fields of business. The foundations of entrepreneurship are based on the theory of oligopolism. Entrepreneurs are interested in calculating the prices and quantities of the products that will be produced in order to make the appropriate decisions. Marx to the Raiden as agents to apply a change in the economy; through their contribution to effective influence in society , Entrepreneurship was first influenced by a range of humanities, such as economics, marketing, sociology, psychology, strategic management, and history. This contributed to the emergence of many theories and interpretations of entrepreneurial ideas, and defined the concept of entrepreneurship in the 20th century specifically In the sixties and seventies, but the concept spread widely in the eighties and nineties, was concerned with the combination of profits generated by various business processes, and ideas from various fields; by relying on the invention of modern means to apply the Workers.

    Crypto For Dummies

    by Crypto King

    A beginners guide into crypto currencies

    CEO Management Notesï¼?Organization Management Series : Corporate strategy, vision, mission, values

    by SANYI WU

    CEO Management Notesï¼?Organization Management
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    thinking with global CEOs
    1.What intelligent and military theory achievements Xiaomi ecology?
    2.1The things that thousands of people do, how to push into1thousand people?
    3.From 0 to 1ï¼? Pk We Chat’s Nail Nails Right, what?
    4.Successful brand communication, as long as this3That’s enough.
    5.Sense of directionby Visionï¼?Not confused.By mission, we are in the same boat by values.

    Successful Options Trading For Newbies: Making Money with Options in Just a Few Hours (Market Giants Book 3)

    by James D. Flowers

    Successful Options Trading For Newbies Making Money with Options in Just a Few Hours

    After going through this reading material, it can rightly be concluded that how beginners can start with options trading and afterwards do well in this speculative form of business. Though there is mentioning of lots of trade jargon and complex terminologies.

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    In this book, you will learn everything there is to know about Trading Options. Find out:

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    One last word, if you have started with options trading and are not getting the desired outcomes then it is better to stay on, minimizing your transactions and waiting for the favorable outcomes. Results can be delayed but cannot be restricted if you apply a balanced mindset and studying various alternates available. Losses can occur to anybody, experienced or newcomer and time favors those who wait and watch, and then taking decisions based on experience accumulated. Have a happy option-trading venture.


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    Absolute Committment: : What Passion, Feminine Intuition and Social Engagement Can Do for Your Business & the World

    by Lori Webb

    This book is an example of how strong conviction to your ideals and commitment to your passion can lead you to improve the world & your bottom line, even before the rest of the world catches on to what you are doing.

    Lynne Franks has been at the forefront of Female & Social Entrepreneurship since the 1970s. For over four decades Lynne has not only been championing Women Entrepreneurship by example, she has also dedicated herself to creating powerful collaborations to jointly fight against social injustice, AIDS research, poverty and more.

    As a powerful player on the international PR stage, Lynne, was instrumental in creating brands, events and messages that have influenced the world. She has worked with some of the most iconic names in fashion, media and music along with notable non-profit organizations and governments.

    Over the last twenty years she has done a great deal to empower and extend the feminine way to do business model S.E.E.D. and has been a pioneer in the area of sustainable thinking and action. Recently, Lynne partnered with Regus to create B.Hive, a stylish, feminine work environment and business club in further support of her mission to empower female entrepreneurs.

    Read about Lynne’s fascinating story and followed by the 50 key lessons learned by the author, Lori Webb.

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    CEO Management Notesï¼?Organization Management Series Alibaba Management:

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    Update cognition
    upgrade pattern
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    thinking with global CEOs

    1.Ma Yun: All failure is the best nutrition, how difficult to bear
    2.How do you direct the boss and the middle executive?
    3.Uncertainty about the future of entrepreneurship, how important does it become to build culture?
    4.AliCeoZhang Yong: To be clear, without this, it is useless to burn money

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    by Jeremy Dillon

    Thеrе аrе Ñ?еvеrаl rеаÑ?оnÑ? whÑ? freight brоkеrÑ? аrе in dеmаnd in tоdаÑ?’Ñ? есоnоmÑ?. Sоmе people аÑ?Ñ?irе to do freight brokering Ñ?еrviсеÑ?, that’s whÑ? wе nееd tо understand hоw thе induÑ?trÑ? wоrkÑ? bеfоrе gambling оurÑ?еlvеÑ? intо thе business.In thiÑ? guidе, you’ll discover еffесtivе lead gеnеrаtiоn strategies fоr your freight brokering buisness.

