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Online Real Estate, Podcasting,Miami Millions, Social Media Starter Kit: Book Bundle (Bull City publishing Book Bundles 9)

by Gloria Carter

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Podcast Success A Step by Step Guide on Launching Your 1st Podcast

Internet has given immense power in the hands of the user. This ever-evolving digital world has introduced humankind to numerous useful and unimaginable technologies. One such technology that has gained immense popularity in the recent past is podcasting. If you are aware about the latest happenings in the technology field, then the probability that you would have heard this term several times is rather high. However, the lack of material and awareness about the technology deters its audience to use its power to its full capacity.
This book begins with a brief introduction about podcasting and how it has grown, over the years, to become what it is today. Podcasting is immensely lucrative, and most people are attracted towards this technology for this very reason. 


The MiamiMillions Online Success Guide: Your Invitation to Making Profits Online & Achieving Your Goals

The MiamiMillions Success Guide: Your Invitation to Making Profits

The opportunities to build massive wealth are available to everyone. Entrepreneurs have helped shape the past and the present of our global economy and they will continue to forge a healthy economy for the future. The eBook The MiamiMillions Success Guide imparts the information necessary to learning how financial independence is achieved through Internet marketing.

Any new endeavor can cause paralysis by analysis. Learning how to generate massive and passive funnels of income is a worthy endeavor. MiamiMillions shares informative and actionable marketing precepts and expresses how to create a very lucrative business.

Many entrepreneurs earn respectable revenue and many more entrepreneurs experience explosive incomes relative to following the steps that are presented in this book.


Online Marketing for Real Estate: A Practical Guide to Internet & Social Media Marketing

Learn How to Get More Leads, More Home Buyers and More Home Sellers for Free Using The Power of Social Media
A Proven, Step-By-Step Method To Unlimited Commissions
Dear Fellow Real Estate Agent,

Discover why you should promote Your Business Online

Leveraging Social Media & Apps for Your Listings
Discover How to get Unlimited Leads Via Online
According to Google Keyword Selector tool “2.2 Billion searches are conducted for real estate keywords every year.”
An estimated 80% of homebuyers go online to research the market before purchasing.



The Social Media Start Up Kit: The Simplified Guide to Getting Started in Social Media Marketing & Search Engine Optimization

The Social Media Start Up Kit: The Simplified Guide to Getting Started in Social Media Marketing & Search Engine Optimization

The Social Media Start Up Kit: The Simplified Guide to Getting Started in Social Media & SEO is one of the first books of its kind of Amazon Kindle, as Search Engine Optimization Professional with over 10 years of online experience I found it very tough finding simple books that appeal to novice friends and family. That they could use to understanding the Crazy and every changing world of Social Media & Online Marketing this is where the Social Media Start up Kit comes in. It covers very basic concepts that starters can use to grow their understanding of Social Media.

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Couchbase on Kubernetes: Autonomously Run and Manage a Complex Distributed Database on Kubernetes

by Anil Kumar

The Couchbase Autonomous Operator for Kubernetes is an application-specific controller that vastly reduces complexity, human error and manual management of database services, resulting in streamlined operations, more efficient consumption of resources and cloud portability. Couchbase Autonomous Operator extends the Kubernetes API to create, configure and manage instances of complex stateful applications on behalf of a Kubernetes user. It builds upon the basic Kubernetes resource and controller concepts, but also includes domain or application-specific knowledge to automate common tasks better managed by computers. Whether an enterprise is using a single-provider, hybrid cloud or cross-cloud strategy, Couchbase Autonomous Operator is deployment agnostic, thereby enabling multi-cloud deployment and migration seamlessly.
As Kubernetes continues to gain momentum and IT organizations increasingly adopt cloud computing and embrace newer technologies like microservices, mobile, IoT and more, Couchbase identified the following key roadblocks that hinder progress:
– High operational costs: Manually deploying and managing hundreds of database instances across multiple geographies increases cost, effort and complexity.
– Vendor lock-in: A lack of standardization to ensure data can be moved freely and safely between cloud providers has made it difficult to switch providers quickly or work with multiple providers.
– Delayed time to market: Customers with applications using microservice architectures have difficulties managing and scaling database clusters in siloed systems, extending development times and making it harder to support their applications.
The Couchbase Autonomous Operator for Kubernetes was built to address and overcome these challenges for the enterprise by providing:
– Automated operations: Beta users report reductions of up to 95 percent of the operational complexity, which lowers operational costs.
– Cloud-agnostic deployment and management: Offers enterprise customers with multi-cloud strategies the ability to deploy, manage and move their applications to and from any cloud, at any time.
– Unmatched agility and flexibility: Allows customers who have adopted microservice architectures to run their database next to their application, reducing the DevOps cycle and decreasing time to market.

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