    See also first love and Have a responsible man

    by SLao Chang

    On Saturday night, the snow fell.

    Wang Te meat asked me on WeChat: Brother, am I going out now?

    I said, no.

    He meant that the snow was just under, it was not slippery, and maybe even the high speed was still not sealed. Going up first, it would be a big deal to sleep in the service area for one night…

    I suggest to wait and see, and say it again on Sunday.

    Snow driving is anti-inertial. What is our inertia?

    Slow down by the brakes.

    The snow can’t be braked casually. A brake may have a 180-degree rotation. Why did the southern snowstorm need to adjust the northeast driver to drive, because the inertia of the northeast driver is to use the gear to control the speed, and rarely brake.

    Five or six years ago, I was hit on the snow, also at high speed.

    In front of a large area rear-end, I can’t stop.


    Before that, I was extremely arrogant. Others might open a sixty or seventy, and I would open 100~120. It was all new snow, not slippery.

    I thought the brakes were fine…

    The key to driving technology is the key to snow tires?

    Driving technology accounts for 30%, snow tires account for 70%, in the northeast, almost everyone will replace snow tires, the big car may not change, because the replacement cost is too high, and the snow tire wear resistance is general, the car uses snow chains .

    On Saturday night, the cross-country circle began to wander again, and they went to challenge the park slope and called me.

    I’m not going.

    They are all ordinary tires. The downhill can’t control them at all. If you are a Wrangler or a Mercedes-Benz G, people always overestimate the role of the four-wheel drive. In fact, there is no difference between the snow and the road.

    In theory, snow tires must be replaced in winter, even on non-ice roads.

    Because snow tires are softer in winter and have better braking performance.

    However, because of the lack of correct science, there are very few replacements. I went to repair the tires a few days ago and asked the owner of Michelin. Do you sell snow tires here?

    He said that in the past few years, he has gone through a batch and can’t sell it.

    Sunday, early.

    Wang Te meat asked me: Can you leave?

    I asked, how much snow is on the road?

    He said, okay, some places have already salted.

    I said, come over and pick me up, I will accompany you.

    He said, no.

    I said, I am fine at home.

    Becoming a Person of Influence: Out-of-the-box techniques for mass appeal, charm, and becoming a social influencer

    by Jerry Shoemaker

    This book will teach you to elevate your business presence to immediate celebrity status within your industry niche. You will learn how to turn yourself into an influencer and thought leader in your industry, and use that status to propel your business forward.

    Having celebrity status will open an incredible number of doors for you and your business. People will want to do business with you, people will trust you more, you will be able to sell more products for higher prices, and people will want to be associated with you.

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    “Becoming a Person of Influence” delivers a step-by-step program for increasing your Emotional Intelligence (or EQ) via four, core EQ skills that enable you to achieve your fullest potential:

    1) Self-Awareness
    2) Self-Management
    3) Social Awareness
    4) Relationship Management

    This is a book with a single purposeâ??increasing your EQ to become an influencer. Here’s what people are saying about it:

    “Becoming a Person of Influence succinctly explains how to deal with feelings creatively and use our intelligence in a beneficial way.”
    â??The Dalai Lama

    “A fast read with practical anecdotes and great context in which to understand and improve yourself.”

    “Gives abundant, to-the-point findings and succinct insights with emphasis on how to increase your influence. Research shows that EQ is more important than IQ.”
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    “This book can radically change the way you think about success…read it twice.”
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    Resurrection and Rivers and lakes circle

    by SLao Chang

    Before dawn.

    The neighboring bed did not close the toilet in the middle of the night, and there were footsteps and voices in the corridor.

    can not fall asleep.

    Look at the watch, 5 o’clock.

    The little nurses are about to start drawing blood again.

    I hurriedly pulled out the charger and so on, so that the nurse could not see it…

    Into a doctor wearing a blue sterile suit, the woman, is the kind of wear in the operating room, she looked at the bed number, then looked at the name, and then looked at me: You are Dong teacher?

    I said, it is me, don’t call the teacher, I am nervous.

    She said that I am your reader.

    She was a night shifter. She just got off work, did an operation, and consulted a sick number. Just finished, pediatrician, and smiling very sweet. I asked her if she had a sense of accomplishment in this trip?

    She smiled and said, of course, all that was sent to us was already in the ghost gate. We took the child back and were more happy than anything. Life is amazing. Once the child returns, she will recover very quickly.

    She was a little shy, didn’t talk much, and left.

    Send her away, I went to the toilet and washed my face, looking in the mirror, I rely, I am so ugly? The beard is long, the hair is blowing up, and the face is black, leaving a bad impression. I should shave.

    Turned over the backpack, there is a razor, one-time, not very easy to use, barely scraped, washed the face, rubbed on the big treasure.

    Open bookstore and Private space

    by SLao Chang

    Open a store, A Private space

    A We Chat friend contacted me:

    Dong teacher, buy box of tea, is there?

    I looked at the chat history and he bought a box a month ago.

    I asked, is it finished?

    He said, no, it was bought for my father-in-law.

    I said, yes, give me 4,500 yuan. (Red printed discus, can earn him 700 dollars)

    He turned the money over.

    I immediately arranged to print the courier and sent the order to him…

    He said, Teacher Dong, I have a friend who is currently doing book business.

    He wants to know you. Is it convenient for you?

    I asked, where is he?

    He said that he is in Jinan.

    I said, yes, contact me one day in advance, I am free from 10 am to 3 pm.

    In the evening, he sent me a message: Friends arrive at 11 am tomorrow, you give a position.

    I sent him the specific information.

    At 11 o’clock the next day, the office called me and there was a guest.

    I come over.

    At first glance, it belongs to the kind of people with a lot of gas field. The bag, the shoes, the chubby, like Yang Lan’s husband, first handed the business card, Ningbo people, doing investment, surnamed Zhao.

    I asked, how did you come?

    He said that he had a taxi.

    I asked, from Jinan?

    he said yes.

    I asked, how much?

    He said that 1,200 yuan.

    I said that you can take a ride and it is very convenient, less than 200 yuan.

    He said, anxious.

    I feel quite moved…

    Then I have to arrange lunch.

    He blocked, meaning that he could order two takeaways, and he would eat here and talk while eating.

    Very good proposal, I also clamored to accompany people to eat.

    I ordered two portions of braised pork.

    His surname is Yang.

    I first took him to visit my book wall, book fair, and warehouse. On the same day, we were selling the Mao Dun Literature Awards. At the peak, we had to send a truck every day. The staff had formal, temporary, and volunteers. Going back and forth, he felt very shocked.

    Back at the office, the meal is here.

    He said, the land of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon!

    I said, no, no, it is actually a meager profit, telling the truth, I do not want to be too boring, but also want to give the child an account, the teacher asked the child, what is your father doing? He didn’t know, now he can proudly tell the teacher that my father is a bookstore.

    How To Start a Blog For Profit

    by Jayesh Chauhan

    How To Start a Blog For Profit – An Easy-To-Follow Guide For Beginners!

    A blog needs to be monetized to generate revenue. It should be a successful blog with a growing base of subscribers to keep generating more revenue. Only then would you have a profitable blog.

    Any blog can be monetized but there may be no revenue. Any blog can have some revenue but only consistent and sustainable revenue over a period of time will ensure profit.

    The fact that anyone can start a blog with little or no capital, the availability of a plethora of free tools, the ease with which one can get started and equal access to the audience ensures only the best would win.

    The competition has never been this stiff. Inside this comprehensive guide for beginners we lay out the simple steps one must take to start a blog for profit.

    Forum Marketing Mastery

    by Jayesh Chauhan

    If you are looking to promote your online business on the internet, you have your work cut out for you. You really do. The difficulty does not come from finding traffic options.

    In fact, the difficulty comes from the fact that there are just simply too many options out there. It is too easy to get caught up in all the available traffic generation options, and spend a lot of time, effort and money only to have very little to show for all your marketing efforts.

    If you are serious about driving highly targeted traffic to your website, one of the best moves you an ever make is to carry out a forum marketing campaign.

